Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 707 - Power of Earth Count

Heaven Duke and Crimson Emperor stared at each other with wide eyes, and both of them sank into a problematic situation.

If they didn't lend Qin Mu even more power, Qin Mu would probably find it hard to deal with the devil gods from Mingdu. Lou Yunqu had already lost his composure, which was why he stooped to opening Mingdu Heavenly Gate to receive the devil gods from various worlds to attack Qin Mu.

With the disaster god whose abilities were immeasurable, Qin Mu was in a precarious situation.

If he gave Qin Mu more power from Son of Youdu, Qin Mu would completely transform into a devil and turn into something evil that they were even terrified of. When that time came, it would be even harder to clean up the mess.

"If not..."

Heaven Duke hesitated. "We wait a while more?"

Crimson Emperor nodded his head. "En, let's wait a while more, just a moment more..."

The two ancient beings were uneasy. Heaven Duke opened up a seam and borrowed Qin Mu's third eye to look at the situation outside. After peeking for a moment, Crimson Emperor couldn't resist popping over and pushing him away.

Both of them came to a consensus to take turns peeking.

Outside, Qin Mu, the disaster god, and the rest of the people had fought their way up into the sky above the Surging River. When the devil gods from Mingdu drowned him out, Qin Mu opened his mouth and spat out lightning which drowned out the devil gods of Mingdu instead!

There was an extremely high number of devil gods from Mingdu, and even so, many gods were trembling from being struck by lightning. Their bodies suddenly broke down and dropped out of the sky like a bunch of bones.

Mingdu Devil Gods were different from devil gods of the other world. Mingdu was a world that had broken off from Youdu, and it had some characteristics of Youdu. It was also a place where primordial spirits or souls gathered.

But what was different was that the soul and primordial spirit in Youdu couldn't preserve a corporeal body, unless it were those devil gods that were born from the Youdu's devil nature and darkness. Of course, gods that were stationed in Youdu by the celestial heavens could also have a corporeal body.

And in Mingdu, most of the gods could have a corporeal body, but that kind of corporeal body was different from normal. The corporeal bodies of Mingdu's gods were actually their bones before they had died.

After the gods of the celestial heavens died, they would usually fall into Mingdu. If their corporeal body was preserved, it could be brought to Mingdu as well.

However, because the corporeal body had already died, it couldn't escape decomposition, so only the skeleton was able to be used. Therefore the most commonly seen in Mingdu was the army of skeleton gods.

Other than that, there were also some people that possessed complete a corporeal body, but they were usually gods dispatched down by the celestial heavens or the strong practitioners under Son of Heaven Yin's bloodline.

The five great thunderclouds and fire bell divine weapons that Qin Mu had not yet digested spewed out and the devil gods turned into broken bones. However, those bones pieced themselves together under the control of the devil gods' primordial spirits and continued to attack Qin Mu.

At the same time, the disaster god was also blasting away the devil gods around him to close in on Qin Mu.

The devil gods that got blasted away would shatter into pieces in midair.

His battle power was the strongest, and even if Qin Mu fought with everything he had, it was difficult for him to gain the upper hand. It was incomparably dangerous to let him near.

Yet the broken bones could reassemble themselves even when they got shattered into power. It was truly strange. They were like an army of undying gods.

Lou Yunqu looked at the situation nervously and stared at the devils surrounding Qin Mu. Broken bones fell continuously from the sky and into the Surging River, but even the bones would rush out from the river to rejoin the battle.

The devil gods of Mingdu didn't fear death because they were long dead. They didn't care about any attacks or injuries at all.

The Surging River's water flow was cut off from the battle, and that revealed the dragon vein underneath. The dragon vein had been growing quickly over the years, and its scales and claws were even clearer.

The river floated in the sky and formed a gorgeous sight under the beautiful moonlight. They were like moons formed by water, and they reflected the bright radiance of the moon.

Qin Mu flew among the huge water balls with the gods, and they continued to fight fiercely. In every collision, a devil god would be blown backward, and the recoil would force Qin Mu to keep shifting his position.

Water balls in the air exploded and splattered in all direction. They looked stunning under the moonlight.

The terrifying one was still that disaster god. In one strike, his divine power pierced through a dozen huge water balls and the mighty force of a god tore the water balls into the smallest atom.

"If this continues, it won't be hard to take him down."

Lou Yunqu could finally let out a sigh of relief, but at that moment, he felt a chill behind his back. He turned his head around in a hurry. Behind his Mingdu Heavenly Gate, a figure gradually appeared from the world of darkness, and a beautiful face was lit up by the moonlight.


Lou Yunqi was astonished and was about to greet when he saw Son of Heaven Yin putting a finger to his lips, making the gesture for him to keep quiet. With a smile, he looked at Qin Mu across Mingdu.

Lou Yunqu didn't understand and felt uneasy. 'Master has personally come over to watch this battle. Is Son of Youdu really that important? Even though he is strong, he's not as strong as the rumors said so why is master's attention brought here?'

Son of Heaven Yin's gaze was faint as he locked his gaze on Qin Mu who was fighting tens of thousands of gods. His gaze moved as Qin Mu moved.

'So it is him.'

Son of Heaven Yin seemed to be in deep thoughts. 'We have met in Youdu, and I still thought he was Tian Shu's disciple. It looks like this brat was fooling me. How convincing...'

The devil gods of Mingdu were all dead people and Son of Heaven Yin was a living god. Dead people could enter Eternal Peace through Mingdu Heavenly Gate, but he couldn't.

Mingdu was once part of Youdu, and it still inherited some unique characteristics of Youdu. However, they weren't whole.

That was why when Lou Yunqu and the rest wanted to enter Eternal Peace that they had to take the phoenix ship of Southern Heaven Red Deity Qi Xiayu.

'He still hasn't recovered to his peak performance yet, could my Mingdu Jade Brirror have suppressed him?'

He didn't know that Qin Fengqing had two different souls in one body; thus, he was in doubt.

At that moment, no matter if it was Son of Heaven Yin who was hiding in Mingdu or Heaven Duke and Crimson Emperor who were hiding in Qin word land, they all saw a terrifying sight.

Qin Mu fought for a long time and never fell. He suddenly sucked in a deep breath, and the air above the Surging River ran dry!

All of the skeletal devil gods froze in midair and tried their best to stabilize their body. However, the primordial spirits in the skeletal devil gods got pulled out of their body by a strange force.

All of the skeletal gods tried their best to defend against the terrifying force, but there were still some devil gods that had their primordial spirits pulled out. They flew towards Qin Mu's mouth against their will.

Terror latched onto their hearts. Ever since they had died, they had never felt such fear.

It was a natural suppression, and it was a suppression that a higher lifeform had over a lower lifeform. He made them felt fear from the depths of their souls!

The divine art of Qin Mu also sucked the disaster god, forcing him to try his best to withstand the suction force that was targeting his primordial spirit and soul.

His cultivation was extremely strong and overbearing. Just purely on cultivation, he had surpassed the current Qin Mu and Lou Yunqu, but even so, his primordial spirit was being pulled out from his body from time to time. He could only go all out and use his dense magic power to defend, and he couldn't attack Qin Mu at all.

'This is the power of the Son of Youdu?' Lou Yunqu felt his hair standing on end.

His primordial spirit left his broken corporeal body, and at that moment, his primordial spirit also felt an indescribable fear as though Qin Mu was his natural enemy!

Heaven Duke and Crimson Emperor who were hiding in Qin word land were also slightly frightened. Heaven Duke said with a low voice, "Earth Count's power, Earth Count's power that's not controlled by the rules of Youdu..."

Crimson Emperor's was astonished. He understood the meaning of Heaven Duke's words. The power that Qin Mu was executing seemed similar to Earth Count's power, but it was different.

Earth Count was a natural born god, and when he was born, he had to follow the rules of Youdu. Even though he had unimaginable power, he had to act according to the rules.

Meanwhile, Son of Youdu had a power that was similar to Earth Count, but he jumped out of the limits of Youdu. He could unleash the power to his heart's content!

That was the reason why the big shots were afraid of Qin Mu, and why many of them wanted to get Qin Mu.

Heaven Duke muttered, "Earth Count's power that isn't constrained by the rules of Youdu is a power that terrifies people."

"This is the power I want to receive."

Son of Heaven Yin's sighs came from Mingdu Heavenly Gate. "I've always been searching for a way to surpass Earth Count, but I could never find it. Earth Count is too strong, and even if I cultivate to Emperor's Throne, I still can't catch up to him, much less surpass him. And now, the path is right in front of my eyes."

"If I can get it, I will be able to replace..." he said with a low voice.

Lou Yunqu was astonished and pretended not to have heard Son of Heaven Yin's words.

Son of Heaven Yin's words were simply too terrifying. Even though Mingdu became independent from Youdu, some words like getting rid of Earth Count and replacing him were still too alarming. What kind of existence was Earth Count?

No matter if it was Youdu or Fengdu, or even the dark capitals and black cities that existed in the past, there were all places constructed from the horns of Earth Count, and they were all similar to Youdu.

Just the fragments of his horns were able to create such gorgeous and strange worlds after death, which showed how terrifying Earth Count's abilities were.

Replacing him was something Lou Yunqu wouldn't even dare to think, but Son of Heaven Yin dared to.

"If I let him swallow the devil gods of my Mingdu, where would I place the face of Mingdu Black Deity?"

In Mingdu, a huge whirlpool of void suddenly appeared behind Son of Heaven Yin, and in the whirlpool, a strange eye opened up to shoot out a dark glow which shone on Eternal Peace from Mingdu. The glow landed on the skeletal devil gods that had their primordial spirits pulled out.

Those primordial spirits were instantly able to break free from Qin Mu's suction and flew back uncontrollably towards Lou Yunqu's Mingdu Heavenly Gate as they tried to return to Youdu.

Right at that moment, the third eye in the heart of Qin Mu's brows suddenly shone brightly, and the area covered by the butterfly wing shaped lights were growing wider and wider. Before those primordial spirits could even fly back to Mingdu in time, they were fixed in place again, and they struggled weakly before floating back.

Son of Heaven Yin gave a surprised cry and frowned slightly. The whirlpool behind his body grew larger, and the strange eye in the whirlpool also began slowly opening up. The glow from the eye slowly changed from dark to bright.

The eye in the whirlpool looked similar and yet different from the eye in the heart of Qin Mu's brows. It was likely a divine art that was trying to imitate the vertical eye that was in the heart of Earth Count's brows.

However, when encountering Qin Mu's third eye, his divine art actually couldn't win over his third eye.

Qin Mu was suppressing his divine art.

"The power of Son of Youdu is truly extraordinary!"

Son of Heaven Yin was surprised and delighted. He couldn't help becoming excited. "If I can use this power, the entire Youdu will become my territory, why would I need to be afraid of Earth Count, be afraid of the celestial emperor? Open!"

The whirlpool behind him flew forward and imprinted on the heart of his brows. It formed a third eye in the heart of his brows.

Son of Heaven Yin used his own magic power to execute the eye, and it instantly suppressed Qin Mu's third eye. At that moment, cryptic Youdu language of high and low notes emanated from Qin Mu's mouth.

Son of Heaven Yin revealed a puzzled look and felt an invisible force invading Mingdu to search for souls.

'Soul Guide! He is trying to...'

Just as he thought until there, the glow from Qin Mu's third eye passed by Lou Yunqu and pierced through Lou Yunqu's Mingdu Heavenly Gate. The glow rushed into Mingdu and shone on him.

Son of Heaven Yin's primordial spirit instantly surged forth and almost left his body.

'Soul Guide can still be used like this?'

Son of Heaven Yin was puzzled. Soul Guide was only a divine art used to summon the souls of the dead and return the dead to the living. Yet, Qin Mu was thinking of pulling his primordial spirit out from Mingdu by force!

Currently, Qin Mu only had one percent of Son of Youdu's power so he naturally couldn't pull his primordial spirit out from Mingdu. However, all the techniques used to execute all kinds of divine arts had truly astonished him and brought him quite some trouble.

Yet, at the instant his primordial spirit was pulled by Soul Guide, there was a sudden change of events.

A goat-horned god that reeked entirely of alcohol laughed heroicly and rushed into Mingdu Heavenly Gate to slash at the heart of Son of Heaven Yin's brows.

"Mingdu Black Deity, I've come to thank you for your wine!"

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