Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 708 - Surprise Attack on Son of Heaven Yin

The Imperial Gate Divine Knife slashed right on Son of Heaven Yin's face, and the timing was impeccable. It was right when Qin Mu used Soul Guide to pull Son of Heaven Yin's soul.

Son of Heaven Yin received the blow head on, and the Imperial Gate Divine Knife nearly split him into half. The terrifying part about the knife wasn't only because of the power it had to be able to sever Earth Count's horn, but there was also another ability in which the divine knife could swallow primordial spirits.

Even Tian Shu, the knife bearer, could also have his primordial spirit swallowed when he was careless and got trapped inside for seven to eight million years.

The instant Son of Heaven Yin suffered from the attack, he could feel the world spinning, and his primordial spirit fell into the Imperial Gate Divine Knife.

'I've been tricked!'

However, he was also decisive, and the instant he came back to his senses, he mobilized the power of Mingdu to bombard the Imperial Gate Divine Knife. Mingdu devil qi instantly surged forth and rushed furiously into the Imperial Gate Divine Knife.

"Infinite Reincarnation!"

Son of Heaven Yin's primordial spirit immediately executed his divine art the moment he fell into the world inside the knife and a sea of the underworld overflowing into the sky appeared. In the middle of the sea was a Mingdu Heavenly Gate and Son of Heaven Yin flew into the gate. He passed through that gate. Before he passed through the gate, he was still a cultured scholar, but after he flew out of the gate, his appearance had completely changed. He became a delicately pretty woman.

In front of him, another heavenly gate appeared, and Son of Heaven Yin who had transformed into a woman passed through the gate.

The speed at which his primordial spirit cast spells was extremely fast. His body moved like flickering light and passing shadows as he passed through gate after gate. He was so fast that the naked eye couldn't capture him.

Passing through Mingdu Heavenly Gate every time was like going through a reincarnation, and the primordial spirit would undergo a huge change. No matter if it was the face, gender, or race, they were completely different from before as though he was another person.

That kind of infinite reincarnation allowed him to reincarnate thousands of times, and the speed was extremely fast. It was so fast that even the formations in the Imperial Gate Divine Knife couldn't change fast enough.

The Imperial Gate Divine Knife possessed a flaw that wasn't small. It was because there was such a flaw in Sakra Buddha's technique, which resulted in a slight imperfection in forging the divine knife.

Qin Mu found the method to leave Imperial Gate Divine Knife from Sakra Scripture and the method that Son of Heaven Yin used was to use extremely fast reincarnations to keep changing his identity.

Every time he changed an identity, the Imperial Gate Divine Knife has to adjust the formation structure in the knife once. The formation runes that Founding Emperor had designed for the Imperial Gate Divine Knife weren't unchanging. Since it was a formation skill, it had to keep changing in order to suit the person that entered the formation skills and trap them.

Son of Heaven Yin used Infinite Reincarnations to changed his identity and race, which resulted in the Imperial Gate Divine Knife changing its formation continuously as well. When the speed of the reincarnations finally surpassed the speed of the formation changing, it allowed Son of Heaven Yin to find the flaw that Qin Mu had calculated for a year in a very short period of time.

Son of Heaven Yin's eyes lit up. When his primordial spirit flew out of the gate, his primordial spirit has already broken free of the knife. He regained his freedom.

When his primordial spirit flew out from the door, he returned to his original appearance. However, his corporeal body had already been split into two halves by Tian Shu!

"A strong practitioner on Emperor's Throne is merely so!"

Tian Shu laughed loud and swung his divine knife to sever the neck of Son of Heaven Yin. "Your abilities also don't seem to be higher than me who is on Luminous Sky Realm!"

The left and right parts of Son of Heaven Yin's body separated, and each of them walked into a gate. When they walked over from the gates, they became two Son of Heaven Yin.

"The difference between Luminous Sky and Emperor's Throne is beyond your imagination."

The two Son of Heaven Yin said in unison, "Tian Shu, you are a heavenly king after all, how can you still be so childish? Do you think you can kill me just because you are holding Founding Emperor's knife?"

He separated into two, and the two Son of Heaven Yin were actually both his original form, and they were equivalent to Son of Heaven Yin at his peak. Tian Shu was no match for them.

With two Son of Heaven Yin attacking him, Tian Shu couldn't defend against them even though he had remarkable abilities. He could only defend with the power of the Imperial Gate Divine Knife.

Sounds of waves came from the darkness as a boundless sea of the underworld appeared. Under Tian Shu's feet was the boundless black sea, and it was a sea formed by the black soul sand.

The moving black stone sand was truly a sight to behold.

The black soul sand in Mingdu was actually no less than Heavenly Yin World and formed a vast sea. He didn't know what the origin of the black soul sand was.

Tian Shu's heart trembled violently. In the past, he had fought with Son of Heaven Yin, but the location wasn't in Mingdu. They encountered each other in the outside world and fought. Because Son of Heaven Yin was overconfident in his own capacity, he didn't use a fatal move straightaway which was why he was able to escape.

At that moment he was in Mingdu and above the sea of the underworld; furthermore, he had injured Son of Heaven Yin and infuriated him, so he didn't have the confidence to retreat from Son of Heaven Yin.

Right at that moment, a loud bang suddenly rang out, and the entire Mingdu shook. A world in darkness had collided together with Mingdu that was in the darkness!

A cape flapped around in the darkness, and the cape of King Yama covered the entire Fengdu. His gaze was awe-inspiring, and countless gods of Fengdu were standing on the city walls under the cape. They were overflowing with murderous auras.

The world that had collided with Mingdu was none other than Fengdu!

The two worlds were both fragments of Earth Count's horns, and they had finally collided together at that moment.

King Yama's hand that was pressing down on his sword suddenly let go and the sword light filled the sea of the underworld. He mobilized the power of Fengdu and wielded his sword to come over. The horizontal and vertical sword lights were so straight that it was as though they had gone through strict measurement, while the arc drawn by his sword light was a perfect curve.

People who cultivated the sword would rarely have such a strict requirement for themselves. They sought more transformation for their sword skills, but King Yama was strict. He put in a lot of hard work in his basic sword skills and any sword skill in his hands was prim and proper. He gave off the bearing of a great master, and no flaw could be found at all.

He brought Fengdu to fight into Mingdu, and it was so sudden that it caused huge chaos. The sea formed by black soul sand turned into great waves from the collision, and it made Son of Heaven Yin unable to mobilize the power of the sea.

Tian Shu and King Yama's knife and sword caught Son of Heaven Yin. Soon, he was injured by both of their attacks.

He was astonished and furious. The situation didn't look to be a coincidence, and instead, it looked like it was planned long ago.

From his three disciples descending disaster and Saint Woodcutter and First Ancestor getting tricked, to Qin Mu suddenly transforming into Son of Youdu and Lou Yunqu having no choice but to open Mingdu Heavenly Gate—it was as if everyone had fallen into someone's plan.

The goal of the person wasn't to stop a disaster from happening, and it also wasn't to break Lou Yunqu and the rest. His actual goal was him from the start!

Small targets like Lou Yunqu were not even in their sights. Instead, they had their sight on an Emperor's Throne like him, so who was the daring person?

Similarly, the person must have held a high position in the past. Only by standing high enough could he see far enough and place his target on someone like him.

If it was other people like Qin Mu and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, their target would at most be Lou Yunqu to stop the calamity from happening.

The person that had made the plan was different from the others. He was definitely someone with a high position in Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens, only then would he dare to put his sights on him!

Whoever the person was, he was on the verge of being disclosed!

Son of Heaven Yin was infuriated. "I'm being schemed against when I'm not scheming. This person could probably only be the woodcutter who is the head of the four great heavenly teachers in the fake dynasty! That's right. If I were him, I would definitely give no chances if I was scheming against an expert like me. I definitely wouldn't just mobilize King Yama and Tian Shu. If I wanted to fight, I would gather all of the experts that have a grudge with me. The one that hates me the most is Goddess of Heavenly Yin..."

Just as he thought until there, the gods of Mingdu flew over and came to assist. Son of Heaven Yin's blood ran cold, and he waved to chase them away. "Don't come over—"

The space in Mingdu suddenly split open, and Goddess of Heavenly Yin's figure appeared in the other world. She smiled as she looked at Son of Heaven Yin.

Son of Heaven Yin's heart sunk. "I've been hunting geese for years on end to get blinded by the peck of a sparrow..."

Goddess of Heavenly Yin held onto an hourglass, and it was none other than the Celestial Dipper that Son of Heaven Yin had made. She cast her spell, and the sea of the underworld suddenly churned as it hung over their heads. With the sea above and the people below, it crashed down on everyone!

Son of Heaven Yin was naturally not afraid of it, but the gods of Mingdu couldn't defend against it!

Son of Heaven Yin's expression turned black. Celestial Dipper was a treasure he had made to control the black soul sand and starved ghosts in Heavenly Yin World, never would he expect the treasure to be used against him!

"Son of Heaven Yin, is this revenge sweet?"

Goddess of Heavenly Yin's laughter rang out, and the sea of the underworld crashed down, squashing countless gods under the sea. The impact from the black soul sand shattered numerous primordial spirits of gods!

The skeletons had varying abilities, and some devil gods were strong, so they didn't die from the impact. However, their primordial spirits suffered heavy injuries.

Goddess of Heavenly Yin revealed a smile and flipped the Celestial Dipper once again. The sea rose into the sky and crashed down once more.

It was like she was playing with a small toy as she flipped the Celestial Dipper over and over again. The sea crashed down over and over, smashing countless skeletal devil gods into smithereens. Their primordial spirits shattered into sand!

Son of Heaven Yin was truly angered. He had never been so angry before. His life had always been smooth-sailing since he was young and never before had he suffered such humiliation and such a huge loss!

Tian Shu and King Yama worked together and attacked him furiously. His mind was in a mess, and so more and more wounds appeared on his body. Right at that moment, a gate rose up from the sea and stood on the surface of the sea.

Mingdu Heavenly Gate.

The gate wasn't a divine art; it was the true Mingdu Heavenly Gate.

There were many people among the Mingdu's disciples that had cultivated the divine art of Mingdu Heavenly Gate. However, their divine art were all transformed from that gate.

Meanwhile, the gate had come from Youdu's Gate of Heaven Influence. In some paths, skills, and marvels, Gate of Heaven Influence was inferior to Mingdu Heavenly Gate. For example, the power of reincarnation that that gate had was something that Gate of Heaven Influence could never reach.

Thus, the door was also ranked into the four great heavenly gates. It was referred to as Northern Heavenly Gate.

"Heavenly Yin, do you think I will be scared of the few of you?"

Son of Heaven Yin smiled from anger. Suppressing the sea with Mingdu Heavenly Gate, the waves instantly calmed down, and even when Goddess of Heavenly Yin executed the Celestial Dipper, she couldn't move the sea at all. "It's time for you guys to witness the power of an Emperor's Throne!"

In Qin word land, Heaven Duke and Crimson Emperor looked at the outside world through Qin Mu's third eye by taking turns. From Tian Shu's arrival to Fengdu's collision where King Yama attacked Son of Heaven Yin with his sword and to Goddess of Heavenly Yin suppressing tens of thousands of devils gods with the Celestial Dipper, the sights made Crimson Emperor and Heaven Duke's expression change quickly, and they clapped their hands in amazement.

"Could Qin Mu have already contacted Woodcutter and the rest to act out out a show?"

Crimson Emperor said with a smile, "Isn't this timing too much of a coincidence? Tian Shu who's as fierce as a tiger after drinking, King Yama of Fengdu, and also Goddess of Heavenly Yin who revived not long ago. Stringing all of these powers together, this is clearly a long prepared set-up! With Qin Mu, this Son of Youdu as a bait, Son of Heaven Yin was bound to be hooked!"

Heaven Duke said with a smile, "It was definitely prepared long ago, this battle is truly refreshing! Qin Mu even acted so real that I couldn't even see a single flaw."

Crimson Emperor said with a smile, "I also couldn't see any flaw. I still thought the devil nature was controlling him just now and purposely wanted to start a massacre by swallowing the primordial spirits of the skeletal devil gods. Who would have thought he could use his third eye to disrupt Son of Heaven Yin's primordial spirit and allow Tian Shu to succeed in his surprise attack. He must have been part of the surprise attack! When he acted as if the devil nature controlled him, that was truly scary."

Heaven Duke let out a sigh of relief and smiled. "Since he can control the Youdu devil nature, I'm at ease. What is he doing now?"

The two of them looked through Qin Mu's third eye, and they could roughly see the back of a head.

"This is…"

Heaven Duke and Crimson Emperor were slightly puzzled. They suddenly came to a realization. "This brat is gnawing on the head of the disaster god!"

Right at that moment, Qin Mu laid on the back of disaster god and opened up his mouth in excitement. He gnawed on the head of the disaster, and his throat gave off growling sounds.

The disaster god's head was bloody from his bites.

Heaven Duke and Crimson Emperor looked at each other and said in unison, "The devil has really possessed this brat, he's not acting!"

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