Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 709 - The Bride in the Ice Coffin

The disaster god gave off several furious roars as he tried to break free from Qin Mu. However, Qin Mu clung to his back like glue and continued to gnaw on his head.


The Five Thunder Pot flew over, and the five great thunderclouds surrounded Qin Mu to strike him randomly. The fire bell divine weapons in the thunderclouds burst forth, and rumblings of thunder bombarded Qin Mu as well. Only then was Qin Mu finally blown away.

The disaster god reorganized himself and attacked Qin Mu once more. Suddenly, teleportation runes surrounded Qin Mu and he vanished. He reappeared on the back of the disaster god and continued to gnaw his head.

Heaven Duke and Crimson Emperor looked at each other in dismay. They were out of ideas.

In Mingdu, Mingdu Heavenly Gate was suppressing the sea while two Son of Heaven Yin were standing between the gate. They were currently blocking against the attacks of Tian Shu, King Yama, and Goddess of Heavenly Yin at the same time.

Once the Mingdu Heavenly Gate was out, as long as he stood under it, his body was undying. Any injuries that Tian Shu, King Yama, and Goddess of Heavenly Yin had caused him would immediately heal after a little power of reincarnation. He was always situated in his peak performance!

King Yama, Tian Shu, and Goddess of Heavenly Yin were more and more astonished. Son of Heaven Yin was literally unbeatable in that state, and unless they could kill him with one strike, they couldn't do anything to him.

Mingdu Heavenly Gate was a treasure that Son of Heaven Yin made. The kind of divine art and method was as expected of an Emperor's Throne. He was no doubt a person worthy of being Mingdu Black Deity.

And at that moment, in the land of Mingdu in an underworld prison, countless primordial spirits that were suppressed there also felt the terrifying shockwaves and tremors. The prisoners woke up and were bewildered.

"The best way to infiltrate an enemy base if to let the enemy invite you over." Saint Woodcutter's primordial spirit said as he opened his eyes.

The Life and Death Book summoned his soul, and it was sent into the underworld for suppression. The four walls of the cage were designed to target the primordial spirit and runes to lock the primordial spirit filled the surroundings. Furthermore, chains passed through his body to prevent him from using his divine arts.

Woodcutter examined the runes, and after a moment, his gaze landed on the chain that was binding him. Very quickly, he managed to comprehend all of the logic contained in the seals.


The chains moved like huge snakes to pull themselves out from his body one after another. Woodcutter floated to the ground and walked towards the door of the cage.

The door creaked and opened.

He had solved the method to break out of the underworld prison in an instant. He could enter and leave the place at will.

Saint Woodcutter left and went to the side of another cage while walking right in the face of a guard. With a wave of his hand, the cage opened up, and the chains that held First Ancestor Human Emperor fell to the ground.

First Ancestor Human Emperor jumped out from the prison and pounced right at the guard. He broke open the other cages to release Fu Riluo, Elder Angler, Chi Xi, and the rest.

"Gentlemen, let's break open this prison and release all of the prisoners, the bigger the chaos we can cause in Mingdu the better it will be!"

Saint Woodcutter's expression was calm as he said, "The more chaotic Mingdu is, the safer Eternal Peace will be. It's best if it can continue to be chaotic for dozens to hundreds of years. In that way, Eternal Pace will be safe for dozens to hundreds of years!"

Everyone nodded their heads and broke through everything in their way. They killed the guards that came rushing and released all of the prisoners.

The underground prison was the most tightly guarded prison in Mingdu and gods that were disrespectful to the celestial heavens were all imprisoned there. Those gods had their corporeal bodies stripped off, and their primordial spirits were all trapped there to suffer.

There were many guards in the underworld as it was a place that imprisoned dangerous people. However, the people they met were ruthless characters like Elder Angler, Chi Xi, and Fu Riluo. They attacked with fatal blows without explanation.

Elder Angler threw out his hook and hooked out a soul. Every hook was accurate. Chi Xi had three heads and six arms while Fu Riluo's technique was even more astonishing. The three of them turned the underworld prison upside down, and if there was a person they couldn't deal with, there was still First Ancestor Human Emperor.

Ever since First Ancestor Human Emperor had walked out of the cage in his frame of mind, his cultivation was becoming stronger and stronger. He has the momentum of breaking through God Execution Stage and into Jade Capital.

Everyone barged down the underworld prison that has many levels that went down deep into the underground of Mingdu. The deeper they went down, the stronger the guards became.

When they arrived at the bottom level, everyone was tired. Luckily for them, they released a lot of prisoners, which attracted the attention of most of the guards and split their pressure.

"It's right here!"

Saint Woodcutter looked around the dim place, which looked sinister. Numerous monsters like lizards crawled on the wall. They were fast and huge.

"That person should be suppressed here."

Everyone looked around. There were many cells there, but every cell had a door forged with divine metal. All kinds of imperial edicts covered the doors. The seal in every imperial edict was very terrifying, but they didn't know who had left them.

Fu Riluo asked with a heavy voice, "Who is the one we're rescuing? Dao brother can tell us now, right?"

Saint Woodcutter walked forward and examined the imperial edicts on the cells. He differentiated the different kinds of seals and planned to use them to deduce who was trapped in which cell. He said calmly, "This person is the first heavenly king of Founding Emperor Era. There are a total of thirty-six celestial palaces in the celestial heavens of Founding Emperor Era. Among the thirty-six, four heavenly kings controlled the most esteemed four great celestial palaces. Among these four heavenly kings, Green Emperor of the East is the oldest, Sakra of the West is the youngest, Mingdu Heavenly King of the North is the bravest after drinking, and the strongest one is this Heavenly King of the South."

First Ancestor Human Emperor's heart leaped, and he said with a heavy tone, "Sakra is the name of buddha, and he's originally a god that was skilled at Heavenly Works. This Heavenly King of the South has a Di in the name, but it isn't a name of buddha nor is it a surname."

Saint Woodcutter carefully differentiated the imperial edicts and said, "Your Highness is right. The Di in Heavenly King of the South's name is a title, her abilities even surpassed Green Emperor, and in Founding Emperor Era, she had the rights to fight with Founding Emperor over the position of the emperor. Even though she lost under Founding Emperor's hands, everyone honored her as Di."

First Ancestor Human Emperor was silent for a moment. "Di Yiyue of the Four Great Heavenly Kings, rumors said she had died before the calamity erupted."

"I've originally thought she had died in battle too, but she didn't."

Saint Woodcutter stopped in front of a prison and examined the imperial edicts. "My big disciple once passed me some geographical maps through my second disciple and among one of the maps was a geographical map of the underworld prison. Marked on it is the deepest part of the underworld prison."

His face dimmed. To find the path of the saint, Founding Master of Heavenly Saint Cult did many things even Saint Woodcutter didn't dare to think and dare to do.

Yet that big disciple of his had vanished without a trace. He didn't know if he was dead or alive.

"He must have been to Mingdu before therefore, he wanted to pass a message to me. On the geographical map that Qin Mu marked, there is a small rune that's left behind by my big disciple; this rune is a divine art marking that Di Yiyue frequently uses."

When he spoke until there, he became silent. He was very worried about Founding Master's situation.

Elder Angler praised, "Your big disciple is truly remarkable, to be able to barge into this place without anyone knowing and finding the location of Di Yiyue. Your other two disciples are extraordinary as well. I've seen Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor before, his talent is unmatched and even surpasses you back hen. It's just your second disciple is a little mischievous. But come to mention it, is it good for you to hide this operation from your second disciple and use him as bait?"

The corners of Saint Woodcutter's eyes twitched, and he examined the imperial edicts on the prison doors carefully. "He has a huge monster in the heart of his brows; he can't die. It's good if he suffers a little, he's still too young and too naive."

"Naive?" Fu Riluo and Chi Xi grunted. Both of them had suffered greatly in Qin Mu's hands.

First Ancestor tried to imagine Qin Mu's naive look and his expression wasn't good either.

Saint Woodcutter looked at the imperial edict on the door, and his vital qi flowed to transform into runes. The runes lighted up and shone on the imperial edict one after another.

Every time it shone, a seal in the imperial edict would be opened up. His speed grew extremely fast and transformed into countless vital qi runes. Layers of seals in the imperial edict opened up.

After a long moment, Saint Woodcutter raised his palm and gently peeled off the imperial edict.

Everyone praised his methods, but they weren't too surprised. As the woodcutter who was the head of the four great heavenly teachers, Woodcutter was known for his knowledge. There was almost no seal in the world he couldn't break open!

The door to the prison creaked open, and the sound was very piercing to the ear. Cold wind blew in his face and flapped everyone's clothing. Soon, their hair and brows were all covered in frost.

"Romantic passions since ancient time always leave empty regrets; this long-lasting hate knows no end. How could one free oneself with a smile? Like a poor willow floating with nowhere to call home."

A sigh of grief came from the prison and chilled their hearts. Fu Riluo asked in astonishment, "This famous Heavenly King Di Yiyue is a woman?"

Saint Woodcutter nodded his head and took a step in.

It was an ice chamber that was terrifyingly cold. Nine ice dragons surrounded the ice chamber as they hung upside down with their heads facing down. Where their head surrounded was an ice coffin and in the coffin laid a woman with an unmatched beauty. She wore black clothes, yet she had a phoenix crown and a cloak as well. She laid in the transparent coffin silently.

Her skin was whiter than snow, and it looked even fairer in contrast to the black clothes.

She laid in the ice coffin as though she was floating among clouds. She looked so silent and mysterious.

Those nine ice dragons were spewing cold ice breath and seemed to be trying to freeze the female corpse in the coffin.

Yet the corpse bride in the coffin had already awoken. She opened her eyes and gently raised a hand. Her jade-like finger bent upwards, and there was a gorgeous black ring on her finger which had sharp spikes on it.

Pak, pak, pak.

The ice dragon suddenly shattered, and only one last ice dragon was left. The ice dragon revealed a look of terror as it shrunk and coiled up.

Saint Woodcutter walked forward and held the hand of the female corpses. The corpse bride slowly floated up and landed on the ground, her eyes filled with exhaustion.

"May Heavenly King of the South return to your position!" Saint Woodcutter said solemnly.

Di Yiyue said sorrowfully, "So what if I return to my position? I'm already dead."

Only then did everyone noticed a hole that had the width of a finger on her forehead. They didn't know what had injured her, but they could see the wall behind her through the hole.

Even though she was wearing black, her clothes had the style and design of a wedding dress. She still had a phoenix crown and a cloak around her body. On the crown was a violet red veil which had been parted to reveal her beautiful facial features.

She must have been sitting quietly on the bed during her wedding night, feeling anxious and happy when her veil was opened. That was when someone had given her a fatal blow.

The only one who could get close to the number one heavenly king would only be her one true love, her bridegroom.

It was her bridegroom who had pierced her to death when parting her veil.

"Back then, Founding Emperor had prepared to invite Heavenly King back to fight the disaster, how could we expect to hear news of your death after you had just gotten married. The calamity erupted, and countless lives were lost."

Saint Woodcutter said, "Back then, Heavenly King sought to learn from everywhere, and you have followed the four deities to cultivate so you could deal with the natural disasters. Now another calamity is incoming, Heavenly King has missed it once, and you can't miss it a second time. As for your death, my little disciple has already settled it, and you can be revived."

Di Yiyue muttered, "I can be revived?"

She turned her head to look at that ice dragon shivering in the corner.

That ice dragon shivered and pleaded with a trembling voice, "Empress, forgive me! We are also heeding orders; we have no choice but to free Empress's body and primordial spirit..."


Di Yiyue's expression turned cold. "You call me empress? When have I, Di Yiyue, relied on a man? Even Heavenly Teacher doesn't dare to call me Empress and calls me Heavenly King. You dare to call me empress? Call me Di Yiyue!"

The ice dragon hesitated and said carefully, "Di Yiyue..."


He suddenly exploded and turned into ice shards. Even his primordial spirit couldn't shatter anymore.

"How dare you call me by my name. You deserve to die for being disrespectful to me!"

Di Yiyue turned around and said with a smile, "Let us go, let us meet that bridegroom of mine. I have not seen the heartless rat for twenty thousand years; he never once visited me after I died. How I wish to make a bloody wound like this in the heart of his brows too..."

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