Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 71 - Let Me Kill Someone

Qin Feiyue composed himself and told Venerable Hei, "Imperial Preceptor has no interest in the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures."

With his droopy eyes, Venerable Hei chuckled, "If Imperial Preceptor has no interest, I wonder if General Qin is interested?"

Qin Feiyue's heart trembled. He knew no matter what he says, he would be unable to dispel the wariness that this vicious fiend had towards him.

An elder below Qin Feiyue raised his white brows and said, "I'm old and do not have many days left to live, therefore I would like to have a look at the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures that is rumored to be able to turn into a god and into a devil. Can I get permission from Cult Mistress and Venerable Hei!"

"That's not a problem."

Cult Mistress looked around with her beautiful eyes and smiled, "Who else wants to have a look at the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures?"

A yellow-faced woman sitting below Fu Yundi smiled, "If Mistress doesn't mind, I would like to take a look at this godly but devil bible."

Cult Mistress looked at Fu Yundi, "How about City Lord?"

Fu Yundi laughed heartily, "Don't be offended, Mistress. I'm not harboring any thoughts on the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures and only wants to take a look at the so-called mysterious technique that could turn one into a god and into a devil. I want to mutually corroborate our techniques. I have no ill intentions to Mistress and even have tender, protective feelings for you. The vicious Heavenly Devil Cult had searched so long for Mistress, Mistress must feel helpless alone. I would also like to share some of Mistress's troubles."

Qin Mu blinked his eyes and swept his gaze over all the strong practitioners. Everyone in River Suppression Floor had expressed interest in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures and that was why everyone didn't dare to lay their hands on Cult Mistress so as to prevent harm to themselves.

Because even if they were to steal the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures from Cult Mistress, they would be the one targeted by everyone next!

Cult Mistress looked at everyone's expression and suddenly burst out in a laughter. Her slender white hands opened up and a jade box appeared on her hands, "Inside this is the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures. The talismans outside are the seals of the past generations Devil Cult Master."

The atmosphere in River Suppression Floor became extremely solemn. Qin Mu immediately felt a tyrannical and dreadful aura locking onto him. Ling Yuxiu also gave a silent groan. The aura was not aimed at them but was aimed at Cult Mistress who was beside them. However, because the two of them were very close to her, Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu were dragged into the fray.

Cult Mistress paid no mind to it and opened the jade box. There seemed to be a tune coming from the box as a thread peeked its 'head' out of the jade box like a spirit snake before slowly rising up.

"It really is the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures!"

Venerable Hei knocked his crutch and said resolutely, "Please keep it, Mistress!"

Qin Mu had a weird expression as he stretched his neck to look at the jade box, an unspeakable strangeness welled up inside him. That's not the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures, that was clearly the ball of thread that Granny Si often carried around with her!

He remembered this ball of thread. Granny Si often put the ball of thread in the basket and the thread was coiled around a jade hairpin which was currently inside the box. When he was young, Granny Si would often put him in the basket when she was tailoring clothes. There was once Qin Mu couldn't hold back and defecated inside the basket, covering the entire Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures in a stench.

"She's really Granny Si!"

The youth didn't know whether to laugh or cry, "I was wondering why granny didn't remain at the inn, so it turns out that she had dolled herself up and came out to have fun…"

Cult Mistress paid no attention to Venerable Hei and the thread rose higher and higher. Suddenly the thread swelled up and became thicker and thicker. When the thread was as thick as a water barrel, everyone's expression changed. They saw that the thread wasn't actually a thread but was marvelous writing formed by countless of letters!

Numerous letters formed a circular shape which overlapped one layer after another. Countless of layers together, when shrunk to the extreme, made it look like a thread and not letters.

The was the Heavenly Devil Cult's legacy devil bible, Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures.

"Now can everyone be sure that the item is real?"

The countless letters suddenly shrunk and turned back into a thread and returned to the jade box.

Cult Mistress closed the jade box and used the talismans of past Devil Cult Masters to seal it back. She then lightly laughed, "However, if you want to take a look, you will have to first consider carefully. Whoever that sees the Heavenly Devil Cult's legacy devil bible will become the enemies of Heavenly Devil Cult. I won't be the one who gets hunted down by Heavenly Devil Cult and all of you would have to die today. So which one of you is coming over to take the jade box away?"

Everyone's expression changed hugely. They all had hesitation in their heart. The jade box was right in front of them but none of them dared to take it away!

Qin Feiyue's expression wavered. Other people might be afraid of Heavenly Devil Cult but he wasn't. No matter how strong Heavenly Devil Cult was, they wouldn't be able to stand up to Eternal Peace Empire. However, if he took away the jade box, he would become everyone's target and it was hard for him to even live to walk out of the City Lord's Manor.

Other people had the same thoughts. Even if Fu Yundi was hesitant to make a move, they were unable to make a decision.

Cult Mistress took delight in observing everyone's expression. She was happy to see a situation where all the strong practitioners who were insufferably arrogant were having a headache over it. This was a kind of joy for her.

The building was filled with silence. At this moment, Qin Mu stretched his back and stood up, "I'm full! Sister Yuxiu, thank you for bringing me here to have a good feast. City Lord, do I need to pay for eating a meal here?"

He broke the silence and regained the lively atmosphere in the building. Everyone seemed to be smiling as they all looked at him. This youth was clearly from the village and had never seen the world before. He came here to eat for free and actually still asked Fu Yundi if he had to pay.

Fu Yundi coughed to dispel the awkwardness, "Since you're here, you're also a guest. Since I have invited everyone here to dinner, I won't take a single cent from little brother even though you are not on the guest list."

Qin Mu gave a smile which was radiant like the sun, "Even if City Lord doesn't want to take from me, I can't not pay. I don't have much money on me, is a hundred dragon coins enough? Please wait a moment, City Lord. Let me kill someone and win the money to pay you."

Fu Yundi frowned. Qin Mu didn't wait for his reply and walked down River Suppression Floor. In a step, he crossed onto the lake and walked towards the platform, calling out, "Young Master Tingyue, I heard that abandoned people can earn a hundred dragon coins by fighting in this arena. I'm an abandoned people so let me have a try."

His footsteps were in no hurry and did not slow down as he came to the platform and looked at the youth in front of him.

On the platform, the abandoned youth in front of Fu Tingyue was totally stained with blood. A slave threw the youth's body into the lake and used water to clean the platform.

There was a huge fish in the lake churning up waves to grab a bite of the youth's mangled corpse.

Qin Mu stood on the hard ground and looked at the youth in front of him. Fu Tingyue was the same age as him but his brows had a ruthless look, it was obvious he had killed countless people.

The youth was sizing him up with the vicious gaze of a wild beast.

The atmosphere in River Suppression Floor suddenly fell silent again. They were all seasoned strong practitioners that had great divine arts and wide knowledge but never would they expect Qin Mu to fight with the number one person in Spirit Embryo Realm to earn these hundred dragon coins to pay Fu Yundi.

"What big guts…"

Elder Bai Shan sighed, "It's hard for youth which such guts to survive until adulthood. They normally die at this age."

Fu Yundi smiled, "Since it isn't confirmed who will be the one to take away Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures, why don't we first spectate such an unexpected situation. When this interesting incident comes to an end, we'll then decide the new owner of Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures. What do you think, Cult Mistress?"

Cult Mistress smiled, "I, as a frail woman, what opinion could I have?"

Ling Yuxiu gritted her teeth silently. She was about to rise and call Qin Mu back when Qin Feiyue coughed as a warning, therefore, she could only sit down.

Platform on the lake.

A middle-aged man walked over while holding a tray. On the tray was a coin pouch. Fu Tingyue raised his eyebrows and said, "In the pouch is a hundred dragon coins, if you win me, you can take it away. However, for the past three years, there were a thousand people who came forward and none was able to take away this pouch of dragons coins."

Qin Mu pondered over it and asked, "You are the number one practitioner of Border Dragon City?"

Fu Tingyue smiled arrogantly and nodded, "Publicly known to be number one. In a radius of three hundred miles, I'm the number one among all the martial arts practitioners! I've lost count of the numbers of martial arts practitioners I've killed. They were all killed in battle and not relying on my father's fame! As long as they died under my hands, none were able to make it out alive!"

Qin Mu nodded his head gently, "Your weapon of choice?"

With his arms behind him, he smiled, "You can choose any weapon. I'll choose my weapon at will. Anytime I want to use my weapons, I can feel free to use it."

Zhnnng. A clear hum rang out as Pig Slaughtering Knife flew into Qin Mu's hand.

His method wasn't molding qi into thread but was through mutual sense. His vital qi and the knife had mutual sense, which senses each other mutually just like two pieces of magnet attracting each other!

His vital qi circulated more and more frantically, becoming much more violent. The scene where he had slain the huge snake once again appeared on his body.

The angrier he gets, the more violent his vital qi becomes. The mutual sense would become stronger and the knife would become much sharper!

However, Qin Mu's face was extremely calm. With a calm appearance, the rage was blazing violent in his heart!

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