Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 473 - Life in the Mirror

Suddenly, rocks flew in all directions. Pangong Tso rushed into the sky both embarrassed and angry and threw a huge cauldron above himself.

It hung in midair with the mouth facing down, and instantly, sand, rocks, broken pillars, crumbling fences, and dilapidated walls were all sucked in by it.

The huge cauldron was like a pot of boiling soup which actually true fire. There might not be much of it, true fire was like an extremely terrifying boiling sea. Anything that entered the cauldron would be burned to ashes.

This meant that it wasn't a weapon that Pangong Tso could have created just then!

The huge cauldron had to have been forged in on of his previous lives. It was extremely strong since it was a cult legacy treasure forged by an existence close to the god realm. However, due to his low cultivation, Pangong Tso couldn't unleash its complete power.

There were strong and weak spirit weapons, and they were classified according to realms. If one came in possession of a high-quality sword, it didn't mean that their power could multiple. It still depended on how much power could be brought out.

For example, Qin Mu's Carefree Sword was a divine sword with astonishing power. But for the time being, Qin Mu couldn't unleash the power of the divine sword. He could only make use of its sharpness.

Pangong Tso was the same as well. With his current realm, he couldn't unleash the power of the spirit weapons he had crafted in his previous lifetimes. Even so, with the standard of being at the peak of Seven Stars Realm, he could unleash ten percent or so of the huge cauldron.

Sand flew up in the ruin while more walls, pillars, and broken palace hall pieces got broken apart by the suction force and rose toward the cauldron.

The entire ruin was continuously disintegrating and rising into the sky.

"Qin brat, now you know how powerful am I, right? Abilities don't rely just on cultivation!" Pangong Tso flipped over and landed on the huge cauldron with a sneer. "So what if your cultivation is much denser than mine? My treasure is better than yours so I can just smack you with it and have you die miserably!"

When he looked down though, he was stunned. He saw Qin Mu standing under the cauldron and not moving. No matter how hard the suction force tried to pull him in, his body didn't lift up an inch.

"How is that possible?"

Pangong Tso stared with his eyes wide open until he realized that Qin Mu was holding onto a metal ball that was the size of a tangerine. That circular ball suddenly moved and flowed like water or sand.

"Sword pellet!"

Pangong Tso instantly understood why the huge cauldron couldn't suck in Qin Mu. The weight of his sword pellet had to be extremely great, weighing him down so much that even the cauldron he had forged in his previous life couldn't lift it up!

"Isn't his sword pellet only two feet long? If I can't capture you, I'll just have to kill you!"

Pangong Tso suddenly dived down. When he smacked his palms against the huge cauldron, a clank rang out, and a sea of fire spewed out. Wherever it passed, everything was melted. Sand and stone were turned into boiling lava throughout the whole of the ruins.

Qin Mu caught the sword pellet. Countless fine flying swords came flying out, and with Carefree Sword as the master, they merged together.

With both hands on the sword, Qin Mu split apart the sea of fire that was pouncing at him!

Wherever his sword passed, the fire would instantly be extinguished. The two sides of the desert were melting from the heat, but the place where the power of the sword had brushed by was still covered in red sand.

The corners of Qin Mu's eyes twitched. True fire was incomparably fierce, and its power was extremely strong. He didn't know what kind of evil fire it was.

Pangong Tso shouted loudly, and an abnormal change happened to his corporeal body. Wings grew out from his axilla, and his legs turned into talons. Flames poured down to protect his body from the cauldron above him.

His wings were golden, and the feathers clanged when they collided against one another as his wings opened up. The gold feathers shot toward Qin Mu when his wings vibrated. With wind and thunder, sword-like feathers sliced through the air as though a storm was raging.

Qin Mu's hands crisscrossed, and Carefree Sword instantly split into pieces, transforming into eight thousand flying swords that danced like a long river. The vast and mighty sword river rushed toward Pangong Tso.

Pangong Tso was unstable in the air when he attacked. His sword feathers flew to welcome the sword river, and crisp sounds of collision rang out endlessly. After the clash, Pangong Tso cried out in alarm as he stood naked with broken sword feathers all over the floor.

His feathers were all severed by Qin Mu, and only two naked wings flapped at his sides.

The flames which had gone down to protect him from his huge cauldron were pretty famous and were called Blazing Divine Fire Shroud. Its defensive power was astonishing and could continuously shift the enemies' attacks toward the huge cauldron. Furthermore, the power of Blazing Divine Fire was also astonishing. Any weak spirit weapons would be turned into ashes.

Yet Qin Mu just broke Blazing Divine Fire Shroud and even severed all of his feathers!

'This guy can even break my Blazing Divine Fire, so he's indeed slightly stronger than me. I'm not his match!'

Once Pangong Tso realized that, he didn't hesitate and leaped upwards. He picked the huge cauldron, pushing it to the ground and chose escaped through there.

But before he could tunnel into the sand, Qin Mu caught the leg of the cauldron and lifted it up with a smile. "Grandmaster, where are you going?"

Pangong Tso transformed into a black light to flee over the sand.

Qin Mu threw away the huge cauldron, and his body also suddenly changed into that of a shadow to move through the ground.

After a moment, sand filled the air as the two of them broke out three thousand yards away. Pangong Tso took two frantic steps as feathers fell into place after growing out on his body once more. He then flapped his wing to soar into the sky.

"Competing at speed with me?"

Qin Mu executed Heaven Pilfering Divine Legs, and he didn't need to use any spells or divine arts to step into the air. A human and bird chased after each other in midair. After a moment, the huge bird got beaten into a naked chicken and fell from the sky.

Before Pangong Tso could land on the ground, an elephant's trumpet sounded out from his mouth. The muscles on his head and face grew crazily while his neck cracked and two more heads grew out, turning him into a three-headed god statue that had elephant's heads.

His corporeal body swelled up and reached the height of twenty yards. With boundless strength, he swung a punch straight at Qin Mu who was chasing him. With his three heads, he shouted, "Qin brat, die!"


Their fists collided, and the force of corporeal body divine arts exploded. Blade-like whirlwind burst forth around them and swept up sand and stones into the air

The three-headed elephant man coughed up blood, and his body flew backward.

Qin Mu chased after, but before he could reach Pangong Tso, he saw him shaking to return to his original form.

Pangong Tso leaped into the air then, and a lotus bloomed beneath him. It was about three yards big. Pangong Tso jumped into it, and Qin Mu saw that lotus close its petals before vanishing with the person inside.

Qin Mu was astonished. "Teleportation method? Doesn't look like it…"

Just as he thought that, a lotus suddenly popped out from the desert over a dozen miles away and bloomed quietly.

Qin Mu hurried over with his vital qi bursting forth. With a flick, his sword pellet swooshed forward.

As his finger swirled rapidly, he sword pellet in front of him broke apart, and eight thousand flying swords transformed into a powerful current which rushed forward crazily, reaching the lotus a step earlier than him!

Spiral Sword Form!

The speed of the sword light was extremely fast, even faster than Qin Mu sprinting at his full speed. It reached the lotus in an instant.

The lotus bloomed and Pangong Tso leaped out from the flower. He took out a piece of black cloth in a hurry, then after shaking it in the wind, he jumped into the cloth.

Countless flying swords shredded the lotus into pieces and drowned out the black cloth. But even though it was shredded to pieces, Pangong Tso had vanished once more.

Qin Mu landed on the ground and looked around. Above his head, eight thousand swords had lined up in a circle with their tips pointing outwards. No matter in which direction Pangong Tso came out, he would receive the fiercest attack!

Yet the desert was calm. After Pangong Tso went into the cloth, he seemed to have vanished from the world.

Far away, a sandstorm raged. Sun Ship and countless sand dragons hid among flashes of lightning and booms of thunder in it. The black sun was flung with world-shaking power through the sandstorm from time to time. The energy waves from it even reached Qin Mu from time to time and formed tornadoes which swept red sand into the sky. It was hard to see far.

In front of the sandstorm was Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's tiny figure.

But Qin Mu paid no attention to the battle over there. He suddenly gave a heavy stomp on the ground, and the desert trembled. Small whirlwinds swept up the sand to form a sand 'giant' which was four to five feet tall.

Qin Mu had also learned Ten Thousand Spirit Nature Technique, but he wasn't as skilled as the disciples of True Heaven Palace.

"Where is Pangong Tso hiding?" he asked.

The delicate sand 'giant' raised its hand to point. Qin Mu looked in that direction, but he didn't see anything.

"Cinnabar Heaven's Eyes!"

Formation markings swirled in his eyes, and when he looked over again, he was slightly stunned. He could see an insignificant straight line in the air traveling with the wind at a speed that wasn't too fast.

The surrounding wind and sand were very strong, but that fine line didn't bend at all. It was slightly strange.

Qin Mu increased his speed and came to that fine line. He saw that it wasn't a line, but a mirror that was so thin that it had no thickness. It was about as high as a human.

Pangong Tso had used Phantom Illusion Technique of Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scripture to transform into a black shadow to enter that mirror!

Qin Mu was flabbergasted. He grabbed a flying sword to stab at the mirror while praising, "Grandmaster, it's no wonder you could survive until now."

Pangong Tso saw him, and his expression changed tremendously. He threw out a rope from the mirror and climbed out with its help.

Qin Mu's sword pierced through the mirror, shattering it into pieces. However, Pangong Tso had already climbed out with the rope and had vanished.

"What divine art is this?"

Qin Mu examined the surroundings with his Cinnabar Heaven's Eyes, but couldn't find any traces of Pangong Tso. Suddenly, his heart shook, and he picked up a fragment of the mirror and moved it around. He then once again found Pangong Tso.

He saw Pangong Tso had already climbed up to midair. The end of his rope had a hook which had been caught on a cloud. From the looks of it, Pangong Tso seemed to be planning on hiding in the cloud.

Yet what was weird was that he and the rope seemed to be invisible and hidden in a strange space in the mirror which was somehow overlapping with the real world. The rope could hang in the space of the real world, but even Cinnabar Heaven's Eyes couldn't see it!

"Grandmaster has truly become proficient in escaping for his life," Qin Mu exclaimed. He held the mirror in one hand while flicking his finger with another. Carefree Sword flew out and rushed into the sky, slicing the invisible rope under the white cloud.

Qin Mu grabbed another mirror and threw it out, right where Pangong Tso was falling. With a thump, he landed in it, and when he raised his head, he saw Qin Mu who was outside the mirror.

"Grandmaster, can we talk now?" Qin Mu grabbed the mirror up with a smile.

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