Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 710 - Disciples of the Saint

In the underworld sea of Mingdu, when Son of Heaven Yin stood under the Mingdu Heavenly Gate—no matter if the attacks were from Goddess of Heavenly Yin, the Imperial Gate Divine Knife in Tian Shu's hand, or even from the power King Yama borrowed from Fengdu—he couldn't be injured at all.

Emperor's Throne was simply too powerful.

Goddess of Heavenly Yin who had revived learned the three hundred and twenty-four runes of Heavenly Yin World from Saint Woodcutter, and the divine art system of Heavenly Yin World was more or less determined. The power of Goddess of Heavenly Yin's divine arts was also rising in a straight line. Adding the fact that she was a natural born sacred god, her battle power surpassed even Tian Shu and King Yama.

It was because she couldn't enter Mingdu that she couldn't cause fatal injuries to Son of Heaven Yin.

Tian Shu's abilities were also extremely strong. The Imperial Gate Divine Knife was a divine knife specially targeted at the system of Youdu divine art; therefore, it was able to sever Earth Count's horn. It was a pity there was a slight flaw in its making.

And Son of Heaven Yin was incomparably intelligent. He had already used his divine art to break the effect of the divine knife absorbing primordial spirit through the flaw, so Tian Shu could only rely on the power of the divine knife to injure Son of Heaven Yin. He couldn't take his life.

King Yama had gathered the power of Fengdu and all its gods so he could fight him. However, due to the difference in realm, he could only injure Son of Heaven Yin as well.

Also, with Mingdu Heavenly Gate, Son of Heaven Yin could heal any injuries as long as they didn't take his life.

His Mingdu Heavenly Gate had the miraculous effect of going through reincarnations, and as a strong practitioner on Emperor's Throne, even if his paths, skills, and divine arts had originated from Youdu, he had built a completely different system on the foundation of Youdu and even surpassed it!

The three of them were stuck in a deadlock, and the wounds on Tian Shu and King Yama gradually grew. Their advantage was slowly turning into a disadvantage, and if the situation continued, it would be hard for them to escape.

Suddenly, Mingdu was in chaos as countless primordial spirits of prisoners held in the underworld prison rushed out to start a massacre. Son of Heaven Yin was astonished. 'This is bad! Quite a number of prisoners held in the underworld have a huge backing...'

When he thought until there, his mind couldn't help turning into a mess.

"The shyness of the daytime is covered by a silken sleeve; the melancholy of springtime makes it hard to rise and dress. A priceless gem is more easily found than a man who has a heart."

The clear voice of a woman came from the directions of the underworld prison, and it was clear when it reached the sky above the underworld sea. Grievances could be heard from the voice, and it seemed to be grieving that there were no men that were affectionate and true. There were no more men that pleased her, and she no longer had the mood to dress and groom herself.

Son of Heaven Yin's mind was flustered, and he suffered numerous attacks in a row, causing his flesh to split open. Luckily, there was Mingdu Heavenly Gate and his injuries healed quickly.

Suddenly, a violent red veil flew over and floated in the sky above Mingdu Heavenly Gate. The veil was huge and covered the heavenly gate.

When Son of Heaven Yin saw the phoenixes embroidered on the veil with golden thread, his mind was even more flustered. Under the veil, the attacks of King Yama and Tian Shu became pressing, and they finally got the upper hand. Son of Heaven Yin suffered heavy injuries again and again.

Son of Heaven Yin stabilized his mind and was ready to attack back when a phoenix crown flew over to land on his hand.

Son of Heaven Yin's scalp crawled, and he was helpless. Another red cloak flew over and latched onto his shoulders.

When Son of Heaven Yin covered his face and cried out, his legs were severed by Tian Shu while King Yama took the chance to stab his heart.

Son of Heaven Yin's legs sprinted into Mingdu Heavenly Gate, and the upper half of his body also rushed into the gate. Three Son of Heaven Yin came out from the other side of the gate and tried to flee.

Goddess of Heavenly Yin's attacks arrived right after, and the three Son of Heaven Yin vomited out blood as they fell and vanished into the underworld sea.

Mingdu Heavenly Gate flew up and was about to sink into the underworld sea with him when suddenly, Di Yiyue in black brought Saint Woodcutter, First Ancestor Human Emperor, and the rest. She pressed her palm on Mingdu Heavenly Gate.

The gate trembled violently and tried to escape several times but to no avail.

Mingdu Heavenly Gate became smaller and smaller until it became three yards tall. It no longer trembled.

On the other side, Goddess of Heavenly Yin turned the celestial dipper and made the sea float as she tried to force Son of Heaven Yin out. Saint Woodcutter bowed and said, "Goddess, no need for that, he has already suffered severe injuries, he wouldn't have stayed in the sea. He escaped long ago. We shouldn't stay here any longer, with such a huge ruckus, the extraterritorial celestial heavens will definitely send people to come to take a look. If that happens, we won't be able to leave."

Tian Shu rose into the sky and used the Imperial Gate Divine Knife to split the world barrier of Mingdu to escape through the sky.

Saint Woodcutter looked at Goddess of Heavenly Yin and said, "If the extraterritorial celestial heavens investigate this, Eternal Peace might be implicated. We will still need Goddess to bear the responsibility."

Goddess of Heavenly Yin said with a smile, "My surprise attack on Mingdu is to take revenge for myself, and I have good reason to do this so I can bear the responsibility. With Earth Count speaking out for me, the celestial heavens will probably not pursue this incident. Son of Heaven Yin can only suffer in silence. However, by inviting me to make a move, it already used up one Heavenly Yin Pearl. To make me bear responsibility, I will still need another Heavenly Yin Pearl."

First Ancestor Human Emperor took out one divine pearl and Goddess of Heavenly Yin nodded her head. The divine knife floated up and flew into Heavenly Yin World.

Goddess of Heavenly Yin faded away.

Di Yiyue lifted up Mingdu Heavenly Gate and said, "I've helped him create this treasure, and I know all uses of the heavenly gate, it's a pity things have remained the same but people have changed. Big Heavenly Teacher, how are we returning to the world of the living?"

Woodcutter said, "Heavenly King may be dead, but your body still exists. It's hard for you to return to Eternal Peace through the world barrier. However, we can return to Eternal Peace through King Yama's Fengdu and return to the Great Ruins. We can then return to Eternal Peace from the Great Ruins."

King Yama bowed and greeted, "King Yama pays my respect to senior uncle."

Di Yiyue's gaze landed on him, and she said in astonishment, "You are the adopted son of His Majesty? Back then you were still an honest looking boy, but after not seeing you for so many years, you have already become a ruler of a world!"

King Yama hung his head down.

Di Yiyue walked into Fengdu and examining the living realm of the dead. She said with a smile, "Fengdu is the horn of Earth Count, it's a pity that your comprehension to the paths, skills, and divine arts of Youdu is not as dense as that heartless rat. There's still a distance to Fengdu, Heavenly King of the North and I can help you, why did Heavenly King of the North run so fast away?"

First Ancestor Human Emperor said, "He has probably woken up from his drunk state. After he sobered up and recalled how he had fought with Son of Heaven Yin, he's most probably hiding somewhere and shivering with excitement."

Di Yiyue gave it some thought and said with a smile, "That's him. However, instead of shivering in excitement, he's probably shivering with lingering fear. When I revive, he and I will rebuild Fengdu for you."

Fengdu drove into the darkness and vanished without a trace.

Mingdu and Fengdu were both forged with the horn of Earth Count, and they were part of Youdu; thus, the world barrier didn't exist.

"Big Heavenly Teacher, I've heard you talk about a second calamity incoming, is Founding Emperor Era still not wiped out?"

Di Yiyue sat down in the second divine city of Fengdu. King Yama, First Ancestor, and Woodcutter accompanied her, and the strange woman that had a legendary beauty asked, "Is the extraterritorial celestial heavens wanting to wipe Founding Emperor Era out a second time?"

Saint Woodcutter's face was dim, and he shook his head. "Founding Emperor Era is already wiped out, and now it's Eternal Peace Era which is built upon our ruins. The disasters this time are targeted at Eternal Peace. Back then, didn't Heavenly King cultivate alongside the four deities of the four directions to deal with the natural disasters? Because the disasters are about to erupt in Eternal Peace this time, I thought of inviting you to come out. The person to deal with these natural disasters is none other than you."

Di Yiyue's expression turned cold, and she said indifferently, "Why should I help Eternal Peace deal with the natural disasters? I am indebted to Founding Emperor, I was smitten by love and I couldn't help Founding Emperor defend the natural disasters, but what has Eternal Peace got to do with me?"

Saint Woodcutter was silent for a moment. "The pillars of Eternal Peace's reform this time are two of my disciples. The third disciple, Jiang Baigui of River Tomb, the imperial preceptor of Eternal Peace."

Di Yiyue shook her head. "Your face isn't that big and much less your disciple's face."

Saint Woodcutter said, "My second disciple's surname is Qin, he's the hundredth and seventh descendant of Founding Emperor, who is also one of the pillars in Eternal Peace's reform this time."

Di Yiyue's charming face only softened that time, and she nodded her head slowly. "He's a descendant of Founding Emperor, in that case, blocking down these disasters can also be considered returning Founding Emperor a favor. He is the emperor of Eternal Peace?"

Saint Woodcutter hesitated and shook his head. "No. He is the palace grandee of Eternal Peace Emperor, and he is also the grand chancellor of Heavenly Saint Academy."

Di Yiyue's expression turned cold once again, and she sneered. "How could a descendant of Founding Emperor be a subject of another person? Your second disciple can't be the emperor, but what about the other descendants of Founding Emperor? Where are they? Where is Founding Emperor? I'm waiting for the people of Founding Emperor; I won't let other people benefit from him!"

"Founding Emperor..."

Saint Woodcutter's expression dim, and he shook his head. "Founding Emperor is hiding in Carefree Village. He has not shown himself for twenty thousand years already."

Di Yiyue was furious and slapped the table. "I've long said that that bad man with the surname Qin wasn't fit to be Founding Emperor, let the seat out, I'll do it! This guy, running to Carefree Village to live carefreely and throwing the wreck to everyone, making all of them fight for him, how shameless! Even so, it's impossible for me to help that emperor of Eternal Peace to block the disaster!"

"The one to be emperor isn't the one with the strongest ability and power; it's the one with the greatest boldness and widest breadth of mind."

Woodcutter said, "The Emperor of Eternal Peace is such a person. He has a breadth of mind and judgment that not even Founding Emperor possess. In terms of abilities, you aren't inferior to Founding Emperor, but if you are to be Founding Emperor, do you think you can do better?"

Di Yiyue was silent for a moment, and she shook her head. "When Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens was at its most crucial point in time, I was smitten by love and ran to get married. In the end, I got assassinated. I'm not suitable to be Founding Emperor. Oh well, I owe you much so I will be flexible. I need to meet your disciples and Eternal Peace Emperor before making a decision. If they are to my liking, I'll help, if not I'll turn and leave. I rather hide in Fengdu and be a female ghost. If I can't, I can also make a living under Earth Count."

Saint Woodcutter revealed a smile, and he was very happy. "If you meet my second disciple, you would be gratified; you will be happy that Founding Emperor has such an outstanding descendant!"

Fengdu returned to the Great Ruins and overlapped with the Great Ruins.

The sky was bright.

Saint Woodcutter, Fu Riluo, First Ancestor, and the rest bade farewell to King Yama and immediately returned into their own corporeal bodies.

Di Yiyue followed their primordial spirits back to Surging River Academy in Lizhou. Saint Woodcutter's corporeal body immediately woke up from a state of death and he flipped up. With a smile, he said, "My disciple is right in the vicinity, let me bring you to meet him! You will definitely like him when you meet him!"

First Ancestor, Chi Xi, Fu Riluo, and the rest also woke up one after another. As they were talking, loud rumbles came from the directions of Surging River as lightning struck non-stop.

Everyone looked towards the source of the sound, and they saw the five great thunderclouds forming a thick thundercloud which surrounding Surging River to strike furiously at a certain place.

Di Yiyue looked over and saw a disaster god attacking in all directions frantically while a youth laid out on his back and gnawed on the back of his head. The youth just let the five great thunderclouds strike him however they liked, and he could never be blown off.

Di Yiyue was in doubt as she took a glance at Woodcutter. She asked, "That's the descendant of Founding Emperor, your second disciple?"

Saint Woodcutter's expression didn't change, and he just shook his head. "Nope, I don't recognize this young talent. Heavenly King, let us go to Eternal Peace Capital City and meet Emperor Yanfeng first."

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