Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 711 - Number One in the World

Di Yiyue sneered and said, "Look at his appearance, he looks somewhat similar to Founding Emperor. He should be the descendant of Founding Emperor, right? You still deny he is your disciple? Big Heavenly Teacher, don't lie to me!"

Saint Woodcutter's face turned red. "That's right; he is my second disciple. However, that's just an honorary title, and I didn't teach him anything."

Suddenly, the power of the Five Thunder Pot burst forth to blow Qin Mu away yet runes swirled around Qin Mu to teleport him back in an instant. He still laid on the back of the disaster god to hug the head on the disaster god to gnaw on. He was fast and ruthless.

"Teleportation divine art, that's a divine art that you founded." Di Yiyue was even more suspicious and sneered.

Saint Woodcutter was ashamed and speechless.

Suddenly, the disaster god in the sky above Surging River noticed that side, and the disaster god who didn't care about anyone was astonished. He completely forgot about getting Qin Mu down and hurriedly bowed. "Big senior sister!"

Di Yiyue nodded her head and said, "You are the disciple of North Deity? You still recognize me as your big senior sister?"

The disaster god's head was full of blood, and he stood there helplessly. "I met big senior sister once, but big senior sister held a high position, so you probably didn't notice me. I've come to descend a calamity on order, may big senior sister pardon me..."

Di Yiyue said indifferently, "Leave a little something behind and go back; I'm here so you can't descend any calamity. Leave something behind so you can go back to explain yourself. Tell master that I'm here, either he can send you guys to death, or he can come personally."

The expression of that disaster changed drastically. He gritted his teeth and severed his left arm. He descended from the sky and placed his arm respectfully in front of Di Yiyue. He moved back three steps, and his primordial spirit left his body. His body turned back into a stone statue.

Qin Mu chewed twice on the head of the stone statue and his teeth almost shattered. He could only give up and slip down from the stone statue. Looking around, his eyes glinted with malice as though he was a fierce beast choosing his prey.

The stone statue gradually sunk into the ground and vanished without a trace. The Five Thunder Pot also swirled furiously to swallow the thunderclouds in the sky back into the pot and vanished right afterward.

"This big beauty is the most delicious!"

Qin Mu pounced over excitedly at Di Yiyue. Saint Woodcutter was ashamed and unable to show his old face. How he wished he could make a coffin and bury himself underground at that very instant.

Di Yiyue's right hand formed a mudra, and her fingers moved quickly. Her hand was like a lotus flower which gently tapped on the heart of Qin Mu's brows. The devil nature in Qin Mu's body instantly vanished, and the Youdu devil qi flooded furiously back into the Qin word land in the heart of his brows.

The mudra of Di Yiyue rushed over with the Youdu devil qi and devil nature into Big Baby Qin Fengqing's body. The seal of Mingdu Jade Mirror was instantly broken.

Heaven Duke and Crimson Emperor were astonished and cried out in unison, "This girl's abilities aren't bad! It's a pity she's dead."

Di Yiyue cried with astonishment and was bewildered. The magic power in her mudra instantly vanished as though something had eaten it away.

She couldn't see the sight inside Qin word land so she couldn't see Heaven Duke and Crimson Emperor.

"The heart of your brows is strange; let me take a look inside your third eye!"

She was about to fly into the heart of Qin Mu's brows when Saint Woodcutter, First Ancestor Human Emperor, Fu Riluo, and Chi Xi hurriedly stopped her. "You mustn't! Don't scout the heart of his brows; we have all suffered greatly before!"

Saint Woodcutter said, "Even though I have never suffered before, I also know that that place is incomparably dangerous, and it's best that Heavenly King not try it!"

Di Yiyue's gaze flickered, and she said with a smile, "It's really that dangerous? Even stronger than my abilities on Emperor's Throne? Oh well, my corporeal body is still dead, so I shall not take a look then."

Qin Mu woke up and immediately pasted the willow leaf on the heart of his brows. He sighed in relief.

"Teacher, First Ancestor, you guys have all came back to life?"

He was surprised and delighted. When he saw Di Yiyue, he immediately tidied up his clothes and took out a mirror to groom himself before greeting. "Teacher, who is this fairy sister?"

"Fairy sister?"

Di Yiyue was overjoyed, and all her negative impressions of Qin Mu vanished without a trace. "Heavenly Teacher, your second disciple's judgment is not bad, he's much better than Founding Emperor and you, he is a talent! You were right to take in this disciple."

Saint Woodcutter put his heart down and whispered to Qin Mu, "Wipe your mouth, there's still blood at the corners."

"Blood at the corners of my mouth?"

Qin Mu's heart was astonished. He hurriedly took out a small mirror and wiped away the bloodstains on the corner of his mouth. He then took out a strand of hair from the gap of his teeth and the youth was stunned. "I've vomited blood? And how come there's hair as well?"

Di Yiyue said, "That's my junior brother's blood and hair, he is the disaster god whose head you have been hugging and gnawing on earlier."

Qin Mu's face blushed.

Di Yiyue said with a smile, "What a pure and innocent boy, there aren't many boys that know embarrassment. You are so shy; many girls must like you."

Woodcutter, Fu Riluo, Chi Xi, and First Ancestor had weird expressions and coughed repeatedly. They didn't speak.

Di Yiyue paid no attention and said with a smile, "Little brother... Aiya, I can't call you little brother. You are the disciple of Big Heavenly Teacher and also the descendant of Founding Emperor, if I call you little brother, won't my seniority be lower than them?"

Qin Mu said, "Big sister, let us just make our own friends, wouldn't that be fine?"

Di Yiyue's heart bloomed with joy, and she praised, "This is a good idea. From today onwards, we shall be brother and sister, but we shall have separate relationships with other people."

Qin Mu examined Di Yiyue's forehead and saw a hole in her forehead which he could see through. He could even see the brain tissue.

Furthermore, Di Yiyue's heart had also stopped, and her blood no longer flowed. It was obvious that she was a corpse!

It was just her primordial spirit was too strong, so she could still control the body and make it seem like she was still living.

"Sister's injury is very severe."

Qin Mu said, "How did you suffer such a severe injury?"

Di Yiyue replied sorrowfully, "I met the wrong person, sister married a heartless rat and got injured by him. This isn't an injury, how can a dead person be injured?"

Qin Mu examined her injury in detail, and even when he was close, he couldn't hear Di Yiyue's breathing. Di Yiyue's wound still had some divine art remaining, and the power of the divine art was extremely strong, so he didn't dare to touch.

"It's an injury; you can still be saved. Even though it's severe, it's not very serious."

Qin Mu examined the wound and moved to the back of Di Yiyue's head and observed. He said, "It's just that this remnant left behind by the wound, I can't deal with it. Could sister clean up the wound?"

Di Yiyue was astonished and executed her technique to remove the remnant of Son of Heaven Yin's divine art. She asked curiously, "I'm on Emperor's Throne Realm and you are only on Celestial Being Realm, what methods do you have to treat the injuries of an Emperor's Throne?"

Qin Mu's body trembled, and he revealed a three-headed and six-armed form. Raising his hand, he severed his left head down from his neck with a sword light.

Di Yiyue was shocked, and Qin Mu just smiled as he raised his left head. "Big sister, please take a look."

His neck shook, and another head actually grew out!

Di Yiyue stared with her eyes wide open and cried out, "There's actually such a technique?"

She could see that Qin Mu had not only chopped off the head on his corporeal body, but he had also chopped off the head on his primordial spirit!

After executing his technique, not only did Qin Mu grow a head on his corporeal body, he similarly grew a head on his primordial spirit!

She had never heard of that kind of technique before.

God Chi Xi snorted and felt pretty annoyed.

What Qin Mu had executed was Light Emperor's Anasrava Creation Mysterious Technique and Crimson Emperor's Three Primordial Spirit Undying God Consciousness. By combining those two techniques perfectly, only then was he able to gain the effect of an undying corporeal body and an undying primordial spirit!

An undying corporeal body was also what Crimson Light Son of God wished for, but never did he expect Qin Mu to accomplish it before Crimson Light Son of God.

Of course, for Qin Mu to be able to achieve that step was something they couldn't be envious of.

Crimson Light Son of God had taught Qin Mu's Light Emperor's Anasrava Creation Mysterious Technique, and in addition to Crimson Emperor's consciousness directly teaching Three Primordial Spirit Undying God Consciousness to him, it allowed Qin Mu to have the same attainments as Crimson Emperor did in Undying God Consciousness!

With that kind of attainment, it would be much easier for Qin Mu to comprehend Anasrava Creation Mysterious Technique; therefore, Qin Mu's attainments in those two Emperor's Throne techniques surpassed Crimson Light Son of God. He had an advantage that couldn't be compared.

Even if he had imparted Crimson Emperor's technique to Crimson Light Son of God, Crimson Light Son of God couldn't have attainments like Crimson Emperor, which was the reason why Crimson Light Son of God still couldn't attain an undying corporeal body and undying primordial spirit. On the contrary, the outsider Qin Mu had achieved it first instead.

Saint Woodcutter revealed a smile. He knew Qin Mu's foundation, so he knew how terrifying Qin Mu's attainments in creation was.

Qin Mu didn't even know how strong he was, but he knew it very clearly.

Receiving inheritance of Crimson Emperor and Light Emperor, he could be said to be the strongest practitioner in the art of creation without a doubt!

Qin Mu brought the two great Emperor's Throne techniques back from Crimson Light Floating World and passed them down to all academies in Eternal Peace.

Tens of thousands of scholars of Eternal Peace studied the marvel diligently, and there was no lack of people with outstanding talent who could comprehend numerous bits and pieces of the two Emperor's Throne techniques.

Other than Woodcutter, literally no one else knew that Qin Mu had long stepped on the summit of the mountains.

Qin Mu scattered his three heads and six arms with a smile. "Big sister's injury may be hard to treat for other people, but to me, it isn't too hard. Does big sister have any research into the art of creation?"

Di Yiyue shook her head and said, "Rough study but not many attainments, I'm inferior to Big Heavenly Teacher."

The Big Heavenly Teacher that she said was Saint Woodcutter.

Qin Mu walked here and there and said, "Big sister's corporeal body is already dead, and you have probably been dead for a very long time. However, it's preserved quite well and looks like it has just died. Yet the longer you walk on this world, the easier it will be for your body to decompose. If it really decomposes, you will be truly dead. In that case..."

He raised his head to say with a smile, "Let me use creation technique to treat you! When you revive, you can slowly comprehend the art of creation."

Di Yiyue was astonished and said, "You can really treat the corporeal body of a strong practitioner on Emperor's Throne? I'm on Emperor's Throne Realm!"

Qin Mu was full of confidence. "Healers treat patients like their children..."

"Pah, you just want to take advantage of big sister." Di Yiyue rolled her eyes at him, but she didn't look angry at all.

Woodcutter, Fu Riluo, and the rest looked at one another in dismay.

First Ancestor Human Emperor asked with a low voice, "Heavenly Teacher, did he learn how to coax girls from you?"

Saint Woodcutter had a blank expression. "How would I know this? If I knew, would I be single until now? I'm ashamed to even say this, but I didn't even teach him a single divine art. He has other teachers..."

On the observatory, the corpse of Apothecary had already turned stiff.

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