Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 712 - Good Old Man and Devil Incarnate

Qin Mu calculated to see how he could design an accurate creation divine art to help him treat Di Yiyue injury and not harm her brain. Saint Woodcutter walked up to the observatory of Surging River Academy, and he prepared to cast his spell. He wanted to help the people of Lizhou get their souls back. "If we let the people of Lizhou have their souls gone for too long, it will harm their bodies. I should guide their souls and primordial spirits back."

First Ancestor Human Emperor revealed an anxious look and warned, "If we seize souls from Youdu and return the dead back to life, we will have to lose our lifespan. Even though Heavenly Teacher is a god with endless lifespan, if you anger the messenger of death, he will lay his hands on you and take your soul away. If you can't escape this disaster, you will have to suffer down in Youdu, and your heavy crimes might even get you eaten by Earth Count. Even if you escape from this trouble, you will still have to suffer when you go down to Youdu after you die and get eaten by Earth Count. Lizhou is so huge; there are so many people, so your punishment will definitely be even more severe!"

Saint Woodcutter said, "My plan was to use the lives of these people in Lizhou as bait to bait Lou Yunqu and the rest to come forward before using Qin Mu to lure out Son of Heaven Yin; as a result, I've caused these people to lose their lives. This is all on me, so how could I protect myself by not saving them? We will talk about the consequences after my death."

He also had quite some study on Youdu language and Youdu spells. Soul Guide wasn't too difficult.

Youdu language came from his mouth, and a gate slowly materialized from emptiness to reality. It gradually appeared.

He didn't manage to create Gate of Heaven Influence like Qin Mu, and he also couldn't cultivate divine arts like God Execution Mysterious Gate. However, he had other methods and used runes to construct another gate that connected to Youdu.

That kind of method was similar to the primitive Soul Guide and different from the Soul Guide that Qin Mu had improved. The Soul Guide improved by Qin Mu was extremely direct. Gate of Heaven Influence would appear straight after executing the spell, and he could easily summon the souls of the dead back from Youdu.

Saint Woodcutter required more effort and more magic power to execute Soul Guide; however, the effect was almost the same.

He stood on the observatory, and Youdu devil qi rolled out behind him. The darkness became thicker and thicker. It was daytime, and even if the sun was shining intensely, the sunlight couldn't shine through the invasion of the Youdi devil qi.

In the devil qi, a gate stood upright, and souls continued to fly out before flying off in different directions. Once they found their own corporeal body, they would slip right in, and after a moment, the owner of the body would slowly wake up.

Saint Woodcutter cast his spell to increase the area where Youdu devil qi was covering. The devil qi spread out in Surging River Academy and covered the Surging River before reaching Dyke River County. It then went from Dyke River County to the other few counties.

From that gate, more and more souls flew out, and more and more people woke up. At that moment, a faint glow appeared in the darkness, and one small boat was floating over in the darkness. It floated over to the gate.

"The messenger of death is here; he's probably here to detain my soul."

Saint Woodcutter's heart felt sorrow, but his face was very calm. He thought to himself, 'As long as I don't implicate anyone else, that's good enough. To exchange my life for the lives of the people in Lizhou, it's worth it even if I die. Also, severely injuring Son of Heaven Yin, saving Di Yiyue, stopping the natural disaster from descending, everything is worth it. I have three disciples and they... are all very fine. Without me, they can still walk on.'

The sorrow in his heart vanished, and he waited for his final fate.

The small boat sailed to the gate in the darkness, and the elder on the boat rose. He took down the lantern and shone it at Saint Woodcutter.

Saint Woodcutter's primordial spirit became unstable by the light from the lantern, but he was still chanting the Youdu language from his mouth. He didn't dare to slacken off and could only hope that he could summon the souls of all the people that had wrongly died in Lizhou before the messenger of death could make his move.

The small boat sailed out of the gate, and Elder Messenger of Death walked in the world of the living from Youdu. Saint Woodcutter was astonished and temporarily stopped his spell. "Lord Official Sovereign of Youdu, could you give me some time and let me complete my wish?"

Elder Messenger of Death was about to say something when Qin Mu suddenly popped his head into the door and got gladly surprised when he saw him. "So it's Official Sovereign!"

Elder Messenger of Death's face turned black, and he said, "I thought it was you who was summoning the souls, so I planned to come here and take a look. In the end, it wasn't you, so I thought that the person who dared to summon the souls had quite the guts. There are quite a number of people summoning souls these two days, and Youdu is in chaos, Earth Count isn't happy!"

Qin Mu said with a smile, "Official Sovereign, please pardon me; I was the one who had got them to summon the souls. Official Sovereign didn't do anything to them, right?"

Elder Messenger of Death's face turned dark, and he snorted.

Qin Mu hurriedly said, "The one summoning souls this time is my teacher, I'm currently too busy to summon the souls, so he's in charge of it. He doesn't know anything, so he's just messing around. Please forgive him if he alarmed Official Sovereign. Why don't I summon the souls personally?"

Elder Messenger of Death was solemn for a moment, and his tone was stiff. "No need, even though the seal is very sturdy, we still have to proceed with caution. This is to prevent feeding your brother with the souls you summon."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "Don't worry, Official Sovereign. The willow leaf on the heart of my brows is stuck there firmly and never taken down; my brother can't run out."

Elder Messenger of Death was softened and instructed, "It's best if you never take it down. If you let your older brother out, Earth Count will still have to be the one to clean your ass. I won't be pursuing this incident of summoning the soul. Youdu has a rule that the first seven days of a dead person still doesn't consider one to be dead, and they can still come back to life. Therefore, it isn't Youdu that's afraid of you nor is it me that's giving you face, there's really such a rule. You have to be careful."

Qin Mu acknowledged and said, "Take care."

Elder Messenger of Death boarded the small boat to return to Youdu and vanished into the darkness.

Qin Mu then scamped back and left the dumbfounded Saint Woodcutter hanging on the observatory. He didn't come back to his senses after a long time.

"Dao brother, I really envy you having such an outstanding disciple, he is even so sought after in Youdu."

Fu Riluo sighed ruefully and was full of envy. "How did you groom him to be so outstanding? Can you teach me as well?"

God Chi Xi eavesdropped at the side and didn't dare to miss out a word.

Saint Woodcutter opened his mouth. "I..." But he couldn't continue his sentence.

'This guy, he has the reputation of a saint and yet he's still hiding secrets from us!' Chi Xi's felt his anger rising.

He didn't have a good impression of Saint Woodcutter and it was even worse after that.

Saint Woodcutter couldn't explain so he could only continue to summon the souls. He thought to himself heavily, 'What have I taught him before? How do I not know..."

Qin Mu ran back to Di Yiyue's side, and she also looked curiously at him. She asked him quietly, "You know Benevolent Saintly King Equal to Heaven?"

Qin Mu focused on designing the runes and didn't even raise his head. "I know him. We have come into contact a few times, and he is an old man that's very easy to talk to."

Di Yiyue stared with her eyes wide open and didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "He's easy to talk to? Do you know that Benevolent Saintly King Equal to Heaven is the number two person in Youdu, he's an existence that's merely below Earth Count? If he is easy to talk to, wouldn't those gods that he had killed and hooked their souls be crying their way back to life? As long as Youdu's rules are touched, he won't stop at anything even if it means destroying an entire world!"

Qin Mu took out the creation runes he had designed and tested it. He shook his head and said, "It must be rumors. Official Sovereign is a good old man, and he never blew his temper. Big sister, stop moving, I'm going to cast a spell and treat your injury."

Di Yiyue stood properly and stopped moving.

Qin Mu wanted to make his move, but he felt inconvenient so he could only say, "Big sister, you are too tall, you should lie down so it will be easier for me."

Di Yiyue laid down according to his words and floated in the sky. She was still five feet from the ground.

Her beautiful hair flowed down like a waterfall and had a drape effect. The black clothes on her body also hung down like soft silk, and Qin Mu took a glance at her breasts that were still perky even when she was lying down. He exclaimed in admiration to himself, 'Big sister is really beautiful.'

Even though the innocent youth also looked at the faces, because of the teachings from the elders ever since he was young, they were insistent that he should not only look at the face; he also had to look at the breasts.

Girls with big breasts were the beautiful ones.

He executed his spell after calming himself down. There were not many runes that were needed to repair the wound on Di Yiyue's head, and he just needed the creation runes from Three Primordial Spirit Undying God Consciousness and Anasrava Creation Mysterious Scripture that were targeted at the forehead and the brain. However, the most crucial points were still how to reconstruct and how not to let the other brain tissues grow.

The reason why Qin Mu had to calculate so long was because of that.

Other than that, he also needed to edit some creation runes and rearrange the structures. It was the first time for him, so he had to be careful.

After all, the brain was a very fragile area. It wasn't good to have less, and it wasn't good to have more.

Furthermore, Di Yiyue didn't just have a wound on her corporeal body, but she also had such a hole in her primordial spirit. The reason why Qin Mu has redesigned the runes was to treat the wound on her primordial spirit as well.

He cast the spell carefully and saw the brain tissues on the back of Di Yiyue's brain gradually growing back. The missing portion was slowly growing back to fill up the bloody hole.

Every action from Qin Mu was extremely careful. Layers of formations appeared in his pupils, and he stared at the bloody hole in Di Yiyue's forehead. He examined the growth of the brain tissues in detail.

He controlled his magic power and transformed the runes to be even more detailed. When the brain tissue was completely grown out, he then carefully changed the runes to grow the bone where her wound was.

When the bone grew out, Qin Mu changed the runes again, and that time, it was to fix the skin on her forehead.

"Mu'er, us apothecaries are going to be out of a job," Apothecary's voice rang out.

Qin Mu's last rune flickered, and the rune finally dispersed. Di Yiyue touched her forehead and was truly astonished. She said with a smile, "Great Wizard is truly doing the work of gods with your art of creation!"

Qin Mu said with a smile, "Big sister turn over; there's still a hole behind your head that isn't fixed yet... Slowly, be careful of your brains spilling out. Grandpa Apothecary, the art of creation can't replace the art of healing, and it also can't replace the apothecaries."

After treating the back of Di Yiyue's head, he said, "The art of creation is something that's hard to be skilled in. It isn't impossible to cultivate to my level. With aptitude as outstanding as mine, one just needs to spend tens of thousands of years of cultivating diligently, and they might be able to do the same."

Even though others didn't know the difficulty of the art of creation, he knew it very well. His attainments in the art of creation were mainly from Crimson Emperor's consciousness. If he hadn't received Crimson Emperor's consciousness, it was unknown how long he would need to comprehend to reach his current standard.

"Furthermore, the human body is a big system, and the corporeal body of gods is a small world. Art of creation can repair the body but to maintain the balance of the human body system and the corporeal body world of gods, that would have to rely on the apothecaries."

Qin Mu dispersed his runes and took out a small mirror to pass to Di Yiyue. "Big sister, take a look, is it the same as it was in the past?"

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