Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 714 - Charm of the Reformer

Di Yiyue looked at Qin Mu once more, but she still couldn't see any pain from Qin Mu's body. She could only see an outgoing boy laughing with several scholars.

"He's indeed a boy with a strange charm."

Di Yiyue nodded her head. "He's not that handsome, but he's full of charm. We don't actually have to meet Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, just this disciple of Big Heavenly Teacher is enough for me to help Eternal Peace Empire tide over this calamity."

"Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor has another kind of charm."

Saint Woodcutter revealed a smile. "When you see him, you will understand where his charm is coming from. Actually, meeting Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and Qin Mu, it suddenly reminds me of those extraordinary days when Founding Emperor Era was just rising. I, Founding Emperor, and those comrades met in the dead ruins of High Emperor. That time, the civilization of High Emperor had been completely eradicated, and we were the people struggling to survive in the ruins."

He sank back into his recollection, and his temperament was very calm. He smirked and said, "Who would expect us, people who were struggling to find even the next meal, could build such a glorious Founding Emperor Era? When I met Imperial Preceptor, Qin Mu, and their other comrades, I couldn't help but recall those friends and me in the past."

Di Yiyue fell into silence. After a moment, she shook her head and said, "Let's not mention the past. In that case, let's go and meet him."

"Mu'er, let us continue on our journey!" First Ancestor said with a loud voice.

Qin Mu acknowledged and ran back with a smile. "I would like to go to Heavenly Saint Academy in Bazhou; I have some things I have to hand to Granny Si."

Saint Woodcutter said, "We will go to Heavenly Saint Academy first."

Heavenly Saint Academy's was completely different from Surging River Academy. Surging River Academy was conducting all kinds of test to use the art of creation to grow medicinal herbs to supply endless medicinal stones to Eternal Peace Empire.

On the other hand, the academic atmosphere in Heavenly Saint Academy was even more intense. One could see all kinds of strange and rare spirit weapons flying in the sky and sprinting on the land, and sometimes, thick smoke would suddenly puff out in the sky. Something would drop down and smash a huge pit in the ground. A disheveled looking scholar would then crawl out from the ground.

Sometimes, the spirit weapons sprinting on the land would suddenly explode, and the scholar controlling the spirit weapon inside would be blasted off into the sky.

Some scholars were gathering to test a formation skill. It was also extremely dangerous to change all kinds of formation skills as formations would go out of control from time to time.

Some formation skills were sword formations, and sword lights would shoot out in all directions. There were also formation skills that imitated the form of gods. When they lost control, there would be god vitality or devil vitality that would transform into the form of a god to chase after the operator of the formation skill.

There were a bunch of apothecaries and students guarding not far away. When there were sudden accidents, they would carry away the injured in a fluster to treat them.

"I've told you, algebra! Algebra!"

An old Daoist was flustered and exasperated. He shouted at the scholars that were carried away on stretchers after they failed their experiments. "Your algebra must be accurate, you guys never listen! If you don't listen, you will only be the one at a disadvantage!"

"Today, let us forge a god summoning formation. According to the Qin Family Spirit Energy Conservation Runes, we can summon a monster from Youdu."

On the other side, a middle-aged directorate was encouraging the scholars he was teaching and guiding them. "Teacher is right here; what danger could there be? Don't worry, don't worry... According to Qin Family Spirit Energy Conservation Runes, we require some sacrifice, let us first do some algebra calculation, then we will design a sacrificial altar..."

"Teacher, fifth senior brother is being captured by a monster!"

"Tai! Where are you going monster... Xiao'wu, don't worry, that was a mistake. Let us try again... Stop running and come back! You can't escape the grasp of the teacher—"


Di Yiyue looked around, and she exclaimed endlessly. The atmosphere in Heavenly Saint Academy made her feel a feeling she hadn't felt for a long time. She hadn't felt the feeling of improvement for a very long time.

Back then, when she was studying paths, skills, and divine arts with Founding Emperor and the rest, only then did she have such a feeling. She liked that kind of feeling very much. When she became famous, she only became busier and busier, and she spent less and less time researching.

There were still countless scholars in Heavenly Saint Academy forging all kinds of spirit weapons for their daily lives, and they had all kinds of situations happening there.

When they passed by a large-scaled manufacturing factory, inside, there were scholars testing furnaces with greater firepower and relying on those furnaces to make strange spirit weapons for daily use.

A scholar drove a huge mechanical beast to run past them, and he adjusted the firepower in the furnace. Suddenly a hundred sword pellets rose into the sky, and sword rain filled the sky. He borrowed the mechanical beast to release his own vital qi, allowing the power of his divine art to be dozens of times stronger.

That scholar was delighted and adjusted the power of the furnace again. He saw the mechanical beast spewing fire out from his legs and butt to rise into the sky. Not long later, a scream came from the sky, and that scholar crashed into a mountain with the beast.

"Dumbass, I've never seen such a dumb person before!"

A muffled voice rang out, and Saint Woodcutter looked towards the source of the sound. He saw an elder sitting on a chest, and he was holding onto a jar. His face was covered with the jar, and he was speaking to the jar, spewing out all kinds of vulgarities. His words were clearly spoken, and he scolded at a very quick speed.

"It looks like Grandpa Mute!"

Qin Mu was delighted and immediately walked forward. He shouted, "Grandpa Mute, your tongue has grown back out?"

That elder pulled his face out from the jar and saw everyone. He immediately got up and revealed a sincere smile. He quickly signed with his hands. "Aba, ah ah ba!"

"Grandpa Mute said, he still hasn't grown back his tongue. He said he was lacking in manners for not seeing seniors earlier." Qin Mu helped translate Mute's sign language.

Mute led them excitedly to take a tour around Heavenly Saint Academy's manufacturing factory while he kept making hand gestures. Qin Mu just stayed at the side and helped translate.

Everyone took a tour, and they exclaimed endlessly. They got up and walked out of the manufacturing factory to step out of the academy.

Mute saw them off, and his face turned dark. He smashed the jar with a smack. "You know too many of my secrets; therefore, I can't leave you..."

They entered Heavenly Saint Academy, and Heavenly Saint Academy was even more bustling on the inside. Di Yiyue said with a sigh, "I can finally understand why you are supporting Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and Emperor Yanfeng. It's not power or strategy; it's these young people. With these lively young people, that is why you decided on supporting them."

Saint Woodcutter nodded his head. "We no longer have vitality and enthusiasm; we the older generation only have our lives and our abilities cultivated throughout our lifetime. We can use our abilities and our life to fight for some time, to let them grow. Founding Emperor hadn't fought before, but we can help Founding Emperor Era fight for them until Eternal Peace grows."

Di Yiyue was stunned, and she smiled bitterly, "I had also not fought for Founding Emperor Era before..."

Qin Mu found Granny Si. Granny Si was currently bringing some scholars to learn algebra, and she lowered her status to study algebra along with the other scholars, patching up what she lacked.

The one teaching them algebra was Dao Master Lin Xuan. Xu Shenghua and his wife were also listening at the side. Lin Xuan was the Dao master after all, and he had even established a Dao Sect Academy. Him coming to give a lecture was to have an exchange in learning.

After giving a lecture there, he would invite the experts of Heavenly Saint Academy to teach in Dao Sect Academy, filling up what Dao Sect Academy lacked.

"Cult Master Qin!"

Everyone got up in a hurry to greet him, and Qin Mu returned their greeting. He said with a smile, "Everyone, drop the formalities. I'm merely passing by this place, so I've come to take a look. Dao Master Lin Xuan, I've written a Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule, come over and take a look, help me check it."

Dao Master Lin Xuan immediately took over the book, and his expression turned grim as he flipped through the first two pages. He asked solemnly, "Microscopic algebra?"

Qin Mu nodded his head and said, "After I deduced Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule, I used this computation canon to calculate out the Great Dao of Heavenly Fire."

Dao Master Lin Xuan quickly flipped through and sighed ruefully. "Cult Master Qin, how would this Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule calculate only the Great Dao of Heavenly Fire! You have created a whole system, don't you know that? If we continued to deduce down with this computation canon, how many algebra divine arts are going to be created!"

Xu Shenghua hurriedly came over, and their two heads collided to read Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule together. Their faces became grimmer and grimmer. It was obvious both of them had seen the importance of Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule.

"Every time Cult Master creates a system, he just throws it to one side."

Xu Shenghua shook his head. "If you continue to deduce according to this Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule, how would you merely be a great master of a generation? You could even be called a sacred king!"

Qin Mu was bewildered and scratched his head. "It's so important? I just feel it's too tiring to think by myself so wouldn't it be good if everyone deduces together?"

Dao Master Lin Xuan composed himself and kept Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule. He said, "Brother Xu, this is given to me by Cult Master Qin, my Dao Sect Academy still requires this to strike out our reputation and fight with the other academies, you can't steal what's mine!"

Xu Shenghua sneered and said, "What a coincidence, I'm also planning to establish a High Heavens Academy, and I'm lacking something to call my own."

Both of them stared at each other with wide eyes.

Qin Mu said, "Brother Xu, I'll just write another book for you later, there's no need to fight over this little thing. I still have an area of study here I need Heavenly Saint Academy to research. This is magnetism divine art. I would like granny to lead some scholars with some attainments in this field to focus on this direction."

Granny Si was astonished. "Magnetism divine art? Which is also earth magnetic force, Mu'er wants to develop this kind of divine art?"

"Not just the earth magnetic force."

Qin Mu explained, "If it's just earth magnetic force, it will be too simple. There are also magnetic forces between the stars in the sky. For example, when we walk on the star of Crimson Light, we will discover that the magnetic force is attracting us, we will have to fight against the magnetic force of the star to fly. This means that the magnetic forces between stars are also extremely strong. If we can develop that out, it might be an extremely powerful system of divine art."

Granny Si's eyes lit up, and she said, "My Great Overarching Heavenly Stars Force Field is somewhat similar to the magnetism divine art that you mentioned, the most convenient place to research magnetism divine art is none other than the place where Supreme Emperor Heaven, Luofu Heaven, and the Great Ruins have converged. The magnetism there is complicated, and it's the best for research!"

Qin Mu exclaimed to himself at how smart Granny Si was, and he continued, "You have cultivated the magnetism divine art in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures before, so you are the most suitable to research on this area. Magnetism divine art also requires quite a deep knowledge regarding algebra. Granny, how has your algebra improved over these few days? I've calculated a few magnetic force fields on the way here and wrote down a few equations, see if you can understand them first."

Xu Shenghua was curious again and came up. "Can Brother Mu let me take a look?"

Qin Mu took out a few pieces of paper, and Granny Si looked at them for a long while as she tried to understand the meaning of the equations. She said with a smile, "I can roughly understand it, but I still require the help of some algebra experts."

Xu Shenghua also understood it, and he praised, "Intricate thoughts, by using these equations of your, we can deduce the embryonic forms of over a dozen basic runes. Even though it would be superficial, but with a direction, magnetism divine art will be able to continue to flourish. Why doesn't Brother Qin want to research it by yourself? If you continue researching this, you might just be able to add a big system of divine art into heaven and earth. The Great Dao of Heaven and Earth will change because of you!"

Qin Mu sighed and said, "Where do I have that much time? I'll just learn after you guys create them."

Everyone stared with their eyes wide open.

That fellow had clearly found numerous paths of research and even created the methods for research. He could clearly have quite the achievements and even become a sacred king, yet he just wasn't willing to continue researching. Instead, he threw all of the stuff he deemed minor to them to complete.

"Brother Xu, is your High Heavens Academy planning to research Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule or magnetism divine art?"

Dao Master Lin Xuan chuckled and said, "You can't be possibly trying to take both paths, right? You will have to choose one."

Xu Shenghua was in a dilemma.

Between the two directions, Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule was slightly more important, and the achievements from continuing to research it would be even larger. On the other hand, magnetism divine art could allow him to create a magnificent system of magnetism divine arts from nothing, so even if the achievements wouldn't be a big as Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule, it would also be extraordinary. He found it difficult to choose between them!

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