Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 715 - The Face of South Deity

"Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule's deduction is still an empty zone, and one could deduce a high-level rule that has never been noticed. If one wants to deduce it out, they would still need a huge number of algebra experts."

"Magnetism divine art is much simpler. Cult Master Qin has already designed several equations for us to deduce the runes of magnetism. We just need to deduce even more complicated equations to derive the basic runes of magnetism divine arts. Once that's done, we can confirm the outline of this system of divine art."

Xu Shenghua and Jing Yan discussed. "I plan to establish High Heavens Academy, but High Heavens is still not in my hands. Establishing High Heavens Academy is a must; otherwise, High Heavens will have no standing in Eternal Peace in the future. Jing Yan, what is your view?"

Jing Yan said, "Until now, West Earth still has yet to establish an academy so why don't husband start recruiting people from there? There are many talents in West Earth, and every family has deep roots there. If husband goes over to establish a High Heavens Academy that throws away the sectarian bias, I'm sure True Heaven Palace Master will be willing to help you. Helping you is also helping her break apart the power of the influential families in West Earth."

She gave it some thought and said, "West Earth is conquered by Cult Master Qin, and all of the families in West Earth respects Cult Master Qin. If we build High Heavens Academy there, we have to invite Cult Master Qin to be a chancellor there. With his reputation and the support of True Heaven Palace Master, there will be no more hindrance. After High Heavens Academy is constructed, husband will be able to attack High Heavens and clean up all the lackeys left behind by the celestial heavens. From then on, High Heavens will fall into husband's hands. When High Heavens is annexed into Eternal Peace, the emperor will also support you fully."

Xu Shenghua's eyes lit up, and he said with a smile, "Jing Yan, this idea is good, we will do so then. In that case, Cult Master Qin's Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule and magnetism divine arts, which path should my High Heavens Academy choose?"

Jing Yan pondered and said, "Dao Sect has been constructed for a long time, and they have a very solid foundation. On the other hand, High Heavens Academy is still not yet established, and husband doesn't have the assets to fight with Dao Master. Furthermore, Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule should be extremely troublesome, and it's hard to have any result in a few years. Whereas for magnetism divine arts, it's easy to have results. In a few years time, High Heavens Academy can share the results of magnetism divine arts with Heavenly Saint Academy, borrowing the reputation of Heavenly Saint Academy to be renowned throughout the world. Once we are recognized, the scholars of the world would be willing to seek knowledge in High Heavens Academy."

She said with a smile, "And when that time comes, Dao Sect's research on Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule wouldn't have progressed much. With reputation and manpower, at that time, husband will be able to participate in the research on Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule as well."

Xu Shenghua came to a decision and said with a smile, "With such a wife, what more can a husband ask for?"

The husband and wife came to a decision, and Jing Yan said, "Princess Xiu is a lower first ranking king in West Earth, the emperor trusts her very much, and furthermore, she's also a hero among the women. West Earth reveres women, and they trust in her as well; thus, she has extremely wide connections. Let me visit Princess Xiu and establish a connection with her, and then we can then establish a connection with True Heave Palace. Husband can discuss with Cult Master Qin and establish the connection with Cult Master Qin. In that case, there will be no more obstructions."

Xu Shenghua immediately made his decision and told Qin Mu about it.

Qin Mu said with a smile, "There's only one True Heaven Palace and it originally belongs to High Heavens. However, over these years, it's control over West Earth isn't that strong anymore. As a result, the power of the families in West Earth is rising. It's still fine during times of peace, but once chaos ensues, West Earth is sure to rebel. Brother Xu's idea of establishing High Heavens Academy is very good, and I can go over to take up an honorary title. You still need to visit Sister Xiu later, as her roots in West Earth are deep. Submit the idea to the emperor with her, and the emperor will dedicate a sum of money to you so you can establish your High Heavens Academy as soon as possible."

Xu Shenghua was delighted.

Qin Mu settled all of the trivial stuff in Heavenly Saint Academy, and First Ancestor Human Emperor said, "Mu'er, it's time for us to go."

Qin Mu acknowledged and bade farewell to Granny Si. He followed after Woodcutter, Di Yiyue, and the rest.

"In front of Bazhou Prefecture, there is a stone statue of a disaster god."

Saint Woodcutter said, "Does Heavenly King want to go over and take a look?"

Di Yiyue said indifferently, "It's good to go and take a look."

Qin Mu followed them to Bazhou Prefecture. The stone statue had tunneled out of Bazhou City, and it was extremely tall. It was like a mountain erected in the center of the city.

The stone statue had a bird head and a human body. Its wings were half opened, and its eyes were extremely sharp. It was the stone statue of a woman.

She was cloaked with feathers with the flame markings of Vermillion Bird, and even though her body was big, she looked very sweet, fair, and graceful. If her bird head and bird claws couldn't be seen, it would still look quite beautiful overall.

The surroundings of the stone statue had already been fenced up by a brick wall, but there were numerous incenses and candles outside the wall. They must be offerings left behind by the foolish commoners.

"These people don't know this stone statue is a disaster god here to wipe them out?"

Di Yiyue shook her head when she still saw people coming forward to pray and offer incense. "The revival of the stone statue is to bring disaster onto Eternal Peace. These commoners without any cultivation would be the first to die. What's the logic in worshipping the disaster god that's going to descend disaster and kill them?"

Qin Mu said, "Big sister, this is the difficult part in breaking the god in one's heart and breaking the god in the temple. The more terrifying the god is, the more fearful and respectful, the foolish commoners would be, which makes it easier for the gods to receive worships. Imperial Preceptor is trying to reform the popular custom to break the god in the people's hearts. No matter divine arts practitioner or god, they must work for the people and serve the people."

The feather of the stone statue had already transformed from stone into true feathers. It was obvious it had absorbed quite an amount of blood and qi from the dead. It had signs of coming back to life.

The scales on her legs were also clear, and divine blood could be faintly seen flowing under the skin on her neck.

Even though Lou Yunqu had escaped, the aftermath he had created wasn't superficial. Numerous stone statues were on the brink of awakening in the territory of Eternal Peace, and the stone statue in Bazhou was just one of them.

Even without Lou Yunqu, the stone statues would revive sooner or later. Even if the people of Eternal Peace died normally, they would still become sacrificial offerings of the stone statues.

Lou Yunqu had merely sped up the process several times.

Di Yiyue went to the bottom of the stone statue and said with a soft voice, "So it's a junior sister under South Deity. Junior Sister, you can go back to report to South Deity, tell her your Senior Sister Di Yiyue is in Eternal Peace so she can forget about descending this disaster."

The bird head goddess didn't react.

Di Yiyue gave a slight chuckle and said unhurriedly, "You should be able to hear my voice, your corporeal body is here, but your primordial spirit is over at South Deity. Whatever I say here, you can hear."

A clear bird cry suddenly came from the bird-head goddess, and that cry transformed into the voice of a human. "You are also under South Deity? If you are a senior sister, why are you assisting the outsiders? Senior sister, it's not that I'm not giving you any face, but if I left just because of a word from you, where would I put my face?"

"I'm giving you face, that's why I am advising you nicely to leave."

Di Yiyue smoothed out her hair coming down from her temple and said with a smile that was yet not a smile, "You must have entered late, right? It seems like you don't know that you have a senior sister like me and you also don't know my methods."

That bird head goddess suddenly twitched, and the bird-head hung down. Its petrified eyes stared at Di Yiyue. "May I?"

Di Yiyue raised her hand and pressed down on emptiness. The bird-head goddess that was the size of a mountain suddenly vanished, leaving behind a hole of shattered space where she once stood. From the hole came the piercing cries of a bird!

Grasping her hand and pulling back, that bird-head goddess came flying back and appeared in Bazhou City with a boom. The stone statue trembled non-stop while the shattered space behind the statue quickly pieced back together. Soon, the space was repaired with no flaw to be found!

Meanwhile, the flesh and blood of the bird-head goddess were actually growing rapidly and soon, and it had turned from a stone statue into a living god.

That bird-head goddess stood on the original spot and revealed a look of astonishment. She didn't dare to move.

She had turned her body into stone and only then was she able to send herself into Eternal Peace. However, the primordial spirit still contained too much energy, so she was unable to pass through the world barrier to descend into the world.

She could only wait for blood and flesh sacrifices to proceed with the exchange of energy, only then would her primordial spirit be able to descend and revive her corporeal body. That way, she could descend disaster on the world.

Yet, Di Yiyue just had to stretch her hands out to press down, and she was able to smack her corporeal body back into her palace that was in another world.

Not only was her body returned, but her primordial spirit was also smacked back into her corporeal body!

Di Yiyue then grasped and pulled back to actually pull her corporeal body with her primordial spirit back into Eternal Peace, and she was able to revive!

That level of magic power, that level of terrifying power was simply on par to her master, South Deity!

She had never heard of such a senior sister in the same family!

Di Yiyue said indifferently, "Junior sister, this is not giving you any face. I have already left you quite some face earlier, don't force me."

That bird head goddess hurriedly took a step back and bowed. "As big senior sister commands."

She was about to leave, but she was suddenly stunned.

Now, that she was pulled to the world of Eternal Peace, there was a world barrier blocking her way to get back to her own world. With her abilities, she couldn't pass through the barrier.

Cold sweat broke out on the bird-head goddess' forehead, and she looked at Di Yiyue.

Di Yiyue asked with a smile, "Has junior sister forget something?"

The bird head goddess came to a realization and operated her mind. In the treasury of the capital city, the calamity descending divine weapons covered with layers and layers of seals trembled. The seals shattered into pieces before one of the vermillion red bottle gourds rose into the sky and blasted out of the treasury, flying to Bazhou.

The bird-head goddess raised her hands to catch the vermillion red bottle gourd and asked respectfully, "Senior sister, could I possibly return now?"

Di Yiyue gave a slight smile and said, "When my junior brother under North Deity came to descend disaster, other than taking away North Deity Divine Weapon, he also left an arm behind."

The bird head goddess' expression changed drastically, and a wing behind her back suddenly raised like a flaming knife to sever her other wing.

Fire flowed out from that wing, and the fire was extremely gorgeous—it was formed by countless god writings and feathers.

The bird head goddess endured the pain and placed her wing down. She took a step back and was very respectful.

Di Yiyue smiled and said, "Junior sister, that's all. Go back and tell your master, tell her Senior Sister Di Yiyue is here. I've not paid my respects to master for twenty thousand years, help me kowtow once to her."

The bird-head goddess' sweat was rolling down from her forehead due to the pain, and she replied with a hoarse voice, "I will definitely meet master!"

Di Yiyue had a slight smile. "Tell her if she comes to descend the disaster personally, I won't hold back. Go."

She flicked her finger, and the bird-head goddess suddenly swirled, falling into the depths of the space and vanished.

Di Yiyue raised her hand and gently stroked the hole in space. Space returned to normal, and no trace could be seen.

Qin Mu asked anxiously, "Sister, you made her leave behind a wing before leaving, will it cause trouble in the future? She will definitely hate you."

Di Yiyue smiled. "There will definitely be future trouble, but the hatred of these junior brothers and junior sisters doesn't bother me at all. On the other hand, my masters are the ruthless ones. The main point is I'm too lazy; I'm too lazy to find these stone statues. When my junior brother and junior sister suffered, they will definitely report to North Deity and South Deity. Once they know I'm here, they know they won't be able to descend the disaster. If they force it, their disciples will suffer; therefore, they will summon all of the stone statues back. This saves every disciple from losing an arm too, and this will save me the trouble of looking for the stone statues one by one, having the best of both worlds."

Qin Mu picked up the wing of the bird-head goddess, and Di Yiyue exclaimed in a hurry. "Don't touch! That's Vermillion Bird Sacred Fire..."

Qin Mu had already picked up the wing, and Di Yiyue was astonished. She examined his hands and saw Qin Mu's vital qi transforming into small and complicated fire runes that were like crystals. They blocked the Vermillion Bird Sacred Fire and no matter how strong and fierce the fire was, it couldn't hurt him at all.

"This is the Xuandu Heavenly Fire?"

Di Yiyue said astonishedly, "This is the Great Dao of Heavenly Fire you had calculated with Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule?"

Qin Mu nodded his head and said with a smile, "I'm used to being poor my whole life, and since that sister just now should be an expert of God Execution Stage, her wing should make a decent divine knife or divine sword; thus I'm keeping it first."

He placed the wing into his taotie sack and sorted out a space to prevent the Vermillion Bird Sacred Fire from burning the treasures in the taotie sack.

Di Yiyue looked over and saw another arm in the taotie sack. It was none other than the arm of the disaster god that was under North Deity. He actually collected it.

"Little brother is truly thrifty; you know how to live," Di Yiyue praised.

Woodcutter and First Ancestor Human Emperor had weird expressions.

After walking a few days, only then did they came to the capital city. Qin Mu went to the manufacturing factory on Mud River first and took down the sword pellet on the dragon qilin's back. He let the machinery in the factory hammer the sword pellet.

Mud River Manufacturing Factory was the biggest manufacturing factory in Eternal Peace, and it was the most suitable to refine a sword pellet that was the size of a small mountain. The other manufacturing factories didn't have such a big space.

News then came saying that all the stone statues in Eternal Peace had vanished in the night while the treasury in the capital city had exploded several times. The divine weapons that were in the treasury also vanished without a trace.

A huge calamity vanished just like that.

Saint Woodcutter waited for Qin Mu to finish the arrangements and said with a smile, "Now, we can meet Imperial Preceptor and Emperor Yanfeng."

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