Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 716 - Ruler and Ministers as One

Qin Mu and the rest came to Imperial Preceptor's manor, but he wasn't there. Imperial Preceptor's wife was currently teaching her child, and she hurriedly led her child out to welcome them. "My husband has gone to meet the emperor, and he hasn't been back for quite a few days. Yunjian, come greet godfather!"

The child beside her was only three to four years old, and he called Qin Mu godfather with a baby voice.

Qin Mu's complexion turned red, and he muttered, "Sister-in-law, I have yet to marry, so how could I be a godfather?"

Imperial Preceptor's wife said with a smile, "When Yunjian was just born, he already paid his respect to you as your godson, is Cult Master denying it now?"

Qin Mu gave some thought, and he took out a huge wing from his taotie sack. He plucked a flaming feather from the wing and said, "This is the feather of a vermillion bird, it's the feather of a strong practitioner on God Execution Stage, after all, let Yunjian play with it. I can't give you this wing, as it's too heavy and dangerous, while the feather is very light instead. Wait a moment, let me suppress the Vermillion Bird Sacred Fire in this feather."

He used the runes from the Great Dao of Heavenly Fire to seal the Vermillion Bird Sacred Fire and only then did he pass the feather of the vermillion bird that was three feet long to Jiang Yunjian. The child swung the feather at the stone lion in front of the door, and a beam of fire sliced the stone lion into two halves.

Imperial Preceptor's wife jumped in shock and hurriedly grabbed the feather away. "I'll let you play with it once you become older!"

Qin Mu brought Woodcutter, Di Yiyue, and First Ancestor to the imperial palace. The Empress said, "Imperial Preceptor kidnapped his Majesty. He said they were going to Imperial College, but after so many days, he has still yet to send His Majesty back. It's the crown prince who is supervising the empire now and handling the politics."

They traveled to Imperial College, and Gu Linuan shook his head. "His Majesty and Imperial Preceptor aren't here either. They came for a period of time and gathered scholars for building Sun Ships and Moon Ships, they then brought numerous scholars to the manufacturing factories in River Tomb. His Majesty had followed over."

Di Yiyue said with a smile, "This Majesty actually doesn't just sit on his dragon throne; he keeps running around."

They then went to River Tomb, and that place was Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's hometown. It had the most manufacturing factories, and there was about a hundred of them.

Before they could even see Emperor Yanfeng and Imperial Preceptor, they saw numerous huge ships sailing to and fro. They were ferrying huge and intricate parts towards the biggest manufacturing factory in River Tomb.

Those parts were likely the parts for Sun Ships and Moon Ships.

The Sun Ships and Moon Ships during Founding Emperor Era were forged using rocks, and when it came to their time, they were created with metal. It was quite a huge strain on their financial resources.

Qin Mu even saw numerous women of West Earth's True Heaven Palace helping out there, and the young maiden in the lead was someone he was familiar with. It was Xiong Xiyu's daughter, Xiong Qi'er.

He hadn't seen her in years, and Xiong Qi'er had turned eight to nine years old. She was casting spells in the manufacturing factory and bringing every part to life, allowing the huge parts to float up by themselves and assemble themselves automatically.

"Brother Cult Master!"

Xiong Qi'er was very happy to see him and was even happier to see the dragon qilin. She ran over in a hurry and threw Qin Mu aside to hug onto the dragon qilin's whisker.

Qin Mu was avoided by the little girl and saw her climbing onto the dragon qilin's tail. The dragon qilin lifted his tail up, and she slid all the way down to his head while giggling non-stop.

"Every part of the Sun Ship that Imperial Preceptor and the emperor are making seems to be coming from the same mold. Every manufacturing factory is in charge of creating a dozen components which would then be assembled together."

Qin Mu was astonished, and he went forward to examine the components. The runes on the parts could be interlocked, and they were extremely intricate. With the spell of West Earth in which all things have spirits, the parts could be assembled quickly.

"This is a good method to mass produce Sun Ships and Moon Ships!" Qin Mu exclaimed endlessly.

Saint Woodcutter designed the Sun Ship and Moon Ship, but the two heavy artifacts that were created during Founding Emperor Era were intricate; thus, the ships had varying sizes and the time taken to create one ship was slightly longer.

With the manufacturing factories in River Tomb, they could create Sun Ships and Moon Ships at a rapid speed!

When they found Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and Emperor Yanfeng, both of them had fallen asleep in the manufacturing factory. The people of Earth Traveler were currently rushing out all kinds of components, and the god race of not even five feet moved quickly around each component.

"You guys are looking for the country bumpkin emperor?"

Madam Tu stroked her beard, and her voice boomed like thunder. "They are lying stiff like corpses over there!"

Qin Mu, Woodcutter, and the rest looked where she was pointing and saw two men sprawled out in a corner of the manufacturing factory. Deafening sounds of forging were ringing out in the factory, yet both of them slept soundly.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and Emperor Yanfeng were both handsome men, and even though they were middle-aged, they still paid attention to their dressing and appearance.

However, both of them had stubbles at that moment, and their clothes were dirty and worn out. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had his feet on Emperor Yanfeng's face while Emperor Yanfeng hugged Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's leg to sleep soundly.

Beside them were also numerous officials from the court and scholars from Imperial College. They were all sprawled out in the corners of the manufacturing factory and all slept soundly.

Di Yiyue was silent for a moment, and she suddenly smiled. "Now I know why Big Heavenly Teacher has such high hopes for them. Such an emperor, such an imperial preceptor, they are indeed the heads of the reform."

Saint Woodcutter said, "Do I need to wake them up?"

"No need, they are gods, yet they could still be so exhausted, which means that they have truly been working hard for the past few days."

Di Yiyue said, "I have never thought that an emperor would personally tend to such trivial matters and I have also not thought that the imperial preceptor that's in charge of the reform would attend to everything personally. This imperial preceptor is doing much better than you from back then."

Saint Woodcutter said with a smile, "I had only fiddled with certain stuff and let other people do it. I'm actually scared of trouble, so I rarely handle things personally."

Di Yiyue said, "You are a saint; you are too far from the people."

Saint Woodcutter was silent, and he said astringently, "Heavenly King is right. Back then, when the disaster erupted, I led everyone to defend against it, but the army fell like crumbling mountains. It was then I realized I was too far from the people; I was too far from the army. As a heavenly teacher, I had to operate from a strategically advantageous position, but I also had to enter the army, to enter the mortal realm. I was too far away, and I made my moves without careful consideration, resulting in a huge defeat. Come to speak of it, I'm even inferior to Prince Qin Wu."

First Ancestor Human Emperor was slightly stunned and gave him a look of disbelief.

Saint Woodcutter said, "Actually, even though I wasn't willing to meet him for the past twenty thousand years, I have always admired him. In that period of chaos, even though he had become an army deserter, he had still hardened himself and took up the responsibility when he saw the people suffering. He protected the people, and he fought with his life and used his life to protect them to Eternal Peace. If there were no Prince Qin Wu, there would be no Eternal Peace in the future."

First Ancestor Human Emperor's eyes became teary, and he turned his head over to wipe his eyes secretly.

Saint Woodcutter saw everything and said, "But he had still fallen into depression and blamed himself. He could never walk out of his shadow of being an army deserter, which was why I looked down on him. Now that he has walked out, I'm very gratified. Actually, he has always done better than me in the disaster."

Di Yiyue smiled and said, "There's no need to alarm them. let's go."

They walked out of the manufacturing factory. After fooling around for a moment, Xiong Qi'er got back to work and finally finished assembling a huge ship.

The little girl took out the White Tiger Bead and gently tapped on the bead. The huge land ship gradually stood up, and the ground trembled non-stop.

In the manufacturing factory, Emperor Yanfeng and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor were jolted awake. They ran out in a hurry, and when they saw the huge ship coming to life, they hugged each other in laughter and tears.

Qin Mu summoned the dragon qilin and left into the distance with Di Yiyue and the rest. Emperor Yanfeng saw the dragon qilin from far away, and he said bewilderedly, "When has Minister Qin came? Why has he left? How dare he not greet us when both me and Imperial Preceptor are here! Someone, fetch me my brush and ink! Today is a joyous day, and I'm feeling energized and refreshed, I'm going to draw a big tally for him!"

Woodcutter quickly left, and he said, "I'm still trying to find the farmer and contact other people, I can't stay here. Angler, let's go."

Elder Angler left with him.

First Ancestor Human Emperor also bade farewell. "I have things to do." After saying so, he left in a hurry.

Qin Mu blinked his eyes and saw them off. He thought to himself, 'It's normal if Teacher Woodcutter is busy, but why is First Ancestor busy as well? What is he busy with?'

Di Yiyue looked at him and said with a smile, "Brother, are you busy as well? If you aren't, why don't you follow me to find Heavenly King Tian Shu and help King Yama rebuild Fengdu? We can then take a visit to Goddess of Heavenly Yin, and after paying our respects to her, big sister shall bring you around to pay your respects to Heaven Duke, Earth Count, and the other experts on Emperor's Throne. It's hugely beneficial to you!"

Qin Mu's was pretty moved.

If he was able to follow a strong practitioner on Emperor's Throne like Di Yiyue to pay his respects to the natural born sacred gods around, his horizons would definitely expand!

"I still have a sword pellet to refine..."

Qin Mu hesitated and said, "Big sister, why don't you meet Goddess of Heavenly Yin first. After I finish refining my sword pellet, I'll go to Fengdu and find you."

Di Yiyue said with a smile, "That will do as well. I shall go find this Tian Shu, he's timid, so I don't know where he's hiding now. After you finish refining your sword, if you can't find us in Fengdu, go to Heavenly Yin World."

Qin Mu nodded his head, and Di Yiyue also floated away.

"Fatty Dragon, let us go to the manufacturing factory on Mud River!"

Qin Mu jumped onto the dragon qilin's head, and the dragon qilin immediately brought him over.

In the manufacturing factory, the hundred yards sword pellet was had become only thirty yards, and even the giant machines couldn't refine it any smaller.

Qin Mu took out the vermillion bird's wing and used Vermillion Bird Sacred Fire to refine the sword pellet. His primordial spirit went up personally to hammer the sword pellet, and he used the power of Vermillion Bird Sacred Fire to imprint his own runes into the sword pellet.

After a dozen days, the sword pellet had become three feet big, but it still couldn't flow like water.

Qin Mu kept the wing and used heavenly fire divine art to refine the sword pellet. Another half a month passed by, and the sword pellet became one foot.

After trying to execute it, operating vital qi was very strenuous, and he had to exhaust quite a long of energy to transform the sword pellet into flying swords to slay an enemy.

'I cultivate both god and devil together, so maybe I still need to use devil fire to refine..."

Qin Mu's heart stirred. "What will happen if I use my cultivation on the devil path to execute heavenly fire?"

He blinked his eyes and immediately got to experimenting. He suddenly remembered something and moved the sword pellet out of the factory and chose a desolate place before taking out the prism of heavenly fire. His divine treasures reversed and instantly, devil qi filled his body.

Qin Mu executed the prism of heavenly fire and activated the power of the heavenly fire.

Outside the factory, the dragon qilin was sleeping soundly when he suddenly heard an astonishing explosion. He hurriedly raised his head and barely opened an eye. He saw black fire pouring into the sky, dozens of miles away.

The dragon qilin yawned and stood up shakily. He walked two steps forward before collapsing back down to sleep. He mumbled, "Cult Master shouldn't die so easily..."

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