Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 72 - Slaughter The Son To Pay The Bill

Butcher's insanity seemed to have been imparted to him through the Pig Slaughtering Knife Skill. Butcher's knife was originally an insane knife, a knife driven by one's emotions!

"You use a knife?"

Fu Tingyue burst into laughter when he saw the knife that was the size of a chopping board, "What knife is this?"

Qin Mu's body moved and knife's light suddenly burst forth like explosions. It was like the turbulent sea with waves overlapping as they crashed down onto Fu Tingyue!

Fu Tingyue's arms remained behind him and he sneered.

The tinkling sound of weapons colliding rang out as a silver light repeatedly clashed with Pig Slaughtering Knife. The silver light was a very tiny sword.

The sword was only three inches long.

It was this tiny sword that was flying around like lightning. There was a vital qi thread connected to this sword as Young Master Tingyue controlled the sword to fly all around him, appearing and disappearing unpredictably!

Following that, another seven tiny swords flew out and blocked Qin Mu's rapid attacks, disallowing his knife to break through.

His swords were spirit weapons that could change their shapes freely. Now that his sword was three inches, it was harder to block and much easier to control. In addition, it was also much more nimble!

By pouring vital qi into a three inches sword, it could strengthen the sword and increase its power!

He had eight three inches sword was controlled using Eightfold Heavenly God Technique. As the swords appeared and disappeared unpredictably, it was impossible to defend against them. He was not called the number one practitioner of Border Dragon City for nothing!

He had experience countless of battles and killed countless of people. With a fiendish aura like him, even gods and devils have a hard time to get close to him!

However, Qin Mu's knife became heavier and heavier resulting in the power of every knife becoming stronger and stronger. As the blows rained down a storm, it was getting harder for the tiny swords to defend against it.

Because his sword control technique was personally taught by Border Dragon City Lord and because of his extremely intricate sword skills, he was able to defeat so many martial arts practitioners in Great Ruins.

His sword skills could defend against Qin Mu's knife but the power from the knife was gradually exceeding the limit he could defend against.

This means that the density of Qin Mu's vital qi was even higher than his. The reason why he was able to block the strikes earlier was that Qin Mu's vital qi wasn't completely mobilized. The more strikes Qin Mu gave, the more vital qi was being mobilized, resulting in his attacks becoming stronger and stronger!

Young Master Tingyue's face was becoming redder and redder as if blood was going to drip out. The power from Qin Mu's knife was simply too powerful, causing the range to execute his eight tiny swords to become smaller and smaller.

The swords and knife of both grew faster and faster. Their footsteps were also moving more and more rapidly in the center of the platform. As they circled around each other, the speed of their attacks was dazzling!

Suddenly, Qin Mu's body closed in on Fu Tingyue's body.

Fu Tingyue was startled and his scalp turned numb, "A sure kill battle technique?"

He knew about the sure kill battle techniques. Once one was closed in by a practitioner cultivating battle techniques, it means that the opponent was about to unleash him sure kill move!


In River Suppression Floor, Fu Yundi's expression changed hugely as he immediately rose up and pounced towards the platform on the lake through the air.

At the same time, every muscle on Qin Mu's body convulsed frantically like a poisonous dragon and a snake intertwining each other, providing incomparable strength to his body. His twitching muscles and tendons made him sense every movement his opponent was making, every path and mobilization of strength!

Every action and reaction of his opponent was reflected in his mind.

A cold gaze flashed across Qin Mu's eyes. The sure kill skill of the Pig Slaughtering Knife Skill!

Raising The Knife From Forbidden.

Raising the knife from forbidden, the vehicles and horses rumbled like thunder. Entering the palace alone, out with the king's head in his hand!

The muscles in Qin Mu's entire body twitched. Pig Slaughtering Knife went from his right hand to his left hand as he held it in a reverse grip. With an upward arc, the knife passed through two tiny swords then upwards from Young Master Tingyue's crotch!

A simple raise of a knife split open the belly like slaughtering a pig.

That was Butcher's Pig Slaughter Knife Skill.

At the same time, two tiny swords stabbed towards Qin Mu's eyes. With a flick of his fingers on the right hand, his fingertips got pierced open but the two tiny swords were also flicked away.


A deafening bang sounded out from the River Suppression Floor behind Qin Mu. The entire building was split into halves by an indescribable power!

The tall building was split into halves and collapsed into the lake, splashing waves towards the shore. The water extinguished countless of lanterns on the maiden's hands, raising a series of astonished screams.

Fu Yundi's face turned green as he stood on the ruins of River Suppression Floor. He gritted his teeth as blood stains dripped from the corner of his mouth.

When he urgently tried to save his son just now, he was intercepted by Heavenly Devil Cult Mistress before he could even move out of the building. In his hurry, he took the blow head on and got severely injured by Cult Mistress.

It was a small matter being injured but he wasn't able to save his son!

In front of him, Cult Mistress raised her hand calmly to comb her hair and smiled, "City Lord, it's a battle between the younger generation yet you personally interfered, isn't that against the rules? Luckily I had stopped you in time before City Lord could commit a blunder."

The corners of Fu Yundi's mouth twitched and he resisted the blood that was welling up in his throat. Swallowing the blood back into his stomach, he gave a forced smile, "Cult Mistress is right. My son's skill is inferior to him…"

The corners of his eyes twitched sinisterly, "he deserved to die! I was anxious just now and made a fool out of myself."

On the platform on the lake, Qin Mu sheath his knife and stood upright.

"My knife, is called Pig Slaughtering Knife."

His twitching muscles gradually calmed down and he said indifferently, "Young Master Tingyue, you aren't bad for injuring two of my fingers."

In front of him, a blood streak appeared from Fu Tingyue's belly and extended upwards. The blood streak rose higher and higher, coming to the throat then to the nose and forehead. His chest then split open and his entire body separated into halves, spilling his blood all over on the floor.

Qin Mu took big strides to the middle-aged man who was in a daze and grabbed the coin pouch on the tray. The middle-aged man had an ashen expression and suddenly grabbed Qin Mu's arm and shouted, "You've killed Young Master Tingyue…"


With a swing of his knife, Qin Mu beheaded the man. Turning around, he shook the Pig Slaughtering Knife to shake off the bloodstains and returned it back into the sheath. He then walked back to the collapsed River Suppression Floor.

A plop sounded behind him as the corpse of the middle-aged man fell into the lake. It was then following by the churning sounds of the water as the fish monsters scrambled to grab a bite of the corpse.

Qin Mu stepped on water and reached the River Suppression Floor that was razed to the ground. He raised his head to look at the green-faced Fu Yundi as well as the astonished face of everyone around. The youth gave a sincere smile and handed over the coin pouch to Fu Yundi who was in front of him while saying, "City Lord, here's a hundred dragon coins, this is my payment."

The corners of Fu Yundi's eyes twitched and he didn't stretch his hand out.

"I'm not used to owing someone a favor. Since I have eaten the meal City Lord had provided, I must pay you back even if City Lord doesn't want to accept it. Us abandoned people of Great Ruins might be poor but we still have our own integrity."

With a radiant smile, Qin Mu let go of the coin pouch. As the coin pouch dropped to the floor, the dragon coins rolled out from the coin pouch and were scattered everywhere. Some even rolled into the lake from the cracks on the floor.

"Now that I've settled my bill, it's time for me to return. City Lord, everyone, I would have to ask to be excused."

He moved back a few steps and turned to leave. As he stepped on the ripples, he laughed heartily, "With heroes seated and drunk on wine, I slaughtered the son to pay the bill! Delightful, delightful!"

Ling Yuxiu blinked her bright and beautiful eyes, wanting to call him back but she held herself back. After all, she was a guest in the City Lord's Manor, even though she was a noble guest, she was still the one who had brought Qin Mu into City Lord's Manor. Now that Qin Mu had killed the City Lord's son in front of everyone, it wasn't good for her to have too many connections with Qin Mu.

Cult Mistress stood in front of Fu Yundi and blocked his gaze that was locked on Qin Mu. She then smiled, "Since no one dares to take away the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures, I shall continue to keep it, farewell!" When she was done, her body flashed and vanished.

"Trying to leave!"

Venerable Hei shouted and rushed out to chase Cult Mistress, along with the yellow-faced woman, white brow elder and the rest of the people. Fu Yundi hesitated for a moment and called a divine arts practitioner over, ordering him quickly, "Bring men to follow that youth and kill him to take revenge for Yue'er! Also, find people to bury Yue'er…"

Finished with his orders, he also went in the direction where Cult Mistress had left. Compared to the revenge of his own son, the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures was much more important!

Ling Yuxiu stood up quietly and tried to sneak out of the ruins of River Suppression Floor when Qin Feiyue's towering figure appeared behind her.

"Your Highness, stop fooling around."

With a faint gaze in his eyes, Qin Feiyue said, "The Imperial Preceptor's army is near."

Ling Yuxiu became disappointed and grumbled, "I haven't had enough fun coming out this time…"

With a gentle gaze, Qin Feiyue spoke to her gently, "If seventh princess admires that youth, when Great Ruins becomes part of Eternal Peace Empire's land, you can just summon him into the palace and give him the title of a eunuch. This way he can often accompany the seventh princess."

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