Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 722 - As Fast as a Shooting Star

Qin Mu's qi and blood surged and floated forward with him like a long rainbow. His spirit of the martial path wasn't purely just entering the path with martial arts. If he did that, he would be no different from the other martial arts practitioners in Bullfighting World.

He didn't have to seek a way to cross the divine bridge to reach the celestial palace on Life and Death Realm. He had no need for that as his divine bridge was complete.

What he sought was the reform of the world, the improvement of the paths, skills, and divine arts; thus, the spirit of his martial path wasn't constrained to the martial path. Instead, he had linked the spirit of the reform in Eternal Peace Era with the spirit of the martial path.

The era of Eternal Peace was discarding the old and introducing the new. They were like the burning fire of boiling oil, wildfire through the plains, they were unstoppable!

If that kind of spirit was transformed into the martial path, it would surpass purely chasing after the martial path by leaps and bounds!

And Qin Mu was borrowing the chance to cultivate the spirit of the martial path to transform the spirit of Eternal Peace Era into his own martial soul!

He came to the second hall, and there were several casualties in front of the hall. The god guarding the hall probably injured them.

Qin Mu walked into the hall and inside the hall was a peasant woman. Hu Bugui and the rest were nowhere to be seen.

"How many days have I used to comprehend the spirit of the martial path?" Qin Mu looked at the bloodstains on the floor, but the stains had already dried up.

"Disciple of the woodcutter, you have used ten days to pass through the first hall."

The woman had a thick physique, and she said with a smile, "My abilities are stronger than his, how much time do you plan to use in my test?"

Qin Mu revealed a smile. "Ten..."

The peasant woman frowned and said, "You have quite an ambition."

"Nine, eight, seven..."

On God Execution Stage, two bits of blood-colored baleful air swirled around like two red-colored tornadoes. Hu Bugui had already been there, and among the fifty people that had barged through Southern Heavenly Gate with him, only two were left by his side.

There was no god guarding God Execution Stage.

God Execution Stage was an incomparably difficult test in itself. Over the period of twenty thousand years, countless martial arts practitioners of Bullfighting World had come there to be slain.

Actually, the pass already had its power suppressed, and it wasn't as terrifying as the true God Execution Stage. Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher had suppressed the power of the God Execution Stage to Life and Death Realm.

Yet the pass was still the pass with the highest death rate.

"Are you confident?"

Hu Bugui adjusted his state and said solemnly, "Junior brother, junior sister, if you aren't confident, go back. If you go back, you can still live for another five hundred years. Living is better than anything else."

That woman shook her head. "I've cultivated all my life for today. Senior Brother Hu, before entering this test, I married, gave birth to two babies who are both very healthy. I've fulfilled one of my wishes by leaving behind my descendants, and now I'm prepared to use my life to fulfill another wish of mine. This time, I will die if I don't succeed!"

Another man smiled and said, "I've also married and had children. My surname and the bloodline of my ancestors can continue on. I have nothing holding me back anymore, and I'm ready to risk my life. I want to seek a future for our races! My race needs to have hope, and my descendants have to stand among the gods in the future!"

"You guys... treat your injuries first and recover your qi and blood to their peak state. God Execution Stage is no trouble to me, but I don't have methods to protect you guys."

Hu Bugui sighed and turned to look at the Jade Pool behind. The hall stood in numbers, and the road passed through the halls. Those were the places where they had passed the test earlier.

"I wonder how Brother Qin is doing?"

He said with a low voice, "It's been ten days. He has always been practicing martial arts, and it was obvious his divine arts on the martial path were rusty. I wonder if he managed to awaken his martial soul and achieved martial soul possession."

"How could martial soul possession be that easy?"

That woman said, "Back then, just to achieve martial soul possession, I had entered Ten Thousand Beasts Forest at eleven years old. I met wild wolves, not just one but a pack. I had fought for over a dozen days and nights and kept fighting until my flesh was torn into bits. In the end, I couldn't feel any pain, and I couldn't feel that I was still alive. At that time, I felt my martial soul, and I killed my wolf king and escaped from doom."

The other man said, "For me, over a hundred thirteen-year-old young men and young women were sent into Serene Devil World. Over a hundred people, only three survived, I was one of them. That year, I awakened my martial soul. Brother Qin's time is too short, and I see he is still young as well, so he shouldn't be able to awaken his martial soul. Let us go up the stage and take on the divine knife."

Hu Bugui nodded.

The woman adjusted her qi and blood. She regained her peak state and walked up to God Execution Stage first. She said with a smile, "Wait a moment, let me test the knife first. I want to see if my martial path primordial spirit is able to defend one knife from God Execution Stage!"

Just as she stood on God Execution Stage, two bits of baleful air crossed and shrunk rapidly like two trails of blood light which swirled around her neck. No matter how she defended or wiggled out, she couldn't avoid those two blood lights at all, nor could she force them back!

Right at that moment, a huge hall in front of the Jade Pool suddenly trembled and dust rose in all directions!

Hu Bugui was currently looking at the situation on God Execution Stage and turned back when he sensed something. He saw the backdoor of a hall blasting off into the sky, and a trail of qi and blood streaked across the sky to head for the next palace!

"Could it be Brother Qin?"

Hu Bugui was astonished. Before he could even look at the God Execution Stage, he saw the backdoor of the second hall suddenly shattering into pieces, and the long rainbow of qi and blood continued to flow forward, rushing towards the third hall!

"So fast!"

Hu Bugui's heart trembled and the backdoor of the third hall also exploded open. Hu Bugui's third eye opened up and he instantly saw the situation when the door exploded.

He was part of the Three-Eyed God Race, and the third eye of the Three-Eyed God Race was a natural divine eye. The divine eye was incomparably powerful, and it could spy down in the underworld and peer up into Xuandu.

He immediately saw Qin Mu's flying figure where the door exploded.

Qin Mu's body was in a half squat in midair and his arms opened up like he was a hungry eagle pouncing on his prey. One of his legs was stepping on the chest of the muscular farmer.


Qin Mu smashed that farmer onto the ground, and the violent air current swept in all directions.

'It's Senior Uncle Gu who is being stepped on by him.'

Hu Bugui had a weird expression and thought to himself, 'This Senior Uncle Gu doesn't like to fight with the spirit of fists and likes to go up personally. When he fought us, he sealed his cultivation, along with his celestial palaces and Divine Bridge Divine Treasure. However, he seems to have met his match...'

When he was reminded of Senior Uncle Gu, his bones started to hurt again. Senior Uncle Gu's test was the most grueling and Hu Bugui had a very difficult victory.

Yet Qin Mu was able to blow Senior Uncle Gu out of the hall in one faceoff and stepped on him to land.

"What fast speed!"

Hu Bugui and the other man were endlessly astonished. Qin Mu's momentum was like a sprinting horse, and he broke through a dozen halls to fight his way into Jade Pool!

Those farmers that were guarding the Jade Pool had strong abilities and high cultivation realm. The high cultivation realms represented how high their talent was and how much effort they had put in. However, Qin Mu's momentum didn't slow down, and he continued to break through every hall at an astonishing speed!

"Has he succeeded in his martial path?"

Hu Bugui and the other man thought until there and saw Qin Mu rushing out from the broken door of the last hall. The qi and blood behind him stretched across the sky, and his footsteps landed on the top of Jade Pool. Stepping on the waves, he hurried over to God Execution Stage.

God Execution Stage was high above, and even though it was named stage, it was more of a jade mountain with innumerable steps.

They almost couldn't see Qin Mu's body and could only see a blood-colored rainbow streaking across the sky. It was heading straight for the top of the mountain at an astonishing speed!

"I can't hold on any longer!"

Suddenly, on God Execution Stage, that woman's voice rang out, and Hu Bugui hurriedly looked towards the stage. The woman turned and smiled radiantly. "Senior Brother Hu, Senior Brother Lu, see you in..."

Blood light shone around her neck as she got beheaded in both corporeal body and primordial spirit by the two trails of blood light!

Hu Bugui and that Senior Brother Lu had sorrowful expression. "Junior sister, farewell..."

Right at that moment, a figure flew past them and raised a gale to rustle their clothes.

That figure was none other than Qin Mu. He got up on God Execution Stage without stopping and stretching his hands to tap. Darkness suddenly flooded out on God Execution Stage as Youdu appeared on the ground. The girl's primordial spirit was also beheaded, and she was currently falling towards Youdu.

Moving his hands up and down, his fingers leaped, and strange runes kept jumping out from the tips of his fingers. They transformed into strange Youdu writings and swirled around the woman's neck.

The strange writings formed Youdu runes that were cryptic and hard to understand. They then imprinted themselves onto the neck of the woman.

At the same time, the head of her primordial spirit also came flying over, and it actually connected back with her headless primordial spirit.

Her corporeal body was falling towards God Execution Stage, yet it wasn't falling. Fresh blood flowed out from the neck of her corporeal body and was about to be absorbed by the blood light, yet it didn't flow out.

That short instant was actually so long it was as though time was frozen.

The flesh and blood on Qin Mu's neck squirmed as two more heads grew out. Four arms also grew out under his armpits, and they each executed a spell. The head of that woman actually flew towards her neck under rings of creation runes.


All of the twinking runes suddenly became incomparably intense as light burst forth, making the two people below unable to see the situation on stage clearly. He could only faintly see the three-headed and six-armed Qin Mu standing over there, gently raising his hand. Youdu that was on the stage vanished, and the falling woman actually stopped. Time then seemed to reverse as she returned to her standing pose.

The light scattered and Qin Mu raised his hand to flick the woman out of God Execution Stage at an astonishing speed.

On God Execution Stage, the blood lights lost their target and seemed to become furious as they swirled around Qin Mu's neck.

"God Execution Mysterious Knife, I also have one."

Qin Mu laughed out loudly. "If that knife can't even slay me, what can two bits of baleful air suppressed on Life and Death Realm do?"

Qi and blood surged out from his neck and were like a huge dragon coiling. Eight Voices of Ancestral Dragon rang out, and the roars of the dragon sounded out endlessly. It actually forced back the baleful air transformed by God Execution Mysterious Knife.

Qin Mu raised his hand and tapped repeatedly. With a series of crisp sounds, those two trails of baleful air got forced back by his attacks.

Qin Mu walked over to God Execution Stage and only then was the baleful air willing to give him up. They suddenly expanded and transformed into two baleful tornadoes. They looked like two blood dragons squirming on God Execution Stage.

Hu Bugui was shocked and cried out, "Old Brother Qin, you have already mastered your corporeal body divine arts and cultivated your martial soul, how did you do it so fast? It's only been ten days..."

Qin Mu stood on the other side of God Execution Stage and blushed while replying humbly, "Truth to be told, I'm the overlord body, I learn everything fast. Ever since I was young, it has been like this. If I'm slow, my elders would say I'm embarrassing the overlord body. This is already very slow..."

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