Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 723 - Entering the Path With Martial Soul

"Overlord body?"

Hu Bugui and Senior Brother Lu looked at each other in dismay. He asked with a low voice, "Which god race is this constitution from?"

Both of them were at a loss. They had stayed in Bullfighting World for a long period of time, and they rarely went out, so their understanding of the outside world was completely blank.

Hu Bugui followed his parents to train outside in the early years. After he had become a permanent resident in Bullfighting World, he had never gone out again. On the other hand, Senior Brother Lu had always been living there since he was young, and so neither of them knew about the legend of the overlord body.

Before Qin Mu walked out of the Great Ruins, almost nobody in the world had heard of the overlord body before. It was only during recent years that people gradually knew about it, but there weren't many people who could talk about it in detail.

Village Chief was an honest man, after all, and he rarely talked about the overlord body to outsiders.

Beside Qin Mu, the woman was still in shock. She hurriedly touched her neck and still didn't come back to her senses.

Qin Mu turned his head and said with a smile, "Sister, your head got severed by the God Execution Mysterious Knives on the God Execution Stage just now. Your primordial spirit was also slain. I had to use Youdu spells and creation divine arts to reconnect you. Luckily I came quick, so the God Execution Mysterious Knives didn't manage to suck away your qi and blood. Otherwise, it would be slightly tricky to save your corporeal body. If that were the case, I would have to prescribe spirit pills, and since my taotie sack is with Fatty Dragon, I would need some time to travel back and forth."

Only then did the woman came back to her senses, and she gave her thanks in a hurry. "My name is Si Meixue, many thanks to junior brother for saving me."

Qin Mu hurriedly said, "Big sister, it's nothing, don't mention it. Wait a minute, there's still a scar on your neck. I'm skilled in the art of beauty, big sister, don't move, let me remove the scar."

Si Meixue chuckled and said, "You are really sweet. If big sister wasn't married with two kids, I would run away with you..."

"Big sister, stop talking."

Qin Mu was serious as tiny runes burst forth from his fingertips and he carefully fixed the scar on her neck. He said softly, "It's difficult for my spell to completely remove the scar, you still have to use ointment made from spirit herbs. It's a pity my taotie sack isn't here..."

With his upper body bare, he was very close to Si Meixue, and that made her feel slightly uncomfortable. She thought to herself, 'I've married too early, I should have continued looking...'

After treating her, Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief and said with a smile, "This scar on big sister has faded a little, I'll refine a few ointments when we leave here. You just have to apply regularly, and there will be no trace of it left. Also, I've just helped big sister attach your head so don't exert too much force, as it may suddenly drop off if you do."

Si Meixue was shocked and hurriedly held onto her neck. She didn't dare to move and smiled bitterly. "I couldn't pass the God Execution Stage, and now because you saved me, I'm here. I can forget about passing through Jade Capital, I wouldn't be able to cross, and my head can fall off anytime... I'll go over with you guys later, but I won't be entering Jade Capital."

On the other side of the God Execution Stage, Senior Brother Lu composed himself and walked up to the God Execution Stage.

Before he could even gain stable footing, the two bits of baleful air on the God Execution Stage began swirling over. Senior Brother Lu flicked his fingers as he tried to flick the baleful air away.

He was learning from Qin Mu who used Eight Voices of Ancestral Dragon to vibrate his qi and blood, forcing back the baleful air surrounding his neck. Qin Mu then used the power in his finger to force the baleful air back.

Yet he had still underestimated the power of the baleful air. Just as his finger flicked onto the baleful air, a chunk of his finger was lost with a slicing sound!

Senior Brother Lu was astonished and hurriedly rolled back down the stage, but the baleful air had already latched onto his neck. When Senior Brother Lu rolled down, there was already no head on his neck.

Before Si Meixue could say anything, Qin Mu had already vanished. Qin Mu forced back the baleful air and picked up Senior Brother Lu's head. Doing what he had done, he reattached Senior Brother Lu's head and consoled him. "Don't worry, there's not much problem even if the head leaves the body temporarily, but it cannot be too long. Too long and you will die. I've heard Official Sovereign of Youdu say one can still return to the living in the first seven days, so you aren't really dead, you can still revive... Don't move, you still have one finger not attached..."

Hu Bugui coughed and brought something to his attention. "Senior Brother Qin, Senior Brother Lu is trying to say that you have reattached his head wrong. He has faces on both the front and back of his head, but there's still a difference. You will know when you look at the leopard prints on his neck. The finer leopard prints are on the front and the thicker ones are on the back."

Qin Mu took a look, and his face turned slightly red. Suddenly, his vital qi transformed into sword light to slash Senior Brother Lu's head off.

Senior Brother Lu was appalled, but luckily, Qin Mu quickly attached it back after adjusting the rotation.

Only then did he let out a sigh of relief.

Qin Mu's eyes glowed, and he gave off an encouraging look. "Senior Brother, do you want to try again? This time, you can roll to the other side of the God Execution Stage. Even if your head gets cut off, I can reattach it for you. In this way, you would have passed the test!"

Senior Brother Lu hurriedly shook his head and smiled bitterly, "No need for that, I've already tried once, and my abilities aren't enough to cross the God Execution Stage. I should just stay here and wait for you guys to return. I remember I still have a wife and kids at home..."

Even though he had participated in the training knowing that he would die, he still couldn't accept having his head severed and reattached over and over again.

Qin Mu also didn't force him and crossed the God Execution Stage again.

Hu Bugui raised his feet and walked up to the God Execution Stage step by step. Senior Brother Lu and Si Meixue looked at him nervously. Hu Bugui was the last hope of Bullfighting World, and if he couldn't cross the God Execution Stage, Bullfighting World would have completely lost!

If only an outsider such as Qin Mu managed to cross the God Execution Stage, the martial arts practitioners of Bullfighting World would lose all of their faces!

Qin Mu also looked at the stage. He saw Hu Bugui walking forward, step by step. He didn't have any additional movement and seemed to be strolling, yet dozens of Hu Bugui appeared around him and struck out in all directions.

It was like he had dozens of clones attacking as fast as lightning to force back the baleful air. The baleful air couldn't get close to him at all.

Those weren't his clones. It was because he was attacking at such a high speed that, to the naked eye, it was as if there were dozens of him in the surroundings.

What impressed Qin Mu the most was that Hu Bugui still looked like he was walking forward calmly. That was the terrifying part of his martial path.

'Martial soul entering the path, that's the martial path. Hu Bugui should be close to entering the path with his martial soul, right?'

Qin Mu was slightly puzzled. Under Southern Heavenly Gate, Hu Bugui's abilities weren't so strong, and he didn't achieve entering the path with martial soul. Yet, at that moment, it was like he was on the brink of entering that realm.

'Senior Brother Hu is truly a genius.'

Qin Mu couldn't help exclaiming to himself. 'I relied on the comprehension ability of the overlord body to be able to comprehend my technique entering the path and my sword skills entering the path in my early years, yet he has relied on his true abilities to comprehend martial soul entering the path! This kind of talent is truly admirable.'

What he didn't know was that he was still the reason why Hu Bugui was able to have a breakthrough on the God Execution Stage.

He and Qin Mu were friends, not foes; however, having Hu Bugui become competitive was something that couldn't be avoided.

Not only did Qin Mu bring him pressure, but he also brought him motivation. As a result, he had given him inspiration and forced him to work harder to break through.

It was like how Qin Mu had met Xu Shenghua on the pleasure boat in Gold River back then. When they met, they exchanged cups of tea in the place of wine. Qin Mu felt the pressure of a 'pseudo overlord body' and that made him fell into a state of comprehension. As a result, he created the Primordial Spirit Guide with Ling Yuxiu.

Hu Bugui's state was much the same.

Qin Mu looked nervously at each and every movement of Hu Bugui who was on God Execution Stage. It was an extremely crucial time, and if Hu Bugui's comprehension was interrupted, it would be harder than scaling up to heaven to return back to that state of comprehension. It would be extremely difficult to fill up what he had lost in the comprehension, and Qin Mu deeply understood how that felt.

He had his comprehension interrupted before. He was escaping from Fu Riluo that time, and he fell into a state of comprehension when he was hurrying to Li City. Yet he got surrounded by experts of the devil race who broke him out of his state of comprehension by force.

The state of comprehension was something that couldn't be sought. Even with their endless lifespans, the number of times a god could enter a state of comprehension was also countable with their fingers.

Even an otherworldly genius wouldn't enter the state more than ten times.

'Even an overlord body like me has only entered that state three to four times.'

Qin Mu's gaze stared at Hu Bugui's figure intensely. He was definitely a genius on the martial path. It was a pity that the God Execution Stage wasn't big enough so he would soon walk out of it!

Once he walked out of the God Execution Stage, without the two bits of baleful air threatening him, the pressure would decrease drastically. That would wake Hu Bugui up from his state of comprehension.

Back then, Qin Mu had also broken out from his state of comprehension because of the drastic rise in pressure.

Drastic increase and decrease in pressure would break one out of the state of comprehension.

Finally, Hu Bugui walked down from God Execution Stage, and Qin Mu's fighting spirit overflowed into the sky. He suddenly attacked towards Hu Bugui!

Si Meixue cried out and was about to stop Qin Mu when Qin Mu revealed his three-headed and six-armed form. He blew her around with three punches and two kicks!

Si Meixue crashed into the city wall of Jade Capital, and she hurriedly held onto her head to prevent it from dropping off. She was puzzled. 'Why is Senior Brother Qin attacking Senior Brother Hu?'

Qin Mu moved quickly and his body left behind a series of afterimages. He executed Heaven Pilfering Divine Legs to its limits, and his arms flailed around to attack at a speed that was too much for the eyes to take in!

He wanted to put pressure on Hu Bugui so Hu Bugui could maintain his state of comprehension, to finish entering the path with his martial soul!

Hu Bugui continued to walk forward, and his attack speed grew faster and faster. He blocked down all of Qin Mu's attacks, and the afterimages he was leaving behind were growing and growing. The power of the corporeal body divine art exploding out was also becoming stronger and stronger.

Qin Mu had originally controlled the power of his moves, but he quickly felt the power of Hu Bugui's retaliation rising rapidly. His eyes lit up, and his moves became fiercer and fiercer. He continued to pressure Hu Bugui and wanted to squeeze out even more of his potential!

There were already up to a hundred afterimages around Hu Bugui's surroundings. The number was still increasing, and he could still maintain a steady walking pace.

Both of them fought into Jade Capital, and they slaughtered their way into the city in the sky.

Si Meixue's hand was holding her neck, and another hand was attacking at Qin Mu. Suddenly, a loud explosion rang out as she got blown out of Jade Capital by Qin Mu. Her heart was full of grievances. 'You still call me big sister yet you still lay such heavy blows...'

Both of them fought to the first shrine of Jade Capital and guarding the shrine was a peasant woman. Even though she was a woman, she had the air of a general, and when she saw both of them fighting over, she was about to make a move. However, she suddenly realized Qin Mu's intention and immediately suppressed her qi, blood, and cultivation. She didn't alarm either of them and just let them pass.

"Hu Bugui is entering the path with his martial soul. He might be the first to cross into the celestial palace from Life and Death Realm."

The woman put her hands behind her back, and her eyes sparkled. She saw them smashing the backdoor of the shrine into smithereens and said with a low voice, "No. He will be the second, that's because..."

She walked out of the broken backdoor of the hall and looked up at Numinous Sky Hall. "He also doesn't have a divine bridge. There's an impassable mountain in the martial path, and he is this mountain. He is the number one man on the martial path!"

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