Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 724 - Overlord Body From the Legends

The woman walked to the next shrine in Jade Capital, and the god guarding that shrine was also a farmer from the same village.

"Dear." The god guarding the place saw her arrive and gently nodded his head. He continued to look at Qin Mu and Hu Bugui who were fighting fiercely in the shrine.

Both of them stood together. They were husband and wife.

Back then, when Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens was wiped out, Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher, who was in charge of wars, led the strong practitioners of Bullfighting Palace to fight. That battle was filled with numerous variables and unforeseen events that they still couldn't understand.

Founding Emperor God Dynasty was wiped out so fast that it made them, the gods of wars, feel at a loss and completely helpless.

After that battle, the war gods of Bullfighting Palace had a grave number of casualties, and only a hundred of them were left. Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher's heart was discouraged, and he brought them to search for the remains of the war gods. He then hid Bullfighting Palace in the depths of the Great Ruins and the war gods became farmers.

Some people formed families, but rarely would people give birth to children. That was because the Divine Bridge Realm no longer existed for their children, and they wouldn't be able to escape death. They didn't want to see their children die.

The glory in the past had become a withered page in their lives; they were only farmers. Only by entering Bullfighting Palace and seeing the descendants of their comrades still preserving their fighting spirit would remind them of their glorious days.

Qin Mu and Hu Bugui fought their way there, and both of their clashes were becoming faster and fiercer. They truly showed every aspect of the words—martial battle.

The muscles and tendons in their corporeal bodies, their vital qi, and their primordial spirit were all tight as one. They both had their unique cultivation method and method of exerting force.

Martial path divine arts were also corporeal body divine arts, and they belonged to the battle technique school. Corporeal body divine art burst forth with the power of the corporeal body. Spells weren't cultivated, but the power from the corporeal body could even surpass the power of spells.

And martial path divine art required one to enter the path with the martial soul. There weren't many people who could achieve that step in the current world.

Under Qin Mu's pressure, Hu Bugui was getting closer and closer to that realm.

His battle techniques were becoming stronger and stronger. Gradually, Qin Mu was also improving his own battle techniques when fighting with him.

"To be able to execute such strong three heads and six arms, he has received the true teachings."

That woman said, "He is much stronger than most of the three-headed and six-armed gods in the celestial heavens, but if he doesn't comprehend entering the path with a martial soul, it's still hard for him to be a match for Hu Bugui."

The farmer beside her said, "Hu Bugui is truly strong, to be able to block the attacks of three heads and six arms. On the contrary, his attacks can even grow stronger and stronger. His ability and comprehension have already reached the level of the martial soul entering the path. His improvement is truly fast."

The woman also felt the same. Hu Bugui's improvement was too fast. When he returned to Bullfighting World, he had already awakened his spirit embryo, and no one thought highly of him. The people of Bullfighting World felt he was useless and wouldn't be able to cultivate his martial soul.

Yet Hu Bugui had done it nonetheless.

Not only did he cultivate his martial soul, he even managed to cultivate his martial path primordial spirit before everyone else ten years later.

And he would even surpass everyone to enter the path with his martial soul first!

That kind of aptitude, talent, and hard work were truly rare in the world!

Qin Mu and Hu Bugui fought their way out of the shrine, and the backdoor was shattered into pieces as well. The husband and wife were both speechless. "The back of my shrine was also messed up. Let us go to the next shrine. That's the place where Senior Brother Tian is guarding. His temper is explosive, so I'm afraid he would attack Hu Bugui and stop him from comprehending the path."

The husband and wife hurried to the other shrine. Qin Mu and Hu Bugui had already fought to that place, but the god that was guarding it didn't attack right away. Instead, he looked quietly at the two people smashing their way through his shrine.

"It's been a long time since Bullfighting World had a youth that could enter the path with the martial soul."

The god with the surname Tian had an agitated expression, and he walked out of his shrine with the husband and wife. He followed Qin Mu and Hu Bugui to walk forward and said with a low voice, "It's too difficult to enter the path with the martial soul, it's so much harder than entering other paths. And now, we have waited for such a youth..."

Everyone could see that Qin Mu fighting Hu Bugui was with good intentions. It was to let Hu Bugui maintain his state of comprehension, so they didn't interrupt them.

Gradually, Qin Mu and Hu Bugui almost smashed through thirty-six shrines in Jade Capital. More and more gods followed behind them, and they looked anxiously at the battle.

Suddenly, Hu Bugui's aura rose drastically, and everybody's eyes lit up. Their expressions became nervous.

That was the most crucial period for Hu Bugui!

Whether or not he could cross that step was dependent on that very moment!

Right at that moment, all of Hu Bugui's afterimages vanished, and in that instant where those afterimages vanished, every one of them was executing a different corporeal body divine art. Every move was completely different.

Next, the illusions overlapped with Hu Bugui's body.

The hair of the gods watching the battle stood on their ends. It was a natural reaction from their body, and it was a natural reaction people that cultivated martial arts had to the martial path.

They all had astonishing attainments in corporeal body divine arts, and even though they had cultivated profound techniques, they could never cross into entering the path with the martial soul.

Their aptitudes and comprehensions were limited, and their potential was dug clean. Even though they sensed the martial path right in front of them, they could never take that step and walk into the gate.

The instant when Hu Bugui entered the door to the martial path, it actively roused their qi.

Hu Bugui slightly squatted, and his qi activity burst forth to turn Qin Mu's blood cold. That terrifying qi activity made him felt his death approaching!

He didn't think and just executed the first form of his Calamity Sword to defend. However, he suppressed it by force. The power of Founding Emperor was too strong; it was a sure-kill strike.

His motive was to pass Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher's test and save Saint Woodcutter righteously.

'I'm Teacher Woodcutter's disciple, Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher is always looking down on Teacher Woodcutter, I need to fight back for his reputation!'

When he thought until there, Hu Bugui's power had already burst forth. The explosive speed of martial path divine art was surprisingly fast, and it was so fast that it could be compared to Qin Mu's Opening Calamity Sword.

The explosive speed of that kind of divine art far surpassed Qi Jiuyi's great divine art, and it was even faster than Zhe Huali's knife. It was so fast that no one could react in time!

Wind Shaking the Pines and Vibrating the Valleys!

The punch of his was simple, but after the punch was released, Qin Mu saw the afterimages formed from the spirit of his fists. Different moves would form a different series of afterimages out of Hu Bugui's body!

Qin Mu executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique and showed his three heads and six arms. Each arm executed a different corporeal body divine art to defend, and the instant they collided, Qin Mu felt an unimaginable mighty force pouring over, crushing the power in his body without any obstruction!

His arm vibrated, and he felt a numb feeling spread through his arms. His primordial spirit was also vibrating, and he couldn't gather his vital qi at all.

The spirit of the martial path coming from Hu Bugui's move pierced straight through him. He broke through all skills with one strike and was truly impressive. It made no one a match for him.

He had already returned to his true self and gathered all the martial art he had learned into one fist. The fist looked incomparably simple, but there were unimaginable transformations in the fist.

Qin Mu moved back and gave an endless roar as he executed everything he had learned. Old Ma's fists that were heavy as Mount Meru, Butcher's knife that sliced open the fake sky, Cripple's legs that was fast as lightning, all kinds of past human emperor's divine arts, First Ancestor Human Emperor's Heaven and Earth Mudra Skills, Sakra Buddha's buddhism divine art—everything was executed by him.

He broke through the first afterimage of Hu Bugui and yet the second afterimage followed closely after. Qin Mu continued to move back, and the stone slab under his feet exploded. He was like a newbie that had just learned martial arts. He mobilized all of his strength to activate his martial soul, gathering all of his strength in his corporeal body to defend against Hu Bugui.

The speed to execute corporeal body divine art was faster than spells in the first place. With three heads and six arms, his speed was three times faster than normal people!

Furthermore, Qin Mu's feet shifted, and with half a step, his foot rotated one third and the divine arts from another pair of arms burst forth to welcome Hu Bugui's great divine art.

He was like a top that was spinning backward crazily. In an instant, he moved over ten miles back and crashed into the backdoor of a shrine, piercing through shrine after shrine.

His six arms instantly executed countless corporeal body divine arts in an instant, and his potential was raised to the maximum. Previously, his qi and blood were like a rainbow, but at that moment, his qi and blood was like fire overflowing into the sky!

On the other hand, Hu Bugui still stood there with a pose that was striking out with a fist. Meanwhile, in front of him, afterimages exhibited all kinds of corporeal body divine arts. They were either punches or kicks, and every move was different.

Afterimages stretched crazily forward, and the speed was extremely fast. In that instant, both of their attack speeds were beyond imagination. Not until Qin Mu moved out of the city of Jade Capital did the rumbles from their corporeal body divine arts reach the ears of the gods in Jade Capital.

It was slow to describe, but it happened in an instant.

From the explosion of Hu Bugui's fist until Qin Mu moved out of Jade Capital, there were over a dozen miles of road crossed in a mere instant. In that instant, the corporeal body divine art that Qin Mu executed was uncountable.

He was forced out of Jade Capital by Hu Bugui's great divine art and only then did the series of footprints he had left on the ground explode. Countless shattered rocks exploded along with his footsteps, and it was as radiant as fireworks.

Bang, bang, bang. Shattered rocks exploded like fireworks all the way out of the city and all the way to Qin Mu's feet.

And at that time, all of Hu Bugui's afterimages overlapped together and appeared in front of Qin Mu. The power of his great divine art on the martial path exploded all together!

It was the essence of the move, Wind Shaking the Pines and Vibrating the Valleys. Even if one could handle the series of transformation in front, one would find it difficult to receive the power of all the afterimages overlapping into one!

The great divine art, after stepping into the realm of the path, was so powerful. There was nothing he couldn't do!

Stepping into the path with a martial soul was actually that difficult, and even the gods under Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher couldn't reach such achievements. However, after entering the realm of the path, his cultivation simply had a world-changing raise!

Qin Mu had no other thoughts, and only Hu Bugui's fist was left in his eyes. Other than that, there was nothing else. His qi and blood raged again and at that moment, not only was he possessed by his martial soul, but his primordial spirit had also entered a kind of mysterious and warlike state. That was his martial path primordial spirit!

There were three steps to entering the martial path. The first step was awakening the martial soul, the second step was to awaken the martial path primordial spirit, and the third step was to enter the martial path and comprehended his own great divine art of the martial path.

He had spent ten days to awaken his martial soul, and under the pressure of Hu Bugui's great divine art, his potential burst forth, and he awakened his martial path primordial spirit in an instant!

The dozens of gods were about to help him block the strike from Hu Bugui when a heavy voice came from the front of Numinous Sky Hall. "Don't be reckless."

The gods hurriedly stopped and looked over to see a god with a bull head and human body with flames flickering on his body. He was like a god king that stood in front of Numinous Sky Hall and looked very impressive. He was none other than the unremarkable looking old bull under the old farmer.

The old bull looked completely different from when he was farming, and his eyes opened up to shine in all directions. "Don't interrupt him from entering the path with his martial soul, now is his most crucial period."

"Entering the path with the martial soul?"

Everyone was bewildered, and a woman muttered, "Hasn't Hu Bugui achieved martial soul entering the path? He should be waking up from his martial soul entering the path soon... Could it be?"

The gods revealed a look of disbelief and looked at where Qin Mu had clashed with Hu Bugui.

Over there, Qin Mu seemed to grow a thousand arms, executing the martial arts he had learned in a different way compared to Hu Bugui.

It was evident that the person that the old bull had mentioned was entering the martial path wasn't Hu Bugui!

"Is this the overlord body from the legends that Big Heavenly Teacher Woodcutter mentioned?" the old bull said softly.

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