Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 725 - Return of Thousand Palms Beyond the Strange Peaks of Heavens

The gods in Jade Capital were shocked, and they looked towards Qin Mu. "He's the overlord body that Big Heavenly Teacher mentioned? It's not Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor?"

In just a short instant, Qin Mu's thousand arms returned back into six arms, and all of the divine art combined at that moment to transform into six palm forces to welcome Hu Bugui's Wind Shaking the Pines and Vibrating the Valleys.

Return of Thousand Palms Beyond the Strange Peaks of Heavens.

That was his divine art on the martial path.

Hu Bugui's Wind Shaking the Pines and Vibrating the Valleys had a will like the wind. His figures were like pines, where a thousand of them transformed into a forest. When his divine art burst forth from his fist, it was like a wind blowing through the pine trees, and yet the power was shaking the valley.

The great divine art of Qin Mu had combined all of the battle techniques and corporeal body divine arts he had learned before. His thousand arms and thousand palms earlier were to fuse the moves and divine art.

The battle techniques of Old Ma, Butcher, Blind, and the past human emperors became strange peaks in his hands. The will of the fists was different, and when fused together, they were Return of Thousand Palms Beyond the Strange Peaks of Heavens.

The divine art was trying to exhibit the magnificent scenery of different strange peaks.

Spirit Embryo, Five Elements, Six Directions, and Celestial Being Divine Treasures appeared, but the strange thing was that other than his missing Seven Stars Divine Treasure, another set of Spirit Embryo, Five Elements, Six Directions, and Celestial Being Divine Treasures were reflected out!

The top being the god path and the bottom being the devil path.

God and devil reflected each other as they gathered together.

The thirty-six war gods in Jade Capital finally understood why Qin Mu was able to defend against Hu Bugui's great divine art when he was only on Celestial Being Realm.

Hu Bugui was on Life and Death Realm and had cultivated to perfection. That was because everyone in Bullfighting World would be trapped on Life and Death Realm and wouldn't be able to take a step forward; therefore, Bullfighting World had developed each and every realm to perfection.

Hu Bugui was one of the well-known figures.

It could be said that on Life and Death Realm, no one's cultivation could be denser than his.

When Qin Mu and Hu Bugui fought, he could actually be on par with him, and that showed that Qin Mu's cultivation on Celestial Being Realm wasn't much different from Hu Bugui.

When the thirty-six war gods saw Qin Mu's divine treasures, only then did they realized the reason for Qin Mu's dense cultivation.

He cultivated both god and devil paths and had two kinds of corresponding divine treasures. He was probably the only one that existed from the past to the present.

'Truly an overlord body, Big Heavenly Teacher wasn't lying!' The thirty-six war gods were astonished.

When Saint Woodcutter came to their little mountain village to persuade the old farmer, he had mentioned the overlord body and the saint that appears once every five hundred years.

Back then, the villagers were all listening and were very curious about Eternal Peace's reform. They were also very curious about the saint that appears once every five hundred years.

It was just that in the next moment, Saint Woodcutter had been blown into the ditch by the old farmer, who broke all his bones. Luckily, the old farmer didn't use any force, so he wasn't dead yet. However, that was the reason why they didn't know who was the overlord body and who was the saint.

The old farmer had a very deep grudge with Woodcutter, and the problem between them didn't just lie in the ranking of the heavenly teacher. There were also other grudges involved.

Listening to what the old bull said, the overlord body seemed to be the descendant of Founding Emperor who had come to find Woodcutter. However, they were still in slight disbelief. Only, seeing how Qin Mu had broken through in an instant and cultivated his martial path primordial spirit, literally stepping into the martial path at the same time, and finally showing the corresponding divine treasures of the god and devil path—they had no choice but to believe.

From a divine arts practitioner that didn't possess a martial soul to comprehending his martial soul, his martial path primordial spirit, and even nearing comprehension of the great divine art of his martial path in just a short span of ten days, how could such a person not be the overlord body?

However, they had never thought that the reason why Qin Mu was able to comprehend the martial soul so fast was because of his good foundation.

His foundation was simply too good.

Ever since Qin Mu had failed his spirit embryo awakening when he was young and everyone in Disabled Elderly Village discovered he was an ordinary child that couldn't cultivate, it was Village Chief's overlord body that had revitalized their spirits. They pushed all kinds of spirit medicines and blood of the spirit beasts on Qin Mu, and the training of all the elders for Qin Mu was also abnormally fierce.

Qin Mu also had no doubt he was the overlord body, and he trained diligently with one hundred percent confidence.

At that time, he was only a step away from awakening his martial soul.

The most crucial point was the 'Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique' that Village Chief had taught him. The technique was the Daoyin Technique that was so common on the streets, and yet Qin Mu had cultivated it to a height that no one had ever reached before.

Furthermore, it wasn't an ordinary Daoyin Technique, it was a technique that Founding Emperor had passed down, and it was originally the ultimate art of the Qin family. Even Heavenly Saint Cult's Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures was a branch of that technique.

With such a good foundation, the battle techniques Qin Mu had learned in the past, the lifetime works of the past human emperors, and even the three Emperor's Throne techniques he had fused, his foundation had already surpassed Hu Bugui who had cultivated diligently over the years.

The spirit of Eternal Peace Era's reform was incorporated into the spirit of his martial path, and it surpassed just purely having the spirit of the martial path. With such dense accumulation, that was why he was able to comprehend the true essence of the martial path in such a short time.

That wasn't what the war gods and the old bull had guessed, instead they guessed that it was because he was an overlord body. However, Qin Mu didn't understand the reason behind all of it, nor did anyone else, so they could only push it to the reason that he was an overlord body.

Qin Mu's six palm forces collided straight with Wind Shaking the Pines and Vibrating the Valleys, and the power of two different divine arts on the martial path exploded. However, because of the time constraint, Qin Mu didn't manage to comprehend his great divine art to perfection, so he was suffering a disadvantage in power.

However, since he had six arms, the lack in power was made up by overlapping three great divine arts.

The two great divine arts of the martial path collided, and the land beneath their feet loosened up and exploded. Even though it was Bullfighting Palace and was incomparably sturdy, the two experts that had entered the martial path still raised quite an astonishing wave.

A ball of bright light exploded at where they had collided, becoming brighter and brighter. It swelled up rapidly and swallowed everything in its surroundings. Violent air currents then poured into all directions along the ground and the gales swept up the clothes of the war gods standing far away.

In the center of the bright light, two trails of qi and blood rushed into the sky and presented the apparition of two majestic war gods clashing. They looked lean and mean.

Finally, the gales moved into the distance, and the light faded away. The apparition of qi and blood also faded.

Qin Mu and Hu Bugui coughed up blood, and their auras became listless.

Both of them collapsed and sat down on the ground while breathing heavily. As they gasped for breath, the air would even bring bloody foam out from their mouths.

Hu Bugui looked at Qin Mu, and Qin Mu also looked at Hu Bugui. The smiles on their faces became wider and wider. Suddenly, their hands clasped tightly together, and they started laughing loudly!

The old bull and the thirty-six war gods let out sighs of relief. They were worried they couldn't accept ending in a draw and would start fighting again. They didn't expect both of them to be broad-minded people and only value the connection between the same path. They didn't have any of those jealous thoughts.

"Brother Hu, there's not much future if you remain in Bullfighting World."

Qin Mu was excited and wiped away the blood on the corners of his mouth. He dispersed his three-headed and six-armed form before sticking his willow leaf back to seal his third eye. He said with a smile, "There are many people out there that aren't inferior to you and me in the outside world. Furthermore, Eternal Peace's reform is spreading like wildfire, and they need talents like you. Don't you want to cross the divine bridge and enter the celestial palace? I think you can meet my bosom buddy, Xu Shenghua!"

His expression was very dramatic, and he was full of vigor. "Xu Shenghua is very powerful, he is even smart... He's a talent just inferior to me! He had figured out that all divine treasures are actually just one divine treasure, and he plans to refine all divine treasures into one. He has already managed to combine the Six Directions Realm and Seven Stars Realm into one and reduce one realm for divine arts practitioner. Currently, he is planning to fuse Celestial Being Realm as well."

Hu Bugui cried out, "What you mean is even if the martial arts practitioners of our Bullfighting World don't have Divine Bridge Divine Treasure, we can just fuse the other divine treasures?"

Qin Mu nodded his head and said with a smile, "Do you think Xu Shenghua is worth a visit?"

Hu Bugui was ineffably excited, and he got up. "Must, I must meet him! I already can't wait to meet him! When are we leaving? Why don't we leave now to visit him!"

Qin Mu said in delight, "If you meet him, you will definitely like him. He is a very charming person!"

The old bull stared with his eyes wide open, and he thought to himself, 'Are they not going to continue the challenge? They just need to pass my test, and they will be able to enter Numinous Sky Hall and challenge old master who is on the Emperor's Throne..."

The thirty-six gods of Jade Capital also looked at one another in dismay. They were at a loss.

The main test for the martial arts practitioners of Bullfighting World was to search for a path to let the descendants who were missing divine bridges enter the celestial palace.

Yet those two young fellows became more and more excited as they talked and looked like they wanted to just leave.

But from what they were saying, it seemed that in Eternal Peace Empire, there was a miraculous man who could solve the problem. It was forgivable if they wanted to go out and find the person called Xu Shenghua.

However, the path of success was also right in front of their eyes, didn't they want to at least give it a try?

They just needed to defeat the old bull and challenge Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher who was in Numinous Sky Hall. They might just be able to cross the divine bridge and fly into the celestial palace directly!

The old bull coughed. "Hu Bugui, Qin Mu, aren't you coming up?"

Hu Bugui hesitated for a moment and didn't know if he should continue the challenge.

Qin Mu asked softly, "What are the abilities of Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher's bull?"

Hu Bugui whispered, "I've never seen him make a move before, but I heard that Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher is a strong practitioner on Emperor's Throne. Usually, he is the one who carries Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher into battle. To be able to carry a strong practitioner on Emperor's Throne, he must at least be on the Numinous Sky Realm. I even heard people say that if it wasn't because this Senior Niu has no desire for power, he could have controlled one of the celestial palaces in Founding Emperor Era."

Qin Mi calculated and shook his head. "I'm probably not Senior Niu Sanduo's match. I've met a strong practitioner on Numinous Sky Realm also, Sakra Buddha. I'm no match for him in the same realm."

Hu Bugui's gaze flickered. "Why don't we go and meet Xu Shenghua first and research how to combine the divine treasures into one. After we do so, we can come back and complete the Bullfighting Palace's challenge?"

Qin Mu said with a smile, "After we manage to combine all divine treasures into one, you will be able to fly into the celestial palace directly, there will be no meaning to challenge Bullfighting Palace."

Hu Bugui scratched his head and blushed. "That's indeed the case. We are still lacking in foundation now so we can't defeat Senior Niu, let us leave Bullfighting Palace to find this Senior Brother Xu first!"


The old bull stared angrily at the two people with his eyes wide open. He shouted, "Aren't you coming to fight? Come quickly, at most I'll go easy on both of you! Come now!"

Hu Bugui said apologetically, "Senior Niu..."

"Call me Niu Sanduo!"

The old bull said angrily, "I've already said I would go easy, what more do you want? Come and give me a good fight! Qin Mu, are you not going to save your teacher? Your teacher is still floating in the smelly ditch. If you still don't drag him up, he's going stink to death!"

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