Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 726 - Martial Saint

Qin Mu hesitated. Saving Teacher Woodcutter was important, but accompanying Hu Bugui to find Xu Shenghua and create a method to combine divine treasures into one and soar towards the celestial palace seemed to be more interesting and meaningful.

Furthermore, Saint Woodcutter was a god on Jade Pavilion Realm. He shouldn't die even if he soaked for a year or more in the smelly ditch, so there was no need to hurry.

However, he was the disciple of Woodcutter after all, if he didn't pull him out and just let him soak there, he wouldn't be able to explain himself.

However, even if the old bull went easy on them, it was impossible for them to beat a strong practitioner on Emperor's Throne.

The old farmer was a strong practitioner on Emperor's Throne, and he was an Emperor's Throne that had entered the path with his martial soul. From Numinous Sky to Emperor's Throne, there was an insurmountable gap. Sakra Buddha was on Numinous Sky Realm, yet he still had to be shameless and beg for Brahma Buddha's true scripture. That showed how difficult it was to become an Emperor's Throne.

When he was hesitating, the old farmer suddenly walked down from the Emperor's Throne and walked out of Numinous Sky Hall. His face was full of wrinkles that made him look very old. "Sanduo, they have passed."

The old bull was slightly stunned. He hurriedly asked, "Old master, they can't even pass my test and much less old master's test. Why has old master said they have passed?"

The old farmer walked down the steps of Numinous Sky Hall, and the old bull hurriedly got down on his front hooves to follow him like a bull. The old farmer shook his head. "The purpose of Bullfighting Palace's tests is to let the children comprehend entering the path with their martial soul, for them to comprehend a path that could allow them to cross the Divine Bridge Realm and levitate heavenwards, to give their descendants hope. I had once thought if someone defeated me, they would be able to create this path."

He walked down and called over Qin Mu and Hu Bugui. He examined both of them and his simple face that was filled with wrinkles like plowed land smiled. "But I suddenly remembered, crossing the divine bridge and flying straight to the celestial palace, I have actually done it before. I was the first person who had a missing divine bridge. I didn't study much, so my path isn't suitable for others."

Qin Mu and Hu Bugui were astonished and looked at him in disbelief.

Who could have broken Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher's divine bridge?

Since Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher had already entered the god realm with a missing realm, why didn't he impart his method to the people of Bullfighting World?

However, the thirty-six war gods of Jade Capital weren't astonished. It was evident that they had already known the old farmer was such a person.

"I had just thought it through. What I can do isn't what everybody can do."

The old farmer said, "I have contributed my whole life to the martial path, and I have nothing else in my heart. Sincerity, innocence, even though I have miraculous skills and miraculous arts, others can't learn it, and they can't master it. They also can't soar into the celestial palace as I did. Even if Hu Bugui cultivated to my step and soared into the celestial palace, he would only be walking in my footsteps. His technique still wouldn't be able to let more people in Bullfighting World soar into the celestial palace. Woodcutter is right, this isn't the way to solve the problem of Bullfighting Palace."

The corners of his eyes trembled, and he looked at Qin Mu. "Woodcutter found me and told me that the reformers of Eternal Peace could have a solution to solving Bullfighting Palace's problem. I didn't believe him at first, but now I do. Woodcutter isn't completely useless after all. He has taken in a good disciple... Hu Bugui, you can leave Bullfighting World now."

A slither of hope was born in Qin Mu's heart, and he hurriedly asked, "In that case, Heavenly Teacher, can I pull teacher out from the ditch?"

The old farmer's expression sank, and his face looked as though the old bull had plowed it a hundred times. He couldn't see any smile and could only see the wrinkles. "I'm not like Woodcutter, who is full of nonsense and farts easily. I do whatever I say, and I said whoever dares to pull him out will have to take three punches from me. If you want to pull him out, you have to take three punches from me!"

Qin Mu jumped in shock as the old farmer raised his rugged fist. With the overbearing atmosphere of being on the peak of the martial path, he smashed towards Qin Mu with a punch.


His imposing power was boundless, but his fist was very light as it gently tapped on Qin Mu's chest.

He knocked another two times, and two loud thumping sounds came from Qin Mu's chest.

The old farmer pulled back his punch and sneered. "Even though you have managed to achieve martial soul entering the path, you are still far from great success. Your corporeal body is still lacking, continue to work hard, and don't waste your overlord body away. Do you understand?"

Qin Mu was delighted and surprised. "Junior understands."

The old farmer let out a smile and led everyone out. "However, you aren't bad, you are truly not bad. Woodcutter isn't all talk, he still has some ability to teach you so well. En, that's not it, you are the overlord body, if I'm the one teaching you, you will only be better! Woodcutter is still not good. He's still inferior to me!"

He seemed to be very happy. The other war gods were also very happy and followed after him.

Qin Mu looked around and looked at them. They were once famous and known throughout the world. The old farmer was even a well-known strong practitioner on Emperor's Throne. Yet they all looked pure and simple, as though they were farmers that could be seen commonly.

They were a bunch of cute people.

But they were also a bunch of stubborn people.

It was hard to make them change, but as long as they recognized their mistake, they would change even though they said they weren't willing to.

Thus, they were still such cute people.

Hu Bugui was ineffably excited. After leaving Bullfighting Palace, he immediately sprinted down to Bullfighting World below and prepared to head off after bidding farewell to friends and family.

Qin Mu summoned the dragon qilin, and the dragon qilin was indeed having a nice nap outside Bullfighting Palace. He didn't pull Woodcutter up and run.

Qin Mu felt a pang of sorrow. 'This is my mount, that is Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher's mount... En, there's also Teacher Woodcutter's mount, the black tiger god, and Senior Brother Ba Shan's green bull..."

The dragon qilin had a good sleep and was full of vigor. However, he was distracted after not eating for over ten days. He kept glancing at Qin Mu wanting to remind him but he didn't dare to.

In the village, Saint Woodcutter got pulled out, and Qin Mu got busy trying to attach his broken bones back together, treating his injuries. He soaked him in a huge medicinal cauldron and boiled him with fire.

Woodcutter held onto a huge bowl to drink the concoction while the old farmer sat on a stool beside him. The old bull just sat on the ground at the door and slowly puffed his water pipe, which kept bubbling.

Qin Mu just sat beside the old bull and asked him, "Senior Brother Sanduo, you don't have to plow the land today?"

The old bull slowly said, "I'm done. I've just planted the grains."

"You didn't teach the overlord body, you couldn't have." In the room, the old farmer took a glance at Woodcutter and spoke at a slow speed that was similar to the old bull.

Woodcutter finished the medicinal concoction and gave a satisfying burp before passing the bowl to him. "He's my disciple, so he's taught by me. You don't have such an outstanding disciple, you don't have this ability, and you can't teach as well."

The old farmer snorted and took over the empty bowl. "He' wasn't taught by you so what are you so pleased about? You just got credit by chance again. I'm giving face to the overlord body this time by sparing you, else I would have left you to soak in the smelly ditch for over ten years. I would have let you rot until only your mouth was left."

Saint Woodcutter said righteously, "Master shows them the way, cultivation lies in oneself. I have students in all of the worlds, who has taught you and who have you taught?"

The old farmer was silent.

Woodcutter said calmly, "You are indeed the first in the martial path, in this world, in this universe, even in the old celestial heavens, there might not be a person who can surpass you in the martial path. To be able to use your power of the martial path and soar towards the celestial palace under the condition of missing a divine bridge, cultivating into an unrivaled martial god, there will only be you. Not to say twenty thousand years, even if hundreds of thousands of years pass by, there will only be you. You can succeed, but others might not be able to succeed as you did, you can't save the people of Bullfighting World."

The old farmer was silent.

Woodcutter continued to say, "However, Eternal Peace's reform can. Our grudge is small, I know these years have been hard on you, and I know you had found these orphans and widows after the war to look after them. You have done many things after Founding Emperor Era was wiped out. You want to find a path of survival for them, but you are too stupid, you still couldn't find this way after twenty thousand years."

The old farmer gave off a growl that was similar to a trapped beast.

After Founding Emperor Era had been wiped out, he had taken care of the orphans his comrades had left behind, but he could only look at them slowly dying from old age.

It was an immense torture, and it filled his heart with guilt.

"Walk out of it. If you walk out, you will be the martial saint."

Saint Woodcutter looked at him with a pitiful gaze, but there was more anticipation. "Founding Emperor conferred us as Heavenly Teachers, but I'm the only one that's conferred as a Saint. However, his intention was that the four of us could all be saints. You are Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher, and you are number one in martial power. However, a saint isn't purely martial power. Walk out of it, and you will be the only Martial Saint, Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher of Founding Emperor!"

The old farmer still remained silent.

Woodcutter didn't continue to persuade him.

He knew the old brother of his very well and knew that he was very stubborn. However, he wasn't inflexible; he was just stubborn with his words.

He had already made his point, and he would understand. He would become the one and only Martial Saint.

"I'm persuaded by you, I indeed want to take a look at Eternal Peace's reform."

The old farmer suddenly said, "However, I won't help Eternal Peace in any way. Our Founding Emperor Era has also been built up from nothing. Since Eternal Peace has been so highly praised by you, without our help, they can also develop to the height of Founding Emperor Era, so why do they need the help of us failures?"

Woodcutter said with a smile, "We are just buying more time for them, we can't let them be wiped out by the old celestial heavens when they are still young. This doesn't go against your intention, right? During the start of Founding Emperor Era, some ruins of High Emperor Era also provided us with some help."

The old farmer revealed a smile and said, "You have made me recall those greenhorn days. Actually, I'm also considered half a person from High Emperor Era."

"Actually, we are all half a person from High Emperor Era, including Founding Emperor."

Woodcutter said, "Life is like this, it never ends. Inheritance is the same, being passed down from one era to another. Your spirit of the martial path must be passed down. You cannot let your inheritance disappear."

The old farmer got up and he sneered. "But I won't forgive you just because of this. After I walk out of here, after I walk out of the Great Ruins, I will still beat you up when I'm in a bad mood. Pray to your ancestors that you can grow a few realms to be able to take on my fists."

He walked out of the house.

The smile on Woodcutter's face froze. Qin Mu walked in and helped him change his medicine. He whispered, "Do teacher and Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher have a grudge?"

Woodcutter was listless and sighed. "I guess so. But it's all in the past."

It was obvious he didn't want to mention that past.

Qin Mu blinked his eyes and was even more curious; however, he kept quiet.

Woodcutter was speechless from anger. "What's that expression of yours? Do you want to know the private matters of others that much?"

Qin Mu didn't say a word.

Woodcutter sighed and said, "It's fine if I tell you. Actually back then, him, me, Scholar, and Fisherman had very good relationships. Even though my cultivation was the weakest, they all respected me. Founding Emperor made me in charge of the reform and pushed me to the front of the stage. What's so-called when a man is too outstanding, they will receive the admiration of women. Back then, he had a girl he liked..."

Qin Mu changed his medicine, and his ears couldn't help perking up. He listened carefully.

Outside the door, the old bull also stopped blowing on his water pipe. His ear also sneaked in from outside.

The dragon qilin was originally listless and lying on the ground. At that moment, he suddenly raised his head and twitched his ears.

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