Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 727 - The Past of Heavenly Teacher

Saint Woodcutter reminisced about the past and only, only after a while, said calmly, "I was obsessed with the reform then and felt that I could carry out my vast plan and carry out my dream, so I didn't have time for a relationship. Thus, even when there were girls that liked me, I didn't have the time to date them."

Qin Mu blinked his eyes. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was also such a person, and the reason why he didn't become another Woodcutter was that he married his current wife. He even had a child.

In the past, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was absolutely rational. He could even let himself get injured to act as bait for the enemies to show themselves.

Now, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had a little more human emotions.

"Back then, I already realized that Farmer was somewhat unhappy with me, and I was indeed a person without feelings. That girl was indeed pretty, and no matter how you looked at her, she was the perfect partner. Yet, Founding Emperor had tasked me with such an important task. If I used the power Founding Emperor had given me to hook up with a young girl, wouldn't I be disappointing Founding Emperor's expectations?"

Saint Woodcutter said calmly, "Thus I told that girl, Yunxi, 'I'm not the lifelong partner you are looking for, the task Founding Emperor has given me is important, and there are too many things in the world waiting for me to reform. Therefore, I can only let down your feelings for me.'"

Qin Mu was enthralled, and he said with a smile, "Teacher, you can always work things out between family and country, why did you have to reject her? If you rejected her, how did you offend Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher?"

"Her name was Yan Yunxi, and she was a very charming woman."

It was evident that Woodcutter was recalling the woman that stood out the most, and he fell into a daze. He said softly with a rare gentleness, "She was very intelligent and very talented. I was very happy that she admired me. However, I respected her more than I loved her. She asked me, 'Tiange, Guan Cha has feelings for me, is he a person I could rely on for life?' I smiled and told her, 'Guan Cha is a farmer...'"

Woodcutter had a weird expression. "I told her, 'Guan Cha's love for the martial path surpasses his love for you. He has true love for the martial path, but you are only a short term infatuation. Guan Cha isn't a person that's worth relying on for life.' I said that from a friend's perspective and analyzed Guan Cha's characteristics. I was very accurate, but the sentence must have fallen into Guan Cha's ears afterward, therefore, he has always seen me as a thorn."

Qin Mu said, "Teacher is really an asshole... No, that's not what I meant!"

He hugged his head as he felt a searing pain from Woodcutter bashing him on the head.

Woodcutter continued to say, "Afterward, Yan Yunxi didn't marry anyone, she even changed her name and donned a male outfit. She said, the two most outstanding men she had met in the world, one had unmatched wisdom and a heart for the world, and one was brave and invincible with an unwavering Dao heart. After meeting those two men, no other men could come into her view, therefore, she changed her name and dressed herself up as a man. She said she would never change back into female clothing if she doesn't meet a man that surpasses us."

He slowly drifted into a daze and shook his head. "She never changed back. Even though Guan Cha met her a lot of times and has a good relationship with her, he has never recognized her."

Qin Mu cried out, "Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher is an existence on Emperor's Throne that has entered the path with his martial soul, how could he not recognize Yan Yunxi who dressed up as a male?"

Woodcutter said with a smile, "Yan Yunxi has extremely high abilities, and she is very shrewd. If she doesn't want him to recognize her, he won't. Furthermore, Farmer's brain is full of muscles, so how would he have good judgment? Yan Yunxi even beat him up numerous times, and he doesn't even recognize her. Instead, he's full of respect for her and just throws me attitude."

"Beat up Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher numerous times?"

Qin Mu's eyes were filled with doubt. "This Big Sister Yan Yunxi..."

Woodcutter scolded him, "Call her senior uncle! Don't call her big sister!"

Qin Mu muttered resentfully, "Teacher, you said that Senior Uncle Yan Yunxi changed her name, what is her name now? There aren't many people that could beat up Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher, I've heard Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher mention one person who had toyed with him. However, that person isn't called Yunxi, the name seemed to be Zi Xi."

Woodcutter didn't say a word and looked out the door.

The old bull outside the door pulled back his ear and continued to puff his water pipe. However, the fire had long extinguished.

The dragon qilin hurriedly laid prone on the ground and pretended to fall asleep. His snore was as loud as thunder.

Woodcutter got up and donned his clothes. "I feel my injuries becoming much better. I can just recuperate my body slowly with creation techniques, and there won't be any hidden ailments left behind."

Qin Mu hurriedly asked, "Are Heavenly Teacher Zi Xi and Yan Yunxi the same person?"

Woodcutter didn't reply to him and walked out. "Guan Cha must definitely come out of the mountain this time. Once Guan Cha is out, there will be much space to move around. Aren't you planning to meet Xu Shenghua with Hu Bugui? In that case, Guan Cha might follow you guys to meet Xu Shenghua. I still have things to do so I'll be taking my leave first."

Qin Mu followed him and said, "I still plan to meet with Big Sister Di Yiyue and look at how she and Tian Shu will reconstruct Fengdu."

Saint Woodcutter shook his head and said, "Reconstructing Fengdu isn't something that can be done instantly, furthermore, if she is finding Tian Shu, she most likely won't be able to find him. This fellow must be hiding in the best wine refinery in Eternal Peace, drinking the wine."

Qin Mu's eyes lit up, and he said with a smile, "In that case, he must be in the wine store in the imperial palace."

"I will try to think of a way to inform Di Yiyue and get her to find Tian Shu."

Woodcutter walked out and took a glance at the old bull that was still puffing on the water pipe. "The fire is extinguished."

The old bull hurriedly lit up the fire, and a puff of thick smoke spewed out to choke the old bull, causing him to tear up.

"Don't say what you should say."

Woodcutter said, "Even though I can't do anything to you, it's still very simple for the heavenly teacher that's ranked second to kill you."

The old bull hurriedly nodded his head and smiled apologetically. "Big Heavenly Teacher, don't worry, I understand."

Saint Woodcutter walked over to the dragon qilin who was feigning sleep. "It's easy for you to be served on a plate if you talk too much."

The dragon qilin gulped and crawled up. He lowered his eyes and smiled apologetically as well. "My lips are the tightest. I have never leak any of Cult Master's awkward incidents!"

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment and stroked the few short strands of beard on his chin. 'Fatty Dragon knows a lot of my awkward incidents? En, I can't leave him alive... What should I do?'

Woodcutter found the old farmer and bade farewell to him. The old farmer didn't like to regard him, so he just closed his eyes and snored. Woodcutter could only leave.

The old farmer snorted and spat at his back view.

Qin Mu had a weird expression. The two heavenly teachers were both tens of thousand years old, yet they were both like children.

Not long later, Hu Bugui carried a small sack out from Bullfighting World. He wore simple clothes and looked very strong and trained.

The villagers moved the huge mountain back again and used some method to seal Bullfighting World. Qin Mu looked around and couldn't find any trace of the space being sealed, and he clicked his tongue in wonder.

From the encounter in Bullfighting World, Bullfighting World and the Great Ruins were completely separated. When night fell in the Great Ruins, the darkness wouldn't be able to invade Bullfighting World, which also meant that Bullfighting World wasn't in that world.

Furthermore, Hu Bugui also said that the martial arts practitioners of Bullfighting World would even go to the devil world when they were thirteen to fight with the strong practitioners of the devil world as training.

That meant that Bullfighting World was probably very far from the Great Ruins and it might even be further than what he could imagine.

"Strong practitioners on Emperor's Throne truly have remarkable abilities."

Qin Mu took a glance at the old farmer, and that old farmer led the old bull over. He said to the villagers, "I'll be going out to walk around and follow them to meet that person called Xu Shenghua, I want to see if he's truly capable. If he is, I will go take a look at Eternal Peace. If he isn't, help me catch Woodcutter if you guys see him again. I'll punch him to death and come back to return to seclusion."

Everyone acknowledged and said, "Heavenly Teacher, don't worry. We will stay here and guard Bullfighting Palace, and if we meet Big Heavenly Teacher, we'll seize him."

The old farmer rode on the bull's back, and Qin Mu sat on the dragon qilin's back while Hu Bugui walked on his feet.

Qin Mu invited him up, but Hu Bugui shook his head. "I run fast."

Qin Mu took a look at the dragon qilin, and the dragon qilin felt his hair standing on end. He hurriedly ran with all his strength and felt he could definitely shake off Hu Bugui with his lightning fast speed. Never did he expect the old bull to be following steadily behind him with the old farmer on him while Hu Bugui jumped from mountain to mountain, sprinting at an extremely fast speed.

'This fellow's corporeal body is even stronger than mine!'

The dragon qilin jumped in shock and felt chills coming from his back. He thought to himself, 'They don't know where Xu Shenghua is thus they are following me. Otherwise, they would have run ahead. Since they are following me, they won't surpass me, and Cult Master won't lay his hands on me then...'

Qin Mu projected out his primordial spirit and contacted Xu Shenghua. He said to Hu Bugui, "Xu Shenghua is now at West Earth, he's currently constructing High Heavens Academy, so we can meet him at West Earth."

Hu Bugui's spirit stirred. The old farmer sat on the bull's back and said calmly, "If Xu Shenghua is useless, I'll beat Woodcutter to death."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "Brother Xu is brimming with talent. If there was no me, he would be an unrivaled talent in this world. Once Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher meets him, you will definitely be happy."

The old farmer snorted.

After six to seven days, they arrived at the vicinity of West Earth's True Heaven Palace.

The women of True Heaven Palace were currently carrying out large scale construction and building palaces, and there were quite a number of palaces already built. Xu Shenghua and Jing Yan had already received news from Qin Mu, so they came forth to welcome.

Qin Mu jumped down from the dragon qilin's back and looked around. He could only see High Heavens Academy filled with the local conditions and customs of West Earth. The construction was beautiful and decorated with fresh flowers and green leaves; there was no lack of the four seasons.

"Virtuous husband and wife, this is Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher of Founding Emperor God Dynasty, this is Senior Brother Niu Sanduo."

Qin Mu introduced them. "And this is Hu Bugui, the person I mentioned to you. He entered the path with his martial soul and doesn't have Divine Bridge Realm."

Xu Shenghua examined Hu Bugui, and his eyes lit up. "Can Brother Hu open up your divine treasures?"

Several loud booms came from Hu Bugui's body as his Spirit Embryo, Five Elements, Six Directions, Seven Stars, Celestial Being, and Life and Death Divine Treasure opened up. When he reached Divine Bridge Divine Treasure, the entire Divine Bridge Divine Treasure had completely disappeared!

He had no Divine Bridge Divine Treasure at all!

Countless runes flew around Xu Shenghua, and he calculated the location of Hu Bugui's Divine Bridge Divine Treasure. After a moment, he shook his head. "You really don't have Divine Bridge Divine Treasure! Good, good!"

"I'll go beat your teacher to death," the old farmer said to Qin Mu.

Xu Shenghua walked around Hu Bugui, and his eyes flashed with excitement. He hurriedly said, "Brother Hu, your foundation is too good, I can really test the method of combining divine treasures that I have created! I can't do, I'm an overlord body, but I realized it too late. As a result, my foundation is not as stable. Even though I want to combine my divine treasures, my cultivation is lacking. I planned to use Brother Qin for my experiment, but your corporeal body is sturdy, and your foundation is good. You are just the right test subject for me! That's right, are you also an overlord body?"

The old farmer stopped and said to Qin Mu, "If he kills Hu Bugui, I'll kill him before killing you."

It was also Qin Mu's first time seeing such a crazed side of Xu Shenghua, and he was slightly uneasy.

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