Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 728 - Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge

"I originally created the technique to fuse the Seven Stars Realm and Six Directions Realm, it's called Seven Stars Six Directions Primordial Spirit Technique. I imparted it to Brother Qin, who passed it down to the people. However, not many people mastered it."

Xu Shenghua didn't stop his steps and suddenly appeared in the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure of Hu Bugui's body, a willow branch in his hand. That willow branch was a divine wood that could change its length at will and had all kinds of marked scales upon it.

He threw up the willow branch and began to measure Hu Bugui's Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure while Jing Yan helped out on the side, recording all kinds of data. The coordination between the husband and wife was very tight.

"Because there aren't many people that succeeded and only outstanding people like Zhan Kong, Wang Muran, Lin Xuan, and Hu Ling'er managed to succeed, I felt this technique wasn't matured yet. Thus with this technique as a foundation, I created a new method to combine the divine treasures. It's called the Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge."

Xu Shenghua finished measuring the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure and then proceeded to the Five Elements Divine Treasure with Jing Yan and started measuring the height of heaven and earth in the Five Elements Divine Treasure. He continued to say, "However, this technique is an extremely troublesome technique. Everyone's divine treasures are different, so the data required for the technique would be different. This is why everyone that cultivates this technique will have to measure the model of their divine treasures in detail and adjust the technique according to different data. Only then can a Builder Tree Divine Bridge that starts from the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure be determined!"

Qin Mu's mind was shaken, and he cried out, "Brother Xu, if you complete this Building Tree Innate Divine Bridge, it will be a huge reform in technique! A divine treasure that reaches straight to the celestial palace, its change to the paths, skills, and divine arts can't be estimated! The Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge is more important than the Primordial Spirit Guide that Yuxiu and I created!"

Xu Shenghua revealed a smile. "If I want to surpass you and make you admit you are the pseudo overlord body, how could I not have my own ideas? However, I'm still unable to do it on my own. The algebra needed by the Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge Technique is too profound. The amount of calculation has surpassed my horizons and knowledge, therefore, I need people to help me."

"You went to invite Dao Master Lin Xuan to help?" Qin Mu was curious.

Xu Shenghua was currently measuring the mountains of the Five Elements and didn't have time to reply.

Jing Yan said with a smile, "Not only Dao Master Lin Xuan. My husband has even found Princess Xiu, Saintess Xiang, Wang Muran, and also other people of Heaven Alliance. Other than them, there's also algebra experts like Imperial Preceptor and the black tiger god. My husband's relationship with Grandmaster isn't bad either, so he invited him over to calculate the Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge as well."

Qin Mu stared with his eyes wide open. Some of these people were enemies, and they even got invited by Xu Shenghua. Was Xu Shenghua's human network really so vast?

Jing Yan said with a smile, "Wang Muran has a grudge with Imperial Preceptor, Grandmaster has a grudge with everyone. But when they heard my husband was planning to construct the Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge, which could press down on Cult Master Qin's limelight, they were all very happy. They wanted Cult Master Qin to admit defeat, so they all came over gladly."

"Came over gladly?" Qin Mu snorted.

Jing Yan continued to say, "The emperor was also very happy. Even though he couldn't hurry over, he sent orders to all the big academies and summoned the scholars with the highest attainments in algebra to come over and help out. The emperor then told this to Saint Woodcutter, and Saint also came to help."

"The emperor was also very happy? My teacher also went?"

Qin Mu grunted and felt resent in his heart. "Teacher Woodcutter also went to press down on my limelight? I should have left him to rot in the ditch! That's not right, the reason why Teacher Woodcutter dared to find Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher was probably because he completed the Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge with Xu Shenghua and the rest. Never did he expect Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher to not listen to him and just cripple him before throwing him into the ditch. He deserves it!"

He took a glance at the dragon qilin and asked pleasantly, "Fatty Dragon, you didn't also go, did you?"

The dragon qilin hurriedly shook his head. "Brother Tiger invited me, but I didn't go!"

"But you didn't tell me about this." Qin Mu didn't have a pleasant expression.

The dragon qilin said timidly, "Back then, Cult Master was refining your sword pellet, and after you refined your sword pellet, you delved into refining treasures with explosions..."

Jing Yan said, "Afterward, First Ancestor met Xing An and told him about this. Xing An respected First Ancestor a lot and when he heard it could make Cult Master Qin admit defeat, he came running over and was quite a huge help. We managed to succeed in our calculation, and my husband deduced the Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge according to the data. However, no one was able to cultivate it."

She sighed and said, "Finally, my husband deduced that the requirement needed for the corporeal body is too high. If the corporeal body isn't strong enough, it would be too difficult to withstand the terrifying pressure coming from fusing the divine treasures. Nobody has such a powerful corporeal body, so we could only leave it at that."

"There's also Xing An..."

Veins popped out on Qin Mu's forehead. "Could my character be inferior to even Xing An and Grandmaster?"

"But Brother Hu Bugui's corporeal body is strong to such an extent!"

Xu Shenghua finished measuring the Five Elements Divine Treasure and proceeded to Hu Bugui's Six Directions Divine Treasure. "Brother Hu Bugui has the strongest corporeal body among everyone I've met. Anyone else that cultivates the Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge will die, but Brother Hu won't die."

He was full of confidence.

The husband and wife finished measuring the Six Directions Divine Treasure and proceeded to the Seven Stars Divine Treasure before measuring the Celestial Being and Life and Death. Finally, they completed the measurement of Hu Bugui's divine treasures perfectly.

The husband and wife flew out of Hu Bugui's divine treasures, and Xu Shenghua immediately started to make adjustments to the Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge according to the data he had measured.

He had already constructed the algebra model of the Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge, so he just needed to make some changes by using Hu Bugui's data, and he would be able to adjust the technique to suit Hu Bugui's corporeal body.

Qin Mu exclaimed to himself in admiration, 'To defeat me, Xu Shenghua and that bunch of experts really put in quite the effort. However, this Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge is truly intricate. It can almost be called the natural beauty of algebra!'

He was an algebra expert too. The old farmer, the old bull, and Hu Bugui were at a loss from seeing what they were seeing, but Qin Mu was able to admire the beauty of the Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge.

The Builder Tree Divine Bridge used algebra to construct a divine treasure that would be rooted in the spirit platform and six directions land. The roots of the divine bridge would delve deep into Youdu while the big roots would be interlinked with the five elements mountains. Outside the crown of the tree would be the sun and moon circulating and the five elements stars would be between the branches. The rest of the stars would be hidden in the leaves.

And at the peak of the divine tree's crown, it would be on a similar height with the divine bridge.

According to the broken bridges of the people in Eternal Peace, the crown of the tree could fill up the space between the celestial palace and the broken divine bridge, connecting the divine bridge in another way.

That saved people the trouble of having to cultivate Secrets of Magpie Bridge, Secrets of Mysterious Guide, and Secrets of Divine Crossing.

When Xu Shenghua, Woodcutter, Imperial Preceptor, Xing An, and the rest calculated, they must have added these three secrets of the divine bridge into the Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge.

However, to the martial arts practitioners of Bullfighting World, the Builder Tree Divine Bridge only had the middle portion. There was no front and back portion of the tree.

If one's cultivation were still not enough, they would still be unable to fly into the celestial palace.

He was an algebra expert, the founder of Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule, so his attainments were extremely high, and he could immediately think of expanding the crown of the Builder Tree to create a man-made Divine Bridge Divine Treasure.

However, this would require far more algebra calculations on top of the foundation of the Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge.

When Xu Shenghua finished the calculations, his vital qi constructed a tiny sapling, and he flicked it to send it into Hu Bugui's divine treasure.

This small tree sapling rooted itself in Hu Bugui's spirit platform land and began to grow.

Qin Mu immediately saw that Xu Shenghua had used the divine art of plant a devil in the Dao heart from Heavenly Saint Cult's Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures. Woodcutter must have taught it to him.

He just needed to use a small tree sapling as a seed to plant this technique in Hu Bugui's technique. By absorbing Hu Bugui's vital qi, the sapling would grow furiously and become a towering Builder Tree!

Xu Shenghua hesitated for a moment and didn't activate the small sapling immediately. He probed first. "Brother Hu, are you afraid of death?"

Hu Bugui shook his head and said, "I'm not!"

Xu Shenghua let out a sigh of relief.

The old farmer said calmly, "Xu Shenghua, are you afraid of death?"

Xu Shenghua was slightly stunned and didn't know what he meant.

Cold sweat rolled down Qin Mu's forehead, and he asked him softly, "Brother Xu, how confident are you this time?"

Xu Shenghua was full of confidence as he raised three fingers. "Thirty percent!"

Qin Mu smiled from anger. "Brother Xu, you weren't like this in the past! You would never make a move when you weren't eighty to ninety percent confident! Thirty percent, who are you learning from? You have fallen!"

"I learned from you."

Xu Shenghua executed his vital qi, and the sapling inside Hu Bugui's body started to grow furiously. It absorbed Hu Bugui's vital qi at a crazy speed!

The small sapling quickly grew to three hundred yards, three thousand yards, and it soon surpassed the various mountains on the spirit platform land. It stretched into the clouds and still continued to grow!

This huge towering tree had already grown to the extent where it was about to touch the sky. Suddenly, a loud rumble rang out as the tree broke through the top of the barrier which contained the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, Five Elements Divine Treasure, and Six Directions Divine Treasure!

Hu Bugui grunted, and his bones started to pop. His corporeal body was enduring incomparably heavy pressure, and even though the tenacity of his muscles was astonishing, he had still become a bag of bones at that instant!

That was his muscles being pressed down to become a thin layer of membrane to stick onto his bones!

This kind of pressure wasn't from up to down, nor was it from outside to inside. Instead, the pressure was coming from all aspects of the corporeal body, and that was the most terrifying!

Hu Bugui's bones popped from the pressure, and they seemed to be ready to explode anytime!

Everyone was nervous, and Xu Shenghua told Jing Yan after thinking for a moment, "Dear, the growth of the Builder Tree is too fast. It must be because of Brother Hu's magic power and cultivation having slightly exceeded my expectations. His cultivation is truly pure and dense, and it's not inferior to mine."

'Why does this sentence sounds so familiar?' Qin Mu thought to himself.

"The Builder Tree absorbed his vital qi cultivation, and the growth will only be faster and faster. It will break through the Seven Stars Barrier next, and the pressure will only increase."

Xu Shenghua was completely calm, unlike the rest, and just continued to say calmly, "Seven Stars Divine Treasure will only let the Builder Tree grow even faster. When the tree reaches Celestial Being Realm, the pressure will multiply once again. The roots of the Builder Tree will then penetrated through his land and latch themselves onto the Youdu in Life and Death Divine Treasure. At that time, that's when the pressure is at its strongest... Brother Qin, I might have overestimated earlier, I feel there's only twenty percent chance of succeeding."

"Cult Master, are we going to run?" the dragon qilin whispered.

Qin Mu secretly shook his head, and Gate of Heaven Influence suddenly appeared behind him. He was ready to save him if Hu Bugui got crushed by the pressure.

Xu Shenghua saw the situation and shook his head. "Cult Master, you won't be able to save him if we fail. His primordial spirit would also be crushed, and his soul will scatter. It won't fall into Youdu.

He was still very calm.

The corners of Qin Mu's eyes twitched, and he said politely to the old farmer, "Senior uncle, junior once gathered Goddess of Heavenly Yin's soul back. Even when her soul was scattered, junior still managed to salvage it. Senior uncle, don't worry, there's no need to worry, just keep your fist back..."

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