Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 729 - Not Inferior to Me

As he was saying, the Builder Tree in Hu Bugui's divine treasure had already broken through the Seven Stars Divine Treasure and Celestial Being Divine Treasure. Hu Bugui's skin started to show signs of cracks from the incomparably strong pressure. He was like porcelain that was filled with cracks!

His blood was also compressed into an incomparably fine blood mist, which covered him entirely.

Meanwhile, his corporeal body had also become incomparably skinny. There was no difference to his height, but he was just a bag of bones. Snapping sounds came from his body, and it sounded just like sharp arrows being released from a taut bow.

"Seems like his veins have been crushed..."

Jing Yan's heart leaped. She looked at Xu Shenghua and asked with a low voice, "His veins are crushed, which means his bones are at their limit. He won't be able to withstand the pressure once the Builder Tree breaks into the Life and Death Divine Treasure..."

Xu Shenghua frowned and said with a sigh, "The experiment has failed. Even with such a strong corporeal body, Brother Hu is also unable to withstand the pressure. Maybe Cult Master Qin, that overlord body, can do it. I see Cult Master Qin's corporeal body is becoming even stronger than before. He's no weaker than Brother Hu, and with Cult Master's proficiency in the art of creation, he might be able to withstand such strong pressure..."

Jing Yan whispered, "Dear, Brother Hu is dying. You still have time to think about this? Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher is staring at you from over there, and the old bull has an unpleasant gaze too."

Xu Shenghua was still full of confidence, but it was confidence in Qin Mu. "Cult Master Qin is skilled in the art of creation, he won't let Brother Hu die. The only one in this world who can follow my train of thought is him."

Right at that moment, the roots of the Builder Tree finally made their way into the Life and Death Realm!

At the same time, Qin Mu also finally made his move.

His footsteps moved, and he left behind a trail of afterimages. He circled around Hu Bugui, and his fingers moved up and down. A series of creation runes poured out from the tips of fingers like musical notes jumping up and down. The runes entered Hu Bugui's body.

Those creation runes not only entered Hu Bugui's body to repair the injuries on his corporeal body, but they also entered his divine treasures and primordial spirit.

The creation runes repaired the cracks in Hu Bugui's divine treasures and fixed his primordial spirit. It preserved his spirit embryo and soul.

Jing Yan looked at this sight with a dumbfounded expression. Xu Shenghua smiled at her and said, "Cult Master and I wouldn't have known each other if we hadn't fought, I understand him inside out, and when both of us work together, we can even fight gods."

A hint of sourness and jealousy welled up in Jing Yan's heart, but she suddenly came back to her senses. "Husband and Cult Master Qin are both men, why am I jealous of him?"

The pressure on Hu Bugui's corporeal body became stronger and stronger. Under the protection of Qin Mu's art of creation, he managed to withstand the pressure.

"After the Builder Tree Divine Bridge breaks through all kinds of divine treasures, the divine treasures can become one."

Xu Shenghua's gaze flickered, and his eyes gave off a look of excitement. "After combining into one, Brother Hu's cultivation and magic power will rise up in a straight line. No matter his primordial spirit or his corporeal body or his divine treasures, all of them will improve abnormally fast! The Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge can be considered to have succeeded!"

Qin Mu stopped, and all of the afterimages poured back into his body. He looked nervously at Hu Bugui.

The old farmer and the old bull looked nervously at Hu Bugui, who was standing there without moving. The old farmer gripped his fist tightly while the old bull stood up like a human. He put his hoof in his mouth and chewed on his hoof.

The dragon qilin scraped the ground uneasily and soon dug out a huge pit.

Hu Bugui stood there, not moving for a long time, and then the blood mist suddenly returned to his body.

The surroundings were serene.

His aura suddenly rose drastically. His vital qi became more and more violent, and his primordial spirit became more and more stable. His aura turned into air current that swirled furiously around him. The air current swirled faster and faster, and the area it covered was wider and wider!

Jing Yan couldn't hold her footing, and her dress fluttered as she got pulled towards Hu Bugui.

Her cultivation was slightly weaker, and she was inferior to the others there.

Xu Shenghua hurriedly grabbed her hand, and they moved back.

Hu Bugui's aura grew stronger and stronger. The Builder Tree Divine Bridge had fused all of his divine treasures into one. With his divine treasures fused into one, his six great divine treasures transformed into one, and when the Builder Tree Divine Bridge grew to the maximum, a new divine treasure was forced out by brute force—the Divine Bridge Divine Treasure!

Hu Bugui and the other martial arts practitioners of Bullfighting World were the same, they didn't have Divine Bridge Divine Treasures, but now the crown of Builder Tree has become this divine treasure!

This was the main reason why his cultivation was rising in a straight line!

The old farmer was finally moved.

He was trapped in Bullfighting World for twenty thousand years, and that was all to solve the problem of the people in Bullfighting World having no Divine Bridge Divine Treasure to soar into the celestial palace.

The method he used to solve this problem was to get the people of Bullfighting World to cultivate diligently, for them to enter the path with their martial soul so their primordial spirit could soar into the celestial palace.

However, in the period of twenty thousand years, no one had achieved this step, and even if there were people who could enter the path without their martial soul, they wouldn't be able to soar like the old farmer's primordial spirit.

The divine arts practitioners that had entered the path with their martial soul would usually lose their power halfway while soaring towards the celestial palace. Their primordial spirit would fall into Youdu, and they would die.

Hu Bugui was the only youth in recent years who could enter the path with his martial soul. Qin Mu's sudden appearance had helped Hu Bugui achieve entering the martial path, becoming the person who had the most hope to follow in the old farmer's footsteps.

Yet, even so, the chances that Hu Bugui could enter the celestial palace was extremely slim.

Saint Woodcutter wasn't wrong. Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher was the first person of the martial path, and no one would ever be on par with him. Even though Hu Bugui had this hope, their difference was still very huge.

The old farmer didn't have a good opinion of Xu Shenghua whom Qin Mu had praised so highly at first. He had even wanted to punch Xu Shenghua to death before punching Qin Mu to death. But now, with Xu Shenghua and Qin Mu working together, they had managed to create a Divine Bridge Divine Treasure for Hu Bugui out of nothing with a bunch of complicated methods!

Hu Bugui finally had his seventh divine treasure!

Not only that, Hu Bugui's seven great divine treasures merged into one, forming one divine treasure—something never seen before!

This kind of achievement even surpassed the old farmer's!

His eye sockets suddenly became moist, and his tears blurred his vision. During Founding Emperor Era, there was a bunch of such youths, and they were as active as the current Qin Mu and Xu Shenghua. They were filled with all kinds of strange ideas, and all they thought about was to change the era, giving the people better lives and improving the paths, skills, and divine arts.

Back then, those people that died had died, those people that had escaped had escaped, and those people that had hidden away had hidden away. Some people were in a drunken stupor, and others had turned into stone statues to be swept by the wind and battered by rain.

Recalling those times, the blood in the old farmer's heart started to boil.

"Brother Hu, you have just broken into Divine Bridge Realm, it's best for you to stabilize this realm."

Qin Mu saw Hu Bugui's primordial spirit ascending the Builder Tree Divine Bridge and planning to cross into the celestial palace, so he immediately said, "Your realm is still not stable, if you immediately soar into the celestial palace, your comprehension on the Divine Bridge Realm will be lacking. Even if you succeed in entering the celestial palace, there would be some flaws."

Hu Bugui's aura was still rising, and his cultivation was becoming denser and denser. He was becoming more and more terrifying.

And now, his cultivation had already surpassed most of the strong practitioners on the Divine Bridge Realm. However, in Qin Mu's eyes, he could be even stronger!

The old farmer said solemnly, "Qin Mu is right, Bugui, you don't have to be eager. You have to comprehend the Divine Bridge Divine Treasure for a few years before levitating heavenwards, there will be much more benefits in doing so. Forcing yourself to levitate into the celestial palace will only cause you to be halted at Numinous Sky Realm in the future, you will have no fate with Emperor's Throne."

The footsteps of Hu Bugui's primordial spirit stopped, and he looked at the Southern Heavenly Gate. His heart was heaving.

Finally, his martial path primordial spirit walked down from the Builder Tree and stood under it.

"Many thanks to Senior Brother Xu and Senior Brother Qin for the new lease of life!" He thanked both of them.

Qin Mu and Xu Shenghua hurriedly returned the greeting, and Jing Yan smiled. "Senior Brother Hu, High Heavens Academy is just established and we lack manpower. Does Senior Brother Hu have any interest in being a chancellor and teaching the scholars?"

Hu Bugui replied without hesitation, "I can do it!"

Qin Mu said softly, "The Great Dao of Heaven and Earth is changing."

Everyone stood there silently and sensed the minute changes in the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth. A divine treasure that reached straight to the celestial palace, which was an achievement that no one had ever done before. It was a huge reform that was much more important than the Primordial Spirit Guide and the eighteenth sword form. Only the change that was invoked by Qin Mu when he revived Goddess of Heavenly Yin could compare.

The change in the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth was silent, and it didn't cause any kind of apparition. It wouldn't alarm the world, but every being in the world that had entered the Dao would be able to sense the change.

The old farmer was slightly stunned. He suddenly snorted and said, "Your Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge can only change people with cultivation like Hu Bugui. There are no good benefits to anyone else. Other than Hu Bugui, no one could construct the Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge. Furthermore, it's so troublesome and requires high attainments in algebra and even a creation expert like Qin Mu to help. It can't be imparted out at all."

Xu Shenghua frowned. Those were the flaws of the Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge. Even though Hu Bugui had cultivated the technique, it was still mostly Xu Shenghua and Qin Mu's work.

Without both of their help, he wouldn't have been able to cultivate it.

And Xu Shenghua and Qin Mu had the same type of personality. They couldn't be helping others construct their Builder Tree Divine Bridge. They were more happy to create techniques and throw them to other people.

"Therefore, there needs to be some changes."

Qin Mu's gaze flashed with light of wisdom, and he quickly said, "The Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge, what it used is planting the devil in the Dao heart, I feel we can do some minor changes. We can let the divine arts practitioners or martial arts practitioners plant their Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge when they are in the Spirit Embryo Realm. The Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge will grow along with the divine arts practitioners and martial arts practitioners, breaking through each divine treasure layer by layer. In this case, the danger wouldn't be as huge."

Xu Shenghua's eyes lit up, and he clapped. "Therefore, we just need to change this technique slightly. However, I'm not too good in changing techniques, so I will require Cult Master to help me."

"I'm indeed number one in the world in changing techniques."

Qin Mu was not humble at all. "Just now, you helped Brother Hu plant the sapling of the Builder Tree. I already comprehended most of this Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge, and there are still some details that aren't clear. Brother Xu can explain to me in detail, and I shall see how I can change it."

Xu Shenghua explained the Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge to him, and he skimmed through the algebra model. He didn't have to talk about the structure because Qin Mu was an algebra expert himself.

Both of them gathered together and walked to and fro. They conversed and discussed fervently, throwing everyone else aside.

The old farmer couldn't understand them at all. Hu Bugui and the old bull also didn't know what they were saying so they could only stare at them.

Jing Yan was helpless as she thought to herself, 'As long as the two of them start to research, there would be no one else in their mind.'

This time, Qin Mu was the lead in the discussion. Qin Mu's thoughts were all over the place, and only Xu Shenghua could follow them. Furthermore, Xu Shenghua's thoughts were much more intricate that Qin Mu, so he could make up for what Qin Mu lacked.

Both of them quickly changed and finalized the Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge. They calculated several times and repaired the flaws.

Xu Shenghua glanced at Hu Bugui, who was at a loss. His heart stirred slightly, and he said with a low voice, "Cult Master, when I originally saw Senior Brother Hu had such strong abilities, I thought he was an overlord body as well. Never did I think he wasn't."

Qin Mu revealed a smile. "I've long seen that he isn't an overlord body. His thoughts are pure and focused. He only cultivates the martial path, and he isn't as clever as us."

Both of them understood each other and nodded their heads.

Xu Shenghua's gaze flickered and said, "Now, Brother Qin can admit you have lost to me, right? You should have an idea who is the alpha and who is the beta now, right?"

Qin Mu yawned and narrowed his eyes. "I'm indeed inferior to the wisdom of so many people, I admit defeat."

Xu Shenghua raised his eyebrows. "So many people?"

Qin Mu said leisurely, "If you didn't invite Teacher Woodcutter, Xing An, Lin Xuan, and the rest, and created the technique by yourself, I'd admit I'm the beta and you're the alpha. However, you had to borrow their wisdom to be on par with me, so you're still a little inferior to me. Even so, Brother Xu is already quite remarkable, you're not inferior to me!"

Xu Shenghua grunted.

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