Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 73 - Assassinations On Festooned Street

A night in the Border Dragon City was bound to be lively.

"There's someone stalking me."

When Qin Mu left the City Lord's Manor, he immediately felt there was someone stalking him. The divine arts practitioners from City Lord's Manor had no intention of hiding their presence. They must have felt that there was no need to hide their presence in front of a little martial arts practitioner, therefore, they simply stalked him openly.

At this moment in Border Dragon City, there were festooned cars parading on the street. The merchants in the city decorated festooned cars that were over dozen yards high. The festooned cars were decorated in the shapes of huge strange beasts and various shapes of gods and devils. On the festooned cars were female dancers dancing gracefully. The dancers were also gorgeously dressed in the attire of the stone statues in the various village. As Qin Mu walked on the festooned street, it was like he had entered a world of gods and devils dancing.

The festooned street was making a deafening noise and there were people everywhere squeezing and pushing each other. Both sides of the street were adorned with lanterns and huge stone pillars. On top of the pillars were stone basins that were filled with kerosene that was blazing furiously.

There were also people walking on stilts that were over thirty yards tall. They could cross twenty yards in a single step and the practitioners on stilts were also bearing a fire torch with a kerosene bottle gourd in their other hand. Blowing a mouthful of kerosene to the fire torch, they could spew out fire snakes that were several yards long.

It was bustling and flourishing yet it still had the wildness of Great Ruins.

Qin Mu walked into the crowd and suddenly the sky became extremely bright. Fine lines had unknowingly filled the sky and intertwined each other. The fine lines suddenly swelled up one by one into huge silver dragons and swam rapidly around in the skies of the festooned street.

The silver dragons swam around and could be seen that they were formed from countless of letters. When they swam around, they would give off a loud and clear devil voice that was cryptic and abstruse.

Bang, bang.

Violent tremors traveled out along with the brilliant rays that shot into the sky. Those rays of light rushed into the darkness above Border Dragon City and were instantly absorbed by the darkness without creating even a single billow. Even monstrous impacts when entering the darkness was like a clay ox entering the sea, disappearing without a trace.

The crowd below became even more lively as they cheered loudly. They would never have thought that it wasn't fireworks but the battles of strong practitioners happening above them. Luckily the impact was towards the darkness in the sky, otherwise many people below would have died.

The silver dragons traveled back and forth and a few terrifying figures appeared among the light like gods and devils. It was Border Dragon City Lord Fu Yundi, Venerable Hei, yellow-faced woman and the rest clashing each other in the sky.

Qin Mu was also weaving quickly through the crowd as this wasn't a safe place to be. Even though the impacts created by the strong practitioners were all towards the sky, what if the impacts came downwards?

Blood would definitely flow like a river and countless of people would turn into corpses!

The rumbles of thunder sounded above Border Dragon City, rolling around at a great speed. The thunder was sometimes in the east of the city while other times they were in the west of the city, moving to and fro as fast as lightning.

Behind him, the divine arts practitioners from the City Lord's Manor continued to chase after him. Even as Qin Mu tunnel around the crowd, he wasn't able to shake them off.

"Tonight's encounter sure is weird. However, I still created trouble by not resisting my murderous intent and killing the City Lord's son. I must quickly inform granny and Grandpa Blind to leave this place as early as possible!"

Qin Mu was about to hasten his footstep when he heard a dragon roar from behind him. A divine arts practitioner with a green dragon coiling around his body pounced on him. He was still over twenty yards away from Qin Mu when the green dragon weaved through the crowd and was close to pinning Qin Mu down!

Qin Mu was about to dodge when a roll of white silk hanging down the building at the side of the street wrapped itself around the neck of the divine arts practitioner, pulling him up from the crowd and pulling him into the room of the building.

In the building, a few women at the prime of youth had hidden knives in their sleeves as they stabbed them towards the divine arts practitioner's chest.

Qin Mu raised his head and looked. They were the few big sisters that previously called him up to play with them when he had first entered the city.

He continued to walk forward and passed by an alley. In the alley was a divine arts practitioner wearing a bamboo hat whose body shook when he saw Qin Mu passing by. From the alley, towering waves appeared from emptiness. The huge waves like huge snakes as they opened their jaws to bite down on Qin Mu. There were silver fish inside the huge fish that were probably spirit weapons.

And at this moment, there was a blacksmith workshop opposite the alley where the blacksmith was a giant that was twenty yards tall. He was smithing a fine steel long knife. The knife handle was five yards long while the blade was six yards long. The giant grabbed the long knife and pierced it through the wall to the alley, spearing the divine arts practitioner wearing the bamboo hat and nailed him to the wall.

The giant blacksmith then pulled out his knife and wiped away the bloodstains. He then continued to forge the knife in the blazing flames of the forge.

Qin Mu was stunned for words and continued to walk forward. With the clamoring of the gongs and drums in the festooned street, figures leaped quickly as if they were flying on the roof of the houses on both sides. They were the divine arts practitioners of City Lord's Manor and they quickly closed in on Qin Mu.

One of the divine arts practitioners leaped down and before he could even land on the ground, a snake in the basket of a snake charmer suddenly stretched out its head. The snakehead suddenly became extremely huge and swallowed the divine arts practitioner that leaped down from the sky. Its head then shrunk back to normal and returned to its basket.

Other few divine arts practitioners landed on the ground and weaved among the crowd. One of them passed by a wine shop and the waiter inside was looking at the festooned cars happily. Suddenly the wine shop waiter carried a huge wine jug and dunk it on the head of the divine arts practitioner. When the divine arts practitioner entered the wine jug, his bones and flesh immediately melted, turning him into a jug of wine.

The wine shop waiter placed the wine jug properly and sealed the mouth of the jug.

The other few divine arts practitioners from City Lord's Manor met a drunkard in a crowd. The drunkard spewed fire at them and turned them into ashes. Some of them were assassinated and were sliced at their throats. Some were carried into the festooned cars by the dancers and vanished without a trace.

As Qin Mu walked down the street, his heart was bewildered when he saw such a sight. There was quite a number of divine arts practitioners who came to hunt him down from the City Lord's Manor but they had all died without a sound in the crowd.

"Who are the people helping me? Are they the Heavenly Devil Cult? Does Heavenly Devil Cult have such a great power in the city?"

He came to the inn and was about to go in when he suddenly saw Blind.

Beside the inn was a gambling den and Blind was currently being carried out by two men in black, he was then thrown onto the floor.

Qin Mu immediately went over and Blind had climbed up by himself. He patted his butt and shouted towards the gambling den, "My bamboo cane!"

The doors of the gambling den creaked opened and a bamboo cane was thrown out that hit Blind's head.

Blind picked up his bamboo cane and smiled, "I'm unlucky this time. I promise that next time all of you won't see how I cheat. I will definitely win back all my money! Mu'er, is it you? Come to say, I've met quite an interesting sight today, I saw a big hen dressing up prettily and going out to have fun. There was also a small rooster following her to have fun."

Qin Mu was bewildered, "They are just two birds, what's so weird about them? Grandpa Blind, let us return to the inn."

When both of them returned to the inn, Granny Si's astonished cry sounded out. Qin Mu immediately barged in to see Granny Si holding up a coin pouch in astonishment.

Qin Mu stared blankly and immediately pushed the window opened. Looking outside, he still saw the silver dragons transformed from the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures fighting with the strong practitioners outside. Turning his head back, he still saw Granny Si in the room, making him very puzzled.

"Could it be that the Cult Mistress I've met in the City Lord's Manor isn't Granny Si?"

Qin Mu's heart grew increasingly puzzled and he smiled, "Did granny just return? I've brought some food back for you and Grandpa Blind." He then took out the oil paper and placed it on the table to open it up.

Granny Si's blurry eyes revealed a moved expression and she sat down, trembling. She smiled and said, "Mu'er sure is filial. What's going on with that sack of dragon coins?"

Qin Mu looked at her eyes and was bewildered. Granny Si's gaze was very similar to the Cult Mistress's gaze. Even the smell of the rouge was the same.

However, why were there still silver dragons transformed by the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures?

He composed himself and told them about his encounter in the little alley.

Granny Si had a queer expression as she stammered, "Y-you use a single dragon coin to earn over three thousand dragon coins? If granny knew that you had so much money earlier, I would have gone and indulged myself instead of going to look for a free meal."

Qin Mu told them about how he met the beautiful woman in the City Lord's Manor and said, "Granny, I have killed the City Lord's son, it isn't suitable for us to stay here for long, we need to leave as soon as possible!"

Granny Si pulled out the jade hairpin from her head and beckoned her hand, suddenly a fine thread came flying in from outside. This thread automatically coiled themselves around the jade hairpin and turned into a ball of thread in just a few seconds. She threw the ball of thread into her basket and smiled, "I've turned the Border Dragon City Lord's Mistress into a cow and you've killed their son, he sure is unlucky. However, there are more unlucky things waiting for him. He has committed too much evil and karma is waiting to strike. Since you have earned these dragon coins, you can keep them for yourself, they may be of use in the future."

World shaking roars came from outside, among them was Venerable Hei shouting, "Cult Mistress has escaped!"

"Quickly search all the areas and all of you must search her out!"

"Outside is filled with darkness, the demoness couldn't have escaped out of the city!"

Blind leaned his ears to hear the commotion outside and suddenly said, "That little general with the surname Qin is staying here and not leaving. With the topographic map of Surging River, he's clearly waiting for Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor is planning to move his army into Great Ruins. Border Dragon City would be the first to bear the brunt. Since little General Qin is staying in City Lord's Manor, it means that Border Dragon City Lord Fu Yundi had come to terms with him. When the time comes, Border Dragon City would be the first stronghold for them to invade Great Ruins. This city is very big and could hold up to ten thousand soldiers and horses."

Granny Si beamed, "Therefore Fu Yundi have to die."

Blind nodded his head and said, "He must die. Mu'er has killed his son so if Mu'er leaves the city, he will definitely catch up to him. That would be the day he dies. Great Ruins isn't a place where Imperial Preceptor can set his foot in so he better scram back where he had come from."

Qin Mu looked at Blind and then looked at Granny Si. He didn't know what they were planning.

However, it was also weird. Granny Si had never brought Blind into the city in the past yet she brought him this time. Qin Mu had thought nothing about this earlier but now that he was thinking about it, there was something strange going on here.

If Blind was always in the gambling den and didn't leave, how did he know what had happened in the City Lord's Manor?

Or was Blind in the City Lord's Manor as well?

"Sleep early, Mu'er. Maybe granny will become the Border Dragon City Lord tomorrow!"

Qin Mu slept outside while Granny Si slept in the inner room. Just as Qin Mu was getting sleepy, he suddenly heard Granny Si rolling on her bed and whispering to herself, "I'm so excited that I can't sleep! Not only will I be bringing home the dragon pillars of Border Dragon City, the whole city will have the surname Si tomorrow! This is bad, I really can't fall asleep, hee hee hee hee…"

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