Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 730 - The Most Peculiar Place

Hu Bugui didn't know what the two of them were chatting about; he could only feel his cultivation still increasing. With each inhale and exhale, he could feel the boundless energy growing in his body.

In that short period of time, his cultivation had a world-changing transformation. If he wanted his primordial spirit to soar into the celestial palace, he could probably achieve it easily!

Who would have thought he would become the first person to fly into the celestial palace with one divine treasure?

He very quickly encountered his first problem after his great breakthrough and hurriedly asked, "Heavenly Teacher, how do I cultivate the Divine Bridge Divine Treasure?"

The old farmer's face flushed and he couldn't say a word.

He didn't have a divine bridge, and he never had a Divine Bridge Realm, so he naturally didn't know how to cultivate this realm. He was also arrogant by nature and couldn't bring himself to admit he didn't know how in front of a junior.

After a moment, the old farmer muttered, "About this, you should consult Qin Mu and Xu Shenghua..."

Hu Bugui looked at Qin Mu and Xu Shenghua. He saw these two youths coming together to mumble and draw again.

He walked forward, but he didn't know what those two people were talking about.

Qin Mu and Xu Shenghua wrote down the improved Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge, and each made a copy. They then wrote numerous ideas while copying and felt the rest of the divine treasures could all cultivate the Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge.

However, the saplings of the Builder Tree had to be in different sizes; thus, they had to make more changes to the techniques.

Basically, the Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge on every realm was different from the other realms.

Furthermore, the higher the realm was, the more dangerous it would be to cultivate.

When coming to the Life and Death Realm, they needed such a strong corporeal body and primordial spirit like Hu Bugui to be able to withstand it.

When coming to the Divine Bridge Divine Treasure, it was close to impossible to cultivate a Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge!

"I have an idea which might be able to solve this problem!"

Qin Mu suddenly thought of a possibility, and his eyes lit up. "The Ten Thousand Spirit Nature Technique of West Earth True Heaven Palace Master Xiong Xiyu. It can manage all things that have spirits and all things that have souls. The control of her vital qi has also reached a marvelous realm. If you can fuse her method to control true vitality into the Builder Tree Divine Bridge to control the pressure, you will be able to greatly increase the chances of survival of the divine arts practitioners on Divine Bridge Realm."

Xu Shenghua's eyes lit up, and he said with a smile, "My High Heavens Academy is neighbors with True Heaven Palace, it just so happens I can consult her!"

Both of them had no other thoughts once they started researching, and they disregarded everything in the outside world. When they tidied out every realm of the Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge, it was already ten days later.

High Heavens Academy had already been constructed, and there was layer after layer of palaces that arranged like scales, and long corridors stretched across the sky. The woman of West Earth had a very unique view of beauty and decorated this academy to appear full of poetic grace.

The paper that Qin Mu and Xu Shenghua had recorded accumulated up like mountains, and the technique on every realm was very thick. There were still numerous problems that had yet to be solved.

"Isn't Brother Xu establishing High Heavens Academy? In that case, let the scholars of High Heavens fix the techniques on these realms, it shall also be a test for them."

Qin Mu stretched his back and said with a smile, "I promised Big Sister Di Yiyue to accompany her to meet Goddess of Heavenly Yin, it should be time for me to leave now."

Xu Shenghua was still slightly reluctant for him to leave. "If you can stay here for a few more days, we can research even more things. In that way, my High Heavens Academy will have more unique things to attract the scholars of West Earth."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "There's also Brother Hu staying here to teach martial arts. Qi Jiuyi has hidden in High Heavens too, just invite him out. His abilities are extremely high as well."

Xu Shenghua shook his head. "Qi Jiuyi is from the extraterritorial celestial heavens, why would he help me build my academy?"

"He's the sworn brother of Fatty Dragon and has also become sworn brothers with Heavenly King Tian Shu. If you get Fatty Dragon to go with you, he can't reject you."

Xu Shenghua was delighted and looked at the dragon qilin. "In that case, I will have to borrow Dao Friend Long for a few days!"

The dragon qilin heard his words and was abnormally happy in his heart, but he didn't show it. "You can borrow me, but you will have to take care of my three meals. Cult Master has already starved me for days, so I'll have to take advance payment."

Xu Shenghua said, "I've also studied the art of medicine, I won't shortchange you."

Only then was the dragon qilin at ease. 'If I'm to starve from now on, I can ask Xu Shenghua from some rations. That's right, Xu Shenghua is easy to talk to, I wonder if he will become sworn brothers with me? If he does, the rations for the rest of my life will be secured...'

His gaze sparkled, and he secretly plotted.

The old farmer walked over and coughed. "I also want to stay here for a few days. Little Friend Xu has helped my Bullfighting Palace so much, and I need to show some gratitude in return. I see Little Friend Xu has great attainments in spell divine arts, but the attainments in your corporeal body are still lacking. I shall stay here several days to guide you on the cultivation of your corporeal body."

Xu Shenghua bowed and expressed his thanks. "I indeed have some doubts I need to consult senior about. Cult Master Qin has imparted out Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique, Three Primordial Spirit Undying God Consciousness, Anasrava Creation Mysterious Scripture, and also Sakra Scripture. I have also studied these techniques, but no matter how I cultivate, the attainments of my corporeal body can never surpass Cult Master Qin. Can senior solve my doubts?"

Qin Mu's gaze sparkled, and he stopped in his footsteps. "I suddenly remembered I can't leave Fatty Dragon, why don't I stay for a few days too."

It was obvious he wanted to listen in.

After all, the old farmer was the Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher of Founding Emperor Era. He was the heavenly teacher with the strongest battle power and was one of the few Emperor's Throne in Founding Emperor Era.

Even Woodcutter said that Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher's attainments in the martial path were something others could never hope to reach. Even several million years forward or backward, there wouldn't be anyone with his attainments in the martial path.

If he could listen to his lecture, he would definitely gain huge benefits.

The old farmer took a glance at him and said, "You have already entered the path with your martial soul, my path is not suitable for you. Learning my path by force will only make you stray further from yours. Go away."

Qin Mu didn't go and muttered, "It's no big deal to just listen. Furthermore, I've also a huge credit in helping Brother Hu to cultivate a layer of divine treasure. I'll just listen and not cultivate."

Veins popped out on the old farmer's forehead. "You are Woodcutter's disciple, I won't teach you, or he will take credit for it again."

Before Qin Mu could say anything, the old farmer said to the old bull, "Sanduo, bring him to meet Goddess of Heavenly Yin."

The old bull acknowledged and a wave of magic power surged out. Qin Mu couldn't control his body and landed on the back of the old bull. He could only stare helplessly as the old bull carried him away.

High Heavens Academy moved further and further away. Qin Mu sighed to himself, and he seemed to be gloomy.

Faraway, girls were dancing and singing about their feelings to the boys they admired, but Qin Mu still couldn't pick up his spirit.

The old bull said with a smile, "Junior Brother Qin, old master isn't that petty. It's not that he isn't willing to impart his technique to you, Big Heavenly Teacher has just irked him too much."

Qin Mu was curious. "Teacher Woodcutter took Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher's credit before?"

The old bull said, "Big Heavenly Teacher didn't do anything of that sort, it was just because his reputation was too resounding, so everyone tends to put all the credit on him. It's fine if it's just once or twice, old master wouldn't be angry. However, it happened every single time, so old master naturally couldn't take it."

"I see."

Qin Mu probed. "Senior Brother Sanduo, is the technique you cultivated Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher's technique? If he doesn't want to teach me, you can."

Niu Sanduo hesitated for a moment and said, "It's not that I can't teach you, but I didn't learn old master's Martial Arts Heavenly Technique. I'm a demon, I have comprehended my own path when looking at him cultivate, and I slowly walked further and further, only then did I cultivate to Numinous Sky Realm. You are a human, if you learn my technique, it's most likely useless. Everyone has their own path, if you walk on the path of others, you can never catch up to them. Xu Shenghua's corporeal body is too lousy, so old master is teaching him. On the other hand, your attainments are already top-notch among the younger generation."

Qin Mu could only drop the thought.

He calmed his heart down and used his primordial spirit to measure his divine treasures. He recorded down the data, and when the old bull reached the Great Ruins from West Earth, Qin Mu had already tidied up the data of his divine treasures.

The old bull carried him forward, and the sun was hanging down in the west.

The old bull hastened his footsteps and thought to himself, 'If I hurry, I can still return back to old master before the sun sets.'

He was an existence of Numinous Sky Hall. Looking at the whole Founding Emperor Era, there were also not many strong practitioners like this, so his speed was naturally unimaginable.

Right at that moment, the old bull seemed to sense something and slowed down. He turned to look at Qin Mu who was on his back and was astonished.

He saw Qin Mu opening his divine treasures, and the sapling of a Builder Tree was currently growing at a rapid speed!

The old bull jumped in shock. 'He dares to cultivate like this by himself? If anything goes wrong, I can't save him at all! I need to go back to High Heavens Academy!'

Just as he thought until there, the Builder Tree on Qin Mu's spirit platform land had already grown into his Six Directions Divine Treasure, opening access to the divine treasures. Three divine treasures had directly linked into one.

Next, the Builder Tree passed through the barrier of his Celestial Being Divine Treasure and pierced through his Celestial Being Divine Treasure. Five great divine treasures fused into one!

Qin Mu's aura rose drastically, and it continued to climb.

The old bull looked at him nervously and didn't find him to be in much danger. Only then was he at ease. He thought to himself, 'I've forgotten his cultivation is only on Celestial Being Realm, he is still a realm lower than Hu Bugui, thus the danger is much smaller. That's not right! Even though he's on Celestial Being Realm, why is his cultivation not weaker than Hu Bugui! There's danger, he must be in danger!'


Qin Mu's body trembled violently, and the other five great divine treasures appeared. Those were the five great divine treasures of the devil path.

There was also a Builder Tree of the devil path in those five great divine treasures, and this Builder Tree had also grown to his Celestial Being Divine Treasure!

Qin Mu grunted and shriveled up. His muscles had completely disappeared, and he was only left with his skin and bones!

Niu Sanduo was about to run back to High Heavens Academy when runes swirled around Qin Mu's body. The runes continuously imprinted themselves on his body, and it quickly stabilized his corporeal body and primordial spirit that had nearly crumbled.

'He can treat himself?'

Niu Sanduo was in disbelief and only then did he put his heart down. He continued to carry him forward.

The sky gradually darkened, and he got closer and closer to Supreme Emperor Heaven. He thought to himself, 'Where's Heavenly Yin World? I've only heard of the place, but I've never been to the place before. However, Junior Brother Qin is in his crucial period now, so it's not convenient to wake him up..."

He came to the broken cliff of the Great Ruins and saw the sky turning dark. The old bull jumped off the broken cliff, and his body gave off divine light to repel the darkness. The waterfalls pouring down the cliff got lit up by his divine light, and they looked truly beautiful as they gave off jade-colored refractions.

Those waterfalls gathered into a stream at the foot of the cliff which turned into a huge river that surged east along the passage of Supreme Emperor Heaven.

'This is the Surging River, the most peculiar place during Founding Emperor Period.'

The old bull stopped and looked around in alert. 'Back then, Founding Emperor and Heavenly Teachers had come here to offer condolences to the worthy predecessors and commemorate the past eras, it was here that they encountered numerous inconceivable things.'

Suddenly, fog came pouring over from the darkness, and the snow-white fog actually didn't seem to be afraid of the divine light shining out from his body at all. The fog soon drowned both of them out.

The old bull looked carefully at his surroundings, and the fog was getting thinner and thinner. He could faintly see some movements in the fog and heard laughter coming out. "The celestial heavens sure is bustling with activity today, people are coming and going. Even this celestial river is filled with pleasure boats everywhere."

The old bull raised his head and saw a huge pleasure boat sailing in their direction. He hurriedly avoided and saw the sights in the surroundings suddenly became bright and colorful. It was as if all colors had suddenly become vibrant!

'Where is this place?'

The old bull's heart trembled, and he looked into the surroundings. He saw countless pleasure boats sailing together on a huge river.

And on both sides of the huge river, there was layer after layer of celestial palaces that looked extraordinarily sacred.

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