Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 734 - Seven Celestial Venerables in the Jade Pool

The old bull followed behind both of them, and huge beads of sweat kept rolling down his forehead. Qin Mu and Founding Emperor's qi activity kept changing, and even though they didn't fight in the open, they were challenging each other secretly and not giving way to each other!

'Both of them are stubborn donkeys!'

The old bull kept raising his hand to wipe off his sweat. 'I shouldn't have listened to old master about bringing Qin Mu to meet Goddess of Heavenly Yin, I should have stayed beside old master and slowly drank my tea while I enjoyed my water pipe. If Founding Emperor loses, it's not good, if Qin Mu loses, it's also not good. I can't give an answer if I go back like this! I can't possibly tell old master that I sent Qin Mu to the ancient gods' celestial heavens and Qin Mu beat Founding Emperor up...'

He didn't know who he should be helping now.

According to how close he was to both of them, he should be helping Founding Emperor.

But Qin Mu was a very good youth, and he was always very polite to him. He always called him Senior Brother Sanduo, and from his inner thoughts, he was closer to Qin Mu.

He was truly troubled.

However, he could see that both Qin Mu and Founding Emperor were geniuses. Both of their qi activities had a myriad of changes and any slight movement from their corporeal body, any slight ripple from their primordial spirit's consciousness, or any slight change in vital qi, would result in being sensed by the other party's qi and be responded to accordingly.

Every step they walked, there would be dozens of transformations, and because their horizons were too high, their transformations were aimed directly at the flaws of the opponent. As a result, when their qi clashed, they started walking crookedly.

Both of them were like drunk men as they walked forward. They became more and more wretched, but they couldn't stop as it was impossible to stop halfway.

Luckily, they were already nearing the head of the big kun. In just two to three miles and they would be able to come to Son of Heaven Yin's side.

Son of Heaven Yin looked at Goddess of Heavenly Yin's carriage, which was driving towards him, in excitement. Most of the people were also gathered on the big kun's head, and they raised their heads in wonder.

Qin Mu and Founding Emperor stumbled over, and steam was rising from both of their bodies. The steam became thicker and thicker as both of them walked forward involuntarily.

Son of Heaven Yin suddenly seemed to sense something and hurriedly turned back to look. He saw Qin Mu and Founding Emperor walking over, and he instantly sensed two different qis clashing. These two qis were from Qin Mu and Founding Emperor.

'Why have both of them started fighting? It's a good thing that both of them are fighting, I can make friends on both sides and make them shed tears of gratitude.'

Son of Heaven Yin was astonished, and he felt delighted in finding his prey. 'The fighting methods of these two people are very strange, it's still my first time seeing such fighting methods. Why don't I separate both of them and let them be grateful to me!'

His qi burst forth and sliced between both of them. He said with a smile, "Brother Qin, Brother Mu, let me be a media..."

Just as his qi sliced between them, Qin Mu and Founding Emperor's qis, which were like a flood, suddenly found a drain and poured towards him!

Before Son of Heaven Yin could finish his words, he got pressured by the two qis, and his mind turned blank. He couldn't have any thoughts!

He could only feel the heaven and earth splitting in an instant and crumbling. He fell from an incomparably high height and below him was darkness, boundless darkness.

He struggled helplessly and could only continue to fall. Slowly, he saw two faces against each other in the darkness and those were the faces of 'Mu Qing' and 'Qin Kai' with one on the left and one on the right.

These two faces were incomparably huge, and he was located between both of them. He was incomparably small and was currently falling into the endless darkness.

Right at this moment, Qin Mu's voice rang out, "Brother Yin, Brother Yin!"

The hallucinations in front of Son of Heaven Yin's eyes vanished, and Qin Mu's kind face gradually appeared in front of him. Qin Mu was currently holding onto his left arm while Founding Emperor was holding onto his right arm to prevent him from falling.

Son of Heaven Yin's body was filled with sweat as though he was just fished out of the water.

"Is Brother Yin's body uncomfortable?" Qin Mu asked in concern.

"I'm skilled in the art of healing, I can help treat Brother Yin. As the saying goes, a healer treats their patients like their parents would..."

Founding Emperor said with a smile, "Brother Yin was caught between us, so he's just in shock, he's not ill. Medicine is also thirty percent poison, if he eats your medicine, he will be ill even if he wasn't. Brother Mu..."

"Don't call me Brother Mu!"

Veins popped on his forehead, and he resisted the urge in his heart. Founding Emperor was his old ancestor, so how could he call him brother?

Founding Emperor understood and said coldly, "I originally wanted to bury the hatchet with you yet you don't appreciate it, do you really think I'm afraid of you? Your abilities are indeed very high, but they might not be higher than mine!"

Qin Mu sneered and said, "My abilities might not be higher than yours, but my Dao heart is. I won't be as useless as you."

Son of Heaven Yin felt his head aching, and he hurriedly said, "Goddess of Heavenly Yin's carriage is here, stop quarreling, can't both of you just talk things out?"

Dragon roars came ringing out, and he saw huge dragons pulling along an incomparably gorgeous carriage over, and every dragon was much larger than the big kun under their feet. They rode the wind and clouds to fly past their heads.

Those dragons were clad with green-colored armor, and they were treasures forged using Metal of Heavenly Yin; as a result, precious light shone intensely from their bodies. The carriage was also mainly forged using Metal of Heavenly Yin and decorated with clouds. Under the canopy hung beads and every bead was bright. They were refined using planets and were refined to a perimeter of over thirty yards.

The clouds floated among the hanging beads, and the clouds and beads blocked everyone's vision. They could only faintly see a goddess sitting under the canopy.

Son of Heaven Yin stared with his eyes wide open and was in a daze. Only after the huge dragons pulled the carriage to the center of the celestial heavens, did he mutter, "When can I be so awe-inspiring as well?"

Everyone in the surroundings laughed.

Even that big kun under his feet burst out into loud laughter.

Son of Heaven Yin's face flushed and he stuttered, "D-don't laugh at me, I will definitely be so awe-inspiring and impressive in the future! When the future comes, hehe, all of you will have to bow at my feet..."

Everyone's laughter became even louder.

Son of Heaven Yin turned even redder and was about to argue more when Founding Emperor said, "Brother Yin, there are countless people under the world, but those that can do big things and leave their names down in history are only three to five people. They don't have this ambition so they will only laugh at others with ambition, don't take it to heart."

Son of Heaven Yin was very grateful and said, "The bramblings don't know the ambitions of swans, I won't stoop down to their level."

Qin Mu took a glance at Founding Emperor and thought to himself, 'Is he explaining his ambition or is he thinking for these people so Son of Heaven Yin won't take revenge on them in the future? Maybe it's both. Now that I've returned to the past, could I kill Son of Heaven Yin and change the future?'

There was a slight hesitation in his heart.

The big kun ferried them to fly past the palaces, and they then met several impressive and extraordinary carriages of ancient gods passing by, which raised wave after wave of envy.

Finally, they reached the Jade Pool of the celestial heavens.

The celestial heavens were simply too vast, and even with the big kun's flying speed, he still had to fly for a long time before coming to the Jade Pool.

The big kun slowly stopped and docked at the side of the white jade platform beside the Jade Pool. Everyone stopped, and Son of Heaven Yin helped Qin Mu pay the fare by giving the big kun some more Jade Dragon Pills. The big kun then flew towards the celestial river in the sky and plopped into the river before swimming away.

Even though the Jade Pool had the word pool, to Qin Mu and the rest, it was like an ocean in the celestial heavens. The clouds here were fleeting, and there were countless immortal mountains on the ocean. There were also huge sea turtles carrying sacred mountains and roaming in the Jade Pool.

There were also unbelievably huge lotus flowers in the ocean that took up several hundred fields of land. Some of the flowers had bloomed, and the white and red petals were very alluring. Some were still flower buds that were slender and elegant. They were in green, in white, and in pink, which made them look very beautiful.

Numerous divine arts practitioners were playing near the Jade Pool, and these divine arts practitioners were all people from the lower bound. There were also some that were half-gods that Son of Heaven Yin had mentioned. They didn't morph into humans and appeared with their divine beast forms.

To the people of the future generations, these half-gods were divine beasts, and to the people now, they were half-gods that possessed supreme bloodlines and had high positions. When divine arts practitioners met them, they would have to be respectful.

Beside the Jade Pool, numerous people called the huge turtles over and paid some spirit pills to board the sacred mountains on the turtle. The turtle carried the sacred mountains to swim into the depths of the Jade Pool.

And those lotus flowers on the ocean actually had small countries. Many people went over there to play.

"To ancient gods, this is the Jade Pool, to us, this is the Jade Sea."

Son of Heaven Yin said, "During this Celestial Heavens Meeting, many people have come up to play from the lower bounds and see the world, these were all ordinary people. However, Celestial Venerable Yu and the rest of the Dao friends are different. They have lofty ambitions, and they took this chance to invite all of the talents from the lower bounds by hosting this Jade Pool Meeting. Even though we are inferior to the ancient gods, we still have to carve out our names!"

His eyes were sparkling, and Qin Mu saw it in his eyes. His heart stirred slightly. 'Son of Heaven Yin was also a youth with ambition back then. But this was right, his attainments in the future generation were extremely high, he was one of the rare strong practitioners on Emperor's Throne, so he naturally has his own abilities.'

Son of Heaven Yin called a huge turtle over and said, "We are here on Celestial Venerable Yu's invitation to attend the Jade Pool Meeting."

That old turtle said, "Celestial Venerable Yu instructed not to take spirit pills from those coming to the Jade Pool Meeting. Please come onboard."

Qin Mu was astonished and asked, "Is Celestial Venerable Yu's position in the celestial heavens very high?"

Son of Heaven Yin said with a smile, "Celestial Venerable Yu is the leader of us, the lowly races, so his position is naturally extremely high. Even the ancient gods refer to him as Dao friend and feel that he is the person who can develop the paths, skills, and divine arts."

They got up on the sacred mountain which was on the back of the turtle, and the old turtle immediately swam towards the depths of the Jade Pool. The scenery around them was indescribably pleasant.

"Celestial Venerable Yu is the first person to open the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, the cultivation of divine treasures originates from him. After he opened the divine treasures, heaven and earth changed and astonished the world. At that time, numerous ancient gods projected themselves down and surrounded him with praises, praising him for being the founder of an important era."

Son of Heaven Yin said, "Heaven Duke called him Celestial Venerable Yu, Earth Count granted him life, making him immortal and undying. However, there are still people who could be on par with him. Celestial Venerable Hao has opened up the Five Elements Divine Treasure. His surname isn't Hao, and instead, his name has the word Hao, thus the ancient gods conferred him as Celestial Venerable Hao. There's also Celestial Venerable Ling who has opened up the Six Directions Divine Treasure, Celestial Venerable Yue who has opened up the Seven Stars Divine Treasure, Celestial Venerable Huo who has opened up the Celestial Being Divine Treasure, Celestial Venerable You who has opened up the Life and Death Realm, and Celestial Venerable Yun who has opened up the Divine Bridge Divine Treasure. They are known as the Seven Celestial Venerables, and after they succeeded, the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth changed, and Celestial Emperor permitted their titles."

Qin Mu muttered and said, "Truly an era that fascinates people, these people truly deserve to be called Celestial Venerables for being able to establish the cultivation system of divine treasures. No matter how much the future generations create, it will be hard to surpass them..."

Founding Emperor had the same sentiments and said, "To be able to see the Seven Celestial Venerables, this trip is not for naught."

Both of them crossed gaze, and they suddenly snorted to turn their heads away.

The old bull was stuck between them and instantly felt the pressure multiplying. He groaned to himself. 'Both fellows are stubborn donkeys, I hope both of you don't create any more trouble and put me in a dilemma...'

In front, a cluster of palaces shone brilliantly and looked very grand. The old tortoise carrying the sacred mountain came to the front of the palaces and said, "We have arrived at the Jade Pool Secret Territory."

Son of Heaven Yin hastened his footsteps and said loudly, "Celestial Venerable Yu, Little Brother Yin Chaojin is here to attend the meeting!"

Qin Mu and Founding Emperor also walked forward. The old bull braced himself and walked between both of them to prevent them from creating any nuisance. He thought to himself, 'As long as they don't beat each other up, that would be my merit!"

The palaces were bustling with activity as numerous people walked to and fro; they must be divine arts practitioners from all worlds that had come to attend the meeting.

Qin Mu's mind trembled. 'Exactly how many world-shaking big figures will be born from these people here?'

Suddenly, he was slightly stunned. He saw a monk, and beside him was a Daoist.

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