Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 737 - Qin Mu and Founding Emperor's Clash

The Jade Pool Meeting was originally a bustling place, and there were many people everywhere. When Qin Mu blew Celestial Venerable Huo away, it created quite the commotion. More and more people came pouring over.

Half-gods could easily blow Celestial Venerable Huo away, but it was definitely impossible for divine arts practitioners to do so.

Celestial Venerable Huo was the founder of the divine treasures cultivation system, and he was the one who had opened the Celestial Being Divine Treasure. He had received the blessing of ancient gods and had very strong cultivation. The only ones who could be on par with him were the other six celestial venerables.

Furthermore, Celestial Venerable Huo's abilities weren't the weakest among the Seven Celestial Venerables.

Celestial Venerable Huo had mastered the power of fire, and his attainments in fire divine arts were far superior to others. Now that he was easily blown away by Qin Mu, how could that not cause a commotion?

"Equal to gods?"

Qin Mu paid no attention to the people pouring over. He tilted his head and pondered. How did the meaning of gods come about?

If one could achieve immortality, they could indeed be called a god just by cultivating creation divine arts.

Creation divine arts could allow his corporeal body to be undying and preserve his body so it would never deteriorate. From the looks of his lifespan, he could be on par with the ancient gods.

And the method that Celestial Venerable Yu had created should be the celestial palaces cultivation system of the future civilization.

The two kinds of methods had different points. The celestial palaces cultivation system had a clear differentiation in realms. One would have to slowly climb up realm by realm to reach Emperor's Throne.

However, creation divine arts didn't have such clear differentiation, and it was more of using divine arts to reconstruct the body structure so one could always remain youthful.

However, the art of creation was very hard to cultivate, and it was only a divine art. It couldn't be popularized like the celestial palaces cultivation system and be accepted by everyone.

"The limitation of the art of creation is too huge."

Qin Mu calculated and said to Celestial Venerable Ling, "Sister Ling, even though creation divine arts can make one equivalent to a god, it can't be compared to the method Celestial Venerable Yu has created. It's not that the power is inferior, it's just too difficult to learn."

Celestial Venerable Ling said with a smile, "Those are all mediocre talents, what we seek is the path, so why should we bother about mediocre talents? Your creation divine arts could indeed help me perfect my divine art, we have to study this in detail!"

She pulled along Qin Mu's hand and squeezed out of the crowd. Right at that moment, Celestial Venerable Huo came flying over with a bang, and he was surrounded with blazing flames which exploded the surrounding air. He shouted, "I was careless and got blown away by you! Rascal, once more!"

Celestial Venerable Ling was pulling Qin Mu by one hand, so he could only face Celestial Venerable Huo's attack with his other five fingers. With another loud bang, Celestial Venerable Huo flew away.

Founding Emperor was furious, and he shouted with his suppressed voice, "I said don't attack anymore! How much commotion do you still want to create?"

Qin Mu was also slightly furious. "He attacked me. If I don't fight back, aren't I going to be hurt? If it were you, would you decide not to retaliate and take the beating?"

Founding Emperor frowned. Celestial Venerable Huo rushed over again with overflowing anger. "Everyone, disperse. There are too many people, I can't unleash my attacks.

Everyone suddenly dispersed and left an empty land.

Founding Emperor hurriedly said, "Celestial Venerable Huo, this is all a misunderstanding..."

The flames around Celestial Venerable Huo's body burned more and more furiously. He transformed into a thirty-six-yard giant that had boundless power and was coiled with fire dragons.

Founding Emperor frowned. Even though Celestial Venerable Huo had quite the attainments in fire divine arts and corporeal body divine arts, they were still slightly shallow to him.

Qin Mu broke free of Celestial Venerable Ling's hands and said calmly, "Big sister, take a few steps back first. What do you want me to?"

His second sentence was directed at Founding Emperor.

Founding Emperor's body didn't move, and he just stared at him. He said faintly, "If you create a big commotion, you and I won't know what changes will happen in the future."

"Being overcautious, that is you."

Qin Mu also stood there without moving and seemed to have a smile that was not a smile. "I'm not like you, I don't have so much of a burden on me. Whoever beats me, I'll fight back!"

Celestial Venerable Huo went to attack, but a thirty-six-yard tall primordial spirit suddenly appeared behind Qin Mu. With three heads and six arms, it forced back Celestial Venerable Huo.

Founding Emperor also had a thirty-six-yard tall primordial spirit behind him which blocked Qin Mu's attack. He couldn't suppress his anger anymore and laughed. "I've long realized you look down on me and keep finding faults with me. In that case, why don't we fight it out!"

Qin Mu also couldn't restrain his anger towards Founding Emperor any longer, and his aura burst forth. Qi and blood instantly surged into the sky and swept the winds and clouds!

His thirty-six-yard tall, three-headed, and six-armed primordial spirit stood in the whirlpool of qi and blood and roared like thunder. "Let's fight then! Do you think I'm scared of you? Come—"

In the surroundings, countless divine arts practitioners had dazed expression as they looked at the apparitions in the sky with bewildered looks. They couldn't come back to their senses.

Strong, too strong.

In this era, there was never such strong divine arts practitioners before!

Celestial Venerable Huo went to attack once more, but his face turned white when he saw Qin Mu's primordial spirit standing in the current of qi and blood. "Impossible, it's impossible to have such strong divine arts practitioners..."

Founding Emperor's anger couldn't be restrained, and his aura also exploded. He shouted sternly, "What you have done couldn't be any worse! I can't let you do as you like anymore!"


His qi and blood rushed into the sky, and his primordial spirit leaped up to step on his qi and blood. It opened up a panoramic view of an overbearing and powerful ruler of an era!

Both of their primordial spirits fought in the celestial heavens, and their aura poured forward to suppress the Jade Pool Meeting. This made all of the divine arts practitioners in the Jade Pool Meeting astonished and frightened. They could only look at that astonishing sight in mid-air with blank expressions!

Celestial Venerable Yu and the few celestial venerables that were discussing matters in the Jade Pool Golden Hall were also alarmed. They could only raise their heads to look in shock.

Such strong primordial spirits, such powerful qi and blood, it brought a spectacular yet bitter feeling.

Celestial Venerable Ling was also raising her head to look on in shock. She whispered under her breath, "So strong, how did they cultivate..."

The old bull's distressed voice came out from her back. "What should I do, what should I do? These two fellows are both stubborn bulls... no, that's not right, they are stubborn mules... Bulls aren't stubborn! It will be bad if they start fighting..."

Celestial Venerable Ling was puzzled. "Didn't all of you come together, you aren't friends?"

Niu Sanduo sighed and shook his head. "Both of them want to be friends, but both of them are prideful. They don't want to put their pride aside..."

The sky suddenly trembled as Qin Mu and Founding Emperor's primordial spirits suddenly exploded with divine arts. The power of those brilliant divine arts raised a hurricane in the sky which blew in all directions. The clouds in the sky were swept away by the violent ripples and vanished!

The sky became completely blue.

In the next moment, countless bolts of lightning crossed one another and struck down like rain!

"Your divine art isn't bad."

Below, Founding Emperor exerted force to rush at Qin Mu. He sneered. "However, your comprehension of the divine art is still far inferior!"

His hand flipped, and his divine art contained itself in his palm. Fluttering with his sleeves, countless small divine arts surrounded him.

He was the founder of an era, and even though he was still in his youth, he showed all of his overbearing skills and strategy. The most spectacular and charming divine arts of Founding Emperor Era were founded by him, and those had held up an era!

He was the original creator of the most primitive version of 'Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique' that Qin Mu was cultivating. There were countless methods of arrangements for the tens of thousands of divine arts practitioners. They were all divine arts Woodcutter had sorted out from Founding Emperor's divine arts.

When Qin Mu was on his father Qin Hanzhen's ship, the method that condensed the power of divine arts by a high degree had come from Founding Emperor.

The power of a divine art could have the mighty power to destroy an area of over ten miles. When this kind of strength exploded forth, the destruction couldn't be reckoned!

Qin Mu let out a loud roar. Other people had seven great divine treasures, but he could have up to fourteen divine treasures that were separated into god and devil. Other than the Life and Death and Divine Bridge Divine Treasures, the rest of the divine treasures were already opened, so there were a total of ten divine treasures.

And those ten divine treasures had already been refined into one.

His vital qi hung down like a waterfall and ran down this majestic divine treasure like pillars of qi or even a flood. There were hundreds to thousands of pillars of vital qi circulating and weaving in the heaven and earth of the divine treasure.

Because his divine treasures were one, the speed of his vital qi circulation was even faster than Founding Emperor. His explosive strength was even stronger, and the power was even higher!

Even though his divine art was inferior to Founding Emperor's, he wasn't scared to clash at all!

Both of them clashed, and the power of the divine arts burst forth in that instant. Under both of their feet, the white jade slabs floated up in that instant, and both of them were in the center of the circle. Pieces were raised up in circles, and the white jade slabs under the divine arts practitioners standing far away were also raised; they fell backward involuntarily!

Bang, bang, bang! Countless violent strikes were like a string of thunder. In that instant where the power burst forth, both of them were blasted away and smashed into the ground at godly speeds like comets. They crashed into the walls of the two huge halls that were a hundred miles apart.

And in the sky, two magnificent primordial spirits moved like lighting and struck at one each other without caring for their lives as streaks of lights appeared in the sky.

In the sky, the figures of light crossed each other, and all kinds of apparitions burst forth. There were soaring dragons, phoenixes wheeling in the sky, ten thousand flying swords, knives that split the sky, fist mudras that were like mountains, a long majestic river, and a huge spinning bell...

What accompanied all kinds of apparitions were all kinds of marvelous voices, and those were Dao voices coming from the explosion of the divine arts!

The roof of those two halls exploded open as Qin Mu and Founding Emperor rushed into the sky. They landed on the roof and looked at one another from a hundred miles away.

They crossed their gazes.


Qin Mu roared, and his qi rushed into the sky. He suddenly left the hall to step over through the air. Even though he stepped on the air, huge footprints would appear on the ground!

He ran in the air like flickering light and passing shadows. With just a step, he unleashed countless punches, and the fist mudras compressed the air to materialize. Huge fists flew towards Founding Emperor at astonishing speeds, and when the number of fist mudras increased, they formed a thicker and thicker wall!

The old bull was alarmed, and he hurriedly shouted, "Qin Ye... Qin Kai, don't fight him with brute force, his skills in the martial path have already reached the peak!"

On the other side of the hall, Founding Emperor didn't pay attention to the old bull's words. He moved towards Qin Mu, and his hands moved up and down like fluttering butterflies. Countless small divine arts flew out from his fingertips, fingers, palms, and even under his sleeves. Towers, cauldrons, bells, pagodas, knives, spears, swords, halberds, dragons, tigers, black tortoises, vermillion birds, and all kinds of divine artifacts all flew out in front of him with terrifying power. They were sparkling with light!

There was an incomparably terrifying wave in his aura that contained incomparably terrifying power.

The old bull's blood ran cold, and he shouted, "Mu Qing, don't fight him with brute force! Qin Kai's skills in the divine arts have already reached the peak!"

In mid-air, incomparably terrifying waves came over when the fist collided with the divine art. When both of them collided, a snow-bright light burst forth from the center of the explosion. It was like an incomparably sharp knife slashing straight towards the heart of the Jade Pool Treasured Island.

The ground trembled violently, and a heavenly moat split away the Jade Pool Treasured Island. The crack was clean and only grew bigger, longer, and wider!


Violent wind swept in all directions and the glazed tiles on each and every hall were instantly raised up, revealing the dragon bones. Countless jade green tiles formed jade clouds to fly off in all directions.

"Primordial Spirit Possession!"

Both voices rang at the same time. The violent flood of qi and blood suddenly fell back as both of their primordial spirits returned back to their body at the same time.

Both of their auras were untamed. Qin Mu's corporeal body swelled up to become taller and taller. He was thirty-six yards tall, and he stood upright like a god.

His six arms mobilized his power, and his muscles swelled and popped. His three heads roared, but he put his six palms on the ground.

"Refining treasures into weapons!"

The ground trembled, and huge halls were crumbling from the shaking land. Bronze pillars rushed into the sky and melted under the flames to transform into flying spirit weapons that were flying swords moving at a rapid speed!

On the other side, Founding Emperor clasped his hands in front of his chest, and his aura burst forth. Another huge hall floated and crumbled in mid-air. The divine metal and divine materials transformed into all kinds of shapes, beasts, and treasures before they came rushing over.

That was the form of his spirit weapon after his divine art was settled.

Both of them brought out their inner anger, and the methods used in that instant had surpassed a normal duel.

The old bull had a huge head. He protected Celestial Venerable Ling and shouted, "Qin Kai, stop fighting him, he's the overlord body, we can't find him!"

Founding Emperor paid no attention, and the old bull said, "Mu Qing, why are you attacking back? His divine arts are boundless, and you will have a high chance of being killed by him! His strongest skills are sword techniques, divine arts are just a facade.

In the sky, both of their ultimate divine arts astonished everyone on the island. They made countless divine arts practitioners of the ancient times dumbfounded as they looked at the two divine arts that were about to collide.

"Both of you!"

Niu Sanduo finally couldn't hold himself back. A world-shattering roar came from him. "Have both of you had enough? I'm angry!"

Celestial Venerable Ling was beyond excited, and her expression was slightly in a daze. Beside her, the old man suddenly exploded with a world-astonishing aura which caused the surrounding space to split and crackle.

Celestial Venerable Ling looked at this elder who was growing taller and taller. She could only see his tenacious corporeal body, which was as strong as an ancient god's. The anger of the old bull couldn't be restrained, and his voice rang through the celestial heavens, even raising some waves in the celestial river!

In the sky, cracks in space were everywhere.

The Jade Pool Treasured Land didn't seem to be able to contain the corporeal body of this elder!

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