Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 738 - Wreaking Havoc in the Celestial Heavens

"Niu Ben is so strong..."

Beside Celestial Venerable Yu, Son of Heaven Yin stared with his eyes wide open, and he looked at Niu Sanduo whose head was in the clouds. His eyeballs almost popped out of the socket.

He knew this person called 'Niu Ben' was very strong and almost crashed the big kun the moment he boarded. However, he didn't know this plain looking Niu Ben was actually so strong!

He was so strong that even the sky couldn't withstand his aura anymore. He was so strong that he suppressed the entire Jade Pool Meeting the moment he made a move!

In the Jade Pool, those huge turtles carrying islands on their backs were also half-gods. They naturally had a powerful bloodline as they were the descendants of ancient gods. Yet even with their powerful abilities, these huge turtles didn't dare to show themselves in front of Niu Ben's aura. They just tucked their heads and limbs into their shell and sunk into the sea, leaving the divine arts practitioners on the islands to scramble to the top so they wouldn't drown in the Jade Pool.

"As strong as ancient gods..."

Celestial Venerable Yu and the other few celestial venerables had pale faces as they looked up at the furious god. They had a myriad of emotions mixed in their hearts.

It was especially so for Celestial Venerable Yu.

For this Jade Pool Meeting, he had been running up and down the celestial heavens, communicating with Celestial Empress and even having to bribe people around Celestial Emperor to praise him in front of Celestial Emperor.

Not only that, he even had to create such a huge influence to attract all of the young talents from all worlds to attend this Jade Pool Meeting.

He had borrowed the power of the Celestial Heaven Meeting to be able to host the Jade Pool Meeting and create such a bustling event.

And this time, he had also wanted to borrow the chance to announce a huge matter that would gather everyone's attention. He was to make use of this chance to become the leader of all divine arts practitioners and even the leader of half-gods.

He wanted all races in the world, including the offspring of ancients gods, to be pulled into his camp!

In this way, half of the Celestial Heavens Meeting's profit would fall into his hands and become his capital to rise up.

Yet never did he expect two youths to suddenly appear in the Jade Pool Meeting and fight without restraint. These two people had exhibited unmatched magnificence and astonished everyone that was attending the meeting. They had completely stolen the limelight from him.

What he expected even less was a strong practitioner equivalent to an ancient god jumping out from nowhere. He had utterly no idea if the Jade Pool Meeting could even continue.

If this strong practitioner lost his temper and wreaked the entire Jade Pool, wouldn't all his efforts be for naught?

Niu Sanduo showed his incomparably muscular body and spewed out smoke from his nose. With his fiery eyes, he raised his hands to press down. Before his hands could even touch Qin Mu and Founding Emperor, both of them instantly felt an incomparably terrifying pressure!

Bang, bang.

Two dull sounds rang out. Qin Mu and Founding Emperor's divine arts broke down, and both of them fell from the sky. They were pressed down on the ground by an invisible pressure.

The ground sank as both of them were pressed down, sinking deeper and deeper. They couldn't move, and they were overwhelmed with shock.

"You dare to beat him?"

Qin Mu was surprised and furious. He raised his head forcefully and said, "When you beat him, you are beating me, you damn bull..."

Niu Sanduo's furious voice came from midair. "Create more trouble! Come and create more trouble! How many times have I told both of you on the journey, restrain yourself and don't create trouble, both of you just have to create trouble! Do you really think I have no temper at all? If my bull temper comes up, I don't care who you are..."

"Stop pressing down on them!"

Celestial Venerable Ling stood beside the bull's legs and looked towards where Qin Mu and Founding Emperor had crashed. There was already a huge pit that was three hundred yards deep, and so she hurriedly raised her head. "If you continue to press down on them, you will squash them to death!"

However, Niu Sanduo's body was too tall, so her voice couldn't reach his ears.

Right at this moment, a loud and clear voice rang out, and it sounded like the cry of an eagle. "Who dares to wreak havoc in the celestial heavens?"

The swift fire was like a meteor as a beam of flames grew larger and larger as it came attacking towards Niu Sanduo like a sun!

Niu Sanduo stretched his hand and crushed the sun before roaring.


Even though the Great Sun Sovereign was a natural born sacred god, he couldn't stabilize himself from the waves of the roar, causing him to fly back.

He wasn't the fake Great Sun Sovereign in the future, so he immediately flapped his wings to reveal his true form. Layers of feathers spread out, and his flaming feathers reached for the sky. His wings were a hundred miles in length, and his three sharp claws were glistening with a cold sheen. Flapping his wings, he came to the top of the Jade Pool and grasped towards Niu Sanduo's head, planning to shatter his skull and brain.

Niu Sanduo punched over, and the sky gave off a dull boom. The Great Sun Sovereign gave out an astonished cry before tumbling away. Far away, a ball of fire suddenly appeared on a sun. He got bashed into that sun and couldn't get up for a while.

On the other side, from the celestial palaces of the celestial heavens, ancient gods and half-gods rose into the sky and hurried over to the Jade Pool. The aura of the ancient gods covered heaven and earth, warping space. Someone could be heard shouting loudly, "Where is this vermin from, to dare to be reckless in the celestial heavens!"

Niu Sanduo's temper had rushed to his head. He didn't care anymore and just leaped into the sky to start punching and kicking. He executed all of his cultivation without holding back.

No matter what divine art was thrown at him, he could easily wipe out the divine arts of these ancient gods with a punch. He was overwhelming everything with pure strength. Even the ancient gods of the sun, moon, and five elements couldn't block him at all. Their divine arts shattered right away!

Niu Sanduo's attainments in the martial path were extremely high, and his speed was extremely fast. The sprinting speed of a strong practitioner on the martial path was something a divine arts practitioner could never hope to reach. Furthermore, he was a strong practitioner on Numinous Sky Realm. He was only inferior to Emperor's Throne, so it was impossible for them to capture his figure!

In the sky, an ancient god grunted as he got punched in the face. He came crashing down head first into the Jade Pool. His body and legs were straight, and his life and death was unknown.

Another ancient god got blown into the celestial river and created quite a huge wave which raised up the pleasure boats. When the boats sailed on the thirty thousand yard wave, it created quite a shock.

There was also an ancient god who received countless blows in an instant. Every blow would bend his body and warp his face, so his mind was completely blank.

When he came back to his senses, he realized he was in a pile of rubble. Beneath him was the palace he had crushed.

Niu Sanduo went all out and vented all the grievances he had suffered for the past two days.

He was truly scared for the past two days. He was always afraid that Qin Mu would create some huge trouble, afraid that Qin Mu and Founding Emperor would start fighting, afraid that Founding Emperor would recognize him, afraid that Founding Emperor would get rid of Qin Mu, and also afraid that Qin Mu would get rid of Founding Emperor.

How could all these grievances be carried by a man who was straightforward and to the point?

Yet he had no choice but to bear it. When his dissatisfaction suddenly burst forth today, it couldn't be stopped anymore!

A strong practitioner on the martial path was just like that.

It was fine if he didn't explode, but the moment he exploded, it was earth-shattering. Not even a bull could pull him back, and he was a bull to begin with!

Niu Sanduo became more and more excited as he fought. More and more ancient gods and half-gods gathered around him, and he couldn't resist mooing loudly, wanting to beat down all of them.

Suddenly, a sun burst forth with dazzling light from the sky, and a beam of light shot over to hit him on the body. This old bull got blown away!

On the sun, the Great Sun Sovereign wiped away the golden blood at the corner of his lips, and his magic power burst forth. He controlled the firepower of the sun, and the sun burst forth with another pillar of light, blowing away Niu Sanduo who had yet to stabilize his footing!

On the other hand, the moon in the sky also burst forth with light, and the two pillars of light smashed onto Niu Sanduo's body, causing him to smash down from the sky and land beside the celestial river.

The five elements stars in the sky also shone brightly. It was obvious that the Five Elements Star Sovereigns were also using all kinds of methods to control the five elements stars as they planned attack together.

"Do you really think I'm scared?"

Niu Sanduo roared and stretched his hand to grab the celestial river. The celestial river trembled violently, and he was actually planning to pick the celestial river up as a weapon to sweep away the stars!

Countless divine arts practitioners in the Jade Pool felt their blood run cold. Qin Mu crawled out from Niu Sanduo's palm print and patted the dust off his body. With a gloomy face, he said to Founding Emperor, "He dares to beat you, don't worry, I'll help you beat him up in the future! This bull is mad, he's truly mad!"

Beside him, Founding Emperor stretched his body and was slightly stunned when he heard what he said. 'Isn't he my opponent? Why is he helping me to beat him up? This person is truly weird. He clearly sees me as an enemy yet he's protecting me now that I got beaten up by Niu Ben."

Celestial Venerable Ling hurriedly flew over and said, "That elder created too big of a commotion! The thirty-six palaces have been alarmed by him! This isn't going to be easy to clean up."

Qin Mu snorted and said indifferently, "He can solve this crisis. As long as he tears off that yellow joss paper, no one will be able to recognize him. However, this dumb bull is probably too engrossed in fighting that he has completely forgotten about how to tide through this. When he's tired, he will remember."

Celestial Venerable Ling examined them curiously and thought to herself, 'The relationship of these three people is truly weird...'

The celestial river trembled, and Niu Sanduo almost lifted up the celestial river to use it as a spirit weapon. At this time, a dull voice came from the depths of the celestial heavens. "I'm born from the celestial river. If you use it as a weapon, wouldn't my house be ruined by you? You can't move the celestial river."

Niu Sanduo instantly felt the celestial river becoming incomparably heavy. Furthermore, it was becoming heavier and heavier, causing his body to bend down.

He threw away the celestial river and jumped out. He saw an ancient god walking over to him on the river surface, and behind the back of the ancient god, the apparition of a huge black tortoise god appeared. There was a flying serpent coiled around the tortoise, and it opened its huge mouth that could swallow heaven to spit its tongue out. The snake's eyes were vertical, and it looked very sinister and strange when it stared at him.

Niu Sanduo was astonished, and he finally came back to his senses. Yet at this moment, green light filled the sky in the east, and another elder walked over. Behind him, there was a huge green dragon coiling behind him, and it looked extremely gigantic.

"Could it be North Deity and East Deity of the Four Deities?"

Niu Sanduo blinked and gripped his fist tightly. He got excited. 'Is the North Deity and East Deity of this era stronger than the future? Won't I know once I fight them? I'm not afraid of them at all!'

Right at this moment, a voice higher than the nine heavens came down and said, "Xuan Wu, Qing Long, there's no need to bully him. This little Dao friend has cultivated quite the ability. It should be because I have never heard of him and didn't invite him to this Celestial Heavens Meeting, therefore, he couldn't accept the result, thus he wanted to create some trouble."

North Deity bowed and said, "Your Majesty, he has come to create trouble in the Celestial Heavens Meeting, if we don't kill him, where is the awe of the celestial heavens? I feel we should slay him and let him serve as a warning!"

Niu Sanduo's heart trembled violently. 'Celestial Emperor? The one who had spoken earlier is Celestial Emperor? If they want to kill me, how should I escape?'

That voice said with a chuckle, "Why do the celestial heavens need to establish our awe? Do we still have an enemy in this entire world? That bull, with your abilities, you are worthy to be a master of a celestial palace. However, since you have wreaked havoc, that's also a crime, and I'll have to punish you. After the Celestial Heavens Meeting, you can come to the palace and be the Golden Commander in front of my throne."

Niu Sanduo hurriedly bowed, and a beam of light descended down from the sky. It landed in the hand of the old bull, and it was a commander's seal.

Niu Sanduo scratched his head and hung the commander's seal of the Golden Commander on his body.

"Consider yourself lucky." North Deity retreated, and the celestial heavens regained its calmness.

That elder walking from the east also faded away and vanished.

Niu Sanduo hurriedly returned to his normal size and returned to the Jade Pool. He said to Qin Mu, "Celestial Emperor of this celestial heavens saw my abilities and conferred me as the Golden Commander. He didn't kill me."

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "You have created such a huge commotion that the punishment would be light if he sends you to the God Execution Stage to sever your head! I originally thought you were mature, never would I expect you to be even more overboard than Qin Kai!"

Founding Emperor grunted and looked at the sky like nothing was wrong.

The old bull said, "If both of you didn't create any trouble, would I have been angered? Just keep yourself in check and create less trouble. Let us pass these few months in safety."

Qin Mu looked at the commander's seal around his waist. His heart stirred, and he said, "Show me your commander's seal."

The old bull took down the commander's seal and handed it over to him. Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly, and he was about to flip through his taotie sack when a young man with a face full of smiles walked over. He asked Celestial Venerable Ling, "Celestial Venerable Ling, these three senior brothers are?"

"I have no idea either."

Celestial Venerable Ling only came back to her senses now and asked Qin Mu, "What are your names?"

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