Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 74 - Change In Ownership Of Dragon City

Qin Mu was bewildered, "Why isn't granny's back hunched anymore? She seemed to be rolling around excitedly on her bed…"

The next day, Qin Mu woke up and realized Granny Si wasn't in her room anymore, but breakfast was already prepared.

The youth washed up and ate breakfast before going downstairs to look for Granny Si and Blind. Both of them had already prepped the cow cart and loaded the seasonings and fabric they had bought onto the cart.

What puzzled Qin Mu was that Blind was harnessing three bullocks in front of the cart. There were also another three big bullocks following behind the cow cart.

All six bullocks looked at Qin Mu and fear could be seen in their eyes as they shivered.

"Granny, didn't we sold all six cows?" Qin Mu questioned.

Granny Si yawned and slowly said, "I simply found it hard to fall asleep yesterday night, therefore, granny went out and bought another six cows."

Qin Mu was skeptical and saw the six big bullocks shaking their heads. He didn't know what they were trying to say as they could only moo.

It was still early morning when the cow cart was driven out of the city. There were already some horse carts on the road as the villagers who came into the city to trade took advantage of the early morning to return to their villages, hoping that they could make it back before nightfall.

Qin Mu drove the cart to the pier and the river was already churning. There were numerous villagers worshiping the river gods and summoning the River Carriers. Beside the shore, the big-nosed River Carriers were enjoying the smell of the incense and puffing out big rings of smoke. Some River Carriers were already carrying villagers who were returning from a rewarding trip.

Blind also offered incenses at the riverside to summon a River Carrier. He fed it some food and Qin Mu drove the cow cart onto the back of the River Carrier. The huge beast started to swim upstream.

The river flowed majestically from the west to the east. When they came, they floated down from upstream. Now that they were going upstream from downstream, the water resistance ought to be very strong.

However, the River Carrier's speed was no slower than when it was floating down. With this speed, they only need to rest a night at Grandma Temple and will return to Disabled Elderly Village the next day.

Unknowingly, they had traveled seventeen miles on the river. Granny Si's expression moved slightly. Carrying her basket, she smiled and said, "My work is here. Blind, you two move on ahead."

Blind nodded and warned, "Be careful."

Granny Si leaped and suddenly vanished without a trace.

Qin Mu looked upwards and saw Granny Si in the air without dropping down for quite a long time.

Blind, on the other hand, was used to it and was not concerned as he stood upright with his cane, facing the wind.

Not long after, Qin Mu suddenly saw that in the sky behind them, a cloud suddenly became blood red. Bloody rain then started to pour from the sky, staining Surging River scarlet red.

"What happened in the sky?"

Just as he was thinking about it, a head dropped down from the bloody cloud and into the river.

Qin Mu's hair stood on their ends. He saw the face clearly the instant the head had fallen into the river. It was the yellow-faced woman who was in City Lord's Manor!

Qin Mu raised his head. What exactly happened up in that cloud?

That rain came quickly and went away quickly as well. The bloody rain that stained the river red seemed like it was only an illusion. As the river water flowed downstream, it soon regained it clarity.

Qin Mu washed off the blood stains on his body. He waited for quite some time but Granny Si still didn't appear. However, Blind was still calm and wasn't even the slightest worried.

Right at this moment, Qin Mu suddenly felt a wave of force that made his heart palpitated. Coming from the downstream of Surging River, it was world-shaking and extremely terrifying. Even the River Carrier under their feet became uneasy and increased its speed to swim upstream.

Blind's ears suddenly twitched and he shouted, "Mu'er, get a stable footing and don't fall into the river!"

Qin Mu immediately got a stable footing. It was as if his feet grew roots into the back of the River Carrier. Only now did he hear a peculiar whooshing sound coming from his back, making him dumbstruck as he turned his head to have a look.

He could only see the huge river behind them rising higher and higher rapidly. The river was actually flowing in reverse from downstream to upstream!

At this moment, the river surface downstream was already thirty yards over both sides of the shore. As the towering snow white waves surged forth, it came crashing down towards them!

The huge waves got closer and closer to them and the water splashed frantically towards both sides, flooding the dense forest on both shores. The terrifying waves surged forth and the whooshing sound turned into a world-shaking rumble as if a few hundred thunderclaps had broken out in a valley!

Qin Mu felt a chill down his spine as he saw the excessive splashes from the huge waves fading away to reveal a huge hand. This hand was almost as wide as the river surface as it pushed mercilessly from downstream up!

Blind remained calm and collected as if he didn't notice the terrifying situation behind them.

The huge hand formed by the river water soon reached three hundred yards behind them. At this moment, the huge hand suddenly fell apart. The huge body of water dispersed to its surroundings. The waves surging forward raised their River Carrier thirty yards into the sky before landing back down again.

Qin Mu recovered from the shock and immediately grabbed onto the cow cart to prevent it from slipping into the water.

Blind used his bamboo cane to poke the River Carrier's head. The River Carrier immediately turned its direction and swam downstream again, "Mu'er, let us return to Border Dragon City."

Ten miles downstream, Border Dragon City Lord Fu Yundi descended from the sky and landed on the river surface with quick steps. He took two steps forward before stopping and looking around with a dark face, "Which senior brother broke my spell?"

"It was not a senior brother but a senior sister."

Granny Si carried her little basket and walked over on the river surface. Her wrinkles creased together as she beamed, "City Lord, aren't you afraid of harming the villagers of Great Ruins by creating a havoc on the river? If your attack had connected, villagers in over thirty miles would all have to die under your hands, what a great sin it would be."

"You're the old hag that's with that abandoned person?"

Fu Yundi replied coldly, "So you're the one who imparted the ultimate arts of the battle techniques to him so that he could kill my son? I will have to take revenge for my son's death, if you block my way, you'll die!"

Granny Si sighed and took out a ball of thread from her basket as she said faintly, "City Lord, this is the Great Education Devil Sacred Book you have been anticipating for a long time, what a pity that it would be your last time seeing it. You will still be alive but you will be sealed by me in your human skin. With me wearing your skin, I will take over Border Dragon City and meet Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor…"

Fu Yundi's pupil contracted, as the ball of thread spun in Granny Si's hand. The thread extended out rapidly and intertwined over the river surface. The thread turned into a huge net and Fu Yundi was caught in the net.

"Yesterday night when your son had died, it gave me the chance to sneak an attack on you. If you had known your place and focused on healing yourself yesterday after you were severely injured, you might still have the chance to escape today."

Granny Si beamed, "However you are too greedy and came to chase me, wanting to steal the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures, which determined your end today."

"Killing me with just you? Dream on! How many years have you only cultivated?"

Fu Yundi's body wavered and his vital qi burst forth frantically. His dense vital qi formed an eight arms and eight heads heavenly god behind him that could almost be passed off as real. The eight arms and eight heads heavenly god that was formed from his vital qi almost had a physical form!

The heavenly god behind him was holding onto eight instruments that almost formed a physical substance as well!

As the Border Dragon City Lord, he naturally had an extraordinary technique!

"The Eightfold Heavenly God Technique is indeed a remarkable technique. However, it's only remarkable and it's still far from reaching the realm of god!"

Granny Si chuckled and her skin suddenly molted away. A woman in her prime age walked out from granny's skin, she was the peerless beauty Cult Mistress from City Lord's Manor!

She sped along forward and the threads transformed by Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures traveled back and forth rapidly. Fu Yundi gave a shout and faced the palm of the beautiful cult mistress head on. He then sneered, "Si Youyou, you are just merely over a hundred years old, can your magic power be stronger than mine?"


Both of their palms clashed together, and 'Granny Si' was pushed back into the air.

"Thinking of leaving?"

Fu Yundi leaped into mid-air and suddenly felt something strange, "Why did I become so light…"

He lowered his head and saw a man of flesh without his skin standing on the river.

He looked at himself and gave out an involuntary scream. He had become a human skin himself and the man of flesh below was also him who had his skin stripped away!

The instant 'Granny Si' clashed her palm with him, the thread transformed by Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures tunneled into his body and sealed his three souls and seven spirits in a split second before skinning him.

'Granny Si' being pushed back into the sky was actually her taking the initiative to rise into the air. With a pull of her threads, his human skin was directly pulled out from his body!

"Fu Yundi, you're just so-so."

'Granny Si' raised her hand to grab this human skin and put it on herself. Her appearance and action became exactly the same as Fu Yundi.

Below, Fu Yundi's skinless corpse sank into the water and was swept away by the river.

Her body dropped down from the sky and landed on the river. Exactly at this time, the River Carrier that was carrying Qin Mu and Blind also swam here.

"Border Dragon City Lord?" Qin Mu's scalp turned numb and the Junior Protector Sword at his waist gave off a crisp jingle, ready to attack anytime.

"Mu'er, I'm granny."

Out came Granny Si's voice from Fu Yundi's mouth which then became Fu Yundi's voice again that literally had no difference, "Eternal Peace Empire's army should be reaching soon, am I right? When will Village Chief and the rest come?"

Blind turned his head and replied, "They should be arriving in the city anytime soon. This time the Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor is coming in aggressively. Granny, now that you're acting as Fu Yundi, you cannot give the game away, otherwise, with the Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's ability, he can just take your life away in one move. Can you replicate the Eightfold Heavenly God Technique of Fu Yundi?"

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