Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 742 - Back from the Dead

Founding Emperor said solemnly, "The things in the past have no righteousness, only the future has. We are currently located in history, and this is something that has already happened. No matter what you do, it's not upholding righteousness! Only in the future is your time to uphold righteousness! You should understand what I'm saying!"

Qin Mu nodded his head and said with a stupefied tone, "I understand."

Founding Emperor slowly let go and said, "Even in history, every choice you make can lead to your death. If even such an outstanding person like Celestial Venerable Yu is dead, you will only die if you participate."

Qin Mu nodded his head. "I understand."

Founding Emperor let out a sigh of relief and said, "Even though I don't know what grudge you have with me, I feel you aren't a bad person, you shouldn't die here."

Qin Mu's expressionless face slowly melted, and he revealed a smile. "Thank you. Actually, I'm already satisfied to be able to meet you, my trip isn't wasted."

Founding Emperor said, "To be able to meet the Seven Celestial Venerables and someone like you, I also feel my trip isn't wasted. According to what you said, there should still be one to two months' time, right? In these two months, let us quietly witness this history. Even though Celestial Venerable Yu is dead, his method of becoming a god will still be passed down. Isn't that the reason why we have come here?"

Qin Mu nodded his head and said in a daze, "Alright."

Founding Emperor still felt slightly uneasy, and he said to the old bull, "You are his senior brother, you are more rational than he is, you should know what to do. This is the ancient gods' celestial heavens, even you can't be reckless. If you are reckless, there will be great danger."

The old bull hesitated and nodded his head. "Don't worry, I'll look after him."

Celestial Venerable Hao's voice rang out and spread throughout the Jade Pool Small Construction. "Celestial Venerable Yu is dead, the murderer has yet to be discovered, but he's hiding among us! Everyone, I have already sent up a memorial to His Majesty Celestial Emperor, requesting His Majesty to track down the murderer and deal with him, returning justice to Celestial Venerable Yu, returning justice to all of the divine arts practitioners in the world!"

The Jade Pool Small Construction was silent, and suddenly, soft crying voices sounded out, and the cries coming from the silence were incomparably stifling.

Celestial Venerable Hao was furious, and he said loudly, "Everyone, I will definitely not let off that murderer, and I will tear him into pieces! Celestial Venerable Yu's blood shall not flow for nothing! Don't worry, believe in the celestial heavens, believe in His Majesty!"

His voice slowly grew low, but it still traveled clearly into everyone's ears. "Even though Celestial Venerable Yu is dead, his path won't die. Celestial Venerable Yu and I are best friends, and he has already passed down the method to become a god to me. He must have known misfortune would strike and thus, he taught me the method to become a god beforehand so he wouldn't leave behind any regrets. For now, let us first mourn for Celestial Venerable Yu and let him rest in peace."

His voice became lower and lower. "He was like an older brother and also like a father. It's a pity that the heavens are jealous of outstanding talent... The funeral will last for ten days, and I will personally keep watch beside Brother Yu. After ten days, I will pass down the method to become a god."

His voice gradually became lower, and his cries came out. "Brother Yu—"

Qin Mu looked at Celestial Venerable Hao who was lying on Celestial Venerable Yu's body and wailing.

Qin Mu pulled back his gaze and looked at Son of Heaven Yin who was still looking at his own hands.

Qin Mu closed his eyes, and after a moment, he opened his eyes with a bright gaze.

When Founding Emperor saw him like this, he revealed a worried look.

In Celestial Heavens Meeting, numerous ancient gods were discussing matters. The body of the Celestial Emperor was huge, and the rays behind his head were giving off ten thousand rays of sunlight. To be able to discuss matters here, they were ancient gods with high and respected positions. Even ancient gods like the Great Sun Sovereign and the Five Elements Star Sovereigns didn't have the right to join.

Suddenly, an ancient god came over in a hurry to report. "Your Majesty, Celestial Venerable Yu of the human race has been murdered, he died in the Jade Pool Small Construction. Celestial Venerable Hao has sent a memorial up to report this matter to His Majesty."

"Celestial Venerable Yu is dead?"

Celestial Emperor was astonished and said, "Present it."

That ancient god walked forward and presented Celestial Venerable Hao's memorial. Celestial Emperor took a look and closed the memorial. "Celestial Venerable Yu has been killed by a villain, it's truly a pity. I was still full of hope for him, his talent was outstanding, and he had a sense of propriety. I was still waiting to see the golden age that he would be creating for me and never would I expect him to be assassinated. Earth Count."

In the darkness, Earth Count bowed slightly. "Your Majesty."

Celestial Emperor said, "Celestial Venerable Yu can't die just like this. His soul should have gone to Youdu, right? Bring his soul over and ask for the whole story."

Earth Count's body sank, and after a moment, he reappeared and shook his head. "Celestial Venerable Yu is not in Youdu."

Celestial Emperor frowned slightly and asked Goddess of Heavenly Yin, "Goddess of Heavenly Yin. Celestial Venerable Yu has most likely become a broken soul. Is his broken soul over at your place?"

Goddess of Heavenly Yin was currently sitting in Heaven Duke's shadow, and after a moment, she replied, "Your Majesty, Celestial Venerable Yu's broken soul isn't in my Heavenly Yin World."

Celestial Emperor sighed. "His soul has most likely dispersed. Heaven Duke, have you seen the sight where Celestial Venerable Yu was harmed?"

Heaven Duke shook his head. "Xuandu is always supervising all worlds, but the Jade Pool is Celestial Empress's residence, I can't shine there."

Celestial Emperor was silent for a moment. "Pass down my order, summon Heavenly Sight and Earthy Hearing Generals, they are to investigate this matter strictly and find out the true murderer who murdered Celestial Venerable Yu!"

"As you command."

Celestial Venerable's funeral hall was erected, and Celestial Venerable Hao personally kept watch. The divine arts practitioners of all the worlds walked up and bade farewell to this young man that created the cultivation system of divine arts.

Qin Mu, Founding Emperor, and the old bull also came to bid farewell to Celestial Venerable Yu's corpse. When Founding Emperor saw Qin Mu not doing anything, only then did he put his heart down. 'He must have listened to my words, this is for the best. I was truly afraid he would create huge trouble.'

Qin Mu looked at Celestial Venerable Hao. Celestial Venerable Hao seemed to have slimmed down these few days.

Ten days of keeping watch quickly passed by. The two ancient gods from the celestial heavens also brought a bunch of half-gods to search but to no avail.

Celestial Venerable Yu was buried beside the celestial river.

The celestial river surged and flowed non-stop.

Finally, the day came for Celestial Venerable Hao to pass down his learning. Celestial Venerable Hao was full of vigor, and he first imparted the method for half-gods to cultivate into humans. He was truly an outstanding genius, and when he solved the problem of half-gods being unable to cultivate, he raised waves of cheers.

Founding Emperor had originally planned to go to the side palace and witness this grand occasion that would influence countless years after today. However, Qin Mu, the old bull, and Celestial Venerable Ling had all remained in the Magnificent Floor, so he hesitated. He said to the old bull, "You must look after him and stop him from creating any trouble. If he still creates trouble, Celestial Venerable Hao will push the blame of murdering Celestial Venerable Yu to him!"

The old bull nodded his head. "I understand!"

Only then did Founding Emperor leave.

Qin Mu took a glance at Celestial Venerable Ling who was in a daze, and he took out his taotie sack. He poured out the items in his sack and took out Buddha Vitality Crimson Chromium and, after quickly hammering, a coffin made from pure Buddha Vitality Crimson Chromium was forged.

Celestial Venerable Ling looked at him in a daze. Qin Mu stuffed this coffin into the taotie sack and quickly tidied things up. He took another glance at this young girl, and Celestial Venerable Ling was still staring at her with a lifeless gaze.

"Senior brother, I'm going out for a while, I'll be back soon," Qin Mu said with a smile.

The old bull was alarmed and asked, "What are you going to do? Don't be reckless."

Qin Mu shook his head. "Don't worry, I won't be reckless."

The old bull said, "I'll follow you!"

Qin Mu walked out, and the old bull was surprised. Qin Mu didn't walk to the main hall of the side palace, and instead, he left the Jade Pool.

'He's not going to get rid of Celestial Venerable Hao?"

Qin Mu came to the shore of the celestial river and found Celestial Venerable Yu's tomb. The old bull was even more puzzled. Qin Mu had already paid his respects to Celestial Venerable Yu, so why had he still come here?

Qin Mu walked towards Celestial Venerable Yu's tomb and raised his five fingers towards the sky. The chunks of stone from the tomb loosened and parted into the surroundings.


The nails in the coffin came off, and the lid of the coffin floated up.

The corpse of Celestial Venerable Yu laid in the coffin gradually floated up.

Qin Mu surrounded Celestial Venerable Yu's corpse to move quickly and used all kinds of creation mudras to smack all area of Celestial Venerable Yu's body. Snapping sounds came from Celestial Venerable Yu's body as his broken bones started to reconnect.

Broken bones inside his body actually merged back together, and his broken bones grew back. Not only that, the flesh and blood of his shattered heart were also reconstructing itself.

Very quickly, his body no longer had any more injuries.

This was creation technique!

If it was attainments in the path of creation, Qin Mu was enough to top then and now!

And finally, Qin Mu's palm grasped onto a mudra, and he gently placed it over Celestial Venerable Yu's heart.

His palm force burst forth, and Celestial Venerable Yu's cold and stiff body suddenly jolted. The blood that had stopped flowing suddenly started to flow again.

Next, the old bull heard a heartbeat from Celestial Venerable Yu's body.

It was followed by the second and third beat.

He revealed a look of disbelief. He looked at Qin Mu, and then he looked at Celestial Venerable Yu. His mind was completely blown.

Qin Mu opened his taotie sack and took out that coffin he had just forged. The coffin lid opened up and Celestial Venerable Yu gently floated into the coffin.

The coffin closed again and flew back into taotie sack.

Qin Mu turned back towards the Jade Pool. The old bull hurried after him, and he turned back to see the tomb of Celestial Venerable Yu being restored to its original condition as the stones reassembled themselves.

No abnormality could be seen from the restored tomb.

Niu Sanduo hesitated for a moment, and he finally couldn't resist asking, "Junior brother, there's no use even if you revive Celestial Venerable Yu's corpse, he is still dead after all. His soul has already dispersed."

Qin Mu didn't reply to him and just kept walking forward.

He returned to the Magnificent Floor and smiled at Celestial Venerable Ling who was still in a daze. "Sister Ling, keep this coffin properly."

He took out Celestial Venerable Yu's coffin and placed it in front of Celestial Venerable Ling.

Celestial Venerable Ling's lifeless gaze stirred as she looked at the coffin.

"When you meet Celestial Venerable You again, pass this coffin to him and get him to hide it in Youdu. Tell him, in the future, a person named Mu will find him."

Qin Mu had a warm expression and said gently. "Mu will tell him, I understand, I'm back. Once he says that, he can take out this coffin. Sister Ling, I'm going to go."

He got up and walked out of the floor.

Celestial Venerable Ling stood up and asked with a hoarse voice, "Where are you going?"

Qin Mu stopped and turned back with a radiant smile. "To finish what I should have finished. Big sister, let us meet again in the future!"

He walked out of the floor and raised his head to look at the sky. The sun was blazing above his head.

"Celestial Emperor has sent a decree! Mu Qing, Qin Kai, their paths and skills are profound, and they are talents with abilities to rule the world. They are capable of supporting the ruler in governing the world, and so they are hereby conferred: Mi Qing, title Celestial Venerable Mu, Qin Kai, Celestial Venerable Qin!"

In the side palace of the Jade Pool Small Construction, Celestial Venerable Hao read Celestial Emperor's decree and said with a smile, "Congratulations, Brother Qin and Brother Mu! From now on, there will be Nine Celestial Venerables. It's a pity..."

His expression dimmed, and he seemed to recall Celestial Venerable Yu that had passed away. "However, Brother Yu probably can't see this anymore... Brother Mu? Celestial Venerable Mu? Celestial Venerable Qin, where is Celestial Venerable Mu?"

Founding Emperor said, "He is in Magnificent Floor, he didn't come over."

Celestial Venerable Hao said with a smile, "Congratulations, Celestial Venerable Qin, from today onwards, both Brother Qin and Brother Mu will be celestial venerables. Now, let me talk about the method to become a god that Brother Celestial Venerable Yu had created!"

Right at this moment, his eyes stared at the door of the hall. His mouth was agape, and he was speechless.

Everyone was waiting for his lecture when they saw his expression. They all turned, and the hall was silent.

At the door of the side palace, 'Celestial Venerable Yu' stood there silently, and he looked at Celestial Venerable Hao across the room.

After a moment, 'Celestial Venerable Yu' took a step forward and walked towards Celestial Venerable Hao. He said indifferently, "Celestial Venerable Hao, let me explain the method of becoming a god that I have created personally!"

Founding Emperor's mind was blown as he looked at this 'Celestial Venerable Yu' that was walking by his side. His heart was flustered. 'Impossible, he can't be alive... Niu Ben!'

He looked outside the hall, and the old bull was standing there helplessly. He thought to himself, 'Founding Emperor, I'm sorry, I also can't stop him. He has the temper of a bull...'

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