Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 743 - Opening Celestial Palaces

There were divine arts practitioners in the main hall of the side palace, and the main hall was truly huge. It could easily contain ten thousand people.

At that moment, everyone in the hall was looking at the man who had 'come back from the dead'. He was the leader of the people in the past, and his sudden death made countless people weep. His accident also made people wonder if it was the act of ancient gods or half-gods.

And now the person who had 'come back from the dead' appeared in front of everyone else.

Everyone parted to make way, and they looked at him silently as he walked towards Celestial Venerable Hao calmly.

Suddenly, everyone in the crowd murmured, and the murmuring got louder and louder.

"Celestial Venerable Yu!" Someone suddenly shouted loudly.

"Celestial Venerable Yu!" Even more people began to shout.

"Celestial Venerable Yu! Celestial Venerable Yu!"


Waves of sound emerged, and each shout was louder than the previous one. The shouts that suddenly burst forth caused the air inside the main hall of the Celestial Empress' side palace to surge, and it caused the sound waves to rise into the sky, dispersing the clouds.

More and more divine arts practitioners joined in, and they only shouted Celestial Venerable Yu's name. In their eyes, the man that was walking up the altar was their leader. It was him that had brought all the races to slaughter out a path of survival.

Qin Mu was slightly stunned, and he slowed down his footsteps. He looked around at the enthusiastic people, and as a person from another world, he couldn't understand the fervent display of these people.

In the hall, these divine arts practitioners were from all kinds of worlds, and they could be considered leaders in their own lower bounds, yet they could still follow another leader so fervently. It was truly hard for him to understand.

What he didn't know was in the current celestial heavens, even though the civilization was prosperous, all of the worlds didn't have this kind of harmonious sight. Instead, dangers were running amuck, and divine beasts that had the bloodlines of ancient gods were everywhere.

Most of the humans and the people of the various races wore grass shoes and grass clothes. They wielded long spears made from wood, and they struggled to survive with difficulty. It was fine if they encountered normal wild beasts, but if they encountered a divine beast with the bloodline of an ancient god, they would have deaths and casualties, becoming the meal in the stomach of the half-gods.

Even the weakest half-gods were much stronger than the human race.

The danger wasn't only from here. There were also meteorological phenomena—violent storms, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and all kinds of natural disaster loomed over the primitive times.

It was at this time when Celestial Venerable Yu opened up the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure and allowed the weak race to have the power to protect themselves, to be able to fend off natural disasters and fend off half-gods. He was the leader of all humans, the leader of the weak race!

On the altar of the side palace, Celestial Venerable Hao's gaze seemed to be a little flustered. He quickly came back to his senses and took a glance at Son of Heaven Yin who wasn't far away.

Son of Heaven Yin's face was pale, and he looked at the Celestial Venerable Yu who was walking towards the altar in a daze. He was flustered and at a loss.

Qin Mu walked up to the altar and walked up step after step.

Celestial Venerable Hao, who was on the altar, was also at a loss. He didn't walk down from the divine altar, but he had already slowly regained his composure. Looking at Qin Mu, who was walking up, he revealed a smile.

'Even though I know you are fake, I can't expose you.'

He had a smile on his face, and he seemed to be excited. He thought to himself, 'You are already dead, your soul has already dispersed, it's impossible for you to revive. Who is this that is posing as you? This technique to change the structure of the corporeal body, to change the appearance and bearing, it's indeed marvelous. I can't expose you, if I expose, I would be exposed, others will know you died in my hands. However, you can expose yourself.'

The divine altar was very high, and everyone below could look up there.

Qin Mu walked up to the altar, and Celestial Venerable Hao opened his arms wide, hugging him tightly. He was so agitated that he was choking on tears, but he was thinking of something else. 'The true Celestial Venerable Yu has imparted the method to become a god to me, but he has never imparted it to anyone else. You don't know the method to become a god, I can just wait and let you expose yourself. When that time comes, you will be the butcher that killed Celestial Venerable Yu and get stoned by everyone!'

He let go of Qin Mu and wiped his tears.

Qin Mu laughed and said, "Celestial Venerable Hao, why are you like this when I've come back from the dead? Please take a seat."

Celestial Venerable Hao sat down, and his eyes were red. "Brother Yu is still alive, I thought you were dead and even kept watch for ten days, burying you personally. Yet Brother Yu has suddenly appeared, you have surprised and delighted this foolish brother. Brother Yu, who assassinated you?"

"Two very close people to me."

Qin Mu said with a slight smile, "One killed my corporeal body and the other destroyed my soul."

Son of Heaven Yin's hands were shaking, and Celestial Venerable Hao's pupils contracted.

Qin Mu suddenly moved, and under everyone's gaze, he punched right at the back of Celestial Venerable Hao's heart.

"He used this move to shatter my heart!"

Son of Heaven Yin was astonished; however, Celestial Venerable Hao stood there and didn't move. This was because that punch from Qin Mu had no force at all!

Qin Mu's body moved as fast as lightning, and his strikes were quick and overbearing. Every punch and every kick was clear as day to let everyone see clearly.

"He used this move to shatter my ribs!

"He used this move to break my fingers!

"He snapped my arm like this!"


Qin Mu was as fast as lightning, and he quickly re-enacted the scene where Celestial Venerable Yu was assassinated. Beads of cold sweat rolled down Celestial Venerable Hao's forehead, and he said with a smile, "Brother Yu scared me. So how did the other person destroy Brother Yu's soul?"

Qin Mu's vital qi burst forth, and the sinister wind started to blow while the cloud turned dark. He was about to execute his divine art.

Son of Heaven Yin saw the situation and suddenly collapsed onto the floor with a thump. He had fainted.

Qin Mu tapped on Celestial Venerable Hao's forehead with a finger and said, "The other person used this move to destroy my soul the moment my corporeal body died."

Celestial Venerable Hao revealed a sincere smile and said cordially, "Luckily Brother Yu hasn't died. Brother Yu is truly blessed by heavens, it's fortunate that you have returned in peace! Look, Chaojin has even fainted from agitation. Since Brother Yu is here, I shall not take your credit, may Brother Yu tell us about the method that can let all living things become gods! Little brother will go down first..."

Qin Mu grabbed his wrist and laughed. "Since I've already imparted the method of becoming a god to you, let us impart the method of becoming a god together, you shall talk about one section, and I will talk about another."

Celestial Venerable Hao said in delight, "How can I reject when Brother Yu is guiding me? In that case, let Brother Yu start with the introduction, and I'll continue with the second section!"

Qin Mu swept his sleeves and sat down. He signaled for Celestial Venerable Hao to take a seat too.

Celestial Venerable Hao sat down and said with a smile, "Brother Yu, please."

Founding Emperor had already retreated to the door of the main hall subconsciously, and he moved close to the old bull. He whispered, "If there's any change in the situation, you must save him!"

Niu Sanduo hurriedly said, "Why would there be a change in the situation? The divine bridge is connected to the celestial palaces, junior brother just needs to talk about letting the primordial spirit levitate heavenwards toward the celestial palaces, and he will pass. Celestial Venerable Hao can't expose him.'

Founding Emperor shook his head and said solemnly, "Celestial Venerable Hao has ill intentions, and the reason why he wanted him to talk about the first section is to let him give the game away. You also know that the primordial spirit can levitate in the celestial palaces and become immortal like gods, to become equal to the ancient gods. However, there are no celestial palaces in the people of this era!"

The old bull was stunned. Beads of cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

Founding Emperor said solemnly, "The people of this era still haven't opened up the celestial palaces, and their divine bridge is merely a floating bridge! Celestial Venerable Yu's feat was to create a celestial palace from nothing! Now that he's dead, only Celestial Venerable Hao has mastered this technique of opening the celestial palace! Mu Qing, doesn't he know how to open up the celestial palace? If he knows, he will be another Celestial Venerable Yu! If he doesn't, he will be exposed!"

The old bull's heart gradually sank, and he muttered, "Why doesn't he just say that it was Celestial Venerable Hao that harmed him and just beat him to death? Why must he do such a thing like imparting the techniques..."

"He has other intentions for going up the altar. He wants to restrain Celestial Venerable Hao and also let Celestial Venerable Hao pass down the method to become a god, this prevents the future civilization from having no method to become god, thus he can't get rid of Celestial Venerable Hao immediately."

Founding Emperor suppressed his voice. "However, Celestial Venerable Hao is also a formidable person, he saw through his intention. This person is sinister and will be my arch-nemesis! This is the ancient gods' celestial heavens in the ancient times, there are half-gods and divine arts practitioners all around. If he can't answer, Celestial Venerable Hao doesn't need to attack, the other half-gods and divine arts practitioners would beat Mu Qing to death! What's more..."

He revealed a worried look and thought to himself, 'The Jade Pool is the garden of Celestial Empress, for Celestial Venerable Hao to dare kill Celestial Venerable Yu in Celestial Empress' place, the water here is too deep. Celestial Venerable Hao is a half-god, a child from an ancient god and a human, who is that ancient god? Mu Qing is too reckless, we are here this time to search for the marvel of the ancient times, and he's actually participating in it, putting himself in danger...'

On the altar, Qin Mu's vital qi soared out, and it was gorgeous. His vital qi transformed and formed the Spirit Embryo, Five Elements, Six Directions, Seven Stars, Celestial Being, Life and Death, and Divine Bridge—the seven great divine treasures.

By using vital qi to materialize them, he showed the marvel of the seven great divine treasures to everyone.

"Exquisite algebra! Monk, Celestial Venerable Yu's attainments in algebra is actually so high!"

A Daoist holding his compass raised his head and looked. He praised continuously and said to the monk beside him, "As expected of Celestial Venerable Yu, he is about the enter the path with algebra. Truly marvelous beyond words! Can you see that his divine treasures are formed from algebra structures?"

On the side, the monk was currently begging. "This senior brother, us senior and junior brothers have been starving for two days, just see our fate and give two spirit pills... This algebra is useless to me, I only cultivate the heart."

Qin Mu used his vital qi to construct the divine treasure, and it was exactly the model he had constructed with Xu Shenghua and the rest, that was why it was remarkably true to life.

His vital qi transformed into Celestial Venerable Yu's apparition, and he came to the top of the divine bridge. He was about to reach the end of the bridge.

Founding Emperor became nervous. The most crucial time was now. If Qin Mu was unable to take out the method to become a god, Celestial Venerable Hao would accuse him of being an imposter and would even push the blame of Celestial Venerable Yu's death to him!

The Celestial Venerable Yu transformed from Qin Mu's vital qi came to the end of the bridge and stopped.

Founding Emperor's palms were covered in cold sweat.

The people of the future only knows that once they cultivate to the Divine Bridge Realm, their primordial spirit could levitate into the celestial palace. However, they didn't know where the celestial palace had come from!

The method to open the celestial palace was long lost!

The future people only knew the celestial palace existed, but they didn't know the reason why!

They were the descendants of divine arts practitioners that opened up the celestial palace, therefore no matter if it was their divine treasures or celestial palace, they were always there. As long as they cultivated to a certain realm, they would be able to open up their divine treasures and soar into the celestial palace. They didn't need to think about the reason.

This was the reason why Celestial Venerable Yu was great!

Qin Mu naturally wouldn't know how to open up the celestial palace. If he didn't know, he would make a mistake on the very first move and take the blame for killing Celestial Venerable Yu!

This was where the crux lay, and it was also the most dangerous place!

'How can we open up the celestial palace from nothing?'

Founding Emperor's brain worked fast, and all kinds of thoughts and ideas came rushing over. 'How did Celestial Venerable Yu open up the celestial palace? If he is able to, other people should also be able to, if he can create this technique, others can create such a technique too. How did he do it?'

Suddenly, a light flashed through his mind. 'Why must Celestial Venerable Yu host the meeting in the Jade Pool and announce the method to become a god? This isn't just a matter of borrowing power, there are also other reasons! Celestial palaces, celestial palaces! So that's it!"

He suddenly came to a realization. 'The arrangement of the celestial palaces that Celestial Venerable Yu opened is completely the same with the arrangement of the celestial palaces in the celestial heavens! Celestial Venerable Yu opened up the celestial palaces because when he was observing the construction of the celestial palace, he had the feeling to develop, he had the feeling to create!'

'Divine treasures are to awaken the power in one's corporeal body while the celestial palaces are...'

Just as he thought until here, he suddenly heard Qin Mu's voice from the top of the altar. "Divine treasures are to awaken the power in one's corporeal body while the celestial palaces are to awaken the power of a god in one's corporeal body. I name this huge realm Celestial Palaces."

Founding Emperor's body trembled violently, and he raised his head to look at the youth in purple on the altar. It was like he was seeing another Celestial Venerable Yu.

Celestial Venerable Hao's heart trembled violently and he revealed a look of disbelief.

And at this moment, Son of Heaven Yin had gradually woken up, and he managed to hear this sentence precisely. Fear struck him instantly, and he fainted once more.

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