Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 744 - An Open and Honest Youth in Green Traveling

"Opening up the celestial palaces requires mobilizing the power of the gods in the corporeal body."

On the altar, Qin Mu used vital qi to transform into the visions inside the divine treasures. The sun and the moon lit up in his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, and his voice rang throughout the main hall of the side palace. He was calm and collected as he spoke. "The Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, Great Sun Sovereign, and Great Moon Sovereign."

In the vision of those divine treasures, the five elements stars lit up again and the Five Elements Star Sovereigns stood on their respective stars.

"Five Elements Divine Treasures! Saturn Sovereign, Mars Sovereign, Jupiter Sovereign, Mercury Sovereign, Venus Sovereign!

"Six Directions Divine Treasure! Mother Earth, the earth in its devotion carries all things!

"Seven Stars Divine Treasure! Seven stars aligned, combining the power of seven gods!

"Celestial Being Divine Treasure! Stars in the sky, the star sovereigns of the stars, borrowing power from Heaven Duke!

"Life and Death Divine Treasure! Which is also Youdu, the gods controlling the soul, borrowing power from Earth Count!

"Divine Bridge Divine Treasure! The primordial spirit as the god among gods!"


Qin Mu used his vital qi to transform into the vision of divine arts. The rays from gods lit up, and that was him borrowing the power of numerous gods. The primordial spirit of the divine arts practitioner represented Celestial Emperor, who controlled all power.

"Once you achieve this step, borrow the power of the celestial heavens to let the gods return to their position, guiding over the power of the celestial heavens to imprint your celestial palace!"

Qin Mu gave a loud shout. In the apparition of the divine treasures, the gods lent their power, and the power grew larger and larger. The Southern Heavenly Gate, Jade Pool, God Execution Stage, Jade Capital City, Numinous Sky Hall, and Emperor's Throne of the ancient celestial heavens, were forged by the power of the ancient gods. They guided the power over, and it gradually formed a celestial palace in front of the divine bridge.

Everyone looked at this sight in a daze. The surroundings were silent, and no one talked.

The Celestial Palace was opened up just like this. Another incomparably grand and huge realm with multifarious scenes had appeared in everyone's eyes just like this.

This was a great feat, a feat that could make humans and gods be on an equal level.

A realm that would allow them to walk into a legendary era.

After a long time, someone cheered, "Celestial Venerable Yu!"

"Celestial Venerable Yu!"

"Celestial Venerable Yu!"

There were people cheering everywhere, and their voices shook the sky.

Celestial Venerable Hao looked at this sight in a daze, and his heart felt a slight sorrow. 'I don't have such strong power to rally supporters... If he isn't Celestial Venerable Yu, how does he know the method to become a god? Could…'

A terrifying thought appeared in his heart, and he actually felt fear. 'Celestial Venerable Yu is really still alive? That's not right, that's not right, I clearly killed him, and Yin Chaojin destroyed his soul, it's impossible for him to be still alive? Furthermore, that existence has already confirmed it, that existence can't be wrong...'

He felt his hair standing on end. If Celestial Venerable Yu was still alive, why didn't Celestial Venerable Yu just kill him directly?

Was Celestial Venerable Yu afraid of that existence behind him?

Or did Celestial Venerable Yu have an even greater plan?

In this world, there weren't many people that scared him. Celestial Venerable Yu was one of them.

In front of Celestial Venerable Yu, he always felt that he was lower than Celestial Venerable Yu, and even though he also had outstanding talent, he always felt inferior when he saw Celestial Venerable Yu.

Thus, he had to get rid of him; he had to get rid of Celestial Venerable Yu to get rid of the god in his heart.

And now, this god that made him unable to breathe was coming back?

'He needs to die!' he thought to himself.

At this moment, Qin Mu's voice rang out. "Celestial Venerable Hao, it's your turn."

Qin Mu called out a few times, and only then did Celestial Venerable Hao return to his senses and give a forced smile. He began to talk and continued Qin Mu's method of opening the celestial palace. It was just that he wasn't focused and would pause occasionally as he spoke.

"After Brother Yu's method of opening the celestial palace, one could be able to achieve being equal to gods, they could be immortal. However, this is only the preliminary success. There are still waves of tests ahead. Because we are borrowing power from the ancient gods and the celestial heavens, we have to return it, or there will be predestined fate. The first test will be Southern Heavenly Gate, only after crossing Southern Heavenly Gate does one truly stabilize one's celestial palace.

"This step is to borrow the power of the celestial heavens to turn the fake into real!"


Celestial Venerable Hao quickly stabilized his mind and said the cultivation method of the Southern Heavenly Gate that Celestial Venerable Yu had told him.

Celestial Venerable Hao hadn't cultivated to Southern Heavenly Gate, and Celestial Venerable Yu also hadn't. However, as the founder of Celestial Palace, he had managed to determine some realms. His knowledge of this realm had also reached an astonishing height.

Celestial Venerable Hao could only repeat Celestial Venerable Yu's words.

Qin Mu continued and talked about the cultivation of the Jade Pool Realm. After Jade Pool, Celestial Venerable Hao spoke about the dangers of the God Execution Stage.

Qin Mu then talked about the marvel of cultivating to the Jade Capital Realm. Celestial Venerable Hao then talked about the Numinous Sky Realm.

When he was done, Qin Mu talked about the Emperor's Throne Realm and completed the seven great realms.

Founding Emperor's heart sank. 'After finishing the seven great realms of Celestial Palace, Mu Qing is probably going to make a move to kill him, right? He has already confirmed his identity as Celestial Venerable Yu, so if he pointed out that Celestial Venerable Hao and Son of Heaven Yin were the murderers that had killed him, the angry mob could just tear both of them apart! But, Son of Heaven Yin didn't die, so what exactly happened? Who died? What changed…'

Just as he thought until here, Celestial Venerable Hao's voice came from the altar and he laughed. "Brother Yu left the last realm for me to explain so I will take your place with reluctance. Let us talk about the realm above Emperor's Throne, Celestial Heavens..."

Founding Emperor's mind was blown. He opened his eyes wide in disbelief!

The eighth realm!

There was actually an eighth realm!

He had never heard of a Celestial Heavens Realm above the Emperor's Throne Realm!

Niu Sanduo's mind was blank. From the past to the present, there were no records of this realm at all, and there weren't even rumors of it!

'Celestial Venerable Yu...'

On the altar, Qin Mu's expression was dim. He thought to himself, 'You're truly Celestial Venerable Yu. I still can't be compared to him, his death is truly a pity... Such a person shouldn't be buried in history!'

On the altar, Celestial Venerable Hao's explanation was bumpy and full of mistakes, but he had roughly explained the whole gist of it. Celestial Palace was only one palace in the celestial heavens, and the celestial heavens had thirty-six celestial palaces. To surpass the Emperor's Throne Realm would be to construct the celestial heavens and open up the thirty-six celestial palaces!

Coming to the Celestial Heavens Realm, it would be a huge improvement and leap, a qualitative leap!

Yet there was no news about this realm in the future, and it was obviously lost through history.

Celestial Venerable Hao finished explaining and blushed in shame. "Everyone, it's not that I'm not trying to be clear, but Brother Yu told me he hasn't opened up this realm completely as well. Brother Yu, is that right?"

Qin Mu stood up, and his face had no expression. It was terrifyingly calm. "That's right. Celestial Heavens, this realm is too profound. I still haven't comprehended it until my death."

Beads of cold sweat broke out on Celestial Venerable Hao's forehead. He secretly moved a step back and said with a smile, "Hasn't Brother Yu come back to life? The term until your death seems a little too harsh. My mother always admired you, and she will definitely be very happy to see you alive."

The hidden meaning of his words was to make Celestial Venerable Yu not blow the matter up and also to point out the existence behind him.

However, he didn't know that Qin Mu didn't care about that at all.

Celestial Venerable Yu might care for the greater good, but Qin Mu wasn't Celestial Venerable Yu!

Even Founding Emperor couldn't change Qin Mu's mind, so what was Celestial Venerable Hao's mother?

Right at this moment, an ancient god flew over and announced loudly. "The name of the celestial heavens is determined! His Majesty had determined on the name of the celestial heavens with Heaven Duke and Earth Count!"

The side palace broke out in an uproar, and everyone flooded out. They heard the voice of that ancient god passing above their heads and moving away into the distance. "The celestial heavens will be named Dragon Han! This year will be the first year of Dragon Han!"

Founding Emperor and the old bull's heart trembled violently. Was Dragon Han Era finally beginning?

'Three heavens of Dragon Han, is it beginning from now?'

Qin Mu was slightly in a daze. That nursery rhyme from Crimson Light Realm, three heavens of Dragon Han, Crimson Light separated into two.

Today was the day they officially entered into Dragon Han Era!

He had a weird feeling in his heart. What was history?

This is history.

He was located in history and became a silhouette in the era.

And in this silhouette, in the grand and vast celestial heavens, there were people celebrating everywhere. The majestic gods stood high above, and they smiled as they looked at the people celebrating happily below.

Half-gods were flying in the air with dragons and phoenixes as symbols of good fortune. Everyone was running and spreading the news on the celestial river, and on pleasure boats, couples laid in each other embrace to look at the gorgeous divine arts in the sky. Those were divine arts released by the excited people, and they added color to the celestial heavens.

The silhouette of this history presented the start of a golden age.

Yet at this moment, very few people would remember Celestial Venerable Yu. They were all celebrating and who would remember that person that had truly pushed this era into the golden age, the person who was already lying in the coffin and would never see the golden age that was about to come.

'This world, is there no more righteousness?'

In the celebration, Qin Mu looked down at his own hands and started to chuckle. 'Founding Emperor is right, this matter doesn't need justice, there's no righteousness. History doesn't need me to uphold justice. However...'

He raised his head and looked at the sky bustling with noise and excitement. His chuckles became loud, unrestrained laughter.

'But Celestial Venerable Yu needs, Celestial Venerable needs justice—'

'History doesn't need justice, but the people in history need this justice—'

He grabbed his collar and tore down the purple robe that belonged to Celestial Venerable Yu. The purple robe floated in the wind and floated by the people that were celebrating.

His chest was blazing with fury, and he laughed towards the sky. He laughed to his heart's content and to vent all his resentment.

'History won't give them justice but I, I godd*mn can! I can f*cking give them this justice!'

'I also f*cking need this justice—'

He wanted to drink so much. He wanted to hug a jar of wine and drink like Butcher, to drink until he was intoxicated like Tian Shu, to lift his knives and kill!

Even though he hadn't drank, he was already intoxicated as he walked towards Celestial Venerable Hao.

Celestial Venerable Hao squeezed through the crowd and tried to avoid him.

Founding Emperor and the old bull were outside to witness this exciting moment when a purple robe rolled in the wind. It floated towards the Jade Pool and landed in the sea.

"Celestial Venerable Yu's purple robe!"

Founding Emperor was astonished, and he hurriedly turned his head. He grabbed the old bull's hand and asked in a hurry, "Where's Mu Qing? Where's Mu Qing?"

The old bull was also searching for him urgently. "He was still on the altar earlier, they should still be in the main hall, right?"

"When the ancient god announced the name Dragon Han, he also walked out of the main hall!"

Founding Emperor dragged the old bull forward and said anxiously, "He has taken off his clothes because he wants to kill during the commotion! Go, quickly go! We have to find him before things blow up!"

The old bull moved his magic power, and Founding Emperor floated up uncontrollably. Both of them floated through the air.

"Your magic power is shallow, let me bring you along!"

The old bull said solemnly, "Take note of the crowd below, we must find him!"

Founding Emperor surveyed the surroundings in a hurry and tried to find Qin Mu.

"An open and honest youth in green traveling, stubbornly saying there's male and female wind! With a drop of overwhelming aura, enjoying the powerful wind that brings along endless happiness!"

Qin Mu only felt his body becoming warmer and warmer. His blood was pumping furiously. 'I want to be like Grandpa Butcher, fast knife, fine wine, good to sever heads. Just like him, being able to turn his heroism into poems in the war. It's a pity I don't have his literary talent! He is a great scholar, speaking his mind with poems and his poems assisted Heaven Knife to sever the heads of pigs quickly! I'm still lacking.'

He followed Celestial Venerable Hao to the sea surface. The huge beasts and huge turtles swam under the sea surface, and only some huge fish were swimming comfortably in the air.

Those were half-gods, the descendants of ancient gods.

Celestial Venerable Hao continued to walk forward, and there were more and more half-gods surrounding him.

Qin Mu also continued to walk forward.

'But my knife is equally fast!'

'My fists are equally heavy!'

'I won't be slower than Grandpa Butcher when it comes to slaying evil!'

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