Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 747 - South Deity

Even though Founding Emperor was his old ancestor, Qin Mu had truly got to know him during these few days, and in just these few days, he was able to see Founding Emperor's character.

He would risk his life to save a person he had met for a month, a person who kept bickering with him, let alone the subordinates that had followed him for twenty thousand years. Let alone those people of Founding Emperor Era.

Such a person wouldn't hide in Carefree Village and live a carefree life.

This was his nature.

There was no logic, no trickery, and no benefits. It was his nature.

The reason why Founding Emperor was loved by his people was because of such a nature.

The charm of such a person was the reason he could become Founding Emperor.

'If you didn't hide in Carefree Village, in that case, you…'

Qin Mu was solemn. He used the creation technique to heal himself. The pressure from that ancient goddess' apparition had still injured him. Even though the paths, skills, and divine art of this era were exceptionally rough, the difference in power wasn't something divine arts could make up for.

The half-gods in the Jade Pool flooded towards them, and there were more and more of them. Founding Emperor frowned. There were simply too many half-gods.

He carried the injured Qin Mu, and it was already good enough for Qin Mu to be able to safeguard his life. He truly had no hands to deal with these half-gods.

"You can just put me on your back," Qin Mu said weakly.

Founding Emperor carried him on his back. Qin Mu's hands had already recovered, so he could grab onto his shoulders. Founding Emperor's hands were free. The speed which he executed his divine arts was extremely fast, and with a flip of his hands, countless small divine arts came flying out.

To him, these half-gods were covered in flaws, and as long as there were flaws, he could easily kill them.

Yet more and more half-gods came flooding over. They were in the sky, on the sea, under the sea, to his left and right—they were everywhere.

Founding Emperor never cultivated three heads and six arms before, so he was also unable to make ends meet.

"Lend me your sword!" Founding Emperor's forehead was full of sweat as he found it harder and harder to advance.

Qin Mu had already replaced more than half of his bones and was currently growing new ones. When he heard his words, he asked, "How many swords do you use?"

"Just one is enough!"

Qin Mu's heart stirred, and the Carefree Sword came flying out of his taotie sack. It landed in Founding Emperor's hand.

Founding Emperor held the sword in his hand and was slightly stunned. He praised, "This sword of yours is remarkable, it's like a part of my body in my hand, it moves according to how I will it. Great sword, great sword, I would also want to refine such a divine sword in the future!"

He wielded the sword and moved. The Carefree Sword gave off a clear shrill in his hands; the sword seemed to be excited. It seemed to be trembling and crying.

Even Qin Mu had never executed the power of the Carefree Sword, and yet now, the Carefree Sword was exploding forth with stronger and stronger power in Founding Emperor's hand.

Founding Emperor's sword skills were extremely exquisite, and he was also a person who had entered the path with the sword. The power of the Carefree Sword increased furiously, and the sword lights moved unhindered through the air. They were like light and lightning. In an instant, it was as if night had fallen on the Jade Pool and the sword lights were like snow-white light tearing apart the darkness.

In the sky, in the sea, on the sea, blood sprayed out like flowers blooming.

With a sword in hand, no one could stop Founding Emperor!

Qin Mu looked at this sight and was captivated.

The Carefree Sword was Founding Emperor's sword to begin with, and he could only use the sharpness of this sword to kill his opponents. However, in Founding Emperor's hands, it was as if the sword had awakened. With the sword in hand, Founding Emperor was magnificent!

Suddenly, a world-shaking explosion rang out. Qin Mu looked back and saw Niu Sanduo shattering the apparition of that goddess!

The old bull leaped and landed in front of Founding Emperor in the next instant. With a loud roar, he gave off a vibration like a huge bell and churned the seawater. Ancient gods got blown away by the hurricane he raised from his roar.

The old bull shrunk his body, and he had a worried expression. "We have created quite big trouble, those ancient gods are flying over. I can't handle so many of them, I definitely can't!"

Qin Mu let out a shaky breath and said, "We still have a place to go. Don't move, let me cast my spell!"

Both of them stopped moving. The upper half of Qin Mu's body had already recovered. He instantly executed his vital qi, and countless runes swirled around them. The runes crossed one another and began to swirl faster and faster.

Far away, from the celestial palaces, ancient gods were currently hurrying over.

Great Sun Sovereign flapped his wings and had the fastest speed. He shouted from afar, "You again! Golden Commander Niu Ben! You wreaked havoc in the celestial heavens earlier, and you still aren't satisfied that His Majesty has given you an official position! Let see how you clean up your mess this time, God Execution Stage still hasn't had a drink of blood, so you shall be the first!"

He moved like flickering light and passing shadows as he attacked quickly. The sky was filled with fire, yet at this moment, light flashed as the teleportation divine art burst forth. Qin Mu, Founding Emperor, and Niu Sanduo vanished without a trace.

Great Sun Sovereign grabbed emptiness and hurriedly flapped his wings up from the sea surface. His wings covered a hundred miles of land above the sea, and his eyes shot out two beams of white light to search the surroundings for traces of Qin Mu and the rest.

Another ancient god came rushing over and shouted, "Star Sovereign, where have those rebels gone?"

"Those three men had a kind of secret technique and escaped!"

Great Sun Sovereign said, "Let the star sovereigns of Heavenly Cycle Stars Division form an inescapable net. Get them to cover the Jade Pool so they have no place to run!"

The stars in the sky originally couldn't be seen, yet they suddenly became radiant now. Countless stars became larger and larger until they formed a Milky Way. Stars shone in the Milky Way, and the gods executed all kinds of techniques. The rays in the sky were like rain, and they warped and weaved in the sky, sealing the Jade Pool.

On those stars, majestic gods stretched their heads forward, and their faces were high up and ancient-looking. Gazes fell from the sky and searched around.

They searched for a long time to no avail, and Great Sun Sovereign was also out of ideas. "Where are Heavenly Hearing and Earthly Sight Generals? These three people are extremely daring and behave unscrupulously. No matter where they run to, they definitely won't be able to hide from them!"

After a moment, an ancient god came to report. "Heavenly Hearing and Earthly Sight Generals have gone to investigate and search for the murderer that killed Celestial Venerable Yu under His Majesty's orders. They have already searched their way down to the lower bound."

Great Sun Sovereign stared with his eyes wide open. "They searched their way down to the lower bound? Instead of searching the Jade Pool, what have these two fellows searched their way down to the lower realm for? Who is good enough to assassinate Celestial Venerable Yu in the lower bound? Other than half-gods who have the ability to, could it be half-gods..."

He suddenly shut up and gave two coughs. "Golden Commander Niu Ben, wreaking havoc in the Jade Pool twice, plotting to murder Celestial Venerable Hao, I have to report this to Celestial Emperor! I'll go to Numinous Sky Hall first, wait here for me and continue to search. You have to dig that guy out."

He left in a hurry.

And at this moment, light flashed as Qin Mu, Founding Emperor, and Niu Sanduo appeared in a huge hall with extraordinary and imposing style. Qin Mu coughed repeatedly and hurriedly suppressed his cough in fear of alarming others. His face turned beet red from stifling himself.

"Where is this place?" The old bull and Founding Emperor moved into a defensive stance and looked around cautiously.

This hall was completely in vermillion red—the pillars, the floor, the walls, the ceiling, everything was red. Even the heavy curtains and screens were red.

Vermillion birds were carved on the walls, and there were also all kinds of marvelous vermillion bird markings on the ground. Even the screens and curtains were embroidered with vermillion birds soaring in the sky.

There were also sights of vermillion birds eating demon bugs and fighting divine dragons.

"This is Vermillion Bird Palace."

Qin Mu let out a shaky breath. "This is where Zhu Que'er stays. We know her so we can hide over here."

The old bull was at ease. He said with a smile, "That Zhu Que'er who has the same name as South Deity Zhu Que? That lady is born beautiful, but how daring of her to even use the name of South Deity, she's really not scared of dying early."

Founding Emperor had a weird expression and stared at a mural. He was speechless for a long time. He suddenly asked, "Is this woman in the mural Zhu Que'er?"

The old bull walked forward, and he indeed saw the woman named Zhe Que'er in the mural. He said with a smile, "That's her, what a daring woman."

Founding Emperor had an even weirder expression and reminded, "Senior Niu Ben, for her to attend the banquet with Earth Count and Heaven Duke, her position should be no lower than them."

The old bull looked at the mural, and it was the picture of a banquet. Earth Count and Heaven Duke were both there, and they were seated in front. That woman named Zhu Que'er was actually sitting beside as well!

"What you mean is..." the old bull probed.

Founding Emperor sighed. "She is South Deity. We have barged into South Deity's palace, we are walking right into a trap. And this place is still..."

He looked past the screen and behind the screen was a vermillion red jade couch. The jade couch had the shape of a nest, and it was blazing with sacred fire.

Veins popped out on Founding Emperor's forehead, and he muttered, "This is still South Deity's chamber. I think we can think of how to die..."

The old bull shuddered and looked at Qin Mu helplessly. "You have a way to deal with this, am I right? You always have a way..."

Qin Mu was about to say something when he heard voices coming from outside. Zhu Que'er's voice drifted into their ears, and she was laughing. "The Celestial Heavens Meeting this time sure is full of twists and turns. This meeting was to determine the name of the celestial heavens, but in reality, it was just those old fellow squabbling for their own benefits. Earth Count and Heaven Duke are full of courage and aren't willing to give out the benefits of Youdu and Xuandu. The heads of the half-gods are also squabbling for more benefits. As for the name of the celestial heavens, it was just a minor matter..."

"Goddess, you are in the celestial heavens, so you don't know how bustling the Jade Pool was."

"Goddess, the Jade Pool was almost destroyed from the chaos. First, Celestial Venerable Mu and Celestial Venerable Qin fought, and Niu Ben wreaked havoc on the Jade Pool. Then, Celestial Venerable Yu got assassinated and came back to life to fight with the half-gods and Celestial Venerable Hao. The apparition of Celestial Empress's younger sister shone down and got shattered by Golden Commander Niu Ben..."

"It was actually so lively? I shouldn't have gone to the Celestial Heavens Meeting, I should have stayed here for the show!"

"It's even livelier now, all of the gods from Heavenly Cycle Stars have run out."


These voices gradually came closer, and they were talking about the matters in the Jade Pool Meeting. Zhu Que'er suddenly said, "I'm a little tired, I'll be taking a rest. Dismissed."


The maids fell back.

Footsteps rang out, and a woman in crimson-colored clothes walked into the chamber and chuckled. "How daring, to dare to hide in my chambers, do you really think I have no way of seizing you..."

"Big sister!"

Qin Mu hobbled out and changed his face. He changed back into his original face and bowed. "Little brother has come to seek refuge, may big sister please take me in!"

Zhu Que'er was astonished and cried out, "You are... the new Celestial Venerable Mu? That's not right, you are clearly the little brother I met on the celestial river. Why did you have Celestial Venerable Yu's face just now?"

Founding Emperor looked at Qin Mu and was slightly stunned. Qin Mu's face now wasn't Mu Qing's face. It was another younger and more childish-looking face.

'His face seems slightly familiar...'

Founding Emperor was puzzled. 'He looks a little like me...'

Qin Mu revealed his true appearance and said with a bitter tone, "Celestial Venerable Yu is dead, the murderers are Celestial Venerable Hao and Yin Chaojin. To take revenge for him, I have transformed into Celestial Venerable Yu's appearance. And now, I've offended Celestial Venerable Hao's mother, so I have no choice but to seek refuge at big sister's place."

Zhu Que'er suddenly chuckled, and flames flowed around her body. She said with a smile, "You have offended that little slut, you are dead! You are all going to die! However, you don't have to be afraid, she won't dare to come over here. You can just hide here for a few days, I'll send all of you down to the lower bound when things die down."

She suddenly became excited and giggled. "Celestial Venerable Hao's mother is Celestial Empress's younger sister. You guys don't know about Celestial Venerable Hao's background, right? Celestial Empress and her sister are twins, both of them look the same. When Celestial Emperor married the older sister, he wanted to marry the younger sister too, but Celestial Empress wasn't having any of it. Come, guess, what do you think happened next?"

Founding Emperor had a weird expression and thought to himself, 'This South Deity is different from what I imagined. Why is she so interested in Celestial Emperor's private affairs?'

Qin Mu was still treating his injuries and asked curiously, "Big sister, what happened next?"

Founding Emperor had an even weirder expression. 'This Mu Qing is also very curious!'

The old bull was also stretching his ears, and it was obvious that he was also very curious.

"Afterwards, when Celestial Venerable Yu opened up the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure and allowed the people of the world to be able to cultivate, Celestial Emperor said that the descendants of ancient gods couldn't cultivate so he was afraid the descendants of ancient gods would be bullied by the humans in the future. He thought of an idea to create a half-god and half-human, letting him find a path for the half-gods. This half-god and half-human came to be Celestial Venerable Hao."

Zhu Que'er smiled and said, "And the one that gave birth to this half-god was the sister of Celestial Empress. Come, guess, who do you think Celestial Venerable Hao's father is?"

Qin Mu's gaze flickered, and he hurried her. "Big sister, tell me quickly, the suspense is killing me!"

Zhu Que'er's voice was light and fast as she giggled. "Celestial Emperor went to reincarnate as a human and finally had his wish of making love with his beauty."

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