Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 75 - Qin Mu’s Properties

Granny Si's vital qi surged out and a heavenly god with eight arms and eight heads appeared behind her. It was the same as Fu Yundi's Eightfold Heavenly God Technique. Qin Mu closely inspected and couldn't find any difference.

"The Creation Writings of Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures is indeed remarkable. No wonder it was called the technique that could become a god or a devil."

Blind exclaimed in admiration, "Is this the Heavenly God Creation Technique of the Creation Writings?"

Granny Si nodded her head and Fu Yundi's voice came out from her mouth, "Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures is divided into heaven, earth, human, god, ghost, devil and spirit writings. This is indeed Heavenly God Creation Technique that is good at imitating other techniques."

Blind became silent for a moment before saying, "There are some things I shouldn't say but Mu'er is already fourteen years old, therefore I need to emphasize it again. Mu'er is now the young cult master of Heavenly Devil Cult and will have to leave Great Ruins one day. When are you imparting the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures to him?"

Qin Mu was also bewildered. These two years, Granny Si had never imparted the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures to him and had never even brought it up.

Granny Si sighed, "If I let him cultivate Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures now, it would probably twist his thoughts. The devil nature of this technique is way too intense."

Blind nodded his head. Being honored as the holy bible of Heavenly Devil Cult and as a technique that could turn one into a god or a devil, Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures naturally had an intense devious nature. Even for an adult with matured wisdom, they may be enticed by the thousands of strange devil techniques recorded in the book and walk down the wrong path.

For example, the night watchman who had cultivated the Precelestial Freedom Technique. He had misinterpreted the cultivation method of Precelestial Freedom Technique and used the method of raising a snake to absorb the precelestial pneuma of newly born infants, resulting in his death under Granny Si and Blind's hands.

"Actually, if he can completely comprehend the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures, cultivating this holy bible isn't any different from righteous techniques and no evil would be done. However, if there's even the slightest misinterpretation, he will walk down the wrong path. Though he would still be able to cultivate it."

Granny Si's head hurts as she said, "Furthermore, it would also gain a powerful strength, making it even more peculiar. However, a big flaw would be left behind. The only upper hand is that it would be fast to cultivate, which is why Heavenly Devil Cult is called Heavenly Devil Cult. When the cult was first founded, Heavenly Devil Cult was called Heavenly Saint Cult. It was rumored to be founded by the saints from heaven who decided to enlighten all living beings by imparting them techniques. However, many of the cult followers had cultivated wrongly and the techniques became more and more demonic, which was why it was later called Heavenly Devil Cult. Even though Mu'er always had his own ideas, I'm scared he will misinterpret the writings on the scriptures if I just handing him the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures."

She immediately leaped into the air and returned to Border Dragon City, "I shall go back to the city to prepare and wait for the vanguard of Eternal Peace Empire! The rest of you settle down in the city first!"

After some time, Qin Mu and Blind once again returned to Border Dragon City. Border Dragon City was not as bustling during the day as it is at night. However, there were still many villagers from various villages that haven't left.

Qin Mu and Blind returned to that inn again and since the inn owner was part of the Heavenly Devil Cult, he had already prepared the rooms for them.

Blind was excited, "Mu'er, let me bring you to the gambling den to see the world. Us grandpa and grandson will definitely have success and win big!"

Qin Mu remembered the scene where Blind got thrown out onto the street from the gambling den and shook his head, "I'm not going."

Blind then mumbled, "How about you give me some dragon coins…"

Qin Mu took out the coin pouch and Blind stretched his hand in to grab a bunch of coins before leaving happily with his bamboo cane. Qin Mu didn't whether to laugh or cry. Blind loved to gamble yet he wasn't willing to use his ability and only relied on his luck to gamble with others.

Since young, Qin Mu had learned sound localization and could determine any dice or domino just by listening. If Qin Mu could do it, why couldn't Blind?

Furthermore, with Blind's god mind's eye, he can definitely win any bet he makes. However he precisely didn't want to use his ability and rely on luck to gamble, therefore he lost whatever he bet on.

Qin Mu went downstairs and the inn owner came forward with a smile, "Young Cult Master is leaving? Do you need subordinate to make some preparation for you?"

Qin Mu shook his head, "There are ears in the inn, There's no need to address me as young cult master, you can just address me as young master."

"Yes, Young Master."

Qin Mu gave it some thought and asked, "Whose property is the gambling den next door?"

The inn owner was full of smiles and replied, "It's naturally Young Master's property. Does Young Master want to go there and have a look at your own property? Subordinate will now go over to inform the gambling den's owner to come and serve…"

"My property?"

Qin Mu jumped in shock and was slightly startled. He then shook his head, "There's no need for that. How many properties in Border Dragon City are mine?"

The inn owner muttered to himself irresolutely and calculated, "Market, gambling den, inn, restaurant, cathouse, antique shop, household utensils shop, medicinal store, blacksmith workshop, weapon store… Young Master, in the entire Border Dragon City, over half of them are young master's property and over half of the city's population are young master's people. Every gambling den, every brothel, every vegetable seller and butcher in the market, every tea maven in the inn, every blacksmith, every assistant and apothecary in medicinal store, every owner of the weapon store, as long as Young Master gives the command, they will sacrifice their lives for Young Master without a word!"

"No wonder there were so many people helping me to kill the pursuers last night."

Qin Mu stared with his eyes wide open and felt dizzy. After a while, he slowly said, "Tell the gambling den to not always win against the blind man who came with me. Let him win some as well, but do not to let him keep on winning. Let him win some and lose some, as long as he's happy it's fine."


The inn owner stepped back and left to take care of the matter. Not long later, he brought a middle-aged man who was wearing silk clothes and a sable fur coat over. His fingers were adorned with jade rings. The inn owner paid his respects, "This is the owner of the gambling den, our sacred cult's Incense Master Han."

Incense Master Han had a troubled expression, "Young Master, it's not that subordinate don't want to let the blind man win, it's just the blind man cheated publicly with an underhanded method. If he wasn't so open about it, I would have closed an eye."

Qin Mu was bewildered, "How did he cheat?"

Incense Master Han replied, "When playing dominoes, whenever the blind man got a bad draw, he would point to the window and say there was a divine bird outside before changing his domino openly in front of everyone's eyes. In addition, the dominoes he took out from his pocket were green in color when all our dominoes are black in color. I am really helpless, may I request Young Master to assign me something simpler."

Qin Mu didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He kept silent for a moment before saying, "Let him win a few rounds, if he cheats again then just beat him slightly softer."

"Subordinate understood."

Incense Master Han turned around to leave and Qin Mu composed himself. The entire Border Dragon City's property is his? More than half of the people here belonged to him?

When did he become such a rich and powerful man in this world?

"Heavenly Devil Young Cult Master sure has a great name. Using this as a comparison to the thousand dragon coins I had earned yesterday, that really wasn't really much.

He felt very weird. Was Fu Yundi the Border Dragon City Lord or was it him?

Furthermore, since granny had killed Fu Yundi and was wearing his skin, doesn't this mean that the entire Border Dragon City was his?

He had a preposterous feeling and shook his head as he walked out of the inn to stroll around. Yesterday night he had only seen the ancient temples near the City Lord's Manor. This time he planned to visit the dragon pillars of Border Dragon City.

Border Dragon City was so big yet these dragon pillars could protect this territory from the darkness invasion, therefore they should be remarkable.

Qin Mu opened his Heaven's Eyes and inspected the dragon pillar in front of him while exclaiming in admiration. The sculpture on the dragon pillar was a dragon god that was extremely huge. The size of the dragon was nearly as huge as the remnant of the dragon king's bones he saw in Surging River Dragon Palace.

These dragon gods coiled around the stone pillars that were a hundred yards wide and were very sculpted vividly. The stone pillars were five hundred yards tall therefore one could imagine how huge the divine dragons were.

Qin Mu raised his head and the dragon gods on the dragon pillars seemed to have turned alive. Even though the dragons seemed to look fierce, they also had a divine and majestic atmosphere.

"In the maps of Great Ruins, this city wasn't Border Dragon City and was Heavenly Dragon Star Palace. This was the art of a divine being and if I could study the path of the vein lines on the sculpture, it would be a great benefit to my painting and calligraphy. I might even comprehend the technique of the divine person!"

Qin Mu became exhilarated and slowly inspected the composition of the vein lines on the dragon pillar. Even though the divine being that sculpted the dragon pillars didn't wish to incorporate his technique into them, the path of the sculpture involuntarily beared the mark of his divine arts techniques. To other people, they might just be a relief sculpture, but because Qin Mu learned calligraphy and painting from Blind, he deeply understood the principle within.

"In the map of Great Ruins, beside the Heavenly Dragon Star Palace was the Star Sea that was no more than seventy miles away from here. Judging from the name, Heavenly Dragon Star Palace should be the place where Heavenly Dragons stayed. With this place being so vast, could this be the place where the dragon race gathered? The darkness invasion also turned the dragon race into ruins."

Qin Mu looked around and sighed with sorrow. Suddenly an astonished cry came from above, "Cowherd, how come are you are still at Border Dragon City?"

Qin Mu heard a familiar voice and raised his head towards the voice. He saw a small head popping out from the dragon pillar and it was the girl who brought him into the City Lord's Manor to eat for free.

Ling Yuxiu waved her hand at him and her voice traveled, "Are you able to come up?"

Qin Mu looked at the height of the pillar and hesitated. The stone pillar was too high and now that there's no wind to borrow strength from, he could only run up along the pillar.

He could run up mountain cliff but mountain cliff was normally a hundred to a hundred fifty yards tall. He had yet to try running five hundred yards vertically upwards.

Qin Mu moved back a dozen of steps. He suddenly gathered strength below his soles and ran towards the dragon pillar. In just a few steps, his speed was pushed to its maximum and he rushed towards the dragon pillar like a flickering light. His feet then stepped on the dragon pillar like flat ground and he sprinted upwards!

His speed and burst were astonishing as he sprinted three hundred over yards in one shot towards the peak of the dragon pillar!

"Crap, I can't make it up…"

Qin Mu felt the burst of strength reaching its limit as his speed started to slow down. He was still ten to fifteen yards away from the peak of the dragon pillar.

He managed to rush another ten meters up before he ran out of strength and his body started to drop down. At this moment, a ribbon hung down from the top of the dragon pillar and coiled around his wrist. With a gentle tug, he was pulled upwards.

Qin Mu did a flip in mid-air and landed on the peak of the dragon pillar. Looking around, he saw that this place was actually very smooth like a huge stone platform. A dragon's head was sculpted on the south side of the platform which could be accessed from the stone platform.

Ling Yuxiu came forward and uncoiled the ribbon on his wrist while smiling, "You actually ran up here. Didn't you know? There's a set of stairs inside the dragon pillar you can come up from."

Qin Mu looked at her ribbon and was astonished, "The quality of the ribbon isn't bad."

"Of course."

Ling Yuxiu was extremely proud of herself, "This is weaved by Nature Fragrance Silk which are offerings to the emperor. Of course, they are of the best quality. Take a sniff, it's very fragrant. It's the fragrance of nature and would never disperse."

Qin Mu lowered his head to take a sniff and there was indeed a fragrant odor. He then smiled, "I also have a sweat towel that is weaved by Nature Fragrance Silk, it has the same fragrance. " Once he said that, he took out the 'sweat towel' from his chest.

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