Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 750 - Can't Bear to Look Back

The old marks on the commander's seal that Founding Master had left behind gradually faded away. The seal slowly became sparkling and translucent as though it was brand new and just forged.

Qin Mu examined the writings and runes with a weird expression. They were indeed writings from the Dragon Han Era, and there were only slight differences between the words on the Golden Commander's Seal from the old bull and the words on the commander's seal.

Qin Mu returned to the first year of Dragon Han, and he also had contact with the writings of that era. Even though there were differences with the writings of the future, he could still recognize most of them.

The writings on the commander's seal belonged to the seal script of the god writings. It was a category of bird characters.

The writings contained the marvel of the world, and there were still sects cultivating the rune path using bird characters. However, when compared to true god writings, there were still some differences.

After all, it had been too long since the first year of Dragon Han, and so the god writings then had already been long-lost.

These two commander's seals weren't one. Golden Commander was a general that guarded the Jade Capital of the celestial heavens. Two words were carved with yang on the commander's seal, and they were "golden commander".

On the other hand, this commander's seal was carved using yin and wrote two words, "feathered forest".

'Celestial Heavens' Feathered Forest Guards?'

Qin Mu blinked his eyes. 'The Feathered Forest Guards of which celestial heavens?'

There were three celestial heavens in the Dragon Han Era, and every celestial heaven had their own Feathered Forest Guards. Just by looking at the commander's seal that Founding Master had left behind, it was hard to determine which celestial heaven it was from.

The runes in the commander's seal were a kind of command skill to command the gods.

Command skill was a kind of formation skill that was extremely profound. People who were still skilled in order skills today were extremely few.

The reform in Eternal Peace this time, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor also didn't have any knowledge in command skills. Luckily, there was Blind, the formation expert, and he sorted out a series of command skills for the army of the Eternal Peace Empire.

'Why did big senior brother want to leave behind this commander's seal? Where did he get it from? There must be a deep reason why! Maybe this is the commander's seal from the extraterritorial celestial heavens! As long as I know which celestial heavens it is from, I will know the true face of the extraterritorial celestial heavens!'

A thought suddenly sprung in Qin Mu's head. 'Could big senior brother also have gone back into the Dragon Han Era?'

He then shook his head. The commander's seal was very ancient. If big senior brother had traveled back to the Dragon Han Era and brought back the commander's seal of Feathered Forest, this seal would be brand new like the old bull's.

The commander's seal had become brand new now because the old bull's commander's seal activated the command skill within, thus erasing the marks of time. However, the original commander's seal had to go through long years to become what it had looked like.

'Unless he traveled back to the Dragon Han Era and never returned.'

Qin Mu had a strange feeling in his heart, but he quickly rejected that idea. That deduction was too ridiculous. If Founding Master never came back, didn't that mean he was located in some place that was forever day or forever night?

How could such a place exist?

'There might really be a few.'

His expression became strange. 'Xuandu is always day, and the ancient gods' celestial heavens is always in the day too. Youdu is always night, so there's no change in day and night. If big senior brother remains in Youdu, Xuandu, or the celestial heavens, he can keep remaining in the past. Why have I thought until here? Big senior brother wouldn't remain in the past.'

He burst out into laughter and put away the Feathered Forest Commander's Seal. He walked towards the broken cliff with the old bull and thought to himself, 'The command skill in this rune is used to command the Feathered Forest Guards. However, I don't know which celestial heavens these Feathered Forest Guards are from? Maybe that celestial heavens is already wiped out and has ceased to exist. The commander's seal might have no use, but I can hand the command skill to Grandpa Blind, he can research it.'

The old bull avoided the Surging River that was under the cliff. He seemed to be very afraid of the Surging River.

"Senior Brother Sanduo, Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher only wanted you to send me to Heavenly Yin World, and Heavenly Yin World is right under the cliff."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "You can go back now, no need to send me any further. I shall go to Heavenly Yin World to take a look first and see if Sister Di Yiyue has made a decision already."

The old bull hesitated for a while and shook his head. "I don't really want to go back. Old master is a very boring person, he only knows how to train every day, and I can only smoke and drink tea. When I get really bored, I will rake the land. I feel it's still better to follow you. As long as you don't create any trouble, it's much more interesting than being beside old master."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "If Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher knows I kidnapped you, won't he punch me to death?"

The old bull laughed loudly and stood up. He crossed his hooves. "He dares? The Golden Commander of the ancient celestial heavens in here, does he dare to behave atrociously?"

Both of them laughed loudly.

Qin Mu walked into the Heavenly Yin World with him, and Niu Sanduo said with a smile, "We met Goddess of Heavenly Yin in Dragon Han Celestial Heavens, she had remarkable abilities. I wonder if Goddess of Heavenly Yin still remembers us."

They came to the Heavenly Yin World only to see numerous scholars from Eternal Peace constructing pavilions and buildings as though they were planning to stay here permanently. There were even some scholars practicing divine arts of the Heavenly Yin World, but Goddess of Heavenly Yin wasn't here.

Qin Mu was bewildered and asked around. One scholar replied, "Cult Master, Goddess has gone to pay a visit to her old friend, she has been gone for a few days."

"Has Heavenly King Tian Shu and Heavenly King Di come by?"

"I've not seen them."

Qin Mu could only leave Heavenly Yin World, muttering to himself. "Goddess of Heavenly Yin has gone to pay a visit to an old friend? She died in the Dragon Han Era, so her old friend is most likely an ancient god. I wonder which ancient god she is paying a visit to?"

Niu Sanduo lifted him up and ran all the way. Soon, they reached the opposite of Supreme Emperor Heaven. Qin Mu turned back to look and saw six to seven huge sun ships and moon ships on Supreme Emperor Heaven. They were currently walking in the sky.

And in Luofu Heaven, there were also Sun Ship and Moon Ship shining there and lighting up Luofu Heaven, allowing all things to grow.

Right at this moment, there were actually several cities on both Supreme Emperor Heaven and Luofu Heaven, it must have been True God Pang Yu and Fu Riluo who had brought the remaining survivors to reconstruct their homes.

"Imperial Preceptor's speed sure is fast!"

Qin Mu was full of praises. They came to Border Dragon City around the late afternoon.

There were divine arts practitioners harvesting rice. Niu Sanduo felt an itch when he saw it and ran to plow several fields of land. Qin Mu called out several times before the old bull reluctantly left the fields. He said with a smile, "I finally got my craving satisfied. I've been holding it back these days!"

They walked into the city and entered Fengdu through Between Life and Death. They could only hear constant loud trembling sounds, and Qin Mu stood on the bridge to look over. He saw the entire Fengdu shaking non-stop, and the land in the darkness was expanding continuously. Pieces of heaven and earth were being opened up one after another!

Di Yiyue, Heavenly King Tian Shu, and King Yama executed their abilities to expand the land of Fengdu. Devil flames keep pouring out from the ground and connected with the River of Helplessness.

The ground trembled, and huge mountains rose from the land. The space of Fengdu was expanding rapidly.

Qin Mu stared with his eyes wide open and didn't understand what he was seeing.

"Fengdu is the horn of Earth Count, it's a world and also a treasure."

The old bull was more knowledgeable, and he knew the reason. "If the horn of Earth Count is refined into a treasure, it would have strangely huge power, and it would be an exceptional weapon. Back then, old master planned to pluck off a horn from Earth Count to make a knife, yet after he went Youdu, he got beaten back by Benevolent Saintly King Equal to Heaven. Benevolent Saintly King Equal to Heaven kept chasing him but luckily, I ran very fast and carried him to Xuandu, only then was old master's life saved."

Qin Mu didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher still had such a past that couldn't be recollected?

"The other ability of Earth Count's horn is to transform into a vast world."

The old bull continued to say, "King Yama is a junior after all, he doesn't know the true power of Earth Count's horn. That original Fengdu is too small, if it could be unraveled completely, it is even larger than Supreme Emperor Heaven and Luofu Heaven."

Di Yiyue, Heavenly King Tian Shu, and King Yama transformed into majestic gods that walked in the darkness. They struck out mudras everywhere, and space was still expanding continuously. The land moved and the mountains shook, it was truly astonishing.

Qin Mu even felt that there was a rule that was becoming stronger and stronger. That was the rule of Youdu, and even though Fengdu was just a tiny piece of Earth Count's horn, the Youdu rule contained inside was incomparably astonishing!

"In the past, the living realm of the dead couldn't suppress true gods and experts on the Jade Pool Realm. Now, even gods on the Jade Pool Realm would be suppressed and turned into skeletons."

He observed in detail, and the mudra skill that these three people were executing was from Youdu. Among them, Heavenly King Tian Shu was still the most skillful, and he was no doubt the one who was conferred the title of Mingdu Heavenly King by Earth Count. His attainments in Youdu were indeed profound and unpredictable.

Heavenly King Tian Shu carried Imperial Gate Divine Knife as he raised his hands and kicked his legs while radiating with aggressiveness.

"Tian Shu is drunk."

Qin Mu took a look and said very confidently. "If he isn't drunk, he wouldn't have such aggressiveness."

Di Yiyue and King Yama were a little out of practice when they executed the mudra skills, so it was obvious that Tian Shu had just imparted them the mudra skills. They had learned it not long ago, so they couldn't execute it as they wished.

"King Yama is skilled in the paths, skills, and divine arts after all, so it's natural that he can learn Heavenly King Tian Shu's mudra skill. However, why was Sister Di Yiyue able to learn it as well?"

Qin Mu was bewildered and asked, "Senior Brother Sanduo, why is Sister Di Yiyue able to execute all kinds of divine arts? Is she an overlord body as well?"

The old bull shook his head. "What kind of overlord body is she? The number one heavenly king has a special spirit body, it's the Body of Paradise that has no attributes at all. Rumors say that the Body of Paradise is the spirit body that has the bloodline of Heaven Duke, thus no matter what technique they learn, they can easily master it. Back then, Founding Emperor was full of anticipation for her and spent a great deal of effort to make the four deities take her in as their disciple."

"The Body of Paradise that possesses the bloodline of Heaven Duke?"

Qin Mu was bewildered and immediately took off the willow leaf on the heart of his brows. His undying god consciousness rushed into the Qin word land and asked, "Heaven Duke, do you know about the Body of Paradise?"

The old man with white brows and white beard instantly became alarmed. "Qin boy, what do you know?"

Qin Mu hurriedly pulled back his undying god consciousness and pasted the willow leaf back on the heart of his brows. He smiled and said, "It's said that Heaven Duke is impartial like Earth Count, but it seems that he also has past events that can't be looked back upon."

"Other than the Body of Paradise, there's also the Body of Netherworld."

The old bull continued to say, "This Body of Netherworld would be related to Earth Count, rumors say it has the bloodline of Earth Count. These two bloodlines are both extremely rare. The number one heavenly king is the Body of Paradise, and Founding Emperor planned to find a Body of Netherworld, but he could never find it."

Qin Mu cried out, "Earth Count? Earth Count also has such a past?"

The old bull shook his head and said, "As for the exact situation, I don't know, I just heard of such a spirit body."

Qin Mu composed himself and felt something crumbling in his heart.

Suddenly, the darkness in the River of Helplessness under the bridge churned, and a beautiful face gradually appeared. She looked at Qin Mu, who was on the bridge.

Qin Mu looked down the bridge and saw the long snake tail of that beautiful woman. She was swaying her tail in the darkness and the flames.

Qin Mu's heart jumped, and he was at ease in the next instant. He said with a smile, "Lu Li?"

"Qin Fengqing." That beauty also revealed a smile.

"You are looking for my brother?"

Qin Mu said with a smile, "Wait a minute, let me call my brother out to meet you."

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