Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 751 - Devil Mask

"Brother, someone has come to visit a prisoner, she's here to bring food to you!"

Qin Mu took off the willow leaf on the heart of his brows and saw the huge baby that was being suppressed in the center of the Qin word land. "It's a babe, she's pretty, has a snake's tail, and also has the voice of a man."

"I'm never picky about food!"

That baby raised his head and was extremely delighted. He suddenly asked suspiciously, "Are you lying to me? If you lie to me, I'll beat you to death before eating you. If you never lie to me, I'll eat you when you are alive."

Before Qin Mu could even speak, Lu Li's rough voice came from the River of Helplessness. She chuckled and said, "Qin Fengqing, I've not come for you this time, I'll let you off this time. The future is long, you will fall into my hands one day."

She clearly had the body of a woman, but she had the rough voice of a man. It was very strange.

Lu Li's tail slithered, and she swam towards the front of the River of Helplessness.

In Qin word land, that baby was furious. "Bad brother, you are indeed lying to me! Come in, look at how I beat you to death! I'll tear off your head and legs before I eat you!"

On the side, the clone of Heaven Duke and the consciousness of Crimson Emperor had already hidden in the mountains of Qin word land. They were afraid of the baby taking out his anger on them.

Qin Mu stuck the willow leaf back and said with a smile, "Why is Lu Li so understanding this time?"

As he was saying that, huge bodies swam under the water of the River of Helplessness. They quickly passed by the Bridge of Helplessness.

Qin Mu's expression was blank. Those were countless Youdu monsters and Youdu devil gods!

The Youdu devil gods with Lu Li in the lead brought countless monsters over, and they were currently traveling through the River of Helplessness!

Those slippery and dark bodies under the river surface were incomparably huge, yet they were as agile as fishes in the river water where fire and water were compatible with each other. The number of monsters made their scalps crawled.

"The four great provincial governors that were stationed in Youdu by the celestial heavens are here!"

The old bull looked down the bridge and said, "Opening up Fengdu this time is trying to turn Fengdu into another Mingdu. As long as it's constructed, Fengdu could be as vast as Mingdu. I reckon not only Lu Li, Xuan Ming, Han Lei, and Jue Huang will be making a move, but even Son of Heaven Yin won't be able to sit still."

He punched towards the River of Helplessness, but he could only cause water and fire to spew out. He couldn't hurt those devil gods and monsters under the water at all.

This was because the River of Helplessness was the boundary line that connected Youdu and Fengdu. Even though those monsters looked like they were swimming under the water, they were actually swimming in Youdu.

Even though Niu Sanduo was a great master of the Numinous Sky Realm on the martial path and his fist skill was overbearing and fierce, he still couldn't break through worlds to attack those monsters and devil gods.

He only knew the divine arts of the martial path, so he wasn't too knowledgeable about the divine arts of Youdu.

"Son of Heaven Yin will also make a move?"

Qin Mu asked in doubt, "Sister Di Yiyue is right here, would he dare to show himself?"

Qin Mu had also heard about the love and hate between Di Yiyue and Son of Heaven Yin. First Ancestor Human Emperor had secretly told him about their affairs.

Back then, Son of Heaven Yin chased after Di Yiyue's heart, and yet he killed her ruthlessly on their nuptial night. After killing Di Yiyue, he then suppressed her corpse at the bottom-most level of the underworld prison.

Now that Di Yiyue was opening up Fengdu, would Son of Heaven Yin still dare to appear?

"If he dares to appear, I would be impressed by the thickness of his face."

As Qin Mu thought until here, the space of Fengdu trembled non-stop. The sky split open, and Son of Heaven Yin's face appeared from the crack in the sky. Two of his huge eyeballs rolled around as he surveyed the surroundings.

Qin Mu was astonished.

The old bull said, "You have underestimated the thickness of his face. With Son of Heaven Yin's appearance, these devil gods and monsters of Youdu could probably start to launch their attacks on Fengdu."

Before he could finish speaking, that Son of Heaven Yin in the sky opened his mouth and started chanting profound and cryptic Youdu language. Youdu devil qi gathered and formed a vertical eye on the heart of his brows.

The vertical eye opened up, and a beam of black light descended from the sky. It slashed on the River of Helplessness, and the river was parted to both sides. From the river surface that had cracked open, devil gods leaped out and roared loudly.

Son of Heaven Yin's gaze fell from the sky and sliced down. The gaze quickly reached the bridge of Between Life and Death.

Niu Sanduo gave an angry roar, and his body swelled up drastically. He transformed into an indomitable bull-headed god and shattered Son of Heaven Yin's gaze with a punch.

Qin Mu looked towards the River of Helplessness and saw countless monsters crawling out like ants from their nest. They crawled out from Youdu and entered Fengdu from the crack.

"So it's the old farmer's mount, that old bull."

Son of Heaven Yin immediately noticed the bridge and said with a smile, "It would be much better if it's your master that had come. Heh, Qin Fengqing is also here, your corporeal body is mine..."

Right at this moment, a beam of knife light rushed into the sky. It was Tian Shu brandishing his knife and slashing at Son of Heaven Yin. Son of Heaven Yin sneered and let Tian Shu's knife slash at his face freely.

When this face was sliced open, the face in the sky would vanish. Another face would then appear, and it was also Son of Heaven Yin's face.

Tian Shu was about slash again when more and more faces appeared in the dark sky above Fengdu. There were almost a hundred handsome faces that had appeared in an instant, blocking out the entire dark sky of Fengdu!

The hundreds of faces in the sky opened their mouths in unison, and arms actually stretched out from those mouths. Several hundred arms came grabbing down.

Tian Shu used the Imperial Gate Divine Knife to defend and chopped off huge hand after huge hand. However, more and more hands came grabbing down.

Niu Sanduo stood on the bridge, and his fist skills were fierce and powerful. He managed to force back the huge hands that came grabbing, but there were simply too many hands in the sky. He found it difficult to defend against them.

At the same time, the four great provincial governors of Youdu also crossed the River of Helplessness. They reorganized the tens of thousands of devil gods and led countless monsters to attack the Fengdu's gods in the city.

In Fengdu God City, the roars of the gods deafened the sky as they welcomed the fight. Everyone on both sides of the River of Helplessness instantly sank into a terrifying battle.

Suddenly, King Yama, who was currently opening up Fengdu, came flying over. Unraveling his cape, the vast god city was instantly shrouded under his cape.

When King Yama lifted up his cape again, only skeletons were left on both sides of the River of Helplessness.

Countless monsters and devil gods were turned into white bones by him.

"The son picked up by Founding Emperor sure has some abilities! However, your Youdu divine art isn't cultivated to perfection!"

In the sky, huge hands grabbed down and caught King Yama's cape. They lifted King Yama up, and he was astonished. He gave a roar and pulled out his sword to slash those huge hands!

Lu Li, Jue Huang, Xuan Ming, Han Lei, and the four great provincial governors of Youdu took the chance to rush into the city to massacre. Most of the gods in Fengdu were just primordial spirit, and even though they had recovered their corporeal bodies in the living realm of the dead, they still couldn't defend against these four great provincial governors. Many people got their souls shattered.

Suddenly, a gate flew over and landed in the center of heaven and earth.

"Mingdu Heavenly Gate!"

Lu Li and the rest of the gods cried out. The power of the Mingdu Heavenly Gate suppressed downwards, and everyone's primordial spirits sank to the ground. They got pressed down and couldn't move.

Di Yiyue floated up and stood barefoot on the Mingdu Heavenly Gate. She raised her head and had a smile that was yet not a smile on her face. "Husband, why didn't you come with your true body? Why have you only projected yourself with your divine art? I would like to hear your sweet talk again."

In the dark sky above, Son of Heaven Yin's faces were twitching non-stop. Suddenly, all of the faces gathered together and transformed into one. This face was also slowly fading away and vanishing.

"Di Yiyue, I have indeed let you down, therefore, I won't fight with you, it's not because I'm afraid of you."

His voice moved further and further away. "However, my mission is accomplished. The reason why I sliced open Fengdu isn't because I want to stop you personally, I am just allowing the power of Youdu to come in. Mingdu Heavenly King, you will have to settle your grudge with Earth Count for severing his horn to construct Fengdu! Now, I can retreat after my success..."

Di Yiyue's heart jumped, and she hurriedly looked towards the River of Helplessness.

The River of Helplessness was deadly silent.

The monsters and devil gods pouring out from the river stopped fighting and were motionless. The four great provincial governors were guarding in front of the Youdu devil gods' army and waiting.

From the River of Helplessness, a paper boat floated out and the lantern the paper boat was like a pillar of light that lit up Fengdu.

On the bow of the ship, an elder whose face couldn't be seen clearly raised his hand to take down the lantern. He had no expression on his face.

Next, more paper boats floated out one after another. Countless paper boats flew out from the River of Helplessness, and on every paper boat was an elder whose face couldn't be seen clearly. They all had a lantern that could tear through the darkness!

Countless paper boats floated into the sky, and the light from the lanterns was shining in all directions. The sky trembled, warped, and shrunk. The ground was also rumbling and shrinking continuously. Mountains in the darkness were shrinking back into the land, and they turned back into flat ground!

The space that Di Yiyue, Heavenly King Tian Shu, and King Yama had worked together to open up was smacked back to its original form by Elder Messenger of Death in an instant!

"Sand Border Celestial Palace!"

King Yama bellowed, and the ground trembled non-stop. God cities appeared in the darkness, and the pitch-black city walls looked as though they were forged by black iron. They stood tall in the depths of Fengdu, and that was Sand Border Celestial Palace, one of the thirty-six celestial palaces of Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens.

"Heroes of Founding Emperor that died in battle!"

King Yama stared at the paper boats that filled the sky and raised his sword high up. "Skeletons of Founding Emperor that died in battle! I beg you, fight for Founding Emperor once more!"

Rumble, rumble.

Terrifying rumbles came from the black iron forged god cities, and from the cities, huge skeletons slowly stood up and grabbed their worn-out weapons, standing there silently. Ghostly blue flames burned in their eye sockets.

Those were the gods that had died in the battle when the Founding Emperor Era was eradicated. Their bones were all buried in Fengdu, and now that they had heard King Yama's call, they had woken up from death.

Suddenly, the gates of a black iron god city opened up, and a strange three-headed beast came sprinting out. It carried a skeleton god to ran forward, and the clacking of its hooves was really fast.

That skeleton god was still carrying a tattered flag, and the flag unfurled in the wind. The word 'Yue' could still be seen.

On the Mingdu Heavenly Gate, Di Yiyue looked at that 'Yue' word flag in a daze and tears suddenly flowed out from her eyes.

That was her flag.

As the number one heavenly king, she also possessed her own god army. However, before the disasters happened, she left to marry Son of Heaven Yin.

Now, she had seen her own flag again, but her subordinates had all become skeletons.

Even though they had become skeletons, they still carried her military flag!

The skeleton god rushed over, and the strange beast under him suddenly stopped. With a heavy slam, that god stabbed the flag under Mingdu Heavenly Gate and raised his head in pride.

Behind him, countless skeleton gods came clattering over, and they stopped behind him in a neat formation.

The gates of the black iron god cities opened up, and more skeleton gods came pouring out. They lined up in their formations and stood across from the paper boats in the sky silently.

The elders on the paper boats shook their sleeves, and countless paper humans and paper horses flew out from their sleeves, transforming into countless gods.

Both sides didn't make a sound and just stood on the spot silently.

"Severing the horn of Earth Count comes with a price."

On one of the paper boats, Elder Messenger of Death raised his lantern and said calmly, "The rules of Youdu can't be broken. If you return Fengdu today, no lives will be harmed, if you don't, not even a blade of grass will survive."

Di Yiyue and the rest felt apprehensive. Tian Shu carried his wine jar and drowned himself with wine furiously. He shouted, "Official Sovereign, I was the one who severed Earth Count's horn, if you have the guts, just find trouble with me!"

"You are drunk again."

That elder on the paper took a glance at him and said indifferently, "Don't try to defend, over millions of years, countless worlds have been destroyed trying to fight against me. As long as Youdu's rules are touched, there will be no innocent."

Di Yiyue sneered and said, "Mingdu is also the horn of Earth Count! Why doesn't Official Sovereign go wipe out Mingdu? Why have you come to bully us instead? Youdu's rules are bullshit, whoever is stronger than you guys can just play around with your bullshit rules as they like!"

Elder Messenger of Death frowned and stopped speaking.

The light from the lanterns was still shining, and Fengdu was about to be smacked back into its original form.

King Yama gritted his teeth and gripped his sword tightly. He said solemnly, "Prepare to fight to the death!"

Elder Messenger of Death sighed. "Stubborn."

Suddenly, on the bridge of Between Life and Death, Qin Mu carved a mask and threw it down to a paper boat below the bridge.

Elder Messenger of Death lowered his head to look at the mask. That was a familiar devil mask that had two streaks of tears.

Elder Messenger of Death looked up the bridge, and Qin Mu said softly, "I understand now, I'm back."

Elder Messenger of Death's body trembled violently and the paper boats that filled the sky suddenly collided with one another. Countless Elder Messenger of Death merged together and transformed into one person. He bent over and picked up that mask.

This elder gazed at the mask for a moment before wearing it on the back of his head.


He raised his head to look at the youth. "You are back. Do you know how many years have passed?"

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