Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 755 - The Past of Youdu

Qin Mu quickly mastered the technique to control the paper boat. The paper boat could be said to be the fastest flying vehicle in Youdu, and with this boat, he could visit his mother, who was suppressed in Youdu.

'When Earth Count and Celestial Venerable You find out, it will already be too late!'

He stood on the bow of the boat, and there was endless darkness. The small boat floated in the darkness and seemed to be very lonely.

However, Youdu wasn't completely dark. There was also blood that was like lava flowing on the surface of Earth Count's skin. Earth Count was too huge, and his skin was like an armor formed by incomparably durable rocks. The cracks between the rocks were like the vein lines on his skin. The fire-red lava was like blood flowing there.

Qin Mu drove the small boat to get closer. From afar, he couldn't see anything on the rock skin, but when he was close, he could see mountains standing tall like a forest. They were like weapons and were very rough. There were also huge devil monsters and devil gods carrying palaces on their backs as they traveled among the mountains.

There were also countless green imps surrounding the palaces which the devil monsters and devil gods were carrying. They were squabbling and launching a war against another group of imps. Blood flowed from the massacre.

Green imps were a unique lifeform in Youdu. Fengdu also had this kind of imp. They had green faces and fangs. Some of the imps were three to five times larger than a human, but some of them could only reach their knees and stomach. The small ones could run very fast.

Among these imps, there were even imp kings with strong and powerful abilities that could rival gods.

This kind of war could be seen everywhere in Youdu, and even devil monsters and devil gods would join the battle. The devil monsters and devil gods that carried the palaces had boundless strength, but their weapons were very simple. They just broke off the mountain tops on Earth Count's skin and swung them around like a sturdy club, smashing everything in sight.

Sometimes, Qin Mu could even see several primordial spirits of gods walking out from the palaces on the devil monsters and devil gods. They would cast spells or unleash divine arts and divine weapons to fight with the enemies in front of them.

'Youdu is so lively.'

Qin Mu looked excited, and when he passed by a battlefield, he stopped his small boat and shouted, "Dao brothers!"

Both parties that were currently at war were shocked by his voice. Countless green imps stopped their fighting, and the devil monsters on both sides also hurriedly stopped. They propped themselves up with the clubs and looked up at the small boat.

The primordial spirits on both sides flew up and stood on the sky. They bowed towards the ship and said, "Official Sovereign. we are not worthy of being called Dao brother!"

"Is Official Sovereign here to kill us? Does Earth Count wants to eat us?"

Those two gods that had waged war suddenly huddled together and choked on their tears. "Other people also fight like this to seize territories, so why when it comes to our turn does he want to eat us up..."

Qin Mu hurriedly said, "Don't cry first, Earth Count doesn't want to eat you. I'm just here to ask for directions. After I'm done, I'll leave, you can continue to fight."

The primordial spirits of the two gods hurriedly let go of each other.

Qin Mu asked, "Where's the place where the dangerous criminals are guarded?"

Those two primordial spirits let out sighs of relief and said, "Right in Youdu's Jade Lock Pass, under Earth Count's feet."

Qin Mu expressed his thanks and said, "On the way here, I have seen wars everywhere, why is Youdu so chaotic?"

Those two primordial spirits looked at one another in the eyes, and they could see the astonishment in each other's eyes. One primordial spirit said carefully, "Could Official Sovereign have forgotten about what happened twenty-two years ago? Twenty-two years ago, that person who must not be named fought his way down from the horn of nine bends, crashing through god knows how many levels of hell. He killed god knows how many big shots and ate them. We also only fought for our land after seeing so many lands without owners, as well as to settle our old grudges once and for all."

The other primordial spirit nodded his head in a hurry.

'The one who must not be named? There's such a terrifying being in Youdu?' Qin Mu was bewildered as he sailed away.

Those two gods saw the small boat sailing away, only then were they at ease. "Strange, why did Official Sovereign have to ask us for directions? He is Benevolent Saintly King Equal to Heaven, so how could he not know Youdu's Jade Lock Pass? How could he not know the Little Overlord of Youdu?"

"Who cares? Die! I'll reward thirty imp beauties to whoever kills that bastard on the other side!"

"For me to have treated you as a brother when I was alive, yet you dare to tease your sister-in-law! Get rid of this bastard with me!"

Both sides started to fight again.

Qin Mu sailed down Earth Count's body, and the lower he went, the denser the Youdu devil qi was. The devil nature was also becoming stronger and stronger.

What he had seen on the way had made his heart pound. There were wars everywhere, and people were fighting from day to night. There were also incomparably strong and terrifying souls that were creating chaos and plundering everywhere.

"The one that must not be named from Youdu twenty-two years ago must have committed a lot of evil and killed countless big shots. Only then could he create such huge chaos in Youdu that it's still not quelled until now."

Qin Mu felt apprehensive. "Looks like the water in Youdu is also very deep, there are talents hidden everywhere."

Earth Count still had numerous ancient cities on his body, and there were lights. Gods were stationed there.

There were also cities floating in the dark sky, with chains connecting them to the ground. These cities formed formations and looked very dangerous.

Qin Mu looked but didn't get close. He thought to himself, 'That must be where Lu Li and the extraterritorial celestial heavens are stationed at, it's not wise to get close.'

After flying a long stretch, he saw dilapidated god cities in the sky. There were pitch-black ruins of cities crushed to the ground, and broken limbs were everywhere in these cities. From the wounds, they seemed to have been bitten in half by some huge and fierce beast.

A huge pass stretched out in front of his eyes, and it was like a black iron city wall blocking his wall. Qin Mu was planning to take a detour when he was suddenly stunned. On the majestic wall were handprints that were terrifying to see.

The handprints were incomparably huge, and the fingers were like mountains smashed onto the city wall. It was truly five fingers like mountains.

There were also fist imprints and marks left behind by numerous gods being smashed on the city wall. Bones of devil gods were scattered everywhere on the ground, and the broken weapons piled up like mountains.

After a moment, Qin Mu stopped the small boat outside the city gate. The towering city tower and city wall were smashed into pieces, and there was a huge human-sized hole in the walls and gate. It could be inferred that the one that must not be named had a chubby body, but he was incomparably savage. The power of his corporeal body was beyond imagination!

The small boat sailed through this hole and came to an abandoned pass. The former glory of the pass couldn't be seen anymore as everything had been smashed into bits.

Suddenly, Qin Mu came to the center of the pass, and he saw tens of thousands of skeletons standing there around huge circles. These skeletons of gods were all tilted towards the center of the circle, as though there was a great force of attraction sucking their body but they were fighting back against the power.

Qin Mu moved the small boat to the center of the circle, and in the center of the circle were two huge footprints.

He stopped the small boat above the sky. Qin Mu stood on the boat and looked around at the skeletons. These white skeletons must have come attacking after the one who must not be named broke through the city. And at that time, the one who must not be named suddenly exploded with power.

"Ah, ahh, ahhh—"

Qin Mu opened his mouth and turned his head to shout at the skeletons in the surroundings. He shook his head and said, "That's not right, they shouldn't have been killed by soundwaves. It should be..."

He turned his head and sucked in a deep breath. He nodded and said, "That's right, just like this. The one who must not be named suddenly sucked away the primordial spirits of all these gods and ate them cleanly! Swallowing tens of thousands of gods in one single mouth, vicious, truly vicious!"

The small boat sailed out of the pass and continued forward. It came to the bend of Earth Count's legs, and there were chains connecting the cities here.

Qin Mu sailed through a towering gate, and only then did he realized there were heaven and earth here. The palaces here were vast, and they stretched out continuously. There were cities in the cities here, but they were all turned into ruins. The devil qi was dense, and only a few green imps lived here. They were extremely afraid of humans, and when they saw his small boat, they would turn into wisps of black smoke to disappear.

Qin Mu had a weird expression, and he quickly moved out of this gate. Raising his head, he saw this gate had also been destroyed.

Searching on the ground, he finally saw the words on the broken door, and he sucked in a cold breath.

'Southern Heavenly Gate! This is a celestial palace!'

His mind trembled violently, and he composed himself. He flew in once again and flew past the Jade Pavilion and the Jade Pool. The Jade Pool was dried up as though someone had drunk it dry in one mouthful, while the God Execution Stage was smashed into smithereens. The Jade Capital was also smashed, and the Numinous Sky Hall had huge holes in it. The Emperor's Throne was pulled out, and it got squashed by some big buttocks. It was embedded into the ground of the Jade Capital City.

'Souls with the right to live in the celestial palaces are either strong practitioners on the Emperor's Throne Realm before they die or they are on the Numinous Sky Realm. To allow the one who must not be named to destroy this place to such an extent, the master here must have been killed by that vicious fellow!'

After leaving this celestial palace, he was more and more astonished. The Youdu twenty-two years ago seemed to have suffered a huge disaster. The lifeforms living here had all suffered the massacre of the one who must not be named, suffering a huge number of casualties.

'Earth Count and Celestial Venerable You still record my deeds on a small booklet. The one who must not be named is the truly evil one, yet they never mentioned him at all.'

Qin Mu's heart was full of resentment. He came to the feet of Earth Count, and this place had already turned into the ruins of a battlefield.

Qin Mu looked over, and his heart jumped. This battlefield was vast, and even his eyesight couldn't see the borders. All he could see were rays of sunlight, and they were the remnants of divine arts that great divine arts practitioners left behind.

Each ray of sunlight was ten thousand miles long and gave off a heart-gripping beauty.

The land was extremely flat, and no mountains or rivers could be seen. There were hand imprints and fist imprints everywhere in the sky, and the imprints actually couldn't return back to normal even after twenty years!

It was evident that the battle here was much more terrifying and scary than the battles in other places!

"Could the souls of Emperor's Throne practitioners have encircled and fought the one who must not be named here?"

Qin Mu's heart jumped. He carefully sailed through this battlefield and avoided those radiant divine arts. He was more and more astonished as he looked at them.

The severity of this battle was beyond imagination, and the gods and devils that were mobilized were probably a terrifying amount.

Yet he saw the footprints of the one who must not be named at the borders of the battlefield. The footprints were very deep and very fat. It was evident that this battle didn't kill the one who must not be named, and instead, he had fought his way out.

The one who must not be named was the final victor!

'There's still such a terrifying existence in Youdu?'

Qin Mu took in a long breath and thought to himself, 'I need to be careful with my words in case I offend that terrifying strong practitioner in Youdu. That's right, it's just like what Village Chief said, you never go wrong with being too polite.'

He came to where Earth Count was standing, and the devil nature here was dense and very terrifying. However, the devil nature and devil qi gathered down to form the land under Earth Count's feet.

The small boat left Earth Count's feet, and he instantly saw a majestic and vast city in black, and it looked as though it was made from black jade. The whole city seemed to be one, and he couldn't find any connections between the jade.

'This place should be Youdu's Jade Lock Pass.'

Qin Mu moved the small boat to fly up and tried to fly across the walls to enter the pass. However, as the boat flew up, the black jade wall also flew up, and no matter how fast the small boat flew, it could never fly past the city wall to enter the pass.

Qin Mu tried for a long time before searching for the city gate along the city wall obediently.

He didn't know how long later it was when he finally found the city gate of Jade Lock Pass. Outside the city gate, two devil gods guarded there with axes in their hands. When they saw the paper boat flying over, they were about to bow when they saw a youth instead of Elder Messenger of Death on the boat. They couldn't help being bewildered.

One of the devil gods asked, "Whose child are you, why have you come to Jade Lock Pass? Why do you have Benevolent Saint King Equal to Heaven's boat?"

Qin Mu hurriedly said, "High gods, I am Qin Mu Qin Fengqing, I'm here to visit my mother."

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