Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 756 - Brothers Combined

Those two devil gods looked each other in the eyes, and one of them said lazily, "You are here to visit your mother? Do you have your passport?"

Qin Mu shook his head. "I don't."

The other devil god looked around, and he lowered his voice. "Do you have any bling-bling?"

Qin Mu was puzzled. "What is bling-bling?"

"How are you so dense? Bling-bling means natural treasures, things that are worthy of looking at."

That devil god scolded, "This is a place that guards the great danger and great evil, but you don't have a passport or any valuable things to bribe us, do you really want to go in? Why don't you just be on your way?"

Qin Mu hurriedly smiled and said, "I have some treasures, how is this boat of Heavenly Saintly King Equal to Heaven? Can I use this boat to exchange for a chance to enter the pass?"

That devil god sneered and said, "What do need a boat for? We also can't leave this place..."

The other devil god had a slight change of expression when he saw this boat. He hurriedly stopped him and smiled apologetically to Qin Mu. "He's just joking with you, you can just go in."

Qin Mu gave his thanks and walked into Jade Lock Pass.

"Are you tired of living!"

The voices from those two devil gods came from behind. "That's Benevolent Saintly King Equal to Heaven's boat! Has he ever lent his boat to others? This person named Qin Fengqing must be a trusted aide of Saintly King to have his boat. If you chase him away and he complains to Saintly King, you and I will be in trouble!"

"Brother is still the perceptive one, I was reckless. What relationship does this youth have with Saintly King? To be able to even borrow his ship, he must have quite a background."

"He's most likely a guest from the celestial heavens... Wait a minute, what was his name again? I had only thought of how to extort a sum from him and didn't hear clearly."

The two devil gods looked at each other in dismay. One of the devil gods braved himself and called Qin Mu back. "Hey you, please stop for a moment, what did you say your name was? Can you repeat it once more?"

Qin Mu turned his head back, and his smile was very radiant. "High gods, my name is Qin Mu Qin Fengqing."

The minds of the two gods were blown. They looked at him walking into Jade Lock Pass. At this moment, another two devil gods came to take over their shifts, and they shook their heads with a smile. "Someone has come to Jade Lock Pass, senior brothers, have you checked this person?"

Those two gods stood there dumbfounded. The devil gods that had come to take over frowned and could smell the foul smell of piss when they walked forward. They confirmed it with the water under their feet.


One of them stuttered. "Qin, Qin. Qin... The one who must not be named is back!"

Their voice became incomparably resounding and sharp. "This is bad! The one who must not be named is back, and he has barged into Jade Lock Pass! Get ready! Get ready!"

"Quickly inform the gods everywhere! The one who must not be named is back to fetch his mother!"


In Jade Lock Pass, Qin Mu heard shouts coming from behind and was astonished. He looked back, and when the four devil gods saw him looking back, fear struck deep into their hearts. With a few thumps, the four devil gods fainted.

'The one that must not be named? Could it be me?'

Qin Mu was speechless and broke into laughter. He only shook his head after a moment and thought to himself, 'Twenty-two years ago? In that case, I'm twenty-two years old now. Village Chief said I'm twenty-two while granny said I'm twenty-one, now we finally have an answer, they don't have to fight anymore.'

"Hey, the four of you!"

He shouted and warned them out of kindness. "Are you guys not escaping? Are you perhaps waiting for me to eat?"

Those four devil gods that had fainted immediately flipped themselves up and vanished after transforming into four beams of devil light.

'My brother's ominous name is actually so powerful.'

Qin Mu sighed ruefully. The journey to Jade Lock Pass this time being abnormally smooth was also out of his expectations.

Beatings of drums came from the pass, and killing aura was in the air. He could immediately feel countless terrifying auras coming out from the pass, so it was obvious that quite a number of soldiers and cavalry were stationed there. They had tight security in case the existences guarded inside escaped.

Qin Mu composed himself and secretly took off the willow leaf covering the heart of his brows. He said with a low voice, "Brother, I'm here to visit mother..."

His eye sockets suddenly became red, and he revealed a warm smile. "You have met mother before, but I have never seen her before. Mother carried you and kissed you before, but she never carried nor kissed me. If it wasn't for your huge mistake, I wouldn't have been unable to meet father and mother..."

In the third eye on the heart of his brow, a big-headed, weird baby sat there and looked at the sky.

Heaven Duke and Crimson Emperor couldn't help becoming nervous. Heaven Duke's clone shouted, "Qin Feng... Qin Mu, what are you trying to do! Don't be reckless!"

Qin Mu's voice rang out, "Who doesn't want to be happy under their parents' knees when they are young? Who doesn't want to have parents to accompany them when they are young, but I didn't have the chance to. Brother, I'm here to see mother, you have to make it up to me. Today..."

His body trembled, and his voice was slightly hoarse. "I need to borrow your strength, brother! I can't control the devil nature, but you can. You can't control the divine art, but I can. Brother, Qin Fengqing, come out!"

The clone of Heaven Duke and the consciousness of Crimson Emperor scolded furiously, "Don't be reckless—"

Above the land, the sky trembled and Qin Mu's consciousness pierced the sky. "Brother, let us combine into one, let us go meet mother!"

The big-headed baby rushed into the sky and flew out.


The clone of Heaven Duke and consciousness of Crimson Emperor flew out of the sky to suddenly see the seal strengthening. It was Qin Mu covering the willow leaf and sealing them in the Qin word seal.

Both of them landed on the ground, and they felt a chill in their hearts.

"Qin Mu this rascal, he can't control the devil nature at all, he can't control Qin Fengqing!"

The clone of Heaven Duke was angry, and he walked to and fro anxiously. He suddenly raised his head to look at the buddha in midair. He shouted in a hurry, "Old buddha, quickly wake up, something big is happening!"

The buddha was asleep and couldn't hear his words.

"This old buddha, is he here to suppress Qin Fengqing or to sleep?" The consciousness of Crimson Emperor was also in a fury.

Qin Mu's body trembled, and his corporeal body expanded step by step, his arms starting to grow out. At the same time, another two necks grew out. He had six shoulders and six arms that were holding up three heads.

One of the heads suddenly transformed quickly and turned into that of a child. Qin Mu instantly felt an incomparably terrifying power flooding out!

That kind of power wasn't from opening the celestial palaces. Raising one's realm couldn't provide such a power; this was the power of law, the law of Youdu. This was the power of heaven and earth, the power of Youdu's Dao!

He was like an ancient god born from heaven and earth, like a half-god that had grown stronger as he grew. He had both the advantages of an ancient god and a half-god!

"Bad brother, let me control the power, and you can control the law!" That baby gave off a childish voice.

Qin Mu felt power pouring into his corporeal body like an ocean, and his body expanded once again. His muscles kept bulging, and all kinds of Youdu's Great Dao transformed into countless information. The information flooded into his mind, allowing him to understand without any explanation.

The big-headed baby transformed by Qin Fengqing controlled the devil nature while he controlled the power and law.

He grew taller and taller until he reached the clouds. He was as tall as the mountains.


Qin Mu tore down the willow leaf again, and in Qin word land now, Heaven Duke and Crimson Emperor could see the world outside. The seal had already become very thin, and Crimson Emperor tried to break through the seal. Heaven Duke's clone shook his head and said, "Don't bother trying to escape, you can't. Qin Mu and Qin Fengqing have combined forces, and they have already completely mastered the power of Son of Youdu. The reason he opened up the seal is that, with the power he has now, he doesn't have to be afraid of us meddling."

Crimson Emperor's consciousness flew into the sky, and he saw that the seal had indeed become incomparably thick. There was no possibility of breaking through.

"Just admit defeat."

Heaven Duke sighed. "We can only hope Qin Mu is still rational and not controlled by his brother."

In the pass, the army of gods guarding Jade Lock Pass gave off an austere aura, and they stood in the high tower. With bows and arrows in their hands and their sharp gazes, they waited strictly.

Thud, thud, thud.

Heavy footsteps rang out as the land and mountains shook. Beads of cold sweat rolled down the gods' forehead.

"Don't be afraid!"

A devil general was awe-inspiring and had an extraordinary manner. His cultivation was extremely high, and it was obvious he was the general here. He guarded this place under the orders of Earth Count, and he shouted, "Don't be afraid! Earth Count has sealed him for over twenty years. Even if he breaks through the seal now, he would at most have his abilities from twenty years ago. With the treasures that Earth Count has given us, we don't have to be scared of him!"

He shouted, "We, the army of Jade Lock Pass is never afraid of Son of Youdu! He is here, take him down!"

At this moment, he saw a three-headed and six-armed god walking over, and he was covered in Youdu markings. Those markings seemed to have transformed into the Great Dao of Youdu and marked themselves on the skin of this god!

He grew three heads. One was a child, and the other two were youths. Among these two heads, one had a cold and calm gaze while the other had a warm and fervent gaze.

That god general had a dazed look, and the corner of his eyes twitched violently. "We are finished, we are finished. When he didn't know divine arts, we could still fight, but now his attainments in Youdu divine arts are higher than any of us here... We are done for."

The three-headed and six-armed Qin Mu walked in front of the god camp and looked at those god soldiers.

Qin Fengqing turned his head around and licked his lips in excitement. "Bad brother, with your methods, you can completely devour here with one mouth! As long as you savor the taste of these delicious little things, you will yearn for them and come to love eating them. They are very refreshing!"

Qin Mu suddenly bowed and said solemnly, "I'm here to visit my mother, if you don't obstruct me, you won't die. May Dao brothers let me through."

That devil god general's body froze, and he had a coarse voice. "I'm guarding this place under Earth Count's command..."


Qin Mu suddenly exploded and executed his martial path divine art in an instant. Return of Thousand Palms Beyond the Strange Peaks of Heavens was unleashed, and palms, fists, mudras, and fingers that were like mountains rained down in the surroundings. The ground and sky were shattered, and a huge abyss was created!

That devil god general looked at the abyss in front of the camp, and his eyes twitched furiously. The size of the abyss was exactly the same as the god camp!

Which also meant that if Qin Mu's attack had landed on them, he could have wiped out everyone straightaway!

"Son of Youdu, please—" That devil god general stretched out his hands.

Qin Mu walked two steps before stopping. Cold beads of sweat rolled down the devil god general's forehead. Qin Mu said, "I don't know the way, I need a guide, please."

That devil god general gritted his teeth and flew out of the camp. He said solemnly, "I will personally lead the way for Son of Youdu!"

Qin Mu expressed his thanks.

That devil god general braced himself to lead the way in front. He felt a gaze that kept staring at his neck, so he turned around secretly to take a look. He saw that chubby baby drooling as he stared at him.

"How fat and tender, hehe... Good brother, let me have a lick, I won't eat him, just a taste..."

In Youdu, incomparably ancient celestial palaces rumbled as incomparably powerful existences were waking up one by one.

"Son of Youdu is back again?"

"Back then it was Earth Count who made a decision to protect his life by exiling him, he still dares to return?"

"If we kill him this time, Earth Count would have nothing to say, right?"

"Go to Jade Lock Pass and take our revenge!"

Youdu, on the body of Earth Count, streaks of light flowed, and they brought along overflowing aura towards Jade Lock Pass. The entire Youdu became lively in this instant.

At the eye of Earth Count, Elder Messenger of Death looked at the ruckus below and felt the ancient auras. He felt uneasy and said, "Earth Count, should we interfere? I'm afraid Celestial Venerable Mu won't be able to block them."

"He is another Earth Count."

Earth Count's voice came from the hall. "How could an Earth Count without any restraint be unable to block them?"

Elder Messenger of Death's heart trembled slightly.

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