Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 757 - Crimson Emperor Who Got Sealed

Crimson Light Son of God looked ahead in a daze. Crimson Emperor should be flashing with flowing lights that contained his consciousness and boundless knowledge, but now, the brain of Crimson Emperor had been extinguished!

This massive head that took up several fields was no longer flashing with light. Instead, it had sunk into darkness. Not a single light could be found in this head, and that means that Crimson Emperor's consciousness was no longer here!

If Crimson Emperor's consciousness was no longer here, then where could it be?

He hurriedly turned his head and immediately jumped up, walking with a dark face out of the hall.


He was overflowing with murderous intent, and before he even stepped out of the sacred hall, the sky outside was filled with dark clouds. Wind, rain, thunder, and lightning were wreaking havoc. Bolts of lightning struck out from the dark clouds and streaked across the raging sky.

Son of God was furious, and it was no ordinary anger. The sky had truly changed color!

However, when he walked to the front of the door, his chaotic heart gradually regained peace, and consequently, the lightning in the sky slowly dwindled. The wind and rain stopped, and the dark clouds dispersed as well.

'I myself can't make it out of Crimson Emperor's consciousness labyrinth, so why didn't he sink into it?'

Crimson Light Son of God raised his leg. His thoughts were full of doubt while he was floating with his feet hanging in the air. 'How strong is Crimson Emperor's consciousness? I also can't withstand that, but he could. Also, Crimson Emperor's consciousness has stayed here for fifty thousand years, and his consciousness has recognized no clansmen, so how could he receive Crimson Light Emperor's recognition just like that? Why did Crimson Emperor leave behind his consciousness? Why couldn't I receive the knowledge in Crimson Emperor's consciousness?'

His foot was still suspended in the air while his face was flickering between bright and dark. The sky outside the hall was sometimes clear and sometimes filled with dark clouds. Sometimes, there were no clouds for ten thousand miles, and sometimes, there were flashes of lightning and rumbles of thunder.

Crimson Light Son of God struggled in his heart. Crimson Emperor's consciousness was left behind by Crimson Emperor so it definitely couldn't land in the hands of outsiders. Did that mean that Crimson Emperor had chosen Qin Mu? Or did Crimson Emperor have another reason for doing so?

'Grand Chancellor Qin doesn't represent Crimson Light!'

Once he made up his mind, his footstep landed down, causing this sacred mountain and sacred hall to tremble a little.

Meanwhile, Qin Mu was currently beside First Ancestor. He was examining his condition and realized that he had sunk into a coma. He must have been struck by Crimson Emperor's terrifying consciousness when he touched it. Since his brain couldn't endure it, he fainted.

'This isn't an injury. He just needs to rest for a moment. But it's weird… Why didn't I get knocked out by Crimson Emperor's consciousness?"

Just as Qin Mu was thinking about it, he noticed the sky was changing. This startled him, and he immediately tried to drag First Ancestor's body. However, First Ancestor was a god after all. He was a god on God Execution Stage so how could he just drag him?

The wind and clouds in the sky transformed, and this reflected on Qin Mu's face as it changed between bright and dark. The changes in the sky were the emotions of Crimson Light Son of God. When it was clear, he had no murderous intent, and when it was dark, his murderous intent was overflowing. Whenever it changed, it meant that Crimson Light Son of God was struggling with himself, deciding whether he should kill Qin Mu or not because of the extinguished Crimson Light's consciousness!

'Crimson Light's consciousness is extremely important to the remaining survivors of Crimson Light. Once Crimson Light Son of God has considered the benefits and losses, he will definitely invoke his killing intent!'

Without any regard to First Ancestor's status, Qin Mu tried to drag him again, but he still couldn't move him. Right at this moment, the index finger on First Ancestor's right hand twitched, and Qin Mu was slightly surprised.

Still, First Ancestor kept his eyes closed. He remained motionless.


Crimson Light Son of God landed down, trembling the mountain as his feet touched the ground.

Qin Mu heard the footsteps of Crimson Light Son of God coming closer and closer. He stood up and revealed a smile. "Son of God allowed us into the sacred hall and invited us to touch the consciousness of Crimson Emperor. You seem to have ill intentions and caused my First Ancestor Human Emperor to be in a coma."

Crimson Light Son of God's expression was indifferent. "It's my fault. I have indeed had the intention to let you fall into the consciousness labyrinth, trapping you there indefinitely."

Qin Mu's heart tightened. When Crimson Light Son of God said this, this meant that his heart was set—he was not going to let him off!

Crimson Light Son of God had exceptional wisdom, but he had a habit. When his heart was thinking something evil, he would usually let out some secrets.

When they entered the sacred hall, he had given out the secrets of his origin as Son of God. After that, First Ancestor had fainted, and Qin Mu had almost fallen into Crimson Emperor's consciousness labyrinth.

And now, he had let out his thoughts earlier, and that was the secret in his body. It was a premonition that he was about to kill!

"If Grand Chancellor Qin can release and hand over Crimson Emperor's consciousness, I can let bygones be bygones," Crimson Light Son of God said in a detached voice.

Qin Mu was slightly stunned. He said with a smile, "Son of God is so easygoing? Truth be told, I also don't know why the brain of Crimson Emperor would extinguish just like that, so handing over his consciousness is even more impossible. If Son of God knows anything, why don't you clear things up?"

Crimson Light Son of God said gently, "The brain of Crimson Emperor is the container for his consciousness. When the consciousness of Crimson Emperor left it, the light of the brain of Crimson Emperor has been extinguished. At this very moment, Crimson Emperor's consciousness is already inside your brain."

Qin Mu racked his brain. There were indeed numerous pictures and sounds in his mind. However, the amount wasn't much, and they could never contain Crimson Emperor's consciousness. He said with a smile, "My mind indeed has some strange images and sounds, but how do I return Crimson Emperor's consciousness? I have never seen or heard before a divine art that could extract a consciousness from the brain. May Son of God guide me."

Crimson Light Son of God's stiff face barely squeezed out a smile. "It's very simple. Crimson Emperor's consciousness would never extinguish. His consciousness is too strong, so even if the host is destroyed, his consciousness won't be destroyed. Therefore, the simplest method is to cut off the host's head and crush his brain bit by bit. Crimson Emperor's consciousness will then resurface."

He continued solemnly, "I will then lift the consciousness of Crimson Emperor up and return it into the brain of Crimson Emperor. Chancellor Qin, have you thought of how you want to be buried? I can send you off with a grand burial just like how the nobles and aristocrats would do to their dead kin. I can also use the best divine metal to forge a head for you. I give you my word that it will be vivid and lifelike."

Qin Mu's face paled, and he moved back step by step. He forced a smile and said, "Son of God must be joking, right? I don't think my brain has the consciousness of Crimson Emperor. If I did, I would have become another Crimson Emperor. Son of God, don't be rash. Think about this carefully..."

Crimson Light Son of God's purple robes slowly floated up, and he said gravely, "This is the best method I can currently think of. Chancellor Qin can also try to run. You can run as far as you can, but do you think you can escape from this floating world? Why don't you just stand still and let me cut down your head for me to examine it properly?"

Qin Mu turned around and ran down the mountain like a wisp of smoke.

Crimson Light Son of God's expression turned cold. The eyelids of his third eye on the heart of his brows parted to two sides, and he sighed. "Why would such a clever person make such an unwise decision? Looks like just before a person's death, they would usually do something stupid."

The divine light in his third eye became concentrated and shot out. The instant this beam of divine light shot out, First Ancestor leaped up, and his Jade Brightness Sword stabbed into his third eye!

Crimson Light Son of God felt excruciating pain as the pupil crystal in the heart of his brows flowed down along with his blood. Suddenly, two heads grew out from under his purple robe, and four arms grew out from under his arms. His six arms brought along terrifying power as he charged at First Ancestor Human Emperor!

First Ancestor Human Emperor didn't dodge. Once he stabbed into his third eye, he immediately abandoned his sword. He crossed his hands, and he burst forth with Heaven and Earth Mudra, letting Crimson Light Son of God's attack land on himself. The first form of Three Forms of Overturning Heaven, Collapse of Heaven Disappearance of Earth, exploded out with full force and struck Crimson Light Son of God's body!

Both of them hit each other at nearly the same time, and sounds of bones cracking came from First Ancestor Human Emperor's body. Ribs pierced out from his back and pierced through his body, stabbing out from his clothes. His face also suffered from the move and became distorted. His lower chin was shattered, and he flew backward faster than Qin Mu was running down the mountain. He crashed into the ground and smashed out a huge pit one step before Qin Mu.

The palaces at the side crumbled and collapsed as they fell into the huge pit.

On the other side of the sacred mountain, on the mountain peak, Crimson Light Son of God's corporeal body became twisted at a strange angle—his waist was like a paper doll that got folded over at the waist, the middle neck among the three necks had snapped, and his head was thrown backward.


His body crashed into the sacred hall, and a world-shaking boom came from it as the wall behind it exploded. Countless stones flew in all directions, and the body of Crimson Light Son of God flew as well, streaking across the sky like a beam of light.

The ground under Qin Mu's feet crumbled continuously as they fell into the huge pit. The youth jumped around, stepping on the crumbling stone steps, and quickly descended into the bottom of the pit.

First Ancestor Human Emperor was lying there with his arms and legs spread out. The intense pain made the muscles on his face twitched uncontrollably. "His abilities are stronger than mine, and his realm is higher than mine. Also, he has three heads, and I have only destroyed one of his heads. Go quickly!"

Qin Mu tried to carry him up, but First Ancestor Human Emperor shouted angrily, "All my twelves pairs of ribs are broken. Only my backbone is left. I can't fight anymore, quickly go!"

"Where will I go?"

Qin Mu shook his head. "Crimson Light Era's technique is skilled in the creation of the corporeal body. If they could grow two heads and four arms, they could also regrow their broken bones without much effort. You just need to cultivate their creation divine art, and you will be able to regrow your ribs. Look, this is the benefit of researching the Divine Ring of Creation. You're still putting on a grumpy face. Even though you didn't say anything, you have a grudge with me not learning your mudra skill..."

First Ancestor Human Emperor was indignant. He laid there without moving. "At such a critical time, you are still talking nonsense! Scram, quickly scram!"

Qin Mu said with a smile, "I also can't escape out of the floating world. Where can I scram to?"

He really couldn't drag First Ancestor Human Emperor, so he could only give up. He took out God Execution Mysterious Knife and clasped onto the small case while staring at the mountain peak on the sacred mountain.


A trail of flowing light flew back, and Crimson Light Son of God returned to the front of the sacred hall. His head in the middle was still tilted backward and vomiting blood out. It also spat out pieces of shattered bones, and those must have been the collar bones that got shattered when his neck was broken.

After spitting out his shattered bones, the neck in the center slowly straightened while the head also gradually straightened. The injuries on his neck healed rapidly.

Crimson Light Era indeed had extraordinary attainments in the art of creation, and that was truly something to be envious about!

The reason why Qin Mu was entranced by the Divine Ring of Creation, other than its close to invincible power, was that he saw the strong point in the art of creation for the corporeal body.

Crimson Light Son of God was also forcing piece after piece of shattered bones out from his wounds. His injuries were very severe as First Ancestor Human Emperor had caught him off guard. The disadvantage in realm had severely injured him, and if it were any other god, they would have died or suffered severe injuries from First Ancestor. However, to him, his injuries were in his control.

Even though the injuries on his primordial spirit and divine treasures were very severe, to First Ancestor Human Emperor, he had already won.

"The God Execution Mysterious Knife in your hands has no threat to a god on Jade Capital Realm like me."

Crimson Light Son of God raised his hand. From a distance, the ground rose, lifting Qin Mu and First Ancestor Human Emperor up, as it transformed into a stone pillar. The stone pillar was actually swirling, and it made Qin Mu's back face him.

Qin Mu hurriedly turned around, but no matter how he turned or how fast he turned, his back was always facing Crimson Light Son of God!

He couldn't aim the God Execution Mysterious Knife on Crimson Light Son of God!

Cold sweat broke out on Qin Mu's forehead. He relied on God Execution Mysterious Knife the most and now it was rendered entirely useless!

Crimson Light Son of God used the simplest and most straightforward move to solve God Execution Mysterious Knife!

At this moment, numerous gods of the floating world flew over. When they saw this sight, they all hesitated and dared not to come forward.

Suddenly, Qin Mu threw down God Execution Mysterious Knife. He tapped the heart of his brows and shouted, "The other me, come out!"

The heart of his brows gave no reaction at all, and instead, his eye hurt from being poked by his finger.

Qin Mu snarled, "Unseal!"

There was still no reaction from the heart of his brows.

"Qin Fengqing?" Qin Mu probed.

Still, there was no reaction.

Qin Mu blinked his eyes, and he growled, "When I don't need you, you just jump out and create trouble. Now that you are needed, you ignore me! What do I need you for?"

In the depths of his third eye, in the Qin word land seal, the three-eyed big baby Qin Fengqing revealed a look of astonishment as he saw another head growing out from his neck. This was a head that was completely different from Qin Mu's appearance when he was a child!

It was the head of Crimson Emperor!

The colossal baby stood up, releasing the white-robed elder that was squished under his buttocks. Once he was free, he wasted no time and hurriedly escaped.

Qin Fengqing raised his chubby fist and smashed furiously at the head on his neck.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

After a flurry of attacks, a middle-aged emperor with extraordinary appearance was smacked out of his body. His face was entirely bruised as he sprawled out on the ground.

The middle-aged emperor was surprised and furious. He immediately got up to retaliate, but he froze when he saw the situation around him. He couldn't help jumping in shock.

"Heaven Duke, Brahma, and even the seal of Earth Count! Where is this place? Why am I here?"

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