Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 76 - Troops Of Wolves And Tigers

Qin Mu shook open the 'sweat towel' and looked at the quality of the silk, "I originally thought that your odor was fragrant and very familiar. It turned out that we are using the same kind of fabric."

Ling Yuxiu looked at the 'sweat towel' and her face instantly turned beet red. She immediately snatched over the 'sweat towel' in anger and embarrassment, "This is mine! How come it's with you? You even treat it as a sweat towel! I'm ignoring you!"

The girl stomped angrily and squatted on top of the dragon's head. She rested her chin on her hands and looked far away.

Qin Mu was stunned, "This is your sweat towel?"

"It's not a sweat towel!"

Ling Yuxiu was angry, "This is my, my… I'm ignoring you!"

"If it's not a sweat towel then what is it?"

The youth was puzzled, "My Grandpa Cripple gave this to me and said it was used to wipe sweat. I saw that the quality was good that's why I brought it along with me. Since it's yours then I shall return it to you. Why must you be angry?"

Ling Yuxiu threw down her feminine undergarment angrily, "Even if you return it to me I don't want it!"

Qin Mu's vital qi flew out and swept the feminine undergarment back into his hand, "If you throw it down like this, other people will pick it up and use it as a sweat towel. Won't it be better to give it to me, I sweat a lot when I'm training."

Ling Yuxiu got angry, "Return it to me!"

The youth was even more bewildered, "Why should I return it to you when you're going to throw it away? Isn't better to give it to me for wiping my sweat…"

Ling Yuxiu snatched it back and pondered. She then took out a handkerchief and passed it to him, "This is a girl's personal stuff. As a man, aren't you ashamed of using it? Let me give you this handkerchief. It's also weaved from Nature Fragrance Silk. There is still my embroidery on it, just use this to wipe your sweat."

Qin Mu received the handkerchief and on it sewed a crooked pig head, "That's a really ugly embroidery."

Ling Yuxiu was angry and anxious, "If you don't want it then return it to me!"

Qin Mu immediately kept it and went forward to sit beside her, "You took my sweat towel, therefore, it's natural that you should give me something in return. What you took from me was much bigger than the one you gave me, I'm still the one on the losing end."

The sun had risen high up in the sky. The sunshine of early spring had a sweet warmth as the youth laid down contently and looked at the fleeting clouds in the sky.

Ling Yuxiu blinked her eyes and asked, "Do you think that the fatty seventh young master who's chubby is good looking?"

Qin Mu gave it some thought and said, "He's okay looking, but he has a very strong feminine side, making him not like a man but more like a woman."

Ling Yuxiu couldn't resist stroking her hair that was hanging down the front of her chest and giggled, "Do you think I'm good looking?"

Qin Mu looked at her seriously and said, "Even though your face is slightly fat, you are still pretty good looking."

Ling Yuxiu was very satisfied and asked curiously, "Why didn't you escape from the city after killing Fu Yundi's son and instead, came back?"

"There's something I need to do ."

Qin Mu closed his eyes and said indifferently, "The Eternal Peace Empire's great army is reaching here soon, I'm here to stop the invasion of Eternal Peace Empire."

Ling Yuxiu's heart slightly jolted. She had a serious expression and slowly said, "You know you are trying to strike a stone with an egg? The commoners of Eternal Peace Empire lived in peace and worked happily, every sect and every clan followed the rules of the Imperial Family and kept our entire empire in order. In our borders, there isn't any war and there are only some small conflicts so how can't it be compared to Great Ruins? How disorderly is Great Ruins? The people here have no way to make a living and are always murdering each other. They don't even know when their next meal will be. Coming to Great Ruins, I have seen countless of people selling their sons and daughters. Their situation was extremely pitiful. The Eternal Peace Empire's great army is then the righteous troops. Therefore you should give up on resisting and take the initiative to welcome Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor."

Qin Mu opened his eyes with a profound gaze, "The people of Great Ruins doesn't want to live here either, but I've heard that the people of Great Ruins are called people abandoned by gods. If they leave Great Ruins, they will be captured at the borders of Eternal Peace Empire. Some will be executed straightaway and others will be sold off as slaves to mine ores, dead within the next few years."

He sat up and his fingers were interlocked in front of his knees. He had a calm expression, "They only wanted to live better yet they would only die faster by going over to Eternal Peace. Wouldn't it be better for them to live in Great Ruins where they could still get by? If the Eternal Peace Empire was to invade Great Ruins, how would they treat us, the people abandoned by gods? Will they kill us or make us slaves?"

"Sister Yuxiu, the emperor of Eternal Peace Empire and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor doesn't have the commoners here in their eyes but only the land, the land abandoned by gods. Abandoned people lived in the land abandoned by gods and have to face the darkness invasion every night. Every morning they would also have to face all kinds of danger during hunting but at least they could still live and let their children survive. However if Eternal Peace Empire were to conquer here, they won't even have a place to live in anymore."

Ling Yuxiu stared blankly. She has never thought about things like this. She has only felt that the Eternal Peace Empire was righteous and never thought about what would happen to the people here.

She couldn't resist asking, "Did you know? If you fight against the Eternal Peace Empire's great army, only death is waiting for you! There is no chance of surviving!"

Qin Mu revealed a radiant smile that was full of confidence. He raised his head towards the east, "No! The emperor of Eternal Peace Empire and Imperial Preceptor will encounter a cropper here. They will face an insurmountable wall here and their forces will be crippled! They don't know what lies in this mysterious lands and what they'll face! Eternal Peace's undefeatable legend will have to end here today!"

Ling Yuxiu rose up and said angrily, "You stubborn mule! Why bother when you'll definitely die in this city?"

Qin Mu rose and looked directly into her eyes, "The abandoned people will only face death when they reach Eternal Peace Empire. Now that the Eternal Peace Empire is planning on invading here and converting here into the lands of Eternal Peace, there is no doubt that the abandoned people will die. Since we'll definitely die if we don't fight back, why can't the abandoned people fight back to have a chance at survival?"

Ling Yuxiu got flustered by his gaze and walked down the dragon's head back onto the platform. She turned her head to look at him and gritted her teeth, "I'm from Eternal Peace Empire and my motive here this time is to take over the territory of Great Ruins, to make this place part of Eternal Peace Empire's territory."

Qin Mu nodded his head.

Ling Yuxiu continued, "It's impossible for me to betray Eternal Peace. Anyone who opposes Eternal Peace Empire will be my enemy!"

Qin Mu nodded his head again, "I'm an abandoned people and I would never betray Great Ruins."

Ling Yuxiu turned and walked towards the stairs at the platform, her figure vanished but her voice traveled out from the inside of the stone pillar, "If I meet you in battle, I won't show any mercy!"

Qin Mu looked afar and saw the smoke in the distance that was like a dense fog shrouding dozens of miles that was moving over here. He muttered, "Me too."

In the dense fog, thousands of behemoths were paving the way forward. These behemoths had long tusks and bodies like mountains. Their bodies were covered with bone armor and were carrying heavy stuff yet their speed wasn't slow. When they're walking, their bone armor collided with each other and gave off clattering sounds.

Behind the behemoths were a vast army as far as eyes got to see. The army gave off an austere atmosphere and had fluttering gonfalons. In the middle of the army, war chariots drove forward and there were also ships flying in the sky.

The ships were filled with soldiers and at the core of every ship, were over a dozen apothecaries making pellets and medicines in a frenzy. There were also boys continuously feeding spirit pellets and miraculous medicines into the great furnace of the ship.

When those spirit pellets and miraculous medicines were tossed into the great furnace, they immediately turned into violent magic power and rushed out from the great furnace and into the two sculptures of the Blast Beasts at the aft part of the ship. The violent blast of air spurted out from the sculptures of the Blast Beasts caused the ship to rise up and fly forward.

Eternal Peace Empire's great army traveled over from the borders and these were just the vanguards. There was an even stronger force gathered at the borders!

Back there, the gonfalons of Imperial Preceptor fluttered.

Qin Mu looked at the Eternal Peace Empire's great army that was coming closer and his heart dropped. Every soldier in the army was a practitioner who experienced harsh battles. The so-called troops of wolves and tigers were referring to such a great army exactly!

Against such a great army, it was as if the Border Dragon City seemed to be extremely stable had become a piece of paper that could be broken through easily!

"Eternal Peace Empire…" Qin Mu suppressed the shock in his heart and muttered.

Village Chief once said that Eternal Peace Empire was a sect that was disguised as an empire. The way Qin Mu sees it, an empire sure had greater power than a sect, having a greater cohesion and an even greater explosive force!

When a sect becomes a strict and structured organization consisting of a faultless official system and a country that's training their next generation, how powerful will they become?

Becoming an empire was the final path a sect needed to take to expand!

In the City Lord's Manor, Granny Si who was wearing Fu Yundi's skin put her hands behind her and the Eightfold Heavenly God appeared behind her, making Border Dragon City Lord Fu Yundi seemed bold and overbearing, "Imperial Preceptor is finally here…"

In front of the gambling den, Blind propped himself up with his cane and bent an ear to the sound of the moving army that was coming closer and closer.

At the market entrance, a butcher who only had the upper half of his body was sharpening his knife. In the bookstore on the opposite street, a deaf man who was wearing iron ears was painting in the courtyard, his brush being three yards long. Deaf painted crazily like a maniac and a Lightning Cloud Painting that was several yards long rose into up into the sky after he was done.

The painting rose into the sky and gradually disappeared. In a split second, the sky was filled with thunderous clouds and numerous bolts of lightning came down from the sky, giving off crackling sounds.

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