Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 761 - The Battle of Jade Lock Pass

The eye of Earth Count.

Light was dim here, and in the eye, Celestial Venerable Yu finished the rest of the chicken. However, when he wanted to throw the bones away, he saw how clean this sacred hall was. He didn't know where he could throw them in this spotless place.

He hesitated for a moment and saw no one in the hall. The Hellfire Earth Count and Elder Messenger of Death were both not around, and thus, he threw the chicken bones at the corner of the walls before scampering away.

Outside the hall, the Earth Count formed from hellfire stood there with Elder Messenger of Death, and they were currently looking down.

Celestial Venerable Yu also looked down, but he could only see a piece of darkness. He couldn't see anything at all.

"Have you recorded everything down?" Earth Count turned his head to ask.

Elder Messenger of Death nodded his head and said, "I'm recording."

Outside Earth Count's eye, small boats were floating, and on every one of the tens of thousands of small boats, there was an Elder Messenger of Death. Lanterns were hung at the bow, and the messengers of death were all writing quickly.

"Celestial Venerable Mu is helping Earth Count, so do I still record down his mistakes?" Elder Messenger of Death asked.

Earth Count had no expression. "Even though he is helping me, swallowing the primordial spirits of these gods is still a grave crime, we have no choice but to record them down."

Elder Messenger of Death let out a troubled expression and sighed. "There are too many small booklets about him, and those houses previously could no longer fit anymore. How could this stop at having enough books to fill a house to the rafters? I'm afraid we will have to construct a few halls to specially store his glorious achievements!"

Earth Count said, "In that case, specially construct palaces to store his scrolls."

Elder Messenger of Death acknowledged.

In front of Jade Lock Pass, Yan Qianzhong coughed repeatedly. His face turned from pale to flush as he looked at the surging tide of divine weapons moving over. Those divine weapons were the weapons of the gods under him. Those tens of thousands of gods earlier were all his subordinates.

He was Southern Heaven Red Deity in the extraterritorial celestial heavens during the High Emperor Era, and these gods were his subordinates.

He fought with Qi Xiayu of the High Emperor Era, and he had died in battle. Countless subordinates of his had also died in battle, and after they died, they also fell into Youdu. They still continued to follow him.

And today, they were all swallowed by that figure that was stepping over on countless skeletons.

The surging tide of divine weapons gave off rays of sunlight, and they weaved around in midair as they moved forward continuously. They continuously pressured the sky to give off rumbles of thunder.

Every divine weapon was like a mountain. The god light and devil light shone on each other, and suddenly, both lights united. God and devil collided and in Youdu, the devil path suppressed the god path, so the power of the divine weapons was hard to be unleashed.

However, terrifying power burst forth from these divine weapons. They were corrupted by the devil qi of Youdu.

Under the shine of the god light and the devil light, the figure that was stepping on countless white bones walked over. He gave everyone an intense feeling of intimidation.

It was a three-headed and six-armed human. The first head was a baby, and he was clapping his chubby hands in excitement. The eyes of another head gave off an incomparably feverish desire to fight and seemed to be seething in anger at the upcoming battle. He was like a devil king who could blow up any time and start his massacre while being controlled by the devil nature!

Meanwhile, the third head seemed to be extremely calm and sacred. He surveyed the surroundings, and he was like a god that was high above.

Yan Qianzhong was slightly puzzled. "He seems to be slightly different from the previous Son of Youdu..."

"Hold yourself!"

Angry roars came from both sides of the camp. Those were the voices of the generals that were restraining the gods under them so they wouldn't get messed up.

Now that Yan Qianzhong's subordinates got wiped out, he had opened up a gap. As long as Qin Mu went straight for Yan Qianzhong, both sides could pincer Qin Mu right in the middle.

Yan Qianzhong snorted, and he felt rather unhappy. "Seems like I've mobilized my troops too early..."

Right at this moment, Qin Mu suddenly stopped. On both sides were the army of gods amounting to millions. They shuddered as they looked at him, and their eyes were filled with fear.

Under each military tent, existences on Numinous Sky Realm and Emperor's Throne Realm sat there without a word.

Qin Mu's three heads surveyed the surroundings, and he revealed a smile.

He could feel the waves of violent energy pouring over from Qin Fengqing, and after swallowing the primordial spirits of tens of thousands of gods in that instant like a whale, his power rose as the big baby digested so many gods. He couldn't help but like this kind of feeling.

Luckily, Qin Fengqing could control the devil nature of Youdu and didn't let the devil nature corrupt him. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to control himself and would have swallowed all the gods here!

Qin Fengqing didn't trace back to the roots of a divine art. He couldn't, or in other words, was too lazy to comprehend divine arts, so he just used them.

However, he was different.

Since he had followed Village Chief, Granny Si, Old Ma, and the rest to cultivate when he was a child, he was also influenced by their spirit on questioning everything. He liked to study.

If he were to commit evil, he would definitely be a hundred times more terrifying than Qin Fengqing!

"You guys."

He surveyed the surroundings, and he looked at the terrified army of gods. Even though they had a hundred camps, millions of gods and countless Youdu monsters, they were all trembling as they faced one person. They couldn't even hold their weapons properly.

"You guys are not giving way and not escaping, are you waiting for me to..."

Both of Qin Mu's heads suddenly expanded and became a huge Mount Meru. He opened his huge mouth, and one mouth was equivalent to half of the sky. He roared towards the army of gods and devils. "Eat you?"

His body was originally incomparably gigantic and sturdy. Now, his head was a hundred times bigger than his body. The top of his head was truly holding up the sky while his chin was poking the ground. It was an extremely terrifying sight.

Qin Fengqing's reaction was a step slower. When he saw the situation, he hurriedly swayed his head as well. His head was even larger than both of Qin Mu's heads, and he swung his fists around. "Eat you—"

Three roars raised cold winds that surged forth in all directions. The voice collided on the black-colored city walls, and the big city rumbled from the sound waves.

On the ground were rolling sand and rocks which surged forth with the black wind, rushing into all the battle formations and camps. The bone-chilling cold wind caused the tattered armor and broken weapons on the gods to rattle. Soon, they were all covered in a layer of frost.

In front of the formations, a one-eyed god swallowed his saliva with difficulty. However, because he was a ghost god, he didn't have any saliva in his mouth.


A green imp king suddenly turned and ran, leaving behind a trail of lush green will-o'-the-wisp.

The other Youdu devil gods and the primordial spirits of gods didn't move.

Suddenly, something rattled. The armor of a four-armed god got shattered by the sound waves and fell to the ground.

This voice seemed extremely piercing in the battle formations after the strong wind passed.

That devil god carefully stabbed the military flag of his army on the ground, and he bent down to pick up his shattered armor. However, he accidentally bumped onto the flagpole.

The huge flag collapsed onto the ground. The tattered flag laid on the ground.

'This flag can't fall...'

Just as he thought of holding the flag back up, sounds of flood rang beside his ears. Countless gods were escaping back, and countless people were shouting. "The flag has fallen, we have lost, run!"

That four-armed god was in a daze. Just as he was thinking of raising the flag back up, he got further and further away from the flag on the ground.

'I'm done for…'

He exclaimed to himself. 'Even if I find the flag, I can't stabilize the heart of the army anymore. I should flee!' And thus he turned and ran.

Yan Qianzhong looked at the primordial spirits of the gods that were running away and sneered. At this moment, Yan Jiuxi, Great Sun Sovereign, and the rest of the ancient gods couldn't sit still any longer. They got up and tried to stop the soldiers that were escaping, but the heart of the army was already scattered, so how could they stop them?

The army deserters ran across the mountains and plains, and they poured towards the surface of Earth Count's feet like a flood. They quickly climbed up his legs. Cries could be heard everywhere, and countless people were screaming. "Little Overlord is eating people again!"

In the eye of Earth Count, Hellfire Earth Count was astonished, and he said, "It looks like you don't have to record too much. Just two halls should be enough, they might not even be filled."

Elder Messenger of Death shook his head and said with a sigh, "These guys remaining are the true big shots. Even though I don't have to record as much, this sin will be massive."

After a long time, only then was the chaos gradually quelled.

The big-headed baby looked forward and saw only a thousand gods still standing there without running away. He was stunned. He looked left and looked right before asking Qin Mu, "Brother, they have all escaped, what do we eat now?"

When his voice rang out, more commotion was heard as several hundred gods couldn't suppress the fear in their hearts, and they ran.

Qin Fengqing ground his teeth and wanted to chase them very much. However, it was Qin Mu controlling the body now so he couldn't act on his own.

"No matter how many small fish we eat, it can never be compared to eating a big fish."

Qin Mu's gaze fell onto the gigantic bodies of the remaining hundred gods. He said with a smile, "Brother, now what we are going to eat are these big fish!"

Qin Fengqing became excited and asked with a smile, "Then why aren't we moving?"

Qin Mu leaped up, and the god weapons and devil god weapons in midair instantly melted as he soared into the sky. They transformed into a surging current, and this current formed a huge sword that was flowing in flames. He grabbed it in his hands.

The instant he grabbed the huge sword, Yan Qianzhong, Yan Jiuxi, Great Sun Sovereign, and the rest burst forth with their divine arts. Jade Lock Pass was supposed to be the darkest place in Youdu and the place with the densest devil qi, but at this moment, it was like the sky suddenly had several thousand more suns. The flames and rays of divine arts stretched for ten thousand miles, and they came flooding from all directions to bombard Qin Mu who was in midair.

Yan Jiuxi roared, and his body swirled to rush forward. His arms flailed, and the black swords in his hands flew out to stab at Qin Mu.

Great Sun Sovereign flapped his wings and transformed into a Golden Crow of Darkness. Dark suns of all sizes spun and bombarded Qin Mu.

Yan Qianzhong leaped furiously and transformed into a flame god. The wheels of flames behind his head swirled and countless divine arts burst forth from the wheels of light.

At the same time, all kinds of divine arts from the other primordial spirits on Numinous Sky Realm and Emperor's Throne Realm covered the entire sky, lighting up the darkest place in Youdu. Even inside Jade Lock Pass was a place of snow-white!

To be able to cultivate to their extent, they were mostly existences that had entered the path. When their divine arts burst forth, they were immediately great divine arts that had the power to shake the world!

Goddess Wuji was the fiercest, and her martial path divine arts were astonishing. Her fist skills were fierce and overbearing, while her speed was extremely fast. With a warcry, she rushed to Qin Mu's face, and countless afterimages of fists, palms, and fingers came smashing at Qin Mu from all directions!

Right at this moment, Qin Fengqing was incomparably excited. He was about to fight when he realized he was holding the scarlet red sword. He was confused. 'Strange, why am I holding this sword? I don't know any sword skills...'

Just as he thought until here, Goddess Wuji had already rushed to his face.

"Return of Thousand Palms Beyond the Strange Peaks of Heavens!"

Qin Mu roared, and countless corporeal body divine arts transformed into a simple punch. This punch seemed to have a thousand strange peaks smashing over suddenly as they flew towards Goddess Wuji.

"Your martial path is too weak!"

Countless punches from Goddess Wuji landed on Qin Mu's body. With her hands welcoming Qin Mu's fist, her face suddenly transformed drastically. Her arms bent and started to snap. Her legs whirled as she kicked Qin Mu's body repeatedly.

"Sword come."

Qin Mu stretched his hand to snatch the sword from Qin Fengqing's hand. With a swing, Goddess Wuji's head was separated from her body!


Thousands of divine arts arrived and drowned them. The terrifying divine arts exploded, and snow-white light swept out in all directions. They flattened the land and rushed into the sky, coming to Earth Count's waist. Only then did the waves raised by the white light slowly disperse.

And in the center of the explosion, Qin Mu landed on the ground with a half squat. His corporeal body was tattered, and even his three heads and six arms were damaged badly.

Waves of qi and blood flowed through his body and came out of his body. Qin Mu held onto the huge sword with ineffable excitement.

"I'm so strong—"

His corporeal body recovered at a rapid speed which the naked eye could see. He burst forth with strength and leaped into the sky. He rushed at the Half God Yan Jiuxi and laughed loudly. "So strong—"

Qin Fengqing, who was trying his best to digest Goddess Wuji, rolled his eyes when he heard him. "Country bumpkin..."

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