Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 762 - Heavenly Fire Incinerating the World

"Country bumpkin!"

Yan Jiuxi saw Qin Mu rushing to his face and laughed loudly. "Son of Youdu, you are really a country bumpkin. To actually dare to fight head to head with me. Looks like you haven't suffered enough! You don't know how powerful Mother Earth's bloodline is!"

Qin Fengqing said in a hurry, "Brother, this short one is very powerful. His divine arts are very strange, and he uses two good swords which are terrifyingly heavy. He caused me quite some pain."

Yan Jiuxi's body gave off divine rays of magnetism, and suddenly the divine might of magnetism burst forth. When Qin Mu rushed over, he suddenly felt as though countless planets were pressing down on his body, causing his corporeal body to instantly be incomparably heavy.

Yan Jiuxi's divine rays of magnetism instantly transformed into two divine swords that he gripped in his hands. He slashed at Qin Mu's three heads and six arms while smiling. "You can't do anything, can you? Mother Earth is my mother, and I've inherited her bloodline. During my robust years, who dared to fight me?"

"Magnetism divine arts?"

Qin Mu raised up one hand with difficulty, and his arm was incomparably heavy. He almost couldn't lift it up at all.

Yan Jiuxi's sword light had already come to his face. Qin Mu roared, and his palm force burst forth. Countless prisms of heavenly fire poured out furiously and started to crack open. In an instant, heavenly fire with the shape of prisms was everywhere in the radius of several thousand miles!

Yan Jiuxi's magnetism divine swords stabbed through the prisms of heavenly fire and at this moment, Great Sun Sovereign's shouts rang out. "Crown Prince Jiuxi, don't touch those prisms! Move back quickly—"

But it was already too late.

When Yan Jiuxi's magnetism divine sword stabbed through the first heavenly fire prism, the power of the heavenly fire had already burst forth. Blazing flames smelted the magnetism divine swords, and the terrifying explosion ignited the other prisms in the surroundings which in turn, ignited even more heavenly fire.

Boom boom boom—

Nearly all of the heavenly fire prisms had exploded at the same time with Yan Jiuxi being at the center of the explosion. Space was shattered into pieces at this very moment, and the terrifying heavenly fire invaded into the depths of space. The sky and land were melted, revealing layers of space that kept on burning.

The ground trembled as a huge fireball slowly rose from the sky to incinerate everything. Even the Youdu devil qi and the land under Earth Count's feet also got burned through.

The fireball expanded and vaporized everything it passed by, leaving only a series of empty holes. Around the empty holes were the layers of space that were ignited.

That was the power of Heaven Duke.

Heaven Duke, Mother Earth, and Earth Count—they all controlled different powers, and they were the most ancient existences.

Qin Mu used the Great Dao of Heavenly Fire to break Yan Jiuxi's Great Dao of Magnetism, but Yan Jiuxi didn't have an undeserved reputation. He actually used countless rays of magnetism to protect his body. The explosion had broken through countless layers of his divine rays, but it couldn't hurt his origin.

The surging heavenly fire surrounded him, and even the divine rays continued to melt in the heavenly fire. It was hard for the rays to be of any threat.

In the flames, Qin Mu wielded the sword in one hand and stabbed out. The sword light broke through the divine rays of magnetism and gave a clink as it hit the heart of Yan Jiuxi's brows.

Countless runes swirled around the heart of Yan Jiuxi's brows and blocked this sword. His magnetism runes broke under the power of the sword light and the sword light pierced into the heart of his brows, advancing forward with difficulty.

Yan Jiuxi retreated, and the heavenly fire came burning. His primordial spirit got ignited.

Yan Jiuxi roared angrily as green smoke came out from his burned body. Screeches suddenly came from the sky as Great Sun Sovereign flew through the heavenly fire to grab at Qin Mu.

Qin Mu's corporeal body shrunk rapidly, and he regained his normal body size. Great Sun Sovereign grabbed nothing, and he hurriedly flapped his wings to transformed back into a god with the head of a bird and the body of a human. He grew three bird legs and had wings that were like divine knives. As he spun, he used his wings, claws, beak, and all kinds of methods to attack Qin Mu furiously!

He witnessed the power of the heavenly fire and knew that he couldn't beat Qin Mu in the art of flames, so he decided not to use divine arts at all. Instead, he went for close combat.

Even though he was dead, his primordial spirit was still extremely powerful. He was a famous ancient god back in the Dragon Han Era, and in terms of close combat, he was rarely afraid of others.

His feathers were like swords, his wings were like knives, his claws were like hooks, and his beak was like a spike. Every part of his body was a weapon which could easily kill Qin Mu!

"Son of Youdu, I have never lost in close combat!"

Great Sun Sovereign looked as splendid as a rainbow as he cried out, "Thousand Feathers of Great Sun Slashing Profound Theory!"

The countless feathers on his wings flew out, and they shuttled to and fro like swords to create bloody holes in Qin Mu's body.

Great Sun Sovereign jolted his wings, and his thousand feathers returned to become two wings again. The two wings were like rapidly spinning blades as he slashed at Qin Mu.

The injuries on Qin Mu's body quickly recovered, and his arms moved up and down to block down his attacks. He said with a smile, "You are bullsh*tting."

Great Sun Sovereign's heart skipped a beat. When he heard the word bull, the indomitable figure of a bull-headed god subconsciously appeared in his mind.

He had also lost before, but that was an incident that was very long ago. During the first year of Dragon Han, he was beaten by Golden Commander Niu Ben who had only used his bare hands.

That was an extraordinary shame and humiliation!

Afterward, his attainments in sun divine fire grew higher and higher. He was confident he had already surpassed Niu Ben and wanted to take revenge. However, he could never find Niu Ben.

Qin Mu freed his hands to fight him, but that sword in the heart of Yan Jiuxi's brows was still there. Yan Jiuxi was blazing with heavenly fire, and he moved back frantically. However, Qin Mu stuck close to him.

Great Sun Sovereign's attacks became faster and faster, but he could never break into Qin Mu's ring of defense.

Right at this moment, Yan Qianzhong braved the heavenly fire and entered the battle.

"Dragon Dance of Great Expansion!"

Countless fire dragons bared their fangs and brandished their claws around Yan Qianzhong, penetrating in and out of his body as though he was a devil god that had countless fire dragons growing on his body. No matter if it was his divine might or his divine art, they were all extremely terrifying!

Great Sun Sovereign let out a sigh of relief. Yan Qianzhong was an existence on Emperor's Throne before he died after all. He had astonishing attainments in fire divine art and was an overlord in Youdu, so he wasn't afraid of the heavenly fire burning him.

Great Sun Sovereign and Yan Qianzhong worked together to attack Qin Mu. Yan Qianzhong's body shrank and became the same size as Qin Mu. Both of them attacked him furiously from his left and right, but Qin Mu could still block both of their attacks down. That sword was still planted in Yan Jiuxi's forehead, and the sword light had already stabbed into Yan Jiuxi's skull.

The four of them moved their feet frantically, and all kinds of attacks gave off astonishingly loud rumbles.

Suddenly, a melody from a flute came from the sky and a god in clothing as white as snow came stepping on the heavenly fire with his barefoot. He descended down from the sky with his hands holding onto his jade flute, and his fingers moved quickly to play a calm melody.

"It's the disciple of Heaven Duke, Saint Huo Yun of the celestial heavens!"

Yan Qianzhong was delighted and said with a smile, "Nice melody, could this be Heavenly Fire Burning Divine Melody?"

Saint Huo Yun played the jade flute, and Heavenly Fire Burning Divine Melody was being played. The sound waves guided the heavenly fire and actually used the heavenly fire to attack Qin Mu.

Great Sun Sovereign said with a smile, "With the assistance of Saint Huo Yun, we can even beat the Son of Youdu!"

Saint Huo Yun moved. As the four of them were sprinting, he circled around them in the heavenly fire, and the music of the flute flowed out melodiously. The sounds of nature came assaulting from all directions.

As Saint Huo Yun was playing loudly, the third eye on Qin Mu's forehead opened up, and a beam of light shot out. It swept through Saint Huo Yun's neck.

Saint Huo Yun was stunned, and his head fell down.

Qin Fengqing quickly stretched his hands out to grab the two halves of Saint Huo Yun's primordial spirit. He stuffed them into his mouth, only to give a burp of satisfaction.

'Crap, I'm full.'

This big-headed baby was a little flustered. He had eaten Goddess Wuji earlier, and before he could even digest her, he had eaten Saint Huo Yun. Instantly, he felt his corporeal body swelling up and feeling full.

'There are still so many good dishes, what do I do?' His thoughts were in turmoil.

Outside the heavenly fire, the other hundred ancient existences were looking from far away, not daring to go in.

The heavenly fire was too intense, and most of them were primordial spirits without any corporeal bodies. The heavenly fire could cause severe harm to primordial spirits, which was one of the reasons why a primordial spirit would fall into Youdu and couldn't travel to Xuandu after they died.

Heaven Duke's body was completely covered in heavenly fire so the soul and primordial spirit couldn't withstand it at all.

Suddenly, the eyes of a strong practitioner on Numinous Sky Realm lit up, and he shouted, "They have fought out of the heavenly fire!"

The waves of fire surged and spewed several thousand miles out. It was Qin Mu, Great Sun Sovereign, and Yan Qianzhong's divine arts that were fire snakes slithering out.

Next, their figures fought their way out of the heavenly fire. Numerous ancient existences hurriedly flew over only to see Qin Mu's sword light had pierced through Yan Jiuxi's head and stabbed out from the back of his head.


Qin Mu's chubby head was delighted. He grabbed Yan Jiuxi and opened his huge mouth to stuff Yan Jiuxi in. Next, he gave several burps of satisfaction, but he was troubled. 'I thought I could really eat, but it seems that I can't…'

"You dare!"

A hundred strong practitioners on Numinous Sky and Emperor's Throne came attacking, and they instantly felt there were too many people. This caused them to stumble, and they found it hard to execute their moves.

There were only a few people that could attack Qin Mu at the same time, but with Qin Mu's three heads and six arms, he could block down all of the attacks from his surroundings.

Furthermore, this Son of Youdu also had thick skin that made him extremely resilient. Even when they attacked together, they could only injure him and not take his life.

Qin Mu's footsteps moved quickly, and he executed all kinds of paths, skills, and divine arts. When he encounters danger, he would just raise his hand and send all of the close combatants a thousand mile away.

"How is his magic power still so strong?" Great Sun Sovereign was also injured, making him flustered and exasperated.

Yan Qianzhong's roared angrily, "In Youdu, his magic power is boundless!"

Suddenly, the third eyes on Qin Mu's three heads burst forth with beams of light, and the beams shot out in all directions. The beams of light swirled and sliced everything in their way. Everyone tried to dodge, but there were still quite a number of people who got severed into two halves!

Their primordial spirits got severed, and it was different from corporeal bodies being severed. After their primordial spirits got severed, it was equivalent to their souls being slain, and their souls would disperse, leaving only their spirit embryos behind.

Qin Fengqing stared with his eyes wide open, and he felt a pain in his heart. He hurriedly said with a soft voice, "Little brother, my good little brother, I really can't eat anymore, fight slowly, don't beat them to death... Big brother, you are the big brother, stop killing..."

Qin Mu disregarded his words and, with his injured body, he executed Raising Calamity Sword to slay several people. Two of his heads had been severed, and four arms were already broken.

Flesh squirmed out from his shoulders as another two heads grew out with fiendish looks.

Qin Fengqing's hands trembled, and he grabbed the primordial spirits that were slain. He wanted to stuff them in his mouth, but he truly couldn't stuff them down any longer. Suddenly, an idea flashed in his mind, and he said in delight, "I have an idea! I can store some food first!"

After saying so, he stuffed those broken primordial spirits into the heart of his brows.

The clone of Heaven Duke and the consciousness of Crimson Emperor looked nervously at the situation of the battle outside. Suddenly, the sky split apart, and broken limbs came falling from the sky. They soon accumulated on the ground.

Both of them looked at each other in dismay.

Right at this moment, Great Sun Sovereign got thrown in as well and fell to the ground.

This star sovereign was also a primordial spirit, and he actually wasn't dead yet. He immediately flapped his wings and planned to leave this place.

Heaven Duke said with a good intention, "Little bird, you don't have to run. If we can't even escape, what makes you think you are able to? How did you get in?"

Great Sun Sovereign was astonished and only then did he notice these two people. He hurriedly greeted, "Heaven Duke! Heaven Duke, are you also being treated as food by the Son of Youdu?"

"Pah pah! Children's words carry no harm! Go knock on wood, knock on wood!"

Heaven Duke said with a smile, "How could I be treated as food? I'm here to enlighten this devil, so I've come here on my own initiative, preventing him from causing harm to all living things. Why have you come in?"

Great Sun Sovereign was ashamed and said, "Just now, I got stunned by Son of Youdu, and that baby pinched onto my wings to pull me in. It is indeed righteous of Heaven Duke to want to prevent him from causing harm to all living things. However, why is he still able to start a massacre outside?"

The white beard elder blew onto his beard and stared with his eyes wide open. "Little bird, do you know how you died?"

Great Sun Sovereign muttered, "My mouth has no seal, and I know too many secrets, so I just died for some unknown reason."

Heaven Duke snorted and said indifferently, "After you die, you still have a primordial spirit. If you continue to spout nonsense, you might not even have your soul left."

Great Sun Sovereign was meek and said, "In that case, will Son of Youdu still eat me?"

The clone of Heaven Duke laughed and said, "I've stayed here for too long. Even though Son of Youdu is capable, as long as you follow me, he can forget about eating you."

Great Sun Sovereign was overjoyed.

Crimson Emperor couldn't resist saying, "Don't believe him. I believed him and got beaten up god knows how many times."

Great Sun Sovereign hurriedly asked, "And you are?"

"Crimson Light Celestial Heavens, Crimson Emperor."

Great Sun Sovereign was astonished.

There were still countless arms dropping in from outside, and suddenly, the sky turned dark. There was no more movement outside.

"Lu Li and the rest have made a move!"

Great Sun Sovereign cried out, "Slaughter Cauldron and Heavenly Net have merged and trapped him! We are saved!"

The clone of Heaven Duke had a worried expression, and he shook his head. "You are overthinking. This is bad, Slaughter Cauldron and Heavenly Net would only refine us to death along with the people in the cauldron... Lu Li is trying to become the second Earth Count!"

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