Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 763 - How Fragrant

Qin Mu was enjoying the massacre when Lu Li suddenly raised a squarish cauldron from far away.

Even though the cauldron was squarish, there was a circular marking under the squarish lid which imprinted the stars of the worlds. It represented the heaven plate.

The four sides of the cauldron were imprinted with four devil gods that had the head of a bull, the face of a tiger, and the body of a human. They bit on the heaven plate, and that represented Youdu.

Lu Li raised the lid of the cauldron high up and instantly, a ray of snow-white light shone and landed on Qin Mu's body. Qin Mu instantly knew it was bad, and suddenly, the world started spinning. His body flew up involuntarily, and he was grabbed along with the other gods, flying towards the cauldron lid that was in Lu Li's hands.

The other three gods that got grabbed by that light became flustered, and they cried out, "God Suppression Heavenly Net!"

Qin Mu's heart trembled violently. He was about to escape when the sky suddenly turned dark. He raised his head to look, and it was full of stars.

Lu Li grabbed the cauldron lid and capped it on the Slaughter Cauldron that Earth Count's reincarnation had refined. She capped it tightly until it was airtight!

Lu Li let out a sigh of relief and cried out, "Aren't you guys coming to help?"

Xuan Ming, Han Lei, and Jue Huang immediately struck their palms onto the Slaughter Cauldron. Lu Li also made her move, and the four palms on four sides activated the power of the Slaughter Cauldron and Heavenly Net.

Suddenly, the Youdu big shots descended, and Yan Qianzhong took a step forward. "You cannot execute the Slaughter Cauldron! There are still three Dao friends that had been pulled into the cauldron as well. If you activate the Slaughter Cauldron, they would also be refined to death!"

Lu Li took a glance at him and said with a smile, "In that case, open the lid and release Youdu Little Overlord, Red Deity shall personally smack him back in."

Yan Qianzhong snorted and didn't say another word.

"Release Son of Youdu and we are all going to die."

Xuan Ming said insipidly, "Everyone here is a senior, and you don't have corporeal bodies, you are naturally restrained by Son of Youdu. Now that Son of Youdu has made a comeback, he is different from what he was twenty-two years ago. He has mended all of his short-comings and his divine arts today are extraordinary. Furthermore, he is in Youdu, so he can't be beaten to death. The only thing that can kill him is the Heavenly Net and Slaughter Cauldron."

Everyone fell silent.

Son of Youdu's power and terror was something that they had all comprehended. Furthermore, they had experienced it twice.

The first time was two months after he was born. Back then, Son of Youdu had created quite the trouble and swallowed god knows how many gods from the various factions. He grew bigger and bigger while becoming more and more arrogant.

However, even though Son of Youdu was strong then, he wasn't invincible.

He didn't know any paths, skills, or divine arts. He had only relied on himself being the first life that was born from the womb in Youdu. By staying in Youdu, he could recover anytime, and he could absorb other people's souls and primordial spirits to strengthen himself. Only then did he manage to secure his life.

And twenty-two years later, Son of Youdu returned back to Youdu once again, and the power he had displayed was completely different.

In the battle just now, there were great casualties among the hundred strong practitioners on Numinous Sky and Emperor's Throne. More than half had died in his hands.

Numerous strong practitioners on Numinous Sky and Emperor's Throne didn't have corporeal bodies and were only left with primordial spirits. Their abilities would be reduced greatly, and they would be equivalent to gods on Jade Capital Realm and Numinous Sky Realm. However, their knowledge and horizons from when they were alive were still around, so they were much stronger than gods on Jade Capital Realm.

With so many strong practitioners ganging up on him, and them still having that many casualties, it truly made them tremble in fear.

Lu Li's attack caught Son of Youdu off guard and kept him into the cauldron. If they opened up the Slaughter Cauldron, it would be far more difficult to seal him back in. Who knew how many more ancient existences would have to die!

"For these three Dao friends to sacrifice their lives to get rid of the Son of Youdu, the righteous are as high as the sky, and I admire them very much."

Suddenly, Heavenly King Gao had a look of sorrow on his face and placed his palm on Slaughter Cauldron. He teared up and said, "For three Dao friends to be so righteous, let me cry for three Dao friends from the bottom of my heart and send them off!"

The other ancient existences had terrible expressions, and they choked on their tears. "To send three Dao friends off!"

Everyone was crying.

Lu Li looked at them with a smile, and she suddenly laughed. "Alright, alright, there's no need for everyone to be so sorrowful, this Son of Youdu didn't die immediately after landing in the cauldron. For those three Dao friends to not suffer, let us quickly execute the Slaughter Cauldron and send all of them on their way!"

Everyone had dark faces. Yan Qianzhong said coldly, "Provincial Governor Lu Li, your desire for credit is too much, three Dao friends have died because of you, and yet you can still smile?"

Lu Li bawled, and her tears streaked down like rain. She wiped her tears and said, "Other people may think I'm doing this for credit, but who knows I'm forcing myself to smile?"

Xuan Ming couldn't look at her any longer and just said gently, "Important matters first. Settle the important matter at hand."

Heavenly King Gao raised his eyebrows and said, "After we refine Son of Youdu to death, who will his corporeal body belong to?"

Everyone's heart skipped a beat.

Heavenly King Gao chuckled and said, "Four provincial governors, the Heavenly Net was made by our combined effort to deal with Son of Youdu. Now that so many Dao friends have died, we might be sad, but the corporeal body of the Son of Youdu is no small matter. We should discuss who this corporeal body belongs to beforehand."

Lu Li frowned, and she asked with a smile, "Heavenly King Gao, what opinions do you have? Why don't you make yourself clear."

Heavenly King Gao chuckled. "We are merely dead people, what opinions could we have?"

Yan Qianzhong's heart stirred slightly and said, "Four provincial governors all have corporeal bodies, but we old things don't. After Son of Youdu is refined to death, his corporeal body is naturally ours. Four provincial governors should give it to us, your predecessors."

Jue Huang sneered and said, "There are so many ghosts and only one Son of Youdu, so how are you guys going to split him? Since the corporeal body of Son of Youdu won't belong to us, why doesn't everyone decide who it belongs to now!"

All of the ancient existences were apprehensive.

The corporeal body of the Son of Youdu was simply too attractive. When they thought of how they could control Earth Count's abilities when they revive, replacing Earth Count would only be a matter of time if they continued to grow.

The surroundings of the Slaughter Cauldron was quiet as all of the ancient existences became silent.

Lu Li sneered endlessly in her heart. The other three provincial governors stood beside her and examined the faces of these ancient existences, putting up their guards.

In the cauldron, Qin Mu and those three primordial spirits on Numinous Sky Realm had fallen into the cauldron at the same time. The light of the Heavenly Net dispersed.

The surroundings were in darkness.

Qin Mu raised his head to look, and he saw the radiant stars and a galaxy above their heads.

When he looked down, there was incomparable darkness. Floating in the darkness were faces, and there were human faces, as well as god faces.

The faces seemed to be forged by the thinnest paper, and they just floated in the darkness without any thickness, appearing from time to time.

Those were the strong practitioners that had died in the Slaughter Cauldron, and after they got refined by the Slaughter Cauldron, they turned into imprints inside the cauldron to add to the power of the huge cauldron.

"The Heavenly Net!"

One of the primordial spirits gave off a look of despair and cried out with a miserable voice, "The Heavenly Net we made personally has been used by that Little Bastard Lu Li on us!"

"There's also the Slaughter Cauldron!"

The primordial spirits of the other two ancient existences also revealed intense fear, and their voices were coarse. "The Slaughter Cauldron that was being refined by Earth Count's reincarnation, the number one treasure in Youdu, the number one treasure for slaughter!"

"Back then, when Earth Count started a massacre during the Dragon Han Era, he used this cauldron and refined so many souls of ancient gods and half-gods into dust!"

"We are done for!"

"Let us out!"

The three primordial spirits rushed into the sky and flew towards the galaxy. Qin Mu raised his head and saw the stars and the galaxy operating, and when the three primordial spirits on Numinous Sky Realm rushed into the galaxy, they got smacked down and landed in the darkness. They exploded in the darkness, and their light gradually extinguished.

"What a pity I couldn't eat them..." the big baby said regretfully.

Qin Mu examined his surroundings with a grave expression.

Back then, he had seen the faces of the three ancient existences appearing in the darkness and becoming another three imprints.

Those people that got refined to death here were extremely strong. Under the power of the Slaughter Cauldron, they were killed before they could even resist!

Back then, Earth Count had massacred countless people because of the death of his wife and daughter. He was controlled by his devil nature, and as a result, he created this number one treasure of slaughter in Youdu.

His grudges and his devil nature had reached the extreme limits in that instant, reaching the extent that broke free of the control of Youdu's rules. At that time, the Slaughter Cauldron was formed with his strongest devil nature and grievances, so one could imagine how terrifying this cauldron was!

'Now, this cauldron still hasn't attacked us.'

Qin Mu looked at the faces floating around and felt apprehensive. 'Is Earth Count controlling this cauldron? That's not right, after Earth Count started a massacre in the Dragon Han Era, he felt heavy guilt and locked his reincarnation in Jade Lock Pass to suffer the hellfire. This cauldron must have been abandoned by him or taken by the celestial heavens who gave it to Provincial Governor Lu Li to control. That also means the strongest power of this cauldron hasn't been activated. There must be no one outside activating it."

He composed himself, and when the three primordial spirits got smacked down by the Heavenly Net, it activated the power of the Slaughter Cauldron and killed them directly. This meant that the power of the Slaughter Cauldron could be activated, but as long as it wasn't activated, there wouldn't be much of a problem. Unless Lu Li and the rest just activate the power of the huge cauldron directly.

'For Earth Count to refine the Slaughter Cauldron in the Dragon Han Era, his attainments in algebra must not be high at all."

Qin Mu maintained his composure, and the eye in the heart of his brows opened up to look in the surroundings. He thought to himself, "At that time, Dao Master should only have created Computational Canon of Mysterious Lady and Computation Canon of Supreme Mystery, Earth Count probably hadn't learned it either. In that case, this Slaughter Cauldron would have a flaw in its killing formation."

He looked around and scrunched his brows tighter and tighter. Beads of cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

He couldn't see any flaws.

At this moment, he thought of something crucial!

That was that the algebra of the Dao Sect was used to expound the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth. On the other hand, Earth Count was a natural-born ancient god, he was the embodiment of the Great Dao of Youdu!

He had no need for algebra!

Algebra was lowly attainment to him!

Giving up his own paths, skills, and achievements to research algebra was simply buying a wooden box and returning the pearls inside.

'This is bad...'

Just as he thought until here, Qin Fengqing on his right suddenly sucked in deep breaths and praised, "This is truly a good place, there's a nice smell everywhere, how fragrant—"

Qin Mu blinked his eyes. "How fragrant?"

Qin Fengqing nodded his head. "How fragrant! Don't you smell the fragrance in the air? That is the smell of the souls that are filled with pain, terror, despair, grievances, regrets, and all kinds of lethal thoughts. The smell is especially nice!"

Qin Mu was stunned. Suddenly, a divine art bombarded the darkness. There was a loud rumble, and the darkness flowed, but there was no retaliation from the Slaughter Cauldron like he had expected!

The Slaughter Cauldron didn't have any reaction to his attack. Only a face revealed a pained look in the darkness and opened his mouth to give off a silent cry.

Qin Mu was stunned, and he suddenly came to a realization. He cried out, "I know why now! We brothers are Earth Count, to this cauldron, we are the same as it. It won't attack Earth Count or attack itself!"

He was instantly excited. He moved around and still didn't receive any attack from the Slaughter Cauldron.

Qin Mu flew to the front of a face, and the eyes of that huge face rolled, looking at him with an expression of fear.

Qin Mu moved to the side of the face and still saw this face. No matter what angle he looked at it from, he could only see the front of the face. He could never see the sides or the back!

He couldn't help clicking his tongue in wonder. "Big brother, can you see what paths, skills, and divine arts this cauldron uses? How did Earth Count create this face?"

"Give me a moment!"

Qin Fengqing raised his hand and stretched his arm into the eye in the heart of his brows. He grabbed around messily, and in Qin word land, Heaven Duke, Crimson Emperor, and Great Sun Sovereign hurriedly dodged here and there.

After a moment, Qin Fengqing took a head out from Qin word land. He blew a breath of air, and that head flew up to float in the darkness. "Just like this."

Qin Mu was stunned and circled a few times around that head. All four sides of the head were the front of the face, and he couldn't see the sides or the back.

"What paths, skills, and divine arts are being used in this?" Qin Mu was at a loss.

"I have no idea."

Qin Fengqing said, "Since there's no danger, let me digest first. You can think of a way out."

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