Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 764 - Ah Chou

Qin Mu called out a few times, but Qin Fengqing never replied. This big baby had actually fallen asleep at this important moment, and he even stuffed a big thumb in his mouth.

Qin Mu pulled his thumb out from his mouth and wiped it on his body. Qin Fengqing was sucking on his thumb.

Among his three heads and six arms, one head and two arms were controlled by Qin Fengqing while the other two heads and four arms were controlled by Qin Mu. During the battle, Qin Mu would even control all six arms.

When Qin Fengqing had fallen asleep, he had taken his hand and put Qin Mu's thumb into his mouth.

There was nothing in his mouth so Qin Fengqing couldn't sleep well. He smacked his lips and mumbled to himself.

Qin Mu raised Qin Fengqing's left hand and stuck his thumb into his mouth. Only then did he calm down.

'Is he my older brother or am I the older brother?'

Qin Mu shook his head and wandered around in the Slaughter Cauldron, trying to find a way out. However, no matter how much he flew, he could never find the borders.

Even though the Slaughter Cauldron didn't look huge, the space inside seemed to be endless. He couldn't find any end.

Qin Mu executed his teleportation divine art and still couldn't escape from this cauldron.

After a long time, he finally gave up on searching for the borders. Instead, he flew up. The Slaughter Cauldron was made by Earth Count, and Earth Count was remarkable. Even though Qin Fengqing's abilities were great, he was still a long distance away from Earth Count, which made leaving from the Heavenly Net the best shortcut.

He came to the sky, and before he could even get close, he saw countless starlight flowing. The galaxy changed and soared like a dragon towards him.

Qin Mu raised his hand to block, and his magic power transformed into a barrier. That galaxy instantly clashed onto that barrier.

The stars in the galaxy didn't have physical forms, and instead, they were strange imprints. They collided furiously against one another and, at first, it was only a dozen stars, and that didn't have much power. However, in the blink of an eye, countless stars poured out like the sea and the barrier that Qin Mu had created lit up continuously. In an instant, it turned into an incomparably bright barrier of light!


Violent tremors came over, and the barrier from his magic power crumbled. The galaxy bombarded his body and threw him down from the sky!

In just a short while, countless stars collided on his corporeal body and intense pain swept through his body. Qin Mu defended against the attacks and gave a shout. Grand Youdu devil language came from his mouth. "Where I am, it's Youdu!"

The devil qi at the bottom of Slaughter Cauldron swirled up and formed a land of darkness under his feet. Next, Youdu devil qi rushed into the sky and bombarded towards the galaxy in the sky!

Qin Mu realized he could actually mobilize the power of Slaughter Cauldron, and he was astonished and delighted. The galaxy that was rushing at him was dispersed by the Youdu devil qi. He stepped on the land of Youdu and grew taller and taller, reaching straight into the galaxy.

The galaxy shook, and it became more and more intense. Suddenly, the starlight of countless stars linked together and transformed into a dense net of starlight. It descended down from the sky and sliced apart the Youdu devil qi as it traveled down.

Qin Mu was astonished. He mobilized the Youdu devil qi, and the berserk devil qi transformed into a long knife in his hand as he slashed at the net of starlight!

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining!

With a vertical and a horizontal knife light, the net of starlight was torn apart. Qin Mu sucked in deep breaths, and his corporeal body grew until he became a giant that was thirty thousand yards tall. His four arms struck furiously into the air, and in an instant, countless fists crumbled the galaxy!

Outside the cauldron, Yan Qianzhong, Heavenly King Gao, and the rest of the ancient existences were still in a deadlock. No one was willing to give up this chance, and suddenly, the Slaughter Cauldron vibrated violently. The cauldron lid gave off loud clanks, and the huge cauldron began to sway left and right. It was as if there was a behemoth being suppressed inside which could break out of the cauldron anytime!

Everyone was astonished, and Lu Li hurriedly said, "Everyone here is a senior, this is no time to throw a tantrum. Let us first refine Son of Youdu to death before making a decision!"

She, Xuan Ming, Jue Huang, and Han Lei immediately went up, and they pressed their palms on the four corners of the Heavenly Net. They activated the power of the Heavenly Net.


Yan Qianzhong went forward, and behind him was layers and layers of flame wheels that were swirling furiously. The magic power of his primordial spirit instantly shot out like a beam and hit the Slaughter Cauldron. He shouted, "Let us refine Son of Youdu to death first!"

Heavenly King Gao saw this situation and stretched out his fingers to gently brush against the heart of his brows, revealing a jade green eye. A beam of light also shot out and landed on the Slaughter Cauldron. He said with a smile, "Oh well, as for who the corporeal body of the Son of Youdu belongs to, we can discuss that after he's dead."

Some of the other ancient existences either stretched out their palms or opened their mouths to spew out their magic power. Vast celestial palaces appeared behind them, and with all kinds of methods, they poured their magic power into the Slaughter Cauldron and Heavenly Net, activating the power of these two important treasures!

"Knock him down from the Heavenly Net first!"

Lu Li shouted, "Let the Slaughter Cauldron refine him to death!"

Qin Mu had already fought his way up to the top of the galaxy, and the land of Youdu under his feet grew at a rapid speed. Just as he was about to break free, the galaxy suddenly spun and its power increased tremendously.

At the same time, four heads of Earth Count actually appear around him, and they opened their mouths wide to bite down on the land of Youdu.

In the sky above, the galaxy transformed into an inescapable net as the starlight chained together. The net of starlight came slicing down, and its power was more than a dozen times stronger than before!

'I can't fight it with brute force!'

The land of Youdu got suppressed by the four heads of Earth Count. Just as Qin Mu was about to avoid it using his teleportation divine art, he suddenly felt boundless power pouring over to him from the Slaughter Cauldron. In an instant, power filled his entire body, and he was surprised and delighted. 'Originally, I couldn't mobilize power from the Slaughter Cauldron, so how can I mobilize so much now?'

He didn't know it was Heavenly King Gao, Yan Qianzhong, and the rest that were activating the Slaughter Cauldron. They didn't know that activating the Slaughter Cauldron would only allow Qin Mu to mobilize even more power of Youdu.

Qin Mu's aura trembled violently, and he gave a roar as he tore apart the chains of starlight. Breaking through the net of starlight, he rushed up only to see the galaxy swirling and pressing down on him.

Qin Mu punched and kicked to shake the galaxy, and at the same time, the four heads of Earth Count couldn't suppress the land of Youdu. The land of Youdu brought Qin Mu higher and higher.

Outside the cauldron, Lu Li and the rest were feeling numb in their arms from the vibrations. They were astonished and terrified.

Qin Mu was simply so overbearing in the cauldron that even the Slaughter Cauldron and Heavenly Net couldn't suppress him. If this continued, he would probably blow the Heavenly Net off and break free!

"Isn't the Slaughter Cauldron the number one treasure of slaughter in Youdu? Why isn't he being refined to death?"

Everyone was flustered, and they poured out even more magic power to activate the Slaughter Cauldron and Heavenly Net. Lu Li hurriedly shouted, "Let us completely activate the power of the Heavenly Net first and push him to the bottom of the cauldron!"

Instantly, all of the ancient existences stopped activating the Slaughter Cauldron and poured their magic power into the Heavenly Net. The power of the Heavenly Net instantly increased tremendously, and a loud explosion was heard from the cauldron. Everyone instantly felt their pressure lessening. However, they still felt a lingering fear in their hearts and didn't know what the situation in the cauldron was.

"Could Son of Youdu be killed by the Heavenly Net?" Yan Qianzhong asked with a low voice.

In the cauldron, Qin Mu stood on the land of Youdu as starlight came shooting out from the galaxy swirling in the sky. Nets of starlight came slicing down one after another as the light sparkled, forcing him to furiously attack to be able to block the slicing nets.

The power of the Heavenly Net got pushed to its extremes, and the galaxy surged forward to suddenly transform into a huge palm print that came pressing down. Qin Mu raised his four arms high up to catch this gigantic galaxy hand, and his body sank down continuously from the pressure.

Right at this moment, the third eyes on the four heads of Earth Count opened up, and four beams of light came slicing down. The land under Qin Mu's feet was sliced into chunks and broke off.

That galaxy hand smacked down ruthlessly at Qin Mu, and Qin Mu was pressed down in the bottom of the palm. Sounds of wind rang out beside his ears, and the sounds overlapped into one. The devil qi got pressed down until it was thick like a wall, forming a land which squashed him in the center.


The power of this galaxy hand burst forth, and the palm force struck straight to the bottom of the cauldron. The huge cauldron trembled violently. Qin Mu's bones and tendons were broken, his neck was snapped, his arms were cracked, and his legs were twisted. He sprawled out on the ground in a peculiar pose. On the other hand, Qin Fengqing was still sucking on his thumb and sleeping soundly.

Qin Mu took the initiative to fight against the power of the galaxy hand and assisted him with all his power. Only then was Qin Fengqing not injured, and instead, he was the one full of injuries.

That galaxy hand dispersed, and the starlight flowed up continuously like a tornado. They quickly vanished.

This was the first time Qin Mu had been beaten up so miserably. He laid there without moving, and the magic power in his body was completely in disorder. His primordial spirit was also severely injured. Right at this moment, the power of Slaughter Cauldron suddenly raised explosively, and the Youdu devil qi surged over. The devil qi quickly filled his entire body.

Qin Mu was surprised and delighted. 'Who is treating my injuries? Is it Earth Count? He doesn't seem like such a nice person...'

His magic power was instantly refilled, and he hurriedly executed creation technique to treat his own injuries.

With the power of the Slaughter Cauldron becoming stronger and stronger, more and more magic power came flowing towards him. Qin Mu's injuries quickly recovered, and the power of the Slaughter Cauldron was still increasing furiously!

'Something is wrong…'

Qin Mu's corporeal body swelled up from the violent devil qi, and his body grew larger and larger. He couldn't help feeling flustered and hurriedly called out, "Brother, brother, wake up, has your digestion finish? I'm about to reach my limit..."

He was stuffed until he felt giddy, and his sight turned blurry. Suddenly, he heard an old voice saying with a laugh, "Ah Chou, don't be a busy bee, your wife has a big tummy, and you're still letting her do the chores? Aren't you going to help her?"

Qin Mu's sight gradually became clearer, and he could see verdant hills and clear waters, hear the chirping of birds and smell the fragrant flowers. An old woman with white hair smiled and looked at him as she stood in front of a house with the support of a cane.

Qin Mu was stunned. He heard his voice becoming rough and coarse. "Mother, I know, I'm going to help."

Qin Mu was stunned. Only then did he notice he was plowing with an iron rake.

He looked at the incomparably rough hands putting down the iron rake as he stood up. He was very tall, about twelve feet.

Qin Mu was puzzled, and he looked down at his reflection on the ground. His mind was blown.

The figure on the ground had bull horns on his head, and there was even the tail of a bull behind his buttocks!

'That's not right, this isn't me...'

He felt he couldn't control his corporeal body as he started walking towards the house. In the manor, which wasn't too big, he could see a gentle and virtuous woman washing the clothes with a big tummy in difficulty.

He hurriedly walked forward and tried to use a gentle voice to speak. "Dear, be careful of disturbing the fetus, let me do it!"

That woman tried her best to straighten her back, and he quickly helped the woman up while he sat down to wash the clothes.

At this moment, Qin Mu saw his face in the water.

He had the eyes of a tiger and tiger stripes on his face. On his head was a pair of bull horns with nine bends.

Even though he had the eyes of a tiger, his eyes were filled with gentleness.

'Earth Count...'

Qin Mu's mind was blank, and he only came back to his senses after a moment. 'Is this the memory of this Slaughter Cauldron? Which also means I'm currently in the memory of Earth Count's Slaughter Cauldron. This Slaughter Cauldron already has a spirit...'

Earth Count had reincarnated in an era very long ago, and when Left Soul Guardian mentioned this incident, he had even said that Earth Count was too ugly and wasn't welcomed by the people. Afterward, some ancient gods and half-gods schemed against him and killed his wife and daughter. As a result, Earth Count's devil nature lost control, and he killed countless terrifying existences.

'The memory of the Slaughter Cauldron was probably this incident.'

Qin Mu felt as though he had transformed into Earth Count, and he was reliving that memory.

Earth Count was very gentle, and even though he was a brute, he was extremely nice to his wife. She was a very virtuous woman that was very filial to her elders. The old woman was Earth Count's mother, and she was pregnant for several years and didn't give birth. When she finally gave birth to Earth Count, crows filled the sky outside her window, and when she took a look at her child, her child was actually a monster with the face of a tiger and the horns of a bull.

Everyone said he was the reincarnation of a devil king and wanted to kill him, but the old woman kept him. She gave him the pet name, Ah Chou. She raised him up painstakingly and allowed him to grow into an adult.

When Earth Count became an adult, he displayed extraordinary strength and had remarkable divine arts. However, he missed home and couldn't bear to leave his old mother.

However, while he might be ugly, there was still someone who fell in love with him, and that was his wife.

"Even an ugly person is wanted." The old woman was very happy, and she doted on her son and daughter-in-law very much.

However, his wife didn't like to call him Ah Chou, and she liked to call him Brother Ah Niu.

This family was in bliss, and soon, his wife was pregnant. She gave birth to a boy and a girl. Earth Count cried from happiness, and he carried the two children happily and taught them how to cultivate. Their lives were very carefree.

Even though Earth Count was ugly, he was more like a human now instead of that impartial ancient god in Youdu.

His reputation was very huge, but he was always very content with his lot and never created grudges with anyone. However, since disasters always happen in the surroundings, Earth Count always helped the needy for justice by saving the people around him. Gradually, everyone became nicer and nicer to him.

"I've heard the villagers of the neighboring village saying that there was a half-god appearing in the area recently."

The wife coaxed the kid and said to him. "He ate quite some people, and he seemed to be asking around for your information."

Earth Count gave a sound of acknowledgment, and when he raised his head, he saw that half-god his wife had mentioned.

"Ah Chou, Ah Niu."

That half-god's body was as huge as a mountain, making their small manor look incomparably small. That half-god grabbed a few people in his hands and grinned at him, sending them into his mouth before using force to chew on them. He laughed and said, "Who would have thought the ruler of Youdu would actually reincarnate and marry a human woman? Earth Count, since you have reincarnated, hand over Youdu, you won't get to use it anyway!"

Earth Count didn't reply to him, and he looked behind him. More and more half-gods appeared, and they looked extremely powerful.

The villages around had all been razed to the ground by these half-gods.

"Ah Chou."

His old mother walked out with a trembling body and asked, "What's wrong?"

"It's fine."

Qin Mu heard his muffled voice saying, "Mother, go back first. Everyone, you want to be the ruler of Youdu? Youdu is now empty, just go be the ruler of Youdu, why are you here to trouble me?"

"If you aren't dead, we don't dare to!" Those half-gods started laughing.

"Brother Ah Niu..." His wife's voice came from his back.

Qin Mu turned his head back and saw a half-god transforming into a feathered snake to coil around his wife and grab his two children.

Qin Mu's heart trembled, and he almost couldn't bear to see anymore.

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