Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 766 - Son of Heaven Yin the Oriole

Qin Mu looked at the entire battle of the celestial heavens from Earth Count's perspective. From Earth Count slaughtering his way from Southern Heavenly Gate to Jade Pool, before shattering God Execution Stage and destroying the celestial palaces one by one.

He came to Jade Capital City, the place Celestial Emperor was residing in. However, there were already so many chains binding him tightly. Those chains were the rules of the Great Dao of Youdu. He was bound tightly, but he still continued to attack forward furiously.

He was bound more and more tightly. These chains weren't only from Youdu, they were also similarly from his own body.

Since he was the embodiment of Dao, his actions had to be in accordance with the great Dao. The stronger the ancient god was, the more they would be limited by the rules of their own body.

Earth Count was as such.

Even if he reincarnated, he was still the embodiment of Dao. When he reincarnated into a human, he still had bull horns and a tiger head.

The rules of Youdu would limit his power in the world of the living. Even if he awakened the power of Youdu, the power of his own body would limit him.

The fiercer he fought, the more he killed, the deeper the pain would be.

The celestial heavens were in a panic, and the gods of the celestial heavens got killed until their hearts were cold. To the gods of the celestial heavens, they didn't understand Earth Count's hatred.

Ancient gods had the same lifespan as heaven and earth. They existed along with the world. They didn't know about the life, death, love, and hatred of mortals, they don't know about gratitude, grudges, feelings, or animosity.

The life and death of an ordinary person was merely a hundred years, and a hundred years was merely an instant to the ancient gods. Before they could even take notice of these pathetic little worms, the little worms had already died of old age.

The reincarnation of Earth Count had only started a massacre because of the death of his wife and children. This was simply an outrageous reason for him to slaughter his way up to the celestial heavens.

What was even more overboard was that he had actually massacred the gods of the celestial heavens, causing the gods to die and flee.

Ordinary humans were only worms living in the lower worlds, and for an ancient god to experience the life of a worm before starting a massacre just because of the deaths of a few worms, this was something they would never understand.

Using the bloodlines of the great ancient gods and half-gods to be buried with mere humans, this meant that Earth Count was already crazy.

Yet even Jade Capital City, with the tightest security and defense, also couldn't block the furious Earth Count. The gate of Jade Capital City got broken through, and the gods cried out. They fled in all directions.

Earth Count didn't pay attention to these scattered gods, and he continued to walk towards Jade Capital City. Behind him, half of the celestial heavens had already been shrouded by Youdu devil qi.

And in the devil qi, chains pierced through his corporeal body.

The chains got taut from the pulling, and there was blood flowing non-stop from his body. The blood landed on the ground to transform into Youdu devil fire.

He was still insistent on moving forward and walked towards the Double Glory Palace and Hiding Dragon Hall.

Double Glory Palace and Hiding Dragon Hall were part of the thirty-six celestial palaces and seventy-two throne halls. They were where the princes and princesses lived.

The sons and daughters of Celestial Emperor lived there.

Earth Count's goal was very clear. He wanted to head there and destroy that place.

The power of the Slaughter Cauldron was still too powerful. This cauldron had come from the God Execution Mysterious Knife, and it was originally the most dangerous weapon from the celestial heavens. Now that it had been refined into the Slaughter Cauldron by Earth Count, any ancient god or half-god at their peak would find it hard to escape death when they meet the massacre of the cauldron.

This huge cauldron absorbed all the power of the gods, and its power also grew stronger and stronger.

Hiding Dragon Hall and Double Glory Palace were right in front. Meanwhile, Earth Count's power had also reached his limits.

He roared furiously and tried his best to move forward. However, he could never break through the restraints of the Great Dao of Youdu.

Earth Count howled with sorrow, and he smashed the Slaughter Cauldron towards the hall and the palace. The huge cauldron gave off a power that could crush the celestial heavens as it spun and crashed down!

That was a blow that was filled with anger, as well as the desire Ah Chou had for revenge. He wanted to destroy all lives there, no matter if they were the children of Celestial Emperor, no matter if his sins overflowed to the heavens!

Yet, one hand caught this Slaughter Cauldron that was brimming with power steadily and allowed the power of this dangerous weapon to be unable to burst forth.

"Dao friend, for you to kill your way here, your anger should be appeased, am I right?"

Celestial Emperor stood tall in front of Numinous Sky Hall, and he grabbed the Slaughter Cauldron with one hand. With his gaze on Earth Count, his voice came from afar. "I didn't stop you just now because I knew they had done wrong, thus you fought your way here. You can release your anger, so why are you wiping out my children?"

Behind him, numerous ancient gods appeared, and they were all incomparably powerful existences.

Earth Count panted heavily, and his fresh blood flowed down the chains of his body. Devil fire blazed fiercely everywhere.

Celestial Emperor said with a sigh, "Those gods deserved to die, but you are now controlled by your anger. In addition, this is your reincarnation. You have already lost your reason and Dao heart. You feel that you are right, but after your Dao heart returns when you go back to Youdu, you will know how outrageous you were today. You are my Dao friend, I won't make trouble for you, go back."

Earth Count struggled with the chains and panted heavily. Fire spewed out like dragons from his nostrils, and his three eyes were also bleeding blood and fire.

Celestial Emperor sighed and said softly, "Reincarnation is merely a training for the soul, but you have sunk too deep. Let me assist you in going back to Youdu."

He waved his sleeves, and Earth Count could no longer have a stable footing in the celestial heavens. He got pulled by those chains into the darkness, and the land of Youdu behind him also sank furiously into the dark Youdu.

In Youdu, that incomparably huge original body of Earth Count finally woke up, and his three eyes opened up one after another. He looked up at the celestial heavens from the darkness.

That Earth Count that was once Ah Chou continued to fall along with the land of Youdu as he got chained. He fell into the deepest parts of the darkness and landed beside Earth Count's feet, transforming into a land of darkness.

The chains coiled around him and chained him there.

Not long later, a huge black city would be constructed on this land, and it was made of black jade. Its name was Jade Lock Pass, and it was used to suppress those beings with overflowing sins.

And the reincarnation of Earth Count was the first prisoner here.

"Dao friend."

Above the celestial heavens, Celestial Emperor's gaze shone down and met with Earth Count who had just woken. Celestial Emperor's voice came from the nine heavens above, and he said, "Have you woken up? Do you think that what I said was true? Now that you have returned to Youdu and awakened your Dao heart, the true you must be back, and you should know how ridiculous your actions were."

The gaze of the gigantic Earth Count looked down and landed on Ah Chou's shoulder.

Ah Chou's shoulder was empty.

His gaze raised up once again, and he looked at the celestial heavens.

When he got smacked back into Youdu, that baby girl on his shoulders fell off and landed in Celestial Emperor's hand.

"I have been blinded by mortal feelings, many thanks for your advice, Your Majesty," said Earth Count.

Celestial Emperor revealed a smile and said, "I'm at ease that you have come to your senses. There's no need to call me Your Majesty, we have been friends for many years, and even though you are born slightly later than me, we have always called each other Dao friend. There's no need to be a stranger just because I've ascended to the throne."

"I don't dare to."

Earth Count lowered his head. "In the past, I didn't know better, but now I know. There's still a difference between ruler and ministers, Your Majesty has a higher position, so I can't not know my place."

Celestial Emperor sighed. "You are being a stranger again. Here is your cauldron."

He threw down the Slaughter Cauldron and let it drop down into Youdu.

Earth Count didn't bother to catch it and let this cauldron drop to the land under his feet. "This Slaughter Caudron has killed too much, I don't dare to accept it."

"Would a minister not dare to receive something gifted by the ruler?"

Celestial Emperor said with a smile, "However, it is indeed useless to leave this cauldron with you. Why don't I send some gods into Youdu and let them guard this cauldron temporarily for you."

Earth Count acknowledged and said, "As Your Majesty commands."

His gaze landed on Celestial Emperor's hand, and Celestial Emperor handed the baby girl over to an ancient god beside him to carry. "You are being estranged again."

Earth Count closed his eyes, and Qin Mu felt his sight sinking into darkness. He could no longer see that astonishing sight earlier.

"The memory of the Slaughter Cauldron has finally come to an end."

Qin Mu fell into a daze. When he was in the Slaughter Cauldron, Youdu devil qi poured into his body, and he felt he was going to explode. Suddenly, he transformed into Earth Count Ah Chou and saw his life from Ah Chou's perspective.

"Actually, when Earth Count had awakened in anger, Ah Chou had already died."

He touched his face, and his face was damp.

Ah Chou had already died back then, and only the Earth Count who wanted revenge was left.

Ah Chou's child, that baby girl, had turned into a hostage of the celestial heavens, a weakness of Earth Count.

'She will live well, the celestial heavens won't hurt her. The bloodline of Earth Count could continue on.'

Qin Mu thought to himself, 'I wonder if Earth Count saw her ever again? Celestial Emperor's methods are truly powerful, Celestial Venerable Yun cannot beat him and Celestial Venerable Hao most probably can't as well. In that case, is the celestial emperor of the extraterritorial celestial heavens him?'

He was at a loss.

The devil qi in the Slaughter Cauldron no longer flowed, and it became very quiet. Around Qin Mu, huge faces floated in the darkness, and these faces looked at him. They rotated around him silently, and it was quite scary.

"Ah Chou—"

Suddenly, a face flew to his face and opened its mouth to give off a weird cry.

The other faces also suddenly gave off the same mournful cries. "Ah Chou—"

Qin Mu snorted. "I'm not Ah Chou. Earth Count Ah Chou could only awaken the power of Youdu after he died, but I don't need to. He has too many limitations and restraints, but I don't!"

"Ah Chou!" Those faces in the Slaughter Cauldron continued to cry out.

"I'm much more handsome than Ah Chou."

Qin Mu's face blushed, and he explained to these face, "Look, I don't have bull horns, and I don't have stripes on my face."

"Brother, what nonsense are you spouting?"

Qin Fengqing woke up and was astonished when Qin Mu was talking to those weird faces. "Are you crazy?"

He became happy. "If you're crazy, let me eat you!"

Qin Mu snorted. "These faces call me Ah Chou, and they treat me like the Earth Count who had suffered. I was just arguing with them. The Slaughter Cauldron didn't kill us because this cauldron probably recognizes us as Ah Chou. Maybe we can borrow this Slaughter Cauldron to escape..."

He flew up while more and more faces in the darkness looked at them.

"Ah Chou," they said.

Qin Mu's face was as black as charcoal. Qin Fengqing examined those faces curiously, and he couldn't resist grabbing one face. He stuffed it into his mouth and chewed twice before spitting it out. "You can't eat this! There's no taste at all! It's even worse than eating dirt!"

Qin Mu asked curiously, "Brother, you have eaten dirt before?"

"I've tried, it's not very nice," said the big-headed baby.

"Strange, why is the Slaughter Cauldron so quiet?"

Qin Mu raised his head to look at the galaxy in the sky. The Heavenly Net was also incomparably calm, and there was no power.

Outside the cauldron, Lu Li and the rest had stopped, and they looked at this cauldron. They saw that the cauldron was silent, and everyone gave a sigh of relief.

"Son of Youdu actually managed to last so long before getting refined to death, as expected of the Son of God."

Yan Qianzhong said with a smile, "He hasn't been moving for a period of time, we should be able to open the Slaughter Cauldron now, right?"

Heavenly King Gao's gaze flickered. "I feel we should talk about who Son of Youdu belongs to!"

Lu Li and the rest of the provincial governors felt apprehensive. Suddenly, Lu Li had the intent to kill. 'These old fogeys keep wanting to fight with me, so why don't I take the chance when they are opening the cauldron to refine them to death as well! It would be much easier to refine them to death rather than refining Son of Youdu to death!'

Right at this moment, the ground rose, and a gate appeared. The gate opened up, and a burst of soft laughter came from inside. "I think you should pass Son of Youdu to me!"


The sea of the netherworld hung down and pressed down on all of the Youdu big shots!

In the sea of the netherworld, there was also ghostly light that traveled quickly to kill Heavenly King Gao, Yan Qianzhong, and the rest!

Lu Li and the rest got suppressed under the netherworld sea, and their bones were broken. Their hearts turned cold as they saw the ghostly light killing dozens of Youdu big shots, destroying their primordial spirits. Once the primordial spirits of these big shots crumbled, they transformed into countless fine soul particles to expand the sea of the netherworld.


The sea poured into that gate and quickly vanished.

Meanwhile, that beam of ghostly light swirled around Lu Li and the rest but didn't kill them.

"You guys are the provincial governors that Your Majesty has stationed in Youdu. Wouldn't I be rebelling if I killed you guys?"

From the gate, an abnormally handsome man walked out with his hands behind his back. The expressions of Lu Li and the rest changed. "Son of Heaven Yin!"

Son of Heaven Yin walked towards Slaughter Cauldron, and his heart was burning in excitement. He said with a smile, "Son of Youdu is finally going to be mine! The power of Earth Count, my power..."

His hand landed on the Heavenly Net and trembled slightly as he lifted it up slowly.

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