Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 767 - Old Schemer, Young Schemer

Lu Li and the rest looked at Son of Heaven Yin, and they gritted their teeth. However, they couldn't do anything.

"Old Schemer!"

They were only the governors that the celestial heavens had sent to be stationed in Youdu, whereas Son of Heaven Yin was a governor of the celestial heavens. He controlled Mingdu and was a strong practitioner on Emperor's Throne.

In terms of abilities, they, as the four provincial governors, couldn't wait to flatter him, much less have a falling out with him.

They had planned painstakingly and mobilized god knows how many big shots of Youdu to finally seize this Son of Youdu and refine him in the Slaughter Cauldron. Now Son of Heaven Yin had suddenly appeared and killed all of the Youdu big shots in two moves, he was just going to pluck the fruits of their labor without any effort at all!

Those Youdu big shots could be considered the direct line of descent from the four of them, and now, they were all uprooted.

Youdu big shots were usually the power of the celestial heavens, and they would land into Youdu after their deaths, becoming the subordinates of the four great provincial governors.

Even though they were on Emperor's Throne and Numinous Sky Realm, they were full of flaws after their deaths, and they had to rely on the four great provincial governors in order to survive. Youdu was still Earth Count's territory, after all, and other than them, there were also strong practitioners on Emperor's Throne and Numinous Sky from the enemy forces that had landed here after they died as well.

If they didn't want to be killed by these strong practitioners, they would have to submit to these four great provincial governors, borrowing the power of the celestial heavens to continue living in Youdu.

Thus, they were also very willing to be ordered around by the four great provincial governors. This was the situation when one gains glory, everyone gains glory, and when one suffers defeat, everyone suffers defeat. Therefore, they had all come gladly when Lu Li mobilized them to fight Son of Youdu.

When they huddled together, they could even fight Mingdu Son of Heaven Yin.

The power of the celestial heavens in Youdu and Mingdu had a rivalry, and this concerned huge benefits. No matter if it was Son of Heaven Yin or Lu Li and the rest, they all wanted to climb over the other.

Other than to create another Mingdu and restrain Earth Count, the reason why the celestial heavens wanted to station provincial governors in Youdu was because they were worried that Son of Heaven Yin would grow too big. They needed Lu Li and the rest to suppress Son of Heaven Yin.

That was why the celestial heavens was very willing to see Youdu and Mingdu fight each other.

And now, this kind of mutual holding back would end because after this battle, countless big shots of Youdu were dead and only the four great provincial governors would be left. When Son of Heaven Yin received Son of Youdu, he would be another Earth Count!

To bribe him to deal with Earth Count, the celestial heavens would definitely give him even more benefits. Lu Li and the rest could be said to have been completely defeated.

'As expected of the old schemer that has lived from the Dragon Han Era until now. Rumors say that Son of Heaven Yin has never suffered any losses before!'

Lu Li and the rest were bleeding from their hearts.

Right at this moment, Son of Heaven Yin finally opened up the Slaughter Cauldron, and the Heavenly Net was grabbed up by him. Hissing sounds from leaking air came from inside as black-colored gas spewed out from the cauldron.

Lu Li and the rest felt nervous. The Slaughter Cauldron was an important treasure handed to them by the celestial heavens. Son of Heaven Yin still couldn't move. If they activated this huge cauldron, could they refine Son of Heaven Yin to death?

However, there was also hesitation in their hearts. The crime of killing Son of Heaven Yin was no small matter. If the celestial heavens pursued this matter, the four of them might even die along with Son of Heaven Yin!

Suddenly, Lu Li saw the other hand of Son of Heaven Yin clutching a strange mudra skill. He clutched his middle finger, index finger, and ring finger into a fist while sticking up his thumb and his pinky finger.

The four of them felt apprehensive. That ghostly light that killed Yan Qianzhong and the rest appeared again to surround the four of them.

It was obvious that Son of Heaven Yin was long prepared. As long as they dared to activate the Slaughter Cauldron, they would definitely die under this strange divine weapon from Son of Heaven Yin before they could even kill him!

The four of them stared at that ghostly light and didn't dare to move.

Son of Heaven Yin grabbed the Heavenly Net in his hands and stretched his head out to look at the cauldron. He said with a smile, "The power of Son of Youdu..."

A finger suddenly appeared from nowhere and tapped on the heart of Son of Heaven Yin's brows right as he stretched his head to look into the cauldron.

"First form of Calamity Sword!"

Son of Heaven Yin was astonished. Lu Li and the rest were equally astonished. The power of Calamity Sword that was contained in that finger burst forth.

Son of Heaven Yin only felt his head being swept by a sword light. The snow-white sword light instantly pierced through his seven great divine treasures and rushed straight into the Southern Heavenly Gate along the divine bridge!

That sword light destroyed everything in the way and rushed forward along the ground of his celestial heavens. It passed by the Jade Pavilion and the Jade Pool, and it exploded the water surface of the Jade Pool. The water of the Jade Pool transformed into astonishing waves and rushed thirty thousand yards into the sky.

The sword light pierced through the God Execution Stage and stabbed into Jade Capital City. The city gate of Jade Capital City shattered under the sword light, and huge halls came crumbling down!

The sword light went straight for the Numinous Sky Hall!


The snow-white light expanded in an instant and transformed to be incomparably thick. It rushed into the doors of the Numinous Sky Hall and went straight for the primordial spirit of Son of Heaven Yin that was on the Emperor's Throne!

This sword might look slow, but it was actually extremely fast. Before Son of Heaven Yin's primordial spirit could even react, the sword light was already pressing in on his eyelashes!

In his celestial palace, a world-shaking bang rang out. Terrifying waves swept in all directions with the Numinous Sky Hall being the center of impact. The palaces in Jade Capital City trembled, and one of the city gates in the four directions had been destroyed. The other three city gates got thrown into midair and landed somewhere.

That impact had overturned the Jade Pool and threw all of the water into the sky. The four heavenly gates from north, south, east, and west surged and rumbled while air currents burst forth like snow-white rings from the celestial palace at the center. The seven great divine treasures were also impacted, which resulted in mountains and rivers crumbling, the sun and moon being blown away, and the stars and constellations being messed up.

This was the sight in Son of Heaven Yin's head, but to Lu Li and the rest outside, Son of Heaven Yin was stunned for a moment when this finger tapped on the heart of his brows.

Next, an arrow of blood spurted out from the back of his head.

The arrow of blood wasn't long, and it flew six yards away.

Son of Heaven Yin hurriedly retreated, and he saw a three-headed and six-armed god jumping out of the cauldron. He spun his body furiously and transformed into a thousand-armed buddha. With endless sounds of beating, that spinning god landed countless fists on Son of Heaven Yin!

Son of Heaven Yin got struck high up into the sky, and sounds of bones breaking came from his body.

That three-headed and six-armed god was still spinning and getting closer to Son of Heaven Yin.

Every time he spun one-third a rotation, he would raise his arms up high. The vital qi flocked to his hand and transformed into long knives. When he spun one-third a rotation, the long knives would slash down in the wind!

He spun rapidly and he also moved quickly. Lu Li could only see knife light slicing down one after another like it was honed to perfection. Jade Lock Pass was lit up as the knife lights seemed to be connected with one another, merging into one!

The knife lights seemed to slice on the forehead of Son of Heaven Yin at literally the same time!

Lu Li and the rest could only see the wound on Son of Heaven Yin's forehead widening and becoming longer. She felt fear, and Xuan Ming cried out, "Son of Youdu isn't dead!"

"Son of Heaven Yin's head is about to be split apart!" Han Lei cried out.

Lu Li cried out, "Run—"

Jue Huang said, "There's also the Slaughter Cauldron and Heavenly Net!"

The four provincial governors hesitated for a moment, and when they turned their heads to look at the Slaughter Cauldron, they saw Qin Mu rushing out from the cauldron and going straight for Son of Heaven Yin. That Slaughter Cauldron actually followed him closely and ignored the four provincial governors.

After the four of them took on the responsibility of being the provincial governors of Youdu, they had been offering sacrifices to this cauldron day and night. They had even used their own blood to feed the Slaughter Cauldron, and only then were they able to refine the Slaughter Cauldron to their will. Only then was the Slaughter Cauldron able to change its size and refine all lives.

Yet now, the Slaughter Cauldron actually seemed to have rebelled and abandoned them, following Son of Youdu!

"Leave the cauldron!"

Lu Li cried out, "Leave this place immediately! If Son of Youdu kills Son of Heaven Yin, the next one he will kill is us!"

The four of them hurriedly escaped, and Jue Huang hurriedly said, "The Heavenly Net is still in Son of Heaven Yin's hands!"

"Leave it!"

Lu Li's snake tail slithered, and she said flusteredly and exasperatedly, "Give them to the one with the surname Yin as burial gifts! Let us quickly leave this place and get as far away as possible!"

Xuan Ming chased after her and said, "Senior sister, can we still stay in Youdu? No matter if Son of Youdu can kill Son of Heaven Yin or not, he will remain in Youdu to locate us. Let us escape out of Youdu and return back to the celestial heavens to find reinforcements!"

Jue Huang and Han Lei nodded his head.

Lu Li said exasperatedly, "Now that we lost Youdu, we will only be escorted to the God Execution Stage to be executed when we return back to the celestial heavens, only an idiot would return back to the celestial heavens!"

The three provincial governors felt fear.

Lu Li said, "Earth Count won't tolerate Son of Youdu messing around, so he won't completely fall out with the celestial heavens. He will definitely exile Son of Youdu, so we can still survive by hiding in Youdu. Going to the celestial heavens is sending ourselves to death. We can't report this to the celestial heavens, or we will all have to get beheaded on the God Execution Stage!"

The three provincial governors nodded their heads repeatedly.

Lu Li turned back to look and saw that ghostly light of Son of Heaven Yin chasing after Son of Youdu. It was obvious Son of Heaven Yin had already sobered up from being disoriented.

Emperor's Throne was Emperor's Throne after all. Anyone that could cultivate to Emperor's Throne Realm was no ordinary person. They wouldn't be killed that easily.

Moreover, Son of Heaven Yin was an old monster that had lived for a million years, he was an old schemer. Even though Qin Mu had schemed him, it was still a long distance away from claiming his life.

At the same time, that Mingdu Heavenly Gate was also spewing the sea of the netherworld out. The sea poured out grandiosely from Mingdu, and it looked like Son of Heaven Yin was really furious. He was planning to fight Son of Youdu and see who was better!

"Maybe we can take advantage and take the chance when both sides are injured to..."

Lu Li slowed her speed. She was about to stop and watch when the Slaughter Cauldron that was following behind Qin Mu flew forward. The devil qi in the cauldron poured out and swept the sea of the netherworld, swallowing up more than half of the sea in an instant!

Even that ghostly light that was flying towards Qin Mu got pulled in by the Slaughter Cauldron. It moved towards the inside of the cauldron involuntarily.

Lu Li felt her blood running cold, and she instantly increased her speed to escape again.

Behind them, violent waves swept over and threw the four great provincial governors high up into the air. The four of them quickly used this momentum to escape even faster.

Lu Li turned her head back again to see countless fists, palms, and fingers with the size of mountains appearing in front of Jade Lock Pass. They suddenly transformed into one move to bombard ruthlessly on Son of Heaven Yin's body.

Son of Heaven Yin got blown backward, and he crashed into Mingdu Heavenly Gate. He escaped from Youdu.

Meanwhile, that ghostly light from Son of Heaven Yin sought to survive, so it took the initiative to break off half of its body. The other half broke free from the Slaughter Cauldron and escaped back into Mingdu with Son of Heaven Yin.

That three-headed and six-armed god grabbed the door frame of Mingdu Heavenly Gate and tried to squeeze into Mingdu. He was truly ferocious.

"Good boy!"

Lu Li heard the loud and clear voice of a baby. "Stop hiding, come out quickly."


Another terrifying pulse swept over, and Son of Youdu tumbled backward from the impact.

Meanwhile, Mingdu Heavenly Gate also became tattered from the grip of his six arms. The gate sank to the ground and vanished.

"Son of Heaven Yin's Mingdu Heavenly Gate doesn't seem to have the power in the legends, it doesn't seem as strong as it was in the legends."

Lu Li was slightly stunned. Son of Heaven Yin's Mingdu Heavenly Gate contained the power of creation, and it was extremely powerful. It could allow Son of Heaven Yin to revive after death and even transform and reincarnate. It was marvelous and mysterious.

This Mingdu Heavenly Gate seemed to only be an imitation that totally didn't have the power of an Emperor's Throne's supreme treasure.

She didn't know that Son of Heaven Yin's Mingdu Heavenly Gate got snatched by Di Yiyue and this current gate was merely a Mingdu Heavenly Gate that was reforged. It wasn't finished so it couldn't be compared to the previous one.

Just as she thought until here, she saw Son of Youdu crawling up and pouncing at where the gate had vanished. He smashed around, but he couldn't find Son of Heaven Yin. His three heads began to look around.

Lu Li was terrified. The four of them hurriedly stuck close to the land on Earth Count's body, and they concealed their bodies while whining secretly.


His snow-white gaze was like a pillar of light as it swept by where they were at. The four provincial governors were extremely terrified. They used Youdu devil qi to hide their bodies and secretly escaped.


A gigantic three-headed and six-armed god landed on the ground and smashed until the ground trembled non-stop. Nine pillars of light swept in all directions and sliced apart the dim Youdu devil qi to look for their location.

"I need to see blood, these four provincial governors can't be forgiven!" Qin Mu's voice rang out.

The four provincial governors escaped in a panic, and they didn't dare to make a sound.

"Great Overarching Heavenly Stars!"

Suddenly, Qin Mu's voice rang out once more, and the four provincial governors raised their heads. They saw the sky full of stars, which shone brilliantly in all directions, turning the ground snow-white.

"Jump into the magma river of Earth Count!"

The four of them hurriedly jumped into the magma river, and just as they landed into the magma river, they saw a huge shadow flying past in the sky. That was a terrifying devil god that was borrowing starlight to search for their location.

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