Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 768 - The Secret of Great Sun Sovereign

Qin Mu was like a devil king that was flying in the night sky. He surveyed his surroundings and searched for a long time, but he could never find the location of Lu Li and the rest. If he wanted to search everywhere, he would even have to take one to two years; moreover, Lu Li and the rest wouldn't wait at the same spot for him to come.

"Brother, I'm tired, I'm going back."

Qin Fengqing's interest died out, and he stopped moving after he said that.

Qin Mu was stunned. He instantly felt his strength fading furiously. Qin Fengqing had actually returned back to Qin word land and entered the seal on his own accord.

When Qin Fengqing returned to the seal, that Slaughter Cauldron also entered the heart of his brows and came to Qin word land along with Qin Fengqing!

Qin Mu immediately stopped searching for Lu Li and the rest. Without Qin Fengqing's power, he was still that divine arts practitioner on the Celestial Being Realm, so wouldn't he just be seeking death to look for Lu Li?

What made him felt strange was Qin Fengqing clearly disliked being sealed, so why did he take the initiative to enter the seal this time and even did so willingly?

He didn't use the willow leaf to seal his third eye. A strand of undying god consciousness flew into Qin word land, and he saw that huge baby counting the body parts of those strong practitioners he had hidden in the land excitedly. He was counting them systematically.

Qin Mu didn't know whether to laugh or cry. It was obvious Qin Fengqing had something to eat and that being sealed was a small matter. He was definitely unable to find such 'food that was rich with nutrients' outside.


Qin Mu couldn't help shaking his head. Returning to Youdu Jade Lock Pass this time, he was going to retrieve his paper boat. Without Qin Fengqing's help this time, he would probably have to spend over a dozen years to return back to the eye of Earth Count. Therefore, retrieving the boat would save him this amount of time.

He looked at Earth Count's Slaughter Cauldron. That cauldron was actually still following Qin Fengqing. Qin Fengqing was excited at having food, so he paid no attention to this cauldron.

'This cauldron swallowed half of the netherworld sea, and the sea is formed from the black soul sand. Son of Heaven Yin spent god knows how much effort just to create the sea to such a scale, and now his efforts have become futile.'

Qin Mu remembered the other half of the ghostly light which the Slaughter Cauldron had swallowed, and it was also a treasure Son of Heaven Yin had created, so it should be extraordinary as well. However, this Slaughter Cauldron had landed with Qin Fengqing, and it seemed to recognize Qin Fengqing and not Qin Mu as Earth Count.

'In that case, those faces in the cauldron shouldn't be calling me Ah Chou, they should be calling big brother Ah Chou...'

Just as he thought until here, the devil qi in the huge cauldron poured out, and the devil qi shrouded Qin Fengqing like darkness.

A face appeared in the devil qi, and it looked straight at the big-headed baby while speaking with a strange tone. "Ah Chou."

Qin Fengqing took a glance at this face and shook his head. "My little brother isn't here. Where have I counted to?"

"Ah Chou," said that face again.

"Little brother is not here! Annoying!" Qin Fengqing said angrily.

More and more faces appeared in the devil qi from the cauldron and called out to him. "Ah Chou."

Qin Fengqing was furious, and he shouted, "I already said little brother is... Wait a minute, are you calling me?"

Those faces revealed smiles and nodded slowly. "Ah Chou."

"I'm not ugly, little brother is ugly," said Qin Fengqing.

Qin Mu heard this and sneered. "Having no self-knowledge as the big brother, I knew these faces weren't calling me."

The white-bearded elder that was transformed from Earth Count came out from nowhere and said, "Those faces are also calling you. Little fellow, your consciousness is also here too."

He stretched a finger, and that strand of Qin Mu's consciousness landed down involuntarily and transformed back into his original form.

Qin Mu looked around and saw Crimson Emperor's consciousness hiding in Qin word land with a bird-headed god. They were currently looking over.

"That bird god looks slightly familiar..."

Qin Mu was slightly stunned, and he was in a daze. "I seem to have seen him in the Dragon Han Celestial Heavens, he seems to be that Great Sun Sovereign that got beaten up by Senior Brother Niu Sanduo..."

The clone of Heaven Duke said, "He is none other than Great Sun Sovereign, he has been dead for a long time. Little bird, Dao Friend Crimson Emperor, come over here. He has food now, so he won't eat you!"

Crimson Emperor's consciousness walked over, but Great Sun Sovereign still didn't dare to come out. Qin Mu said with a smile, "Sun Sovereign, don't worry, your speed is unrivaled in this world, my brother won't be able to catch you."

The big-headed baby threw Great Sun Sovereign a glance and said, "I can catch him, I just have to grab his wings, and he has no way left to run."

Great Sun Sovereign hesitated for a moment and carefully walked out. He gave off a pose as though he was ready to escape anytime. "My wings got caught because I was careless for a second. If I'm ready, no one can catch me."

Qin Mu asked, "How did Sun Sovereign die?"

Heaven Duke sneered and said, "Death from stupidity, he knows too much and talks too much, he killed himself with his own stupidity."

Qin Mu was instantly interested and grew curious. "What does Great Sun Sovereign know? Why would you die because you know too much? Can Sun Sovereign elaborate on this?"

Great Sun Sovereign snorted and said, "I died because I talked too much. If I tell you, won't my soul die once more?"

Qin Mu said nicely, "Sun Sovereign, if you don't speak, your soul will definitely die once more, in the stomach of my big brother."

Great Sun Sovereign hesitated for a moment, and he looked towards Heaven Duke and Crimson Emperor. The white-bearded elder coughed repeatedly while Crimson Emperor raised his head to look at the sky.

"Heaven Duke..."

"Don't look at me, I'm also curious about how you died."

Heaven Duke shook his head and said, "During the middle period of the Dragon Han Era, the celestial heavens was covered by a net, so I couldn't see anything there. You are the head of the stars, and you control most of the gods in the celestial heavens, your understanding of the celestial heavens is even higher than mine. Even now, I still can't see anything in the celestial heavens."

Great Sun Sovereign hesitated, and he took a glance at the big-headed baby that was still counting. He braced himself and said, "I also don't know which secret caused my death, but I was killed by an arrow in my back during the battle to attack the celestial heavens that Celestial Venerable Yun established. I was in the vanguard, and I don't know who shot an arrow in my back. Next thing I knew, I was dead."

Everyone was silent.

Qin Mu coughed and said, "Sun Sovereign, in that case, which incident do you know that may have been the cause of your death?"

Great Sun Sovereign pondered and said, "It surely isn't the incident regarding Celestial Venerable Yu's death. Even though Celestial Venerable Yu's death created quite a huge commotion, and there are many rumors, I only said a few words, while everyone also said a few words. It shouldn't be the incident regarding the crown prince of the east palace. Even though I knew many pieces of inside information about Crown Prince Wuzhi's rebellion, I didn't tell many people about it. Could be the incident regarding the assassination of Celestial Empress? Or is it the tremendous change in the Jade Pool? Or was it Earth Count's massacre? It might be Earth Count's massacre, I know a lot of inside information. But it could also be about the time travel of the Feather Forest Guards. That's right, there's also the incident regarding Heaven Duke's reincarnation. There are also a lot of shenanigans about Heaven Duke's reincarnation..."

Qin Mu was dumbfounded. So many incidents actually happened in the Dragon Han Celestial Heavens?

When he had time travel to the first year of Dragon Han, he didn't stop for long. He didn't expect so many interesting things to have happened afterwards!

He wanted to listen to every incident Great Sun Sovereign had mentioned and get to the bottom of the story.

"Why doesn't Great Sun Sovereign explain each incident to us clearly?"

His eyes sparkled. "Tell us one by one! Also, you should know who the current celestial emperor of the celestial heavens is, right?"

Great Sun Sovereign hesitated for a moment, and he took a glance at Heaven Duke. "About this, Heaven Duke's reincarnation is involved as well, so I don't really dare to say. Moreover, I died early, so I don't know which side won..."

The clone of Heaven Duke gave a cough and said, "Little Boy Qin, Great Sun Sovereign knew too much and thus died. If you know too much, you will also die very quickly. You can go out now, Earth Count still wants to see you."

He swept his sleeve, and the strand of Qin Mu's consciousness got sent out. He could faintly hear Heaven Duke's voice. "From today onwards, if he asks you about my reincarnation, if you dare to say, I won't kill you, I will just torture you a little, torture until you beg for death. Now, tell me about the incident of the crown prince of the east palace..."

Qin Mu snorted and felt rather unhappy. 'At most I don't ask about Heaven Duke's reincarnation, why did he have to chase me out?'

He came to the gates of Jade Lock Pass, and at this moment, there were two devil gods standing in front of the gate. When they saw him coming over, both of them shuddered and turned to flee.

Qin Mu hurriedly said, "Dao brothers, please stay! I'm not here to eat people, I'm just here to retrieve my boat! My paper boat is in the pass, please don't close the gate."

"Are you really not going to eat us?" That two devil gods opened a small gap in the gate and shivered as they hid behind the gate.

Qin Mu said with a smile, "When have I eaten anybody? Let me take this boat and go."

Those two devil gods hurriedly slipped away. Qin Mu came to the city gate and saw a gap left behind.

When he came into the pass, he retrieved the paper boat he had docked beside the city gate. Looking towards the camp, he saw numerous gods lined up in ranks, and they waited in silence. They were afraid of him starting another massacre.

However, these gods were shivering, and their legs were wobbling. They didn't have much of a strong aura.

Looking past the camp, Qin Mu didn't see the tree man that was transformed from his father, Qin Hanzhen. He felt dejected.

"Farewell!" He bowed to the ground at the camp and didn't rise after a long time.

The god army was stunned. Countless gods hurriedly returned his greeting, and they thought to themselves, "Son of Youdu is bowing to us? Is a sun going to rise in Youdu?"

Qin Mu got up and looked at the monument forest before turning around to leave.

His father and mother were here, and he suddenly felt at ease. He could finally put his long drifting heart down.

He walked out of the pass and sat on the bow of the small boat. The small boat floated up and floated over to the eye of Earth Count.

After a long time, that small boat came to the eye of Earth Count and sailed into the huge eye of light. The boat landed in front of the sacred hall.

Elder Messenger of Death didn't wait for him to come down the boat and began to scold him fiercely, "Celestial Venerable Mu, you are trouble! You stole my ship, barged into Jade Lock Pass, and killed so many gods..."

Qin Mu said, "I know I'm wrong. I'll bring Celestial Venerable Yu along with me."

Elder Messenger of Death was stunned. The script that he had prepared was suddenly useless, and it felt as stifling as landing a punch in the air.

Hellfire Earth Count walked out of the sacred hall and stood in front of the sacred hall. "He is a smart person, he knows what's happening."

Qin Mu said firmly, "Even though I'm dumb, I also know your intention just by hearing a little information. Earth Count let me go visit my mother and borrowed my hands to clean Youdu of the celestial heavens' power. He will then use my mistakes to make me bring Celestial Venerable Yu away, putting the blame on me one after another. Earth Count, don't worry, I won't reject any of these!"

Hellfire Earth Count looked at him, and the hellfire in his three eyes wavered. "It's hard on you. Your parents will live well here."

Qin Mu's heart trembled slightly.

Earth Count pushed Celestial Venerable Yu to him and said, "You can go now. After killing so many big shots of Youdu, it's not good for you to stay here for long. Official Sovereign, send him out."

Qin Mu blinked his eyes and suddenly smiled. "Earth Count, aren't you curious who is being suppressed in the Qin word land in the heart of my brows?"

In Qin word land, the expression of Heaven Duke changed drastically, and he was furious. "Little rascal, he's throwing my face away! This is bad, I'm going to be embarrassed in front of Earth Count!"

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