Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 769 - Dragon Han Overlord Body

Earth Count looked at the heart of his brows and said, "Of course it's Son of Youdu that's in the heart of your brows, how would I not know when I'm the one who suppressed him personally. On this willow leaf, there is also the seal of Heaven Duke. You have met Heaven Duke, and he has helped you reseal Son of Youdu, am I right? However, what was weird was how you managed to control the strength of Son of Youdu..."

He originally didn't think about it in detail, but after thinking about it, it was quite an inconceivable thing for Qin Mu to be able to mobilize the power of Son of Youdu.

In Earth Count's eyes, Qin Mu would be assimilated by Son of Youdu sooner or later, and in the battle of Jade Lock Pass earlier, Qin Mu was able to release Son of Youdu's power and even reseal this power. This was indeed suspicious.

Qin Mu said with a smile, "Someone is naturally helping me."

Earth Count muttered to himself and said, "Let me go in and take a look to see which Dao friend it is."

He stood there without moving, and in Qin word land, lava suddenly started boiling from the ground and transforming into a lake of lava. The lava in the lake swirled, and a pair of horns of nine bends rose up from the lake. Next, it was the huge body of Lava Earth Count.

Lava Earth Count stopped swirling, and his huge body walked out of the lava lake. Lava flowed down continuously from Earth Count's body, igniting the ground.

The big-headed baby was currently stuffing his head into the Slaughter Cauldron to see if there was anything inside the cauldron. On the other hand, Crimson Emperor was beside Great Sun Sovereign, listening to him with keen interest. Meanwhile, Heaven Duke was hiding behind a mountain.

Lava Earth Count looked around, and he was astonished. He blinked his three eyes.

Qin word land was made from a land of darkness in his horn, which he had refined into a seal. He transformed it into a jade pendant. Afterward, Qin Fengqing tried to escape a few times, so he had no choice but to strengthen the seal, smacking this jade pendant into Qin Mu's third eye.

Even though the seal was created by him, he didn't expect this land would actually become so lively.

He raised his head to look at the sky, and three different styles of seal appeared among the markings in the sky. One was his Youdu seal, and one was the Buddhism seal from Brahma Buddha. There was also another one that was Xuandu seal.

"Brahma Buddha."

Earth Count looked at that buddha in the sky, and he nodded his head. Qin Mu had gone to the twenty heavens of Buddha Realm once, and his devil nature had lost control. He transformed half of Brahma Heaven into Youdu.

It was no surprise that there was Brahma Buddha's seal here.

He then looked at Great Sun Sovereign, and his gaze moved away from Great Sun Sovereign's body.

Great Sun Sovereign was long dead, and he must have just been seized here.

"Crimson Emperor."

His gaze landed on Crimson Emperor. "Crimson Emperor of the Crimson Light Era has found a small, deformed universe which avoided the light of Xuandu and the jurisdiction of Youdu. Even I can't find where Crimson Emperor is buried at. Never would I expect to see a Dao friend from the past here."

The consciousness of Crimson Emperor hurriedly greeted and said, "Dao brother, I used my body to mend that small, deformed universe and made it into the final resting place of my people. My soul has already scattered and died."

Lava Earth Count said, "When you used Undying God Consciousness to inform Light Emperor, I sensed the motion from your Undying God Consciousness."

He turned his head to look at Qin Fengqing, who pulled his head out from the Slaughter Cauldron. The big baby hid behind the cauldron and stuck his head out to look at him. He was like a cat preparing to pounce on its prey as he rubbed his hands nervously.

Lava Earth Count didn't pay him any attention and looked at the mountain of Qin word land. "Why does Xuandu Dao brother need to hide? I see you."

The white-bearded elder walked out from the back of the mountain and laughed. "Youdu Dao brother, I've been waiting for your arrival, you have indeed come! Now, this land can be said to have gathered the experts of the heaven and the earth!"

Lava Earth Count looked at him and never said a word.

Heaven Duke had a calm expression and looked as though he was an otherworldly sage that was very mysterious.

After a long time, Lava Earth Count's face gradually revealed a smile, and his smile widened more and more. This god that controlled Youdu finally couldn't help laughing. He laughed until he couldn't breathe, and his hands were on his knees.

Heaven Duke's face was black, and he asked coldly, "Have you laughed enough?"

Earth Count's laugh gradually lowered. He took another glance at him and couldn't help laughing again.

Right at this moment, the big-headed baby behind the cauldron rubbed his hands and feet before jumping up like a cat. He pounced onto Earth Count's back and said, "I caught you! Once I eat you, I can be Earth Count!"

Lava Earth Count hurriedly shook his body and tried to shake him off, but he couldn't shake him off no matter what. He was alarmed and hurriedly circulated his magic power. The land under him instantly melted and turned into lava.

Lava Earth Count sank down, but the big baby was still on his body, chewing on his head.

Lava Earth Count sank into the lava lake, but he realized he couldn't return to Youdu no matter what and got a little flustered. He had no choice but to rise from the ground, and he looked up at the sky.

Heaven Duke couldn't resist sighing and said, "Don't think about it, the willow leaf has been covered, we can only escape if we break the seal."

"It's not tasty."

That big-headed baby chopped Lava Earth Count into pieces and lost interest in him. He ran over to study the netherworld sea in the Slaughter Cauldron.

Earth Count pieced his body back together and stood up. "We can also escape by taking off the willow leaf from outside."

Heaven Duke was delighted and hurried him. "In that case, you can take it off!"

Lava Earth Count was silent.

Heaven Duke looked at him in doubt. Earth Count didn't say a word. After a long while, he finally said, "Dao friend, don't keep staring at me."

The clone of Heaven Duke hurried him. "Why aren't you taking the willow leaf off?"

Lava Earth Count was silent again before saying, "He has taken Official Sovereign's paper boat and reached the world of the living already."

The clone of Heaven Duke was dumbfounded, and he let out a shaky breath after a moment. "You have been tricked by that little brat. But it's fine, we can live well over here as well. Furthermore, there's also a lot of secrets we can listen to here. Other than being beaten up by that big-headed brat when he's angry, it's not so bad after all."

Lava Earth Count continued to stare at him. "You have many chances to leave. As long as he takes down the willow leaf, you can escape, so why do you keep staying here?"

Heaven Duke was silent.

"Xuandu isn't interesting."

He said, "The gods in Xuandu are basically the powers of the celestial heavens. My situation is much more miserable than yours. Therefore, I like it here better than Xuandu. Little bird, you were just talking about Celestial Empress' assassination, you haven't finished yet. Let us continue!"

Great Sun Sovereign looked at Earth Count before taking a glance at the big-headed baby. Heaven Duke smiled and said, "Now with Earth Count, we can be more daring. If Son of Youdu dares to eat you, we can work together and suppress him!"

Great Sun Sovereign was overjoyed.

Suddenly, they heard the sounds of wind coming over. Qin Fengqing was currently activating that Slaughter Cauldron and the dangerous might in the cauldron spread out. The sky nearly split apart while the mountains far away also became limp. They were almost destroyed by the dangerous might of the Slaughter Cauldron.

The buddha in the sky also got swayed from the dangerous might of the Slaughter Cauldron.

Everyone's faces turned white, and they all had a bad feeling.

"Son of Youdu is still growing. He will probably have the power of an Emperor's Throne soon, and he can even activate the dangerous might of the Slaughter Cauldron!"

Eternal Peace.

Qin Mu brought Celestial Venerable Yu to jump off the paper boat. He saw that it was already night in Eternal Peace. The city far away was lit up by lanterns.

"Celestial Venerable You, just send me up to here," said Qin Mu.

Elder Messenger of Death took a look at him and said, "I must record you scheming against Earth Count in your small booklet."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "Just do it, there's no difference anyway."

"You have nothing to lose."

Elder Messenger of Death shook his head and suddenly bowed to Celestial Venerable Yu. "Celestial Venerable Mu, take care of big brother." After he said that, the small boat sailed into the darkness and vanished.

Qin Mu saw him off before bringing Celestial Venerable Yu to Heavenly Saint Academy. He had his own motives for asking Elder Messenger of Death to send them to Heavenly Saint Academy.

Celestial Venerable Yu was a piece of white paper now. He understood nothing and knew nothing. Even his food and drinks had to be taken care of; therefore, he needed to teach him the most basic things. Furthermore, he couldn't teach him any divine arts, or else he would destroy this good sapling.

The best method was to teach him all kinds of basic runes and let him comprehend them himself.

Early the next morning, Qin Mu threw Celestial Venerable Yu into a primary school class and let him learn the runes of the four great spirit bodies and the five element stars. When it came to the second day, the teacher of the class led Celestial Venerable Yu back and said, "Cult Master, he has mastered everything, I can't teach him anymore. Furthermore, he even beat up the scholars of the primary school."

Qin Mu was dumbfounded. He tested Celestial Venerable Yu, and he had indeed learned all of the basic runes for Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise, and the rest. He could even deduce many things just from the runes and created several kinds of divine arts. Even though they were rough, they weren't considered weak.

'Could he really be an overlord body?'

Qin Mu brought Celestial Venerable Yu to listen to Village Chief's lecture. What Village Chief was imparting was the most basic sword techniques. Celestial Venerable Yu used two days to master everything, and that made Village Chief break out in a cold sweat.

"Is he an overlord body?" asked Qin Mu.

Village Chief was in a daze. He hesitated and said, "Seems like it... Where did you get this kid from?"

"From a million years ago."

Village Chief was even more at a loss and muttered to himself, "The overlord body of a million years ago... Wait a moment, I'm feeling giddy..."

Qin Mu brought Celestial Venerable Yu to Butcher's class to learn his Heaven Knife Skills. Celestial Venerable also easily mastered them.

"Mu'er, this youth is much smarter than you." Butcher laughed.

Qin Mu snorted and was rather unhappy. He said, "I also used several days to learn the basic sword skills. However, it's very difficult to completely master them."

"He learns faster than you, and his comprehension is also higher than yours."

Butcher said, "He seems to be even faster than Xu Shenghua, that young fellow!"

Qin Mu had a black face, and he brought Celestial Venerable Yu to every class in Heavenly Saint Academy. Celestial Venerable Yu could quickly master every kind of technique. He even mastered the most difficult algebra class and creation class very quickly.

After three months, he had learned all of the basic runes and basic moves in Heavenly Saint Academy.

Dao Master Lin Xuan also heard there was an algebra genius in Heavenly Saint Academy, so he immediately hurried over from Dao Sect Academy. He wanted to bring Celestial Venerable Yu to Dao Sect to further study algebra but got chased off by Qin Mu.

Finally, Qin Mu threw Celestial Venerable Yu into the Floor of Heavenly Records, allowing him to browse any book inside. Another month passed, and Celestial Venerable Yu walked out of the Floor of Heavenly Records.

Qin Mu revealed a look of disbelief, and he cried out, "You finished learning them?"

Celestial Venerable Yu hung his head down in shame. "I finished reading, but I didn't learn, I feel that there are too many mistakes in those books..."

Qin Mu let out a shaky breath and composed himself. A strange thought appeared in his heart. 'Could I be the pseudo overlord body and he is then the true overlord body... It can't be, I need to bring him to meet Xu Shenghua!'

West Earth High Heavens Academy.

Xu Shenghua had a grim expression as he stared at Celestial Venerable Yu in front of him. He probed and asked, "Overlord body?"

Qin Mu nodded his head with difficulty and said bitterly, "He's even smarter than me..."

"No wonder I feel his aptitude and comprehension is close to mine."

Xu Shenghua praised and said, "Understanding the moment he learns anything! However, why does he look a little silly?"

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