Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 77 - Heavenly Painting Crown Prince

On the dragon pillar, Qin Mu raised his head and saw that the area that was shrouded by thunderous clouds which were getting wider and wider as it spread outwards. It was like a huge vortex with countless of bolts of lightning striking down continuously but they were still circling around the vortex.

The thunderous clouds were moving towards the vanguard of Eternal Peace Empire. A lightning suddenly struck the ground and sparks instantly scattered all around like golden snakes, giving off a loud world shaking sound at the same time.

What followed was multiple bolts of lightning that seemed to have found their target. As they struck down from the sky, the scene was like numerous huge plows from the sky plowing down onto the great army of Eternal Peace Empire!

Boom boom boom—

Numerous bolts of lightning contacted the vanguard of Eternal Peace Empire and in less than a breath's time, the behemoths were fried into crisps. With the lightning striking the behemoths, some behemoths' belly split open as if they were sliced by sharp swords.

The behemoths cried out in pain and fled in all directions. Some even ran backward and stomped many soldiers to death during their stampede.

The rolling thunder and lightning soon caught up to the army, throwing the soldiers and the cavalries into disarray. It was unknown how many soldiers had been struck by the lightning and died on the spot.

A ship was struck by multiple lightning and was instantly set ablaze. The furnaces in the core of the ship exploded, turning the apothecaries and the boys in the medicine room into flaming people.

The violent medicinal energy in the medicine furnace rushed out from the medicine room and into the great furnace. The great furnace was unable to convert the terrifying amount of medicinal energy in time and exploded with a bang. The huge ship instantly shattered into pieces, disintegrating in the sky!

There were also some ships that had their great furnaces destroyed and had no more propulsion, causing them to drop down from the sky with a trail of thick billowing smoke, crushing countless of soldiers who were unable to escape in time.

Originally, Eternal Peace Empire had a pressurizing atmosphere on the city but now its grandeur was all gone. All that was left was chaos.

"General Lu, these thunderous clouds are peculiar. It's as if they are coming for our Eternal Peace Army!"

A scout came to report urgently. Reaching the middle army, he genuflected and cupped his hands, "The thunderous clouds shrouded a radius of thirty miles and there's not a single cloud outside thirty miles!"

That General Lu was majestic and sturdy. A radiant light flashed across his eyes and said solemnly, "Let the Wind Marquis Troop move out and blow away the thunderous clouds!"

"Understood! Pass down the general's order to blow away the thunderous clouds!"

Behind him, the soldiers of a troop were wearing strange clothing and all had huge bottle gourds that were half the height of a human on their backs. When all the soldiers opened their mouths of the bottle gourds, black wind instantly soared into the sky from the bottle gourd.

The troop executed their vital qi and pointed their fingers, causing the black wind to whistle and swell up, turning into violent gusts that swept toward the thunderous clouds in the sky.

However, at this moment, at the bookstore in the city, Deaf's second painting was ready. It was a painting of tornadoes and storms. With a flick of his brush, the Tornado Storm Painting rose into the sky and vanished.

Just as the Wind Marquis Troop cast their spells to use the black wind to blow away the thunderous clouds, the situation suddenly changed unexpectedly. From the thunderous clouds, huge tornadoes that were like the tails of divine dragons hung down and were thrust into the numerous soldiers of the great army.

There wasn't a single tornado but over a dozen of tornadoes sweeping up the Wind Marquis Troop's black wind, fusing them into the tornadoes and increasing the tornadoes' power. Numerous soldiers were swept into the air and flailed helplessly.

What's even more terrifying was when these soldiers were swept into mid-air, numerous bolts of lightning stuck down and burned their bodies into crisps!

It didn't matter if they were martial arts practitioners or divine arts practitioners, they were all helpless against the power of nature!

The wind and lightning raged and was followed by a shower pouring down from the sky, soaking the Eternal Peace Empire's army thoroughly. When the lightning struck down onto the soaked soldiers and landed on the ground soaked by water, it baselessly increased the power of the lightning!

The bodies of numerous people shuddered and became distorted, burning them into crisps.

"Demons and monsters, how impudent! Black Tortoise Troop, raise your shield!"

General Lu flew into a rage and slammed both his hands down. His body soared into the air and slaughtered towards the thunderous clouds in mid-air. Moving to and fro, he destroyed the tornadoes directly.

Bolts of lightning struck towards him but before the lightning could reach him, it was deflected away by the glow given off by the armor, disallowing the lightning to hit his body.

Below, the Black Tortoise Troop shouted in unison and their vital qi turned into huge shields that soared into the air. The vital qi shields floated thirty over yards above the various troops that helped to cover them from the shower.

The bolts of lightning were also blocked by the Black Tortoise's shield, pacifying the hearts of the troops. The military officers of various troops immediately reorganized their forces and slew all the army deserters, regrouping after their setback.

In Border Dragon City, another huge painting flew into the sky. However, it was a Hundred Demons Painting.

The Hundred Demons Painting slowly disappeared into the sky and vanished without a trace.

After it disappeared, vicious looking devil gods slew their way out from the thunderous clouds and surrounded General Lu to slaughter his men. General Lu's scalp turned numb and he struggled with his life to defend, yet at this moment, another huge painting flew out from Border Dragon City. General Lu sneaked a glance towards it only to be frightened stiff.

It was a Falling Meteor Painting and in the painting were numerous meteors were falling from the sky!

"Fall back!"

Just as General Lu shouted, the meteorological phenomenon in the sky suddenly changed. Huge meteors with blazing tails trailing behind them fell from the sky, tearing through the heavens and smashing toward the Eternal Peace Empire's great army.

"The paintings of one man that could defend against a million mighty soldiers. This makes me think of one person."

At the border between Eternal Peace Empire and Great Ruins. In the city gate tower at the border, a middle-aged man with long and shapely eyebrows stood there. Behind him were generals. The middle-aged man was Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and even when the Eternal Peace Empire's great army landed in a critical situation, he remained unmoved and calmly said, "Back when Heavenly Painting Country was still around, the Heavenly Painting Crown Prince was unmatched in his generation and had peerless talent. He was the most beautiful man in Heavenly Painting Country and also the most talented. However he was enthralled in painting and calligraphy, He once said he didn't care about the matters of the world and only focused on reading the holy books. When Military Wolf Country invaded and wanted to wipe out Heavenly Painting Country, the Heavenly Painting Country couldn't resist their attacks. Meanwhile, the Heavenly Painting Crown Prince was still enthralled in his path of painting and when he woke up, Military Wolf Country had breached the country and was slaughtering his people. His father, the emperor of Heavenly Painting Country was also killed and had his head paraded around by the soldiers."

Behind him, the generals of Eternal Peace Empire listened silently and didn't open their mouths. A sword at the waist of a general suddenly soared into the air and transformed into a ray of light that flew into the distance. It flew straight for the hundred demons and devil gods in the thick clouds!

"Then the Heavenly Painting Crown Prince turned crazy."

The long eyebrow Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had a deep gaze as he continued, "His two ears didn't care about listening to the matters of the world that caused the destruction of his country so what good were these ears? He was an extreme person and bawled on the street. He sliced off his ears and pierced his eardrums. He used the blood of his people to draw and drew out hell. He drew the eighteen levels of hell."

"Afterwards, the entire country of Heavenly Painting Country vanished and became a bottomless abyss. The millions of soldiers of Military Wolf Country fell into the black abyss and became a part of hell, getting eaten by the demon gods of hell. Some of the strong practitioners tried to escape but they were captured by the devil gods and dragged back into hell.

"After that battle, it was the end for both Heavenly Painting Country and Military Wolf Country. The two countries perished and the Heavenly Painting Crown Prince had vanished as well. I've been to the ruins of Heavenly Painting Country and jumped into the black abyss. I took a walk around the eighteen levels of hell and saw his painting of the eighteen levels of hell. I could deeply feel the sorrow and helplessness in that crown prince's heart, at the same time I also felt pity for his talent. That was why I had requested the emperor to build a Pavilion of Art Saint. In fact, there's nobody more suitable than the Heavenly Painting Crown Prince to be the Art Saint."

"I thought I would never see the Art Saint in my life and I never would've thought I'd see him again at the borders of Great Ruins. What a pity he has become our Eternal Peace's enemy."

As he spoke, the thunderous clouds, lightning, hundred demons, tornadoes and storm all vanished as ink fell from the sky.

The scene caused the soldiers of Eternal Peace shudder in fear. The terrifying phenomenon that had caused so many of their deaths was actually just some ink!

"City Lord, there's a sorcerer causing havoc in the city!"

In Border Dragon City, Qin Feiyue saw the phenomenon in the sky and immediately rushed into the City Lord's Manor. He found Granny Si and reported, "This sorcerer is casting spells to stop the advance of our Eternal Peace's great army. His power is spectacular and is hidden in the bookstore in the city. May I request City Lord to go forth and kill this sorcerer!"

Granny Si had a solemn expression and said coldly, "There's such a sorcerer? How dare he create havoc in my territory, what guts! Don't worry, Little General Qin, I shall go execute him right now!" When she was done, she rushed toward the bookstore aggressively.

Qin Feiyue immediately followed behind. However, by the time he reached the bookstore, the building was already empty.

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