Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 770 - Mother Earth of Magnetism

High Heavens Academy was already right on track, and Qi Jiuyi had also been invited by Xu Shenghua from High Heavens to give lectures. With True Heaven Palace Master Xiong Xiyu and Hu Bugui, who had entered the martial path, as well as True Heaven Palace's Little Princess Xiong Qi'er, Formation Master He Yiyi, Poison Master Mu Yingxue, Sword Master Luo Yinyu, Liu family's mother and daughter Liu Ruyin and Liu Zhenqing, and the son of the young patriarch Ge Ke, West Earth High Heavens Academy could be said to be full of talents!

As the provincial governor dispatched over by the imperial court, Ling Yuxiu also had an honorary title in High Heavens Academy.

The most crucial part was still Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher teaching here for a period of time. However, he wasn't teaching the female disciples of West Earth. Instead, he was teaching martial arts to Qi Jiuyi, Xiong Xiyu, Luo Yinyu and the rest. Even Xu Shenghua, the grand chancellor, had also gone over to listen for some time.

"The dragon qilin was ridden away by Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher."

Xu Shenghua said, "Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher waited for you to return his bull for a few months, and in the end, you didn't return his bull. He was very angry and said that Woodcutter's family were all scammers, and so he rode the dragon qilin away."

Qin Mu was taking a stroll and admiring the scenery of High Heavens Academy while Celestial Venerable Yu got pulled away to listen to the classes. Qin Mu cried out in shock, "How could Fatty Dragon carry him? But it's good as well, Fatty Dragon can train his body by carrying Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher around."

Xu Shenghua stayed beside Qin Mu and asked, "Compared to this Lan Yutian, I feel that both of us are pseudo overlord bodies and that he is the real one. Where did you pick up this child from?"

"From a million years ago."

Qin Mu sighed and said, "He is no longer a child, he is already a million years old."

Xu Shenghua nodded his head. "So I see."

"Brother Xu, aren't you shocked?" Qin Mu examined his expression and asked bewilderedly.

Xu Shenghua said with a firm face, "I was already shocked."

Qin Mu couldn't stop examining his expression, and he still couldn't see any signs of astonishment. He shook his head and said, "I don't know what Jing Yan like about you. You might not have heard about Lan Yutian before and might not know about his achievements, but what if I tell you that he is the founder, the one that established the cultivation system of divine treasures and celestial palaces. You should reveal a look of astonishment now, right?"

Xu Shenghua's body trembled, but he still had the same expression. "The founder and the one who established the cultivation system of divine treasures and celestial palaces? So why doesn't he know anything and have to start learning from the beginning?"

Qin Mu told him about how he and Niu Sanduo had returned back to the first year of Dragon Han, all the way until he met Founding Emperor, Seven Celestial Venerables, as well as the Celestial Heavens Meeting and the Jade Pool Meeting. He and Founding Emperor even got conferred as Celestial Venerable Mu and Celestial Venerable Qin.

Xu Shenghua still had the same expression, and Qin Mu felt defeated.

"Actually, ever since I met the Seven Celestial Venerables, I've been thinking about a question."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "Do you know what the question is?"

Xu Shenghua pondered for a moment, and his eyes lit up. "Cult Master Qin, this would be an immense feat! You are thinking of reopening the Divine Bridge Divine Treasure and fixing the broken divine bridge of the people in Eternal Peace Empire, and also for those martial arts practitioners in Bullfighting World. Because of this, they could all have hope of cultivating to the god realm!"

Qin Mu said with a sigh, "Brother Xu is still the one that knows me the best. That's right, after meeting the Seven Celestial Venerables, I've been thinking about this question. The people of Eternal Peace are remaining survivors from Founding Emperor. Their divine bridges are broken, and the people of Bullfighting World are even more straightforward, having no divine bridges at all. No matter whether it's Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher's method or the Secrets of Magpie Bridge, they aren't truly solving the issue. Only by reopening the Divine Bridge Divine Treasure is there a solution."

Xu Shenghua said, "Celestial Venerable Yun opened the Divine Bridge Divine Treasure, so you are also trying to find a method to open up the Divine Bridge Divine Treasure and spread the method out, solving this issue once and for all."

Qin Mu nodded his head. "Everyone's divine treasures are inherited from their ancestors. Since their divine bridges are broken, we just have to open it up again. Even though not everyone can open it up, the number of people that can open it would be much higher than those that can cultivate the Secrets of Magpie Bridge!"

Xu Shenghua said, "In that case, did you consult Celestial Venerable Yun about how to open up the Divine Bridge Divine Treasure?"

Qin Mu shook his head. "When I returned to the first year of Dragon Han, I didn't manage to talk to him. He later died in the era of Dragon Han. However, since he was able to open up the Divine Bridge Divine Treasure, we can as well."

Xu Shenghua hesitated for a moment and said, "If you can open up the Divine Bridge Divine Treasure, you will be another Celestial Venerable Yun! However, your Divine Bridge Divine Treasure is complete, so how are you going to open it up?"

Qin Mu said with a smile, "I'm on the Celestial Being Realm, and I'm not far from the Life and Death Realm. I think after the Life and Death Realm, I can cripple my own Divine Bridge Divine Treasure and try to open up my own Divine Bridge Divine Treasure. However, you have said something wrong. I'm not another Celestial Venerable Yun. A million years ago, I was already Celestial Venerable Mu!"

Xu Shenghua muttered and said, "Your divine bridge is complete, and mine is broken, so maybe I should be the other Celestial Venerable Yun."

Qin Mu raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, "In that case, we can try to compete. Let's see who will be the first one to open the Life and Death Realm, cripple our Divine Bridge Divine Treasure, and reopening the divine bridge!"

Xu Shenghua smiled warmly. "Alright. When the time comes, I want you to personally admit that you are the beta."

Qin Mu laughed and said, "Don't you still need to research the magnetism divine art and Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule? Where do you have the time to research the Divine Bridge Divine Treasure? You are going to lose!"

Xu Shenghua said calmly, "You seem to be even busier than me, do you have the time?"

Both of them stared at each other and snorted.

Xu Shenghua said, "Granny Si brought the scholars of Heavenly Saint Academy to research the magnetism divine art in Supreme Emperor Heaven, and they already have quite some achievements. I also frequently go over to help her establish the basic runes of the magnetism divine arts. Now, Granny Si has already sorted out over one thousand and three hundred kinds of magnetism runes. However, I deduced that there are still about six hundred magnetism runes that haven't been discovered. After Lan Yutian learns the ultimate arts of my High Heavens Academy, why don't we go over to Supreme Emperor Heaven to take a look?"

After half a month, Celestial Venerable Yu mastered the basic runes of High Heavens Academy. Xu Shenghua packed his luggage and left together with Qin Mu.

Qin Mu always passed the responsibility to others, so after he sorted out a few magnetism equations, he threw them to Granny Si and Xu Shenghua, while he ran around.

Coming to Supreme Emperor Heaven this time, he saw numerous strange constructions, and those were pillars forged by black copper. The pillars were hollow, and there were all kinds of length and thickness. Some were like mountains that were thousands of yards tall, while some were as short as a foot.

Several hundred pillars stood upright at the abnormal points in the magnetic field, and there were the most abnormal points where Supreme Emperor Heaven and the Great Ruins crossed. There were about twenty to thirty pillars arranged there, and it looked rather magnificent.

At every abnormal point of the magnetic field, there were divine arts practitioners holding brush and paper as they surrounded the copper pillars to record down the data from the reaction of the magnetic field. The data was then sent to a god city in Supreme Emperor Heaven to be sorted out.

True God Pang Yu and Honored God Sang Ye were reconstructing Supreme Emperor Heaven, and they had constructed several god cities for people to live and reproduce in. To deduce the magnetism runes, Granny Si had also borrowed quite a number of divine arts practitioners from Supreme Emperor Heaven.

Supreme Emperor Heaven's algebra was originally very bad, but after the two worlds were connected, the divine arts practitioners of Supreme Emperor Heaven had come into Eternal Peace to learn algebra, so there were also quite a number of people that were skilled in calculations.

Qin Mu came to the city, and he saw Granny Si buried under a mountain of paper. There were also a hundred scholars sorting out the data from each abnormal point, and the calculation spirit weapons were clacking non-stop as they calculated.

On the wall was imprinted over a thousand marvelous runes. They twinkled and faintly gave off the power of magnetism.

"There's still one last rune."

Xu Shenghua looked at the imprints on the wall, and he exclaimed in astonishment, "Granny Si's speed is rather fast!"

Just as he said that, Granny Si's laughter suddenly rang out. "And it's done, I've calculated it!"

This beautiful woman leaped up and came to the front of the wall. Her vital qi poured out and transformed into the last rune, which she imprinted on the wall.

Qin Mu walked forward and examined the magnetism runes on the wall. He couldn't help being moved, and he praised, "Granny, your achievements and virtue are boundless for sorting out these one thousand and nine hundred runes!"

Only then did Granny Si noticed them. She cried out in surprise and delight, "When did Mu'er come? You haven't visited in quite a long while! You have forty percent credit for these runes, and the other sixty percent is split between Xu Shenghua and me. Xu Shenghua sorted out over one thousand equations for magnetism while I only did a few."

Xu Shenghua humbled himself and took a look at Qin Mu.

Qin Mu said with a smile, "I've deduced the initial few equations, and it is indeed well done to Brother Xu for continuing down my path."

Xu Shenghua gave a dull grunt.

Even though what Qin Mu said had the misgiving of praising himself, it was actually the truth.

It was Qin Mu who had discovered the marvel of magnetism and even wrote down a few basic equations for magnetism. He then pushed the mission of deducing the magnetism runes to them.

Qin Mu was the founder, and they were the ones that had perfected it; therefore, Qin Mu took up nearly half of the credit.

"Granny, now that the magnetism runes are sorted out, can you comprehend magnetism divine arts already?" asked Qin Mu.

"I can try!"

Granny Si was full of excitement and brought them out of the city. "I've been deducing magnetism runes, and I was roughly calculating the various divine arts. I've sorted out quite a number of magnetism divine arts, and when I deduced out the last rune, I naturally comprehended a great divine art which could perfectly fuse the one thousand and nine hundred runes."

Qin Mu knew she was an existence that had long entered the path with divine arts. After sorting all of the basic runes of magnetism, the great divine art that she comprehended would be rather extraordinary. They were full of anticipation.

Qin Mu, Xu Shenghua, and Celestial Venerable Yu followed behind Granny Si, while the other divine art practitioners of Supreme Emperor Heaven and scholars of Heavenly Saint Academy flew over.

True God Pang Yu, Honored God Sang Ye and the rest also heard the news, and they rushed over. There were divine arts practitioners and gods everywhere waiting for Granny Si to show off.

Granny Si stood on Supreme Emperor Heaven, and below her was the Great Ruins that was hanging perpendicularly.

"I haven't named this divine art of mine, but let me execute it first to open your horizons!"

She executed her divine art, and her vital qi was boundless. Granny Si had been a god for quite a long time, and her magic power was dense. Her divine art was exquisite, and as she executed her great divine art of magnetism, everyone in the sky suddenly came falling down like rain. They crashed onto the ground and couldn't move.

Qin Mu also got pressed down on the ground, and he felt as though there was a world pressing down on him. He was astonished.

True God Pang Yu also crawled up with difficult, and his legs were shivering. He nearly couldn't stand up, and he felt fear in his heart. He hurriedly said, "Honored God Youyou, go softer with the power, be careful of squashing us to death!"

Granny Si turned her head, and only then did she notice them being squashed on the ground. She said with a smile, "My divine art is being executed at the Great Ruins, not at you guys. Once I release this divine art out, there won't be the divine power of magnetism pressing down on you guys anymore."

She smacked forward, and the divine light of magnetism burst forth. Billions of stars could be faintly seen swirling inside the divine art, and the divine light of magnetism connected the stars together as they interweaved with one another. The divine art pressed down on the Great Ruins with a rumble!

The Great Ruins below sank down three hundred yards while mountains and rivers far away rose from the ground. Mountains ranges poured out from underground and formed an unbroken chain of peaks!

Granny Si praised and said, "Truly a good divine art. You guys don't feel any pressure now, do you?"

Qin Mu and the rest felt the pressure lessening, and they hurriedly crawled up. Honored God Sang Ye said with a smile, "Honored God Youyou's magic power is truly exquisite, and your divine art is truly outstanding and powerful. However, you should be taking back your divine art now, right?"

The ground of the Great Ruins trembled as more and more mountains rose from the ground and expanded outwards.

Granny Si was puzzled and said, "I have already taken back my divine art... Eh, something is wrong!"

Qin Mu and the rest looked down at the Great Ruins, and they saw mountains moving rapidly away from them. The ground was expanding non-stop, and the closest mountain to them was already thousands of miles away now. The mountain was so far that the naked eye couldn't even see it!

At the same time, Qin Mu also saw the Surging River widening. It was becoming wider and wider while the current was becoming more and more rapid.

This huge river was three hundred yards wide before, and now every time they blinked, it was widening by three hundred yards!

"What is happening?"

Everyone was at a loss, and they stared at this sight in a daze.

The Great Ruins wasn't only expanding east and west, but it was also expanding north and south. Meanwhile, those mountains were also growing furiously and becoming bigger and bigger, taller and taller.

"This isn't what Granny Si's divine art can cause..."

Qin Mu's heart jumped, and he hurriedly flew up. He passed through the tunnel of Supreme Emperor Heaven and came to the opposite side of the Great Ruins. He also saw West Great Ruins expanding furiously.

And at the broken cliff of the Great Ruins, an even more astonishing sight appeared. The worlds flew out of the broken cliff and became bigger and bigger as they floated towards the sky.

Soon, layers of worlds were hidden among the cloud and mist in the sky.

Granny Si and the rest followed him to hurry over, and they looked at this sight in a daze.

World-shaking rumbles came from the broken cliff as the cliff ruptured continuously. The river water from the mountain cliff became more and more turbulent as an overflowing flood surged out violently from the worlds. It was as if the worlds suppressed here for the past four eras had all been completely released.

"Is this created by me?" Granny Si blinked her eyes and muttered.


Qin Mu looked at the broken cliff, which was still rising. A huge stone tablet was revealed, and the words on the stone tablet gradually became clearer and clearer. He looked at the writings on the stone tablet and croaked with a hoarse voice, "It is created by Granny Si. You sorted out all of the magnetism runes and used the magnetism divine art to awaken the terrifying existences buried here..."

There were a few ancient god writings written on the stone tablet, and Qin Mu had seen these kinds of god writings before. Those were the writings of the Dragon Han Celestial Heavens, and they were formed by god voices. They contained marvelous power.

However, the writings on the stone tablet seemed to be more ancient, and there were numerous changes that Qin Mu didn't recognize.

"... Mother, also primordial. I don't recognize the other two words."

Qin Mu tried to read for a moment and shook his head. "These writings are too ancient."

"Mother Earth Primordial Realm," Celestial Venerable Yu, who was beside him, suddenly spoke.

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