Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 771 - Peeping Tom

Qin Mu asked in astonishment, "Worthy Little Brother Yutian, you recognize these words?"

Celestial Venerable Yu was still in a daze, and he said, "I feel familiar reading these words and felt they should be read as such."

The rest were all endlessly astonished. Everyone knew that Qin Mu was very knowledgeable and proficient in all kinds of languages. He had learned god language, devil language, Youdu language, and even dabbled in the ancient languages of the past.

Never would they expect this little brother beside him to actually recognize words not even Qin Mu knew.

However, everyone didn't think much into it. They were completely captivated by the sight in front of them.

The Great Ruins was still expanding continuously. Numerous mountains in the Great Ruins had already been sent to extremely far places, and yet, there were no signs of mountains forming in the Great Ruins.

If mountains were to form, the ground would definitely shake. Volcanoes would erupt and cover everywhere with lava.

Even though the Great Ruins was expanding, it was relatively silent. Those lands and mountains just seemed to pop out from space.

Therefore, the expansion of the Great Ruins didn't affect the lifeforms living here.

And yet the land that was pouring out was simply too wide. It far surpassed the Great Ruins. Qin Mu searched for the closest mountain, and the closest mountain to them was already forty times the distance away!

Which meant the Great Ruins was now at least forty times longer and wider.

The surface area of the Great Ruins was probably raised by one thousand and six hundred times!

Supreme Emperor Heaven, which was stabbed in the Great Ruins and stretched from north to south, looked like an erected wall in the Great Ruins now. It wasn't as shocking as it was earlier.

It was extremely shocking to see Supreme Emperor Heaven in the center of the Great Ruins, but with the expansion of the Great Ruins, the feeling of shock wasn't as intense.

Qin Mu looked around. The road that Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had paved was also in fragments now, separated into sections.

What was even more astonishing was that the mountains that were new had mist of all colors shrouding them. Some places even spewed out multicolored sunlight. They could see ancient cities and ruins, as well as dilapidated statues of giants that stood between heaven and earth!

"This change seems to be the release of the sealed land," muttered True God Pang Yu.

Honored God Sang Ye asked, "Was the Great Ruins in the past like this?"

True God Pang Yu was older, so he shook his head. "No. Even though the Great Ruins of the Founding Emperor Era was different from the Great Ruins now, they were still basically similar. When Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens crashed through the heavens and landed here, numerous ruins of the celestial heavens appeared in the Great Ruins. Back then, the Founding Emperor Era still hadn't completely ended, and there were still gods here."

Granny Si asked, "In that case, what about the High Emperor Era? What were the High Emperor Era's Great Ruins like?"

True God Pang Yu gave a bitter smile and said, "How would I know about the matters of the High Emperor Era?"

Granny Si pondered and said, "The land that poured out this time should be the Mother Earth Primordial Realm that was suppressed by the Great Ruins. When I executed my magnetism divine art earlier, it came into contact with the sealed Mother Earth Primordial Realm, releasing it. In that case, why was the Mother Earth Primordial Realm suppressed under the Great Ruins?"

Everyone looked at True God Pang Yu and waited for him to answer. True God Pang Yu stared with his eyes wide open. His eyes were originally very wide, and now they were even wider. He didn't know whether to laugh or cry as he replied, "How would I know about this? Don't look at me, I won't know even if you look at me! Saint Woodcutter knows the most, just ask him."

"Saint Woodcutter is over at Eternal Peace, he's pushing the reform with Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor. If they want to hurry over, they would probably have to spend forty times the amount of time to get here."

Qin Mu continued to stare at the mountain far away, and he saw that mountain still moving further away. "Soon it will be fifty times the amount of time. Is the Mother Earth Primordial Realm the world that gave birth to Mother Earth?"

No one could answer him.

Suddenly, the sounds of waves rang out, and a huge crack appeared in front of them. There was azure water all around the crack, and next, the crack split to two sides. More and more water flooded out, and a lake of a hundred miles was quickly formed. However, the lake was still growing, and it gradually formed a sea!

The sea became so wide that the horizons couldn't be seen.

Qin Mu's heart trembled greatly and he hurriedly passed through the tunnel of Supreme Emperor Heaven to come to the East Great Ruins.

Xu Shenghua's heart stirred slightly, and he brought Celestial Venerable Yu along with him. The other people also came running over.

Qin Mu looked at the east side where the mountains were boundless.

He flew along the ground of Supreme Emperor Heaven to head upwards, and the higher he flew, the further he could see. Finally, Qin Mu saw an ocean that was tens of thousands of miles.

True God Pang Yu cried out, "That's the East Sea from the Founding Emperor Era! This East Sea has disappeared, so why has it come back again?"

The East Sea was azure blue, and its waves surged violently. So much water came out from nowhere, and it created an ocean that was tens of thousands of miles long.

That place was originally a basin that wasn't very big. To its west was the Great Thunderclap Monastery's Mount Meru and to its west was the God Broken Mountain Range. On the south was Secret Waters Pass, which the Surging River flowed through.

And now, the direction of Mount Meru was shrouded in clouds and mist. Other than a pillar stretching to the sky that could be faintly seen, he couldn't see the peak at all.

Qin Mu looked towards the God Broken Mountain Range, and he couldn't see the unbroken chain of peaks anymore.

As for the Surging River, he didn't recognize it anymore. He could only see a huge river with a width of eight hundred miles flowing majestically to the east. Its length was even more inconceivable.

"Dragon Rearing Sovereign has gained a huge benefit."

Qin Mu muttered and said, "I shouldn't have conferred him as Surging River Dragon King, yet we are bound by the Pact of Earth Count, so I can't go back on my word..."

He took down the willow leaf on the heart of his brows, and his consciousness entered Qin word land. He inquired, " Heaven Duke, Earth Count, do you notice the change in the Great Ruins?"

Heaven Duke and Earth Count looked out through his third eye and their bodies jolted. The two ancient existences looked at each other in the eyes and had grave expressions on their faces.

Great Sun Sovereign also looked out, and he cried out, "Immemorial Yuandu! There birthplace of Mother Earth!"

Qin Mu asked curiously, "Isn't this Mother Earth Primordial Realm? Why is Sun Sovereign calling it immemorial Yuandu?"

"Mother Earth Primordial Realm is what it was called after the establishment of the celestial heavens, but it was called Yuandu in the past. That's the territory of Mother Earth. After the celestial heavens was established, it was constructed in the sky above the immemorial Yuandu."

Sun Sovereign said, "The gods gathered the divine metal in Yuandu to forge the celestial heavens, and this displeased Mother Earth. She felt many treasures were being taken away and that the celestial heavens had seized Yuandu's fate and luck. Afterward, when the celestial heavens forged the thirty-six celestial palaces and seventy-two throne halls, they took more divine metal, and Mother Earth was unhappy. Thus, she changed the name to Mother Earth Primordial Realm and said that this was her territory. When Celestial Venerable Yun among the Nine Celestial Venerables rebelled later and constructed Heaven Han Celestial Heavens, he did so here. Back then, I was attacking Heaven Han Celestial Heavens when I got shot in the back..."

The clone of Heaven Duke said, "You controlled the gods of all of the stars, and no secret in Dragon Han Celestial Heaven could slip past your eyes. Who else should die if not you?"

Great Sun Sovereign became a yes-man and didn't dare to say anything else.

Qin Mu said, "Heaven Duke should know many secrets of the Mother Earth Primordial Realm, right?"

The clone of Heaven Duke looked at Lava Earth Count, and Lava Earth Count said, "Dao friend, you be the one to say it."

Heaven Duke said, "I know some. Heaven Han Celestial Heavens was constructed in the Mother Earth Primordial Realm, and afterward, Crimson Light Celestial Heavens was also constructed here. Crimson Emperor, you should recall, right?"

The consciousness of Crimson Emperor said, "That's right, but at that time, the Primordial Realm wasn't as vast as it used to be. I heard that because of Heaven Han Celestial Heavens' demise, part of the Primordial Realm got wiped out by the gods. What I saw at that time was the Great Ruins, but at that time, the Dragon Han Great Ruins was extremely vast, even wider than now."

"After you died, Light Emperor inherited your foundation and continued on the fate of the Crimson Light Era. Light Emperor had also risen to power in the Primordial Realm."

Heaven Duke continued to say, "After Light Emperor Celestial Heavens was wiped out and the remaining survivors of Crimson Light immigrated to Crimson Light Floating World, the Primordial Realm decreased in size again. The High Emperor Era was built on the ruins of the Crimson Light Great Ruins, and they ruled all the way until the end period of the High Emperor Era. They got destroyed once more and became the High Emperor Great Ruins. Forty thousand years ago, Founding Emperor started out in the High Emperor Great Ruins, which become the Founding Emperor Great Ruins of today. Four eras can be said to be built on the Primordial Realm.

Qin Mu was stunned. The celestial heavens of four eras had all started out from this place, becoming the celestial heavens over here?

What kind of place was the Mother Earth Primordial Realm to have such a prosperous fate?

"Heaven Duke is keeping silent about major charges while admitting minor ones. You still haven't said why the once immemorial Yuandu would become the current Great Ruins. You didn't say where Mother Earth is, and you didn't even say why the Mother Earth Primordial Realm would resurface once again."

Qin Mu lamented bitterly. "Even though Heaven Duke seems to be saying a lot, in actual fact, you didn't say more than Great Sun Sovereign did!"

The white-bearded elder blew on his beard and stared at him before saying angrily, "He said too much, that's why he died early!"

Qin Mu said coldly, "Is Mother Earth dead? If Mother Earth can die, why can't Heaven Duke die as well? Whether you say it or not, others will not let you off."

Heaven Duke hesitated for a moment, and he looked at Lava Earth Count.

Earth Count had a deep gaze as he said, "I'm not a peeping tom, I won't look at the activity in the Mother Earth Primordial Realm all the time. Furthermore, I can't see anything that's happening in the Mother Earth Primordial Realm from Youdu. Only when the souls fall into Youdu can I sense the changes happening in the Mother Earth Primordial Realm."

Heaven Duke then looked at Great Sun Sovereign, and Great Sun Sovereign pulled back his bird head. "Don't look at me, I've already been killed by a hidden arrow. I'm pried into too many secrets, so I don't know what happened to the Mother Earth Primordial Realm after I died..."

Heaven Duke sighed and said, "I'm a peeping tom, I know about the incidents in the Primordial Realm."

He paused for a moment and said, "Actually, the High Emperor Era is related to Mother Earth and also related to the celestial heavens. At that time, the High Emperor Era was split into two rules, and these two celestial heavens represented two different powers. After Mother Earth's death, the High Emperor Era was wiped out. I can only tell you so much, you will have to find the answers to the rest."

Qin Mu's heart trembled violently, and he hurriedly said, "North and South High Emperor was established, the High Emperor Era was separated into the north and the south, so who was supporting which power? Also, you said Mother Earth is dead, who killed her?"

Heaven Duke was silent.

Qin Mu continued to ask, and Heaven Duke finally couldn't resist blurting out in exasperation. "I have already told you so many things, so why are you still annoying me? I also don't know how Mother Earth died, I'm only guessing! There are many existences that are capable of sealing my sight. I can't see Youdu, I can't see Heavenly Yin World, I can't even see the celestial heavens! During the end period of the High Emperor Era, I couldn't see the Great Ruins either! The reason why I'm hiding in your eye is that I want to see what has happened during these years!"

When he spoke until there, he became decrepit. "I can see the other worlds, but the things I can't see are slowly increasing. I... I'm almost becoming the heavens that people are cursing every day that I'm blind..."

Lava Earth said to Qin Mu, "The Mother Earth Primordial Realm resurfacing might be related to the remaining consciousness of Mother Earth, you need to be careful."

Qin Mu was puzzled and asked, "Why do I need to be careful?"

Lava Earth Count said, "You have eaten the primordial spirits of numerous gods in Jade Lock Pass and among them are children of Mother Earth from the Dragon Han Era. The blame is on you, and I've also recorded down your sin, however, out of morality, I still have to warn you."

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