Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 773 - Magnetic Five Fingers Mountain

Qin Mu heard the voice, and he was surprised. He cried out loudly, "Sakra Buddha! Li Youran!"

That lamenting voice suddenly stopped, and after a moment, Sakra Buddha called out cautiously, "Who is it?"

"Me! Qin Mu!"

Qin Mu said excitedly, "That Qin Mu that made you into the scapegoat after killing my way up the Buddha Realm!"

After a moment, Sakra Buddha walked out from the dilapidated city, and he still looked like a young monk. He still walked barefooted and was untainted by dust as he walked in the utterly dilapidated ruin.

One couldn't not admit that there were numerous handsome men, but there weren't many that could surpass Sakra Buddha.

The monk's outward appearance was a hundred percent, and there were multiple wheels of light behind his head, making him look dignified and solemn.

"So it's Layperson Qin."

Sakra Buddha let out a sigh of relief and said with a smile, "Why are you here? Could the huge changes in the Great Ruins and the sudden appearance of the overlapping space be your doing?"

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "That's not me. It's caused by Granny Si from my village... Granny Si executed her magnetism divine art and alarmed the broken soul of Mother Earth. As a result, the Primordial Realm from back then resurfaces to the world once again."

Sakra Buddha asked in astonishment, "Granny Si from your village? Such a remarkable person, I have to meet such a marvelous person."

Qin Mu blinked his eyes, and he had a pure smile on his face. "Why is buddha here? I even saw Red Deity Qi Xiayu's phoenix ship here and even heard the sounds of her zither coming from the city. Red Deity Qi Xiayu seems to be commemorating the glory of the High Emperor Era."

Sakra Buddha laughed and said, "A girl from the Bai family came to scare her away. That girl from the Bai family is a member of the old High Emperor Celestial Heavens, I once encountered her during the Founding Emperor Era. Because Red Deity was once an old subject of the High Emperor, she didn't dare to meet an old friend after surrendering to the extraterritorial celestial heavens."

Qin Mu continued to say, "Red Deity Qi Xiayu chased after buddha the whole way and chased you from the twenty heavens of the Buddha Realm to the ruins of Founding Emperor's thirty-three heavens. I had thought buddha would go through immense torture and shame, but never would I expect buddha to be completely fine and look full of vigor. This really amazes me."

Sakra Buddha said, "During the Founding Emperor Era, that girl from the Bai family once came to find a youth with the surname Qin that was good with sword skills. However, she searched to no avail, Founding Emperor also couldn't help her find that youth with the surname Qin."

Qin Mu said, "How can we entwine our necks like mandarin ducks? How can we flutter about and together soar? Has buddha returned back to the normal life these days? Were you called Li Youran again?"

Celestial Venerable Yu was bewildered from their conversation. He couldn't catch anything.

Even though their relationship seemed very good, they were like foes that went red with anger the moment they saw each other. They stopped at nothing to dig at each other's wounds, and they felt extreme pleasure and heart pain at the same.

Finally, Qin Mu and Sakra Buddha stopped digging at each other's wounds. They laughed and made up, knocking it off just like when they had met for the first time.

"Buddha, how are you carrying the blame?" Qin Mu asked in concern.

"I'm still carrying it."

Sakra Buddha said, "Luckily it was Red Deity pursuing me, so I still had some leeway. However, I've heard the celestial heavens plans to send another expert over to take me down no matter what. They want to get the old buddha's Emperor's Throne technique from me. The blame the old buddha put on me is nice and snug. What about yours?"

"It has increased by a few more," said Qin Mu.

Both of them couldn't help pitying each other as they were brothers stuck in the same situation.

"Red Deity pursued me all the way here and luckily, she got scared off by the girl from the Bai family. Otherwise, if I got seized by her, half of my lifetime's cultivation would have been for naught."

Sakra Buddha looked at Celestial Venerable Yu and asked curiously, "Which benefactor is this little brother?"

"He's Lan Yutian."

Qin Mu didn't introduce much and said, "Another Overlord Body, he's very clever and not inferior to me. I was tasked to take care of him and teach him to cultivate. He learns everything fast and his cultivation is increasing at a godly speed too. Buddha, I was planning to visit and save the people in the Great Ruins, and you are here coincidentally. Would you come along with me? Buddha can also teach Lan Yutian some basic runes of Buddhism."

Sakra Buddha hesitated and said, "Do I know any of the people you are visiting?"

Qin Mu shook his head. "You don't, they are merely some ordinary villagers in the Great Ruins."

Sakra Buddha became at ease, and he said, "It's Buddhism's job to save the ones in trouble. I'll go along with you."

Qin Mu also let out a sigh of relief. The three of them accompanied each other to go forward. Sakra Buddha taught Celestial Venerable Yu the basic runes of Buddhism, and after a while, he clicked his tongue in wonder. "Benefactor Qin, is this Benefactor Lan really the overlord body? The speed at which he is learning the basic runes of Buddhism is much faster than you!"

Qin Mu's face blackened.

Sakra Buddha liked Celestial Venerable Yu the more he looked at him. "If the old buddha were here, he would definitely be willing to impart his Emperor's Throne technique to him. Why do you only let me teach him the basic runes? I've also learned the old buddha's Emperor's Throne technique, I'll just teach it to him."

Qin Mu hurriedly said, "You can't. If you do that, you will be ruining a good sapling. Not only can you not teach him any technique, but you also can't even teach him divine arts either! Divine treasures, celestial palaces, you can't teach any of these! You can only teach him the reason!"

Sakra Buddha didn't understand him, but he still went according to his request to teach him the runes of Buddhism.

The runes of Buddhism were called Sanskrit, and it was a language that Brahma Buddha had founded. The words and pronunciation all had the charm of Dao and seemed similar to the ancient god writings.

Lan Yutian learned very fast, and he could even deduce many things from one case. This made Sakra Buddha click his tongue in wonder.

However, he soon realized that even though Lan Yutian was very clever, he seemed silly.

"It seems like there's something missing in his soul."

Sakra Buddha was knowledgeable after all, and he soon found out where Lan Yutian's problem was. "His soul is slightly unstable, and his other souls are scattered outside."

They walked out of the ancient battlefield when the ground suddenly trembled violently. The ground split apart, and the stone statue of a divine beast rose from the ground. It grew taller and taller as spring water poured out from the ground. More and more spring water came out and soon formed a huge river in front of them.

Meanwhile, the stone statue of that divine beast was half-submerged in the water and half-revealed outside.

"A half-god, a water qilin!"

Qin Mu stopped in his footsteps, and he saw the stone statue of that half-god quickly changing. The stone texture on his body quickly faded away, and it recovered its body of flesh and blood. It shook its head and swished the mane on its body. Stepping on water, it rushed into the sky!

Below it, that huge river rose together with the half-god and landed under its feet.

That water qilin stood on the river in midair and the ripples spread out on the surface of its body. In the next instant, it stood up and transformed into a half-god with the head of a qilin and the body of a human. The mane on his body became blue-colored clothes, and his aura was wild.

"Mother Earth is summoning me, I need to go forth with speed!"

That water qilin's furry ears twitched, and just as he was about to leave, he saw Qin Mu and the rest from the corner of his eyes and said with a smile, "Lying dormant until now, it's been a long time since I've eaten, I do feel hungry. Even though these three humans are a little small, it's enough to fill my stomach!"

The river water under his feet surged forward as he descended down from the sky and swept towards Qin Mu and the rest. Controlling the flood was his natural ability.

However, seeing how he could transform into a half-god and half-human form, he was similarly a divine arts practitioner among the half-gods. He had also cultivated the system of divine treasures.

The flood surged forth violently, and the force was immense. In terms of water divine arts, the half-god's attainments were close to Blind's from back then.

Qin Mu looked at Sakra Buddha, and Sakra Buddha paid no attention to that half-god. He was still teaching Celestial Venerable Yu.

Qin Mu was helpless. He stretched out a finger, and his sword pellet soared through the air to face that huge river!

His sword pellet crashed into the river and suddenly burst forth with sword light, slicing the river into half. The river blew past the three of them.

"Eh, it's a divine arts practitioner."

That water qilin half-god said with a smile, "Decent abilities. What a pity it's merely that!"

The huge river that had split into two swirled and came flanking him from both sides. In the surging river water, water swords were hidden inside, and it was hard to notice with the naked eye.

The river water was incomparably heavy, and the weight of a huge river was much heavier than Qin Mu's sword pellet which was made out of Buddha Vitality Crimson Chromium. For the water qilin half-god to control such a heavy river, his magic power must surpass human divine arts practitioners greatly.

Qin Mu had a grim expression. He opened his fist, and his sword pellet disassembled to transform into countless flying swords which swirled around him. Moving out of the way and stabbing forward, he broke the water swords hidden in the river water.

The magic power of that water qilin scattered Qin Mu's vital qi with its vibration. The power of his cultivation alerted Qin Mu.

Back then, when he fought with the half-gods in the first year of Dragon Han, he had killed numerous half-gods under Celestial Venerable Hao in the battle of Jade Pool. Back then, those half-gods hadn't started to cultivate the system of divine treasures. Celestial Venerable Hao had merely just solved the problem of half-gods morphing into humans.

On the other hand, the water qilin half-god was a divine beast during the High Emperor Era. The cultivation system of the half-gods must have already been completed, and no matter if it was their magic power or their corporeal body, they surpassed the human race greatly. They were extremely terrifying opponents!

That water qilin half-god saw Qin Mu blocking down his attacks twice and was astonished. He suddenly stretched his hands to grab at that river and shook it violently. The water that filled the sky fused together to transform into a long whip to whip down at Qin Mu. He said with a smile, "Your abilities aren't bad, you aren't much inferior to me. Rare, so rare, after lying dormant for so many years, to meet an expert that could allow me to show my abilities right when I wake up!"

Qin Mu moved and soared into the air. He rushed straight at that half-god while facing his whip.

The sword pellet swirled furiously in front of him, and countless sword light shot out. The swirling sword light sliced the whip and the water sprayed in all directions, causing the fierce waves to splash on the forests around them.

Qin Mu rushed furiously and dispersed the water whip in a few instants. He came to the front of that water qilin half-god.

That qilin-headed half-god was astonished and hurriedly moved back. Waves surged upright and blocked Qin Mu by shooting towards his face.

Bang bang bang. Huge explosions rang out, and waves exploded. When the last wave exploded, countless flying swords brushed past the body of the god and stabbed onto the cliff behind him.


Dull sounds rang out, and that qilin-headed half-god crashed onto the cliff. The outline created by those flying sword could just barely contain his body.

He was about to come down from the cliff when Qin Mu's hand pressed down on his face. He exerted force with his palm, and the terrifying force smashed the head of that half-god into the mountain!

It was as though the mountain was made of tofu, and his body smashed right into the mountain. Only his thick tail was left outside.

Qin Mu grabbed onto the tail and pulled it out forcefully. He pulled the half-god out forcefully and raised him up to smash down.

The ground trembled as the half-god smashed a huge hole in the ground.

The half-god was still not dead and hurriedly stood up. Qin Mu's five fingers pressed down on emptiness. "Magnetic Five Fingers Mountain!"

Boom boom boom boom boom!

Five explosions rang out as though five Mount Merus came pressing down. The ground rumbled and sank downward while that god knelt down in the pit that was becoming deeper and deeper. His corporeal body popped from the pressure and blood flowed out continuously. He was forced to reveal his true form, and as he lay prone there, he called out, "I surrender! Don't kill me—"

Qin Mu landed down from the sky, and the flying swords merged together to form a sword pellet in front of him. It flew back into his taotie sack.

Sakra Buddha brought Celestial Venerable Yu over and said with a smile, "Your abilities have improved quite a lot. Was that five fingers mountain the magnetism divine art?"

"It was a magnetism divine art I comprehended just now after learning the magnetism runes from granny."

Qin Mu looked at that half-god in the pit and said, "Just now, you said Mother Earth is summoning you guys, what is going on? Isn't Mother Earth dead?"

The water qilin couldn't move from the pressure, and he cried out, "How could Mother Earth be killed so easily? I have woken up from a deep slumber and heard the summon of Mother Earth without a doubt! Other than me, all of the half-gods will be able to hear her call."

Qin Mu frowned slightly. "All of the half-gods?"

Suddenly, he raised his head and saw streaks of golden light flying past and covering the sky. That was a flock of bird-headed half-gods that had huge bodies. Their wings stretched through the sky, and their speed was extremely fast.

Next, the forest trembled as god knows how many huge beasts sprinted in the forest, heading in the same direction as well!

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