Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 776 - Inside the Trap, Outside the Trap

Qin Mu examined Sakra Buddha's injuries for him, and he said with a smile, "Even though many bones are broken, Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher has very good control. None of the injuries on buddha's body are heavy injuries, your primordial spirit isn't hurt."

Sakra Buddha looked at him with a complicated expression. He had thought Qin Mu was only joking. He never would have thought his Divine Bridge Divine Treasure was really shattered.

"We are still old friends, after all, he won't kill me. On the other hand, you..."

He let out a sigh. "Your Divine Bridge Divine Treasure is completely disabled, from today onwards... This old scoundrel, being so ruthless! Doesn't he know you are the descendant of Founding Emperor?"

However, Sakra Buddha also knew that Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher was always afraid of nothing. He never gave face to anyone, and when the children and grandchildren of Founding Emperor committed a crime and created a ruckus, he would just kill without any explanation. Founding Emperor never said anything even when he knew about it.

"Actually, it's unrelated to you."

Qin Mu moved around him, and his fingers started to dance up and down, forming all kinds of apparitions like lotuses, precious vases, gods, and buddhas. He used creation divine arts to reattach the broken bones. "He and I have a promise, he will protect Eternal Peace Empire, and I will reopen this Divine Bridge Divine Treasure that's destroyed. In this way, I will completely solve the problem of everyone in Bullfighting World, the Great Ruins, and Eternal Peace Empire. I was only joking when I said I had taken a punch for you."

Sakra Buddha still continued to frown. "However, it's really too much for him to just destroy your Divine Bridge Divine Treasure like this."

Qin Mu stopped, and a thousand arms appeared around his body, each holding a different creation mudra skill. Pressing the mudras onto his body, Qin Mu pulled back his thousand arms and all kinds of apparitions faded away. He said with a smile, "To burn my boat, only that would make me brave. To cut off my means of retreat, only then would I be able to move forward. I'm really grateful for him taking the initiative to shatter my divine treasure, dispelling all of my concerns. Without any distracting thoughts left, there is no longer any doubt in my heart!"

Sakra Buddha stood up and moved his body. He realized his injuries were more or less healed and was astonished. Exclaiming in admiration to himself, he shook his head. "You are similar to him, both of you are lunatics."

"You don't live if you never go crazy."

Qin Mu's calmed his breath and had a deep gaze. "I've learned the martial path from Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher for a period of time. What I learned wasn't his techniques and divine arts, it was his spirit of the martial path. What is the spirit of the martial path? Being dedicated is the spirit of the martial path! Since I have this kind of spirit, I will have to get down to it and strive all the way to success! Furthermore..."

He smiled and said, "In the ancient times, the seven people that had opened up the divine treasures were revered as Seven Celestial Venerables. They started from nothing and opened up the seven divine treasures, determining the cultivation system of divine treasures for the future generation. They create something from nothing, and now that I know there's something, it will be much easier for me to open it up than it was for them. I can definitely open up the Divine Bridge Divine Treasure."

He possessed an immensely strong belief.

This kind of belief wasn't just from the overlord body Village Chief talked about, it was from a long period of experiences and trials.

Ever since he returned to the past and went to the first year of Dragon Han, encountering the Seven Celestial Venerables and experiencing the series of changes during the first year of Dragon Han, his confidence and belief had been strengthened more and more!

At the Jade Pool Meeting, Celestial Venerable Yu got assassinated, and the method to become a god through the celestial palace, which was supposed to be imparted by Celestial Venerable Hao, was imparted by him instead.

It was he who had transformed into Celestial Venerable Yu and created the method to become a god through the celestial palace, imparting this technique to everyone!

His aptitude and talent were not inferior to anyone here!

Sakra Buddha looked at him with a complicated gaze. He could see the shadow of another person on this youth.

'Back then, Founding Emperor was also striving hard and had great drive and great determination, that was why he could gather so many people of various talents, people harboring various dreams.'

He thought to himself, 'He is more hyperactive than Founding Emperor and not as settled as him. Furthermore, he is also very playful, but his willpower is much more stable than Founding Emperor. He is more resilient and dares to strive more.'

He revealed a smile and asked, "What do you plan to do from today onwards?"

Qin Mu's gaze flickered, and he asked with a smile, "Is buddha interested in taking a look at Mother Earth's place?"

Sakra Buddha's expression changed slightly, and he didn't seem willing to.

Qin Mu said with a smile, "As one of four great heavenly kings back then, you carried huge blame and escaped from the Buddha Realm to avoid Red Deity's pursuit. If buddha isn't even afraid of Red Deity, how could you be scared of Mother Earth who is already dead?"

"I'm not afraid of Mother Earth, I'm afraid of implicating you."

Sakra Buddha let out a sigh. "It's really not good for you to get too involved with the remaining survivors of Founding Emperor, it's too dangerous for you. Much of the power from the remaining survivors of Founding Emperor is still preserved. Eternal Peace isn't in the eyes of the extraterritorial celestial heavens, but if you include the remaining survivors of Founding Emperor, this is something they can't overlook. Heavenly Teacher Woodcutter is the head of the four heavenly teachers, but there are also things he is blind to. For example, allowing the remaining survivors of Founding Emperor assist Eternal Peace freely is a wrong move in my opinion."

Qin Mu listened quietly.

Sakra Buddha explained, "The extraterritorial celestial heavens aren't afraid of Eternal Peace, they are afraid of Founding Emperor, they are afraid of Carefree Village. By using the power of the Founding Emperor Era to assist in the rise of Eternal Peace, this will definitely make the extraterritorial celestial heavens target Eternal Peace. Eternal Peace was something they could overlook, but now, they have no choice but to hold them in high regards. Moreover, with the seal of the Primordial Realm breaking open this time, I see an even worse future ahead."

Behind his head, the layers of buddha rays that Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher had extinguished lit up again. "The remaining survivors of Crimson Light are residing in the South Sea. The remaining survivors of the Founding Emperor Era are in the Great Ruins. Now that the seal of the Primordial Realm is broken, the remaining survivors of the High Emperor Era have also appeared. Eternal Peace, Founding Emperor, High Emperor, and Crimson Light. The remaining survivors and elites of four eras have now all appeared in the same world."

Qin Mu suddenly shuddered.

Sakra Buddha continued, "You haven't been to Great Thunderclap Monastery, right? I was once the Rulai there, so I know what Great Thunderclap Monastery looked like before it was sealed. Hehe, now that the Primordial Realm has broken through the seal, Great Thunderclap Monastery's Mount Meru is probably one with the Mount Meru of the Buddha Realm. Above Great Thunderclap Monastery is none other than the twenty heavens of the Buddha Realm!"

Qin Mu felt his blood running cold.

"Even the Buddha Realm is involved in the Primordial Realm breaking through the seal. So many eras, so many powers, they are all powers that the extraterritorial celestial heavens want to get rid of. Now they have all appeared in the Primordial Realm, what does this mean? It's either means internal strife or even better, a complete wipeout!"

Sakra Buddha let out a sigh, and he walked out of the village. "No matter if it's internal strife or a complete wipeout, both are a huge disaster on Eternal Peace. This time, not only is Red Deity Qi Xiayu pursuing me, but the celestial heavens have also dispatched other experts. If I follow you, I will only implicate you. Don't create any trouble, head to Great Thunderclap Monastery and Buddhism will ensure your safety. However... it's also only temporary. The Buddha Realm is also in a precarious situation now that the Primordial Realm has broken through the seal."

His sleeves fluttered in the wind as he floated away.

Qin Mu saw him off and remained silent.

The four great heavenly teachers of Founding Emperor Era, the four great heavenly kings, every one of them were outstanding individuals. No matter if it was Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher who had muscles for brains or Sakra Buddha who seemed to be otherworldly and aloof from mortal affairs, they all had exceptional wisdom.

When Sakra Buddha had said how the people of four eras were gathered in the Primordial Realm, this had indeed caused Qin Mu's blood to run cold and see the terrifying sight ahead.

This was clearly a very good chance for the extraterritorial celestial heavens to get rid of all four eras!

If they didn't want their men to die and exhaust their own power, the celestial heavens could even sit and watch the internal strife in the Primordial Realm. They could let these four eras fight each other to death and reap the benefits!

"In that case, was the seal on the Primordial Realm removed due to a coincidence of the magnetism runes reappearing through Granny Si or was it already planned?"

Qin Mu muttered to himself.

In an era where divine arts were booming, the reform had caused all kinds of paths, skills, and divine arts to be created.

Even those divine arts lost in history could be discovered once again.

If the person that sealed the Primordial Realm placed a condition on the seal which made it so that once magnetism runes were rediscovered and the earth of the Primordial Realm touched these runes, the seal would be undone... In that case, that would have caused the current situation in the Great Ruins.

Which also meant that the person had already laid down such a trap during Founding Emperor Era!

Everyone, no matter if it was the remaining survivors of Crimson Light, Crimson Light Son of God, Mother Earth, the remaining survivors of Founding Emperor, or even Eternal Peace, they were all caught up in this trap. Even the twenty heavens of the Buddha Realm were involved!

Laying out a trap for tens of thousands of years for a single moment to capture everyone in one fell swoop, even possibly solving the dangers that might appear in the future. Such a strategy and brains were the reason why Qin Mu's blood ran cold.

'The only place not in this trap is Carefree Village!'

Qin Mu sucked in a long breath, and his gaze grew brighter and brighter. 'As long as Carefree Village isn't in the trap, the extraterritorial celestial heavens won't make a move. They are waiting for a time where they can rid their troubles forever. When Carefree Village enters this trap, that will be the time.'

'Carefree Village will be the crux to igniting all of this.'

'Before Carefree Village enters the fray, the extraterritorial celestial heavens will just let the four eras have internal strife while it waits to reap the benefits!'

Qin Mu's eyes grew brighter and brighter. This was a chance to grow!

This was a chance that was rare to come across!

This was also the only flaw in the trap that the person had laid!

"Fatty Dragon, worthy brother, let us go!"

Qin Mu called the dragon qilin and Celestial Venerable Yu over. Celestial Venerable Yu was still asking for food in the village, and he was carrying a huge bowl. In the bowl was tender and fragrant rice, and on the rice was some sauce. He was squatting beside the wall and eating with a bunch of villagers.

Celestial Venerable Yu hurriedly gulped down the food and gave his thanks to the villagers. Only then did he call his water qilin to catch up.

"Brother, where are we going to ask for food now?" Celestial Venerable Yu asked.

Qin Mu didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He bade farewell to the villagers and said, "We are going to Mother Earth's place to ask for food."

Celestial Venerable Yu was delighted. "What's delicious there?"

"Half-gods with all kinds of flavor!"

Qin Mu laughed loudly, and he rode on the dragon qilin to sprint into the distance.

The water qilin heard that he wanted to meet Mother Earth, and his face turned ashen. However, he quickly came to a realization and was overjoyed. 'If those half-gods eat them, I won't be breaking the Pact of Little Earth Count, I will be freed!'

He ran quickly, and a huge river appeared beneath his feet. He stepped on the huge river and soared ahead.

On the other hand, under the feet of the dragon qilin were lumps of qilin flames. His explosive power was astonishing, and he was even slightly faster than the water qilin. It must have been the training of the old farmer during these few days.

Qin Mu made the dragon qilin slow down so he could observe the water qilin's divine arts. After a moment, he took out some medicinal herbs and made spirit pills according to the attributes of the water qilin's vital qi.

Once the pills were formed, Qin Mu let this half-god have a taste. "How's the taste?"


Qin Mu thought about it and changed the prescription. He made another furnace of pills, and the water qilin tasted another. "Even more delicious!"

Qin Mu decided on the prescription and imparted it to Celestial Venerable Yu. He taught him how to refine spirit pills and said, "If I'm not beside you, from today onwards, you can also refine your own spirit pills so that he won't have to go hungry. However, don't give him too much, or he will become very fat. Yes, especially fat..."

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